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Since it's Friday night, why don't...
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Since it's Friday night, why don't we have an origins thread?

Explain your life story and how it led you to robotism. It's always interesting to hear the choices and/or circumstances that lead you to be on here tonight.

Please keep MUH GF blogposts to a minimum.

Dubs and OP posts their life story too.
I never really liked socializing 2bh it's not really rocket science to figure out why I'm here. I need my personal space.
>mom died at the age of 9
>got friendzoned, cheated and dumped.
>got bullied.
>my best friend died
>18 years old atm living alone and getting tons of money from dad
That's why I'm a robot :^(

You've never felt any need to socialize at all?
Good news: you're young and have a lot of things in your future

Bad news: a lot more bulllshit upon bullshit to deal with in the future
>looked up best trap porn
>finds site 4chan
>get bored
>find r9k
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>had terrible anger management problems as a kid
>other kids avoided me
>grew out of it in middle school but never learned how to be social
>never make any friends
>here I am on /r9k/

No. Only if there's a benefit to it e.g they can get me firearms or weed
Seems to be common around here. If only Bailey jay vids weren't so hard to find around here.

How old are you?

Maximum edge lord
>How old are you?
only 18, I know I have no right to complain when I'm not truly too old to fix my life
i'm a guy that turned down norwegian citizenship for usa citizenship.

most of my family moved to the usa (shitty wisconsin). I lucked out and ended up in a muuuuch better state that is basically little norway (but much more right wing with a lot of military).

I am gay and I work for big pharma. i have regular boyfriends who are more attractive than me, but i'm the dominant party (don't ask how it works...it just happens).

i just try to be myself and be sexy and everything works out

but now my ps4 controller is just blinking white and i can't connect it to my console after connecting it to my laptop...

How is that edgy you fucking faggot?
See >>25606179

OP here, at least you lucked out. I moved to the U.S. When I was 20, not having as much fun as you are. Also,counts like your controller is bricked. You have to plug it in and hard reset your PS4
I just hate being around people? Can't be bothered dealing with other people's shit.
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Lord du edge
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Factually, my life is decent.
I make a decent salary, I have friends, I've had several job offers in the last few months, and I get along with friends and coworkers.
My family thinks I do OK, and I like them.
My hobbies are gaming and fapping, but both of those are relatively sensible - ie. people my age do cocaine, weed, etc.
I go out with some frequency - I hang out in bars, I flirt with girls, etc.
I have decent social skills, I can make people laugh. I can flirt with ugly girls etc. I'm no Casanova, but I do OK.
I have an retirement savings plan (28 years old), and stock options in my org.
I sound like a normie on paper, I'm aware.

The first time I became aware of this was when I was about 7. I was didfferent.
I remember crying. Bawling my eyes out. My older brothers and sisters were teasing me about something.
I remember how they all looked me like a tard.
I remember making that day a promise to hate them forever.
As I've grown older, of the 6 of them, some are OK, some are terrible, and some are heinous.

But I've never parted with the feeling of being different, alone, wrong.
Something is "wrong" with me.
I falll asleep every night fantasizing about how, if I could kill myself, and every strand of homo sapien DNA, I would do it in a heartbeat.
Fuck this place.
Fuck every one of you.

If you think "normies" or Nazis, or ISIS or the Jews or niggers are awful human beings, you just haven't met enough of them.
I want to - you, yes, you reading this right now, I want to slowly reach around your neck and squeeze until you stop breathing. I want to tenderly hold your head and push a knife through your ears until you stop moving.
I want to rupture your belly while I hold you gently.
I want to hear you scream, you worthless pile of shit.
I want to kill every single one of you.
Your Hilters and your Einsteins. Die motherfucker die.
>Parents fought all the time, split when I was four
>I end up living with my Mom
>Move around a lot, finally settle when I was eight
>Never really made friends until then
>Have one good friend I spend all my free time with
>He ends up migrating to hang out with the wannabe gangsta kids that deal drugs
>Spend all my time playing videogames and reading
>Never do my homework but float by on high test scores because I have a good memory
>End up hanging out with metalhead stoners, even though I don't smoke
>Just play videogames with them while they get high
>Never go to parties or get laid
>Go to get university for Engineering, drop out after 1 semester
>Work shitty trade jobs for my mom's boyfriend since I'm too pathetic to find work for myself
>They break up, I keep working there but not long before we have an argument and I quit
>Unemployed for a year until my aunt hooks me up with a warehouse job
>Work there until 27
>Self improvement shit never works, I always burn out after a couple of weeks
>Realize that I'm simply a genetic sewer, think I'm going to commit suicide

Again how is that edgy? Or are you just going full autismo?
Sorry I only converse with people over 25
I'm just a white boy who wants to be an edgelord. My big sister showed me this board when we were talking about the most generic 4chan fedora faggots.
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>younger years I spent playing games
>ate a lot and drank a lot of soda too
>parents tried to force me to do something outside, but I got bored of it all eventually
>was pretty chubby at 5-6 years old
>parents would hide the sweets and that they bought
>would find them
>was a weird kid in school
>people sort of put up with me while bullying me on the side like most early school years
>a lot of bullying from people I called friends but I turned a blind eye to it all
>kept getting fatter

>high school
>obese now
>bullied a lot
>two weird friends, I was a third wheel
>eventually a girl who's "not like the other girls" joins the group
>4 wheels now but they're a tricycle
>still felt her boobs at one point through shirt and bra
>eventually they argue and it's only me and the other guy left
>we get put in a retard class together
>become really good friends along with another guy
>also two Chad types we become friends with
>Chad's are okay, but we're branded as literal retards even though it was mainly a class for failures
>eventually drop out and get a job
>keep up with everyone
>become better friends with one of the Chad's
>eventually lose my job
>run out of money
>never hear from Chad again
>eventually argue with my old weird friend and never talk to him again
>have one friend left I made in the failure class
>he got a gf a few months ago and haven't talked to him since

Now I'm pretty fucked up as a human, even though my life wasn't necessarily bad.
tfw describe myself in the same way with regularity and afraid of being recognized
tfw the risk vs returns are not favorable enough desu family
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