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lawl dicklets
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lawl dicklets
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>Mfw a normie says dick size doesn't matter
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top kek man my life sucks but at least i'm not a dicklet lmfaoooooooo
If only normals would start laughing when the Stacey has a roast like a wizard's sleeve.
probably normal sized under all the fat
fatties lol
if a guy is like under 5 inches this is kind of to be expected

but 6 inches being small like people post in here is a meme through and through, it would only be small to a girl with a loose pussy
>Roasties being this toasty they're resorting to creating their own forced meme
Eh okay, I don't want to date girls so it's not like I care anyway.
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okay dicklet
>still living in fucking la la land
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>tfw dicklet

right in my non-existent manhood


>big dick
>six figure salary
>six pack
>six or more hobbies
>six hour or more job shifts
>six figure costing car
>six figure costing house

>get first sexual girlfriend
>fuck her
>she never Cums
>she always feels loose after the first minute
>I usually start to lose my boner and am rarely able to cum
>I feel like I've ruined my dick watching pornography
>that my6.5*5.5 isn't enough to fill or satisfy women
>dump her but she still wants to fuck so continue ducking her
>eventually stop fucking her, sign up for tinder and after two weeks, 1000plus likes and 50plus superlikes I manage to fuck two girls in the same week.

>one was Indian 21 and was SO tight
>she started moaning like crazy just from putting the tip in
>her pussy gripped so tight that when I tried to push in balls deep the walls of her pussy just stretched, I wasn't able to slide in for the last inch
>she came on my dick the first night I tried fucking her
>second girl Philippine/viet girl 18
>again so tight initially
>had to take it so slowly
>eventually her bagina expanded and felt more loose but still much tighter than my gf's and she was moaning and loving it way more.

So anyway my point is that often it isn't that your dick is too small, it's that the girl's cunt is too big and loose
my bf:
>above avg but not huge dick
>only 1 inch taller than me
>skinnyfat when I met him, now he's hitting the gym and getting /fit/
>no social hobbies whatsoever
>no income
>car cost like $2.5k
>lives with his family
you really overestimate what women want. you're talking about 10/10s who already have that much going for themselves, that want a man with the same features.

quit chasing petty bitches if you hate petty bitches. settle down with someone quiet and complacent.
nice roleplaying dude
Do you have your own apartment? I feel like this is what's holding me back from tinder poon.
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>21cm dick
>never had sex
Roasties getting toastie

7 inches is average

The rest is delusion
I don't. One of the nights I spent 70 bucks renting an apartment and the other my parents were out.
I'm still a student in university so in my country it is considered normal to live at home until you graduate.
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>you have a small penis
>you mad

tfw 5 incher

If you've got a dicklet you can get surgery for a dick that's better than real. They reconnect the nerves so you can feel stuff just like you used to, it can be as big as you want it to be if you have enough skin on your arm or leg, and it can get hard/stay hard for as long as you want it to
Only takes 119 operations too, wow!
>tfw I will never have sex
>tfw I will never have to worry about dick size
>tfw fat fuck
>7 inches measuring from the top without pressing in my fat
Wish it was a bit thicker but i wonder how much length i would gain if i lost all this weight.
>tfw wasting huge penis and good looks staying inside all day
i remember reading that you gain an inch of dick for every 15 of something you lose, i can't remember if it was pounds or kilograms though

that enough should be all the motivation you need to lose it
Poor guy(s) honestly. Not only do they fall for the love meme and all that jazz, but then the bomb gets dropped at them and the dream gets shattered. It's like how poeple can't imagine a child living in a constant state of hunger and pain, like how innocent things shouldn't be in harms way. And then this shit happens and we wake up.
Yeah i really need to kick my shit into high gear.

I need to lose like 50+ pounds.
>the average penis size is like 5 - 5.5 inches
>tfw 6.3 inches

good feeling
>tfw measure my dick for the first time in 5 years
>have been extremely self conscious ever since my best friend said it was small when he saw it in the locker room one time


am i gonna make it bros?
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Thread images: 9
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