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I actually have zero friends
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I actually have zero friends
Wtf have they done to spurdo lately?
Same here, man. No friends at all.
>only birthday wishes I got were from my mom and an automated text from my dentist's office
>20 years old and in college
Kill me.
who cares bro?
cynicism is the now, the present, the forever.
Join the ride man, jump in.
Yourself and Jazz, a world of men.
The tides of people swarm the shore, but we will have the comfiness of the now.
Present at stand a world surrounds, itching, bleeding, slurs all around
A time of peace, never to be found
Man you make what you make
In this world of round
heart pounds
shut up forever
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i know that feel senpai

i will forever be a laughing stock whenever someone sees my steam profile
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>don't want to not have friends
>don't want friends

>don't want no gf
>don't want gf

>don't want to have no social life
>don't want a social life

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This 2bh... the fuck is this senpai saying?
I'm sorry anon, I'll be your friend.
>tfw I have 2 online friends

It's enough for me.
That's Gondola
Me too. I used to have two friends that were brothers that I'd visit sometimes during the summer in my birthtown. When I moved there in high school they stopped hanging out with me after I had a panic attack at their house. So majority of my life I've been at 0 friends. But I used to have lots of online gaming friends before I gave up gaming. Maybe you need to game more anon.
i hate it. Being so lonely and not cared for..
Highschool was the worst, I had this thing where c could still talk to some people, but they were never friends. All the friends have left, and so here i am on this board that nobody knows about talking to complete fucking strangers. It's sad some anon after reading this will know more about me than anyone I know right now.
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It's all your fault too.
Same. I had a single friend in high school but we parted ways. Making friends seems to be pretty much impossible after your 20s. Everyone is in these closed, tight-knit groups and cliques. Everywhere I go I always see groups of people. It kind of leaves you out.
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>tfw I dropped (is that even the right word?) my only friend today because he was always acting like a giant faggot and he didn't even want to be my friend but kept me around because he was an asshole

>tfw on the internet for the past 5 years
>didn't make a single online friend, just 2 guys to talk to about superficial stuff

Sometimes I'm lonely, then I start masturbating.

Same here.
Used to have friends (or maybe I just thought that) but over time they all left and in the end people would only stick to me so they wouldn't be alone.

>be 18
>mfw this is my future
I'm your friend bro.
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>Loner all throughout middleschool, old elementary neighborhood friendships totally gone by 7th grade
>Summer of 8th grade hook back up with old neighborhood best friend, spend a week at his beach house with his brother and some Chad I didn't know was coming
>Have time of life
>Even get hit on at one point
>Become tight friends again with old friend and with Chad
>One of only four others invited to Chad's birthday party
>Chad legitimately thinks I'm funny
>Highschool begins, for once actually get in classes with people I sort of know
>Get to eat lunch and contribute to conversations with new group held up by other old neighborhood friends
>Pick up two new good friends in Graphic Arts class, none of them aspies
>Realize I actually look forward to certain classes for interactions with others
>Sophomore year rolls around
>Classes full of strangers
>Nobody to sit with at lunch
>Everything falls apart
>Everything gained is lost
>I was a novelty and nothing more to these people for a year
>Continue being a loner throughout rest of high school
>Now eating lunch in my car at a commuter uni with no connections at all
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if any of you robots play league ill be ur friend

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What board do I find freshest gondola?
File: 1452297899666.jpg (229 KB, 500x705) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I think the worst thing about it is that im extremely extroverted and one of my greatest pleasures in life is talking to people

people seemed to really like me when they were forced to be around me
and I've had tons of good acquaintances too

but no one actually seems to want to be my genuine friend.
Even when I myself take the steps to invite people to hang out or chat with online.
I have 500 friends on facebook
but none of them reply
Why is it called a gondola?
Me too. Not even online. I go days without talking and don't even remember what my voice sounds like sometimes.
oh god im starting collage in 3 days
and I live 5 km off campus
Post your steam and I might add you.
Do you play CounterStrike?
Thread replies: 26
Thread images: 11
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