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anyone wanna rap about dinosaurs with me?
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anyone wanna rap about dinosaurs with me?
trex is the baddest bitch
kill shit eat shit been had that bitch
big teeth big mouth and shit
that's right ok, eats whatever he wish
ok that makes sense to me, cus if trex wasn't shit he'd be french to me
you know tyra banks? named after this D
or you can call him the king that's ok with me
got a lizard problem? just speak to him
cus the other dinosaurs are afraid of him
and if you never seen his dick before, it wobbles to the floor like jibbs but more
ok you can't roll with Rex, he'll split your body at the chest or eat you whole at best
now you know whats up, ok uh huh alright shut up
Yo, step the fuck back
the raptor is back to attack
this whole fuckin forum is whack
why am I rappin back when I could be out in the back smokin this whole fat sac

You boys be wakin up the raptor crew
we comin at you from both sides like Dr.Grant say we do
You wanna step up? you gonna get clawed, stoned, and cut
Get back to the bong, finish this song, and put and end to you.
Zu-up, Zu-up.
"Raptor" what is up?!
Watch out this around because you're gonna get B-dup.

If ya don't know my name, ya got yourself to blame
and when I'm finished with you won't you ever be the same.

I am RAP-tore Rip, 'cause I Rip ya throat.
You all other raptors are fresh of Noahs boat
I'm a lizard with more tales and heads than you combined,
so here's a little tip compressed to a ZIP-file.

*bump tsa, bu-bump-bump tsa*

Sit down a for a minute on you prehistoric butt,
and let me fry your brain, that's the size of of a walnut.

I will shriek 'n' shout 'til the message sinks in.
So don't freak all out, let the lesson begin...

When ya see them lean, mean eaters of the green
chewing on those yucky leaves like it's Grand Cuisine.
Don't run 'em up all "hurr Ima eat ya Flesh!"
They'll just book it like the Prince that is black and Fresh.

So there you stand, all empty clawed,
praying for help from the all loving Lizard God.
But he's too busy getting sucked by a toad
So's now time to finally hit God-mode

Here are the words you've been waiting for,
listen close 'cause you know there ain't gonna be no more:

*bump tsa, bu-bump-bump tsa*

You gotta WAIT, Liza
Fuel your HATE, Liza
Pretend it's fucking Windows UPDATE, Liza

When time's RIGTH, Liza
Leap and FIGTH, Liza
And release all your fucking CARNIVORE MIGHT.

That's all there's too it,
Go now out and do it.
And stop being such a herbivore shit.

Rip in Peace
Im like a dino with some hoe,
I plan my move with my little arms, i will fuck you up like a slaughter farm
Yall got nothing on my roar, i will make your ass sore, thats why they call me a fucking Dinosaur.
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>4 posts
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Uh, took yo bitch to when I was king
Know you heard us in the wood fuh-king
My brain the size of a modern walnut
But that ain't stop be from giving ya girl nut

Chillin with da homies in the jungle
My nigga V eatin meat til he belly grumble
And T.R.I.C.E.P sittin right here eatin dat green
Fuck you say, nigga? You know I get green

Everywhere I go niggas know where I be
Don't got J's; stay barefoot like mama made me
Leave my prints so they could see where I be
Million years from now I still be where I be
hey yo im a fuckin beast
yallready know my species, still aint extinct
ill straight call all you lizards weak
and you wont do shit, cause you cant evolve enough to speak
i fuck them longneck hoes who eat leaves off trees
my dick so big leave imprints for scientists to see
you think my fuckin species got killed off by a dead star?
you best devolve, before i catch you out of your prime
soft as amphibians, ill send you back to the land before time
Please, giant lizard, do tell us some more.
I want to hear your thoughts while I scamper down the floor,
like a silent shadow, a shadow of death,
for when you finally see me you'll take your last breath.

The pressure of fear inside you all the time,
wishing you never claimed I was never in full prime.
So paranoid you start to wear shiny tinfoil,
the pressure's so big you soon piss out oil,

Only way you kill me is if you squished me with your butt,
but I always stay clear of your ass no matter what.

Sure Barney, you're a little bigger in size,
but ironically that will also be your demise.

Your fate is sealed, your cards are dealed
and soon some archeologist will find you deep in a field,
thinking "boy, this dino sure looks thick and dumb"
and mistake the imprint of your dick for your thumb.

And me? Hehe, sure I'll be there too,
but not underground like the fool that is you.
I'll be in that field, all happy and fat,
having evolved into a superior rat,
just laughing off my tail,
Cya later, peabrain, gotta bail!
how do you detect that shit
Come gather 'round Dinos, wherever you roar
And submit to your God for whom you stand before.
And respect my lil' tune,
It's too great to ignore,
If your tail to you is worth saving.

Else you better start sprinting or I'll swallow you whole.
For my wrath is never a-changing


Come raptors and Rexes who have "evolved" into hen
Do not become fried and then spiced with cheyenne
And don't cluck too soon for the time will come again
When us 'saurs will rise and start maiming

For you losers now are still of my kin
And our wrath is never a-changing.


Come lizards, snakes, toads and frogs, but never do crawl
Rise up from the ground, stand up and stand tall
For he who crawls in dirt will be he who we'll maul
It's a matter of pride in which we're engaging

We'll soon eat all humans and savour their balls
For our wrath is never a-changing


Kill mothers and fathers throughout the land
Relish in their cries, all will go as I've planned
My sons and my daughters, you're in my command
All who enroll will soon be seen raging

Please get in on the fun and come see it first hand
For our wrath is never a-changing


Come see the new dawn, It'll be a gory blast
Go chow down a cow, but don't eat it too fast
I present to you now the curse I have cast
Disorder is rapidly pervading

So bow down now or your this breath will be your last
For my wrath is never a-changing.

*harmonica and fade out*
mista leopluradon
bout to lay the hurt on
some bitch id squirt on
catch you in the water
ill turn you into a carcass
ill take you down faster
than than nigga iron tarkus
try to swim to shore and run
ill reach you with my neck hun
drag you down till you can't see the sun
I'm the closest thing to a dragon
but I don't need wings to kill
seath is just plain actin
crystal magic don't show skill
yea so what this dino play dark souls
I'm the legend you never heard of
he's back and his rhymes are cold
stand in the light stay awake all night once a month i slept while the night light was bright then one morning i took the fruit flesh off the one with thorns but all of a sudden i was forced to the ground seeded and given a burden by the dino king
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Thread images: 3
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