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NEET thread
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NEET thread

Lets have a serious discussion about this phenomenon.

I became a NEET when i was 18 because school way way too much work for me. 12 hours of sitting inside a tiny room with people you don't like and afterwards working on homework or presentations etc was just too much for me. I couldn't do it anymore and decided to drop out and say fuck it all. Told my mom i was depressed and needed some time off school.
At first i was really glad to be free and sleep as much as i wanted and basically have holidays.
Then after a few weeks the cycle started of doing nothing all day and becoming more and more isolated. Suicidal thoughts and a feeling of failure at life because all the other kids in school were able to do it why wasn't i?
Basically my day went like this
>get up
>browse 4chan
>go to sleep
Occasionally watched a movie or played a game but that got boring really quickly so i just spammed different boards with shitposts and did anything to distract myself from the shitty life i was living.
My mother forced me to go to a psychiatrist twice a week which i did for about 2 years. Luckily found the motivation to keep on living and doing something with my life instead of giving up like i always thought i would.
Today i live a happy life with more friends than i need, an amazing gf which i never thought i could get, and after a year of working for free i will get my a levels and i'll be able to go to uni
Everything worked out well in the end.
Nice meme.

I dropped out of highschool 6 months in. Have been a NEET ever since(18 now). I'm still here because I'm literally too lazy to kill myself.

By the way how tall are you
>Leave school in 5th year because I didn't get quite enough points at GCSE
>Go to tech to do A-Levels, can't be bothered with the work so I drop out in the second year
>NEET for a year, always feel awkward when people ask me about what I do, also no NEETbucks because I was young and lived with my parents who did okay but didn't give me much money because they didn't want me to be spoiled
>Re-apply to tech, drop out again after a few months
>Got a part time job, making a bit of cash, it was okay
>Most people who dropped out had started full time or were still doing some bullshit course if they weren't doing A-levels

Being NEET was okay. I was only 17-19 and while it was nice never being tired and always having free time, I didn't have much money and my social connections suffered greatly.

I didn't get bored or feel "useless"-I could totally get used to doing fuck all. But I realised that maintaining social ties with non-NEETs is damn near impossible when you are one.

You WILL be talked about behind your back because my friends and I talk behind the backs of the people we know who are now NEETs at our age. (Early twenties.)

So if you're happy alone with 0 accomplishments and no real social interactions or secure future...I mean, fucking do it man. Shit is chill.

Right now I got into Uni and got a job I fucking love and have a place secured when I finish at a firm I would kill to work for. It's gonna be hard work for a few years, essentially slaving away so I can slave away in a better environment, but I like my job (because it's something I wanted to do and did for free for a while) and it is quite secure at the same time.

Social life is okay, no gf for about a year and a half but I'm not really looking for that right now.

Squeezing one or two NEET years out of your late teens is alright, and pretty nice. Bu tmuch later than that...eh
What meme?

I'm 5'11
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I'm glad you pulled yourself out of that rut. I sorta worry that I could easily slip into that sort of thing.
>Squeezing one or two NEET years out of your late teens is alright, and pretty nice.
It was the best time of my life
I could be alone and get to know many artists, musicians and directors and really refine my taste in every medium without the influence of retarded people my age.
i would say my neet years are what makes me an interesting person today. while others were parting i was reading tons of books
i didn't even care about not having friends because 4chan was all i need to get different opinions
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>Wagecucks trying the sockpuppet tactic again.
Yeah. A NEET year can help you work out a lot of stuff. I was that boring as shit but sometimes funny and nice guy that was in a lot of friend circles but not a real part of any of them.

Post-NEET I worked myself out and now I have actual friends. It's weird looking back. I could go NEET again if everyone thought I had a job and shit, but I'm okay with working because I'm not a retard stuck in a job I don't like.

Mate, most of the people in the thread are saying that being a NEET for a while is alright. Nice frog though, you get it from facebook?
you had people who cared about you enough to get you help

good job

other people aren't so lucky
Been a 'functional' neet since high school graduation, though was a neet most high school cause I went to independent study where I stayed at home and played WoW all day and did like 2-3 hours of homework a week. Now I wave a sign which involves literally no human contact so I'm relatively employed but still a neet. I hang out with people occasionally but only to very uncomfortably smoke weed. I spend all my money on car/weed
Became a NEET after i finished my A levels for like 3 and a half years.

Have a part-time job now which i hate, but it's better than having to work full-time (which i did do for a bit before getting this job). It's an okay compromise i guess, but it means i don't have enough money to move out and still live at home.

I'm contemplating uni, but don't know whether it's worth going.
Open Uni, senpai. Career plan, and you can do it all from home. Shit is streamlined as shit fr most courses.

I'm doing Psychology and Counselling, which leads to Foundation in Counselling with, which experience (especially voluntary at like samritans or whatever) is a fast-track to a job in Mental Health.

You pay up front per year, all kinds of payment plans. Very affordable.

As for the work, you get mailed textbooks made by the Uni designed to be done at home. You work through a chapter a week which sounds like a lot but is like 10 pages a day, max.

You can go in a couple days a week to see a Tutor, if you like, or you can email them and there are also online tutorials and shit-all optional.

It's good, man. And employers love OU qualifications.
I'd honestly prefer to go to the traditional route and actually go to uni if i did. It would get me away from home and out of this shit town.

Thanks for the advice though.

Why do you want to go into mental health?
Oh if you can and can handle the money it's equally good, probably better from a social standpoint.

Eh, I got assfucked when I was a kid by a babysitter so it started as a "hey maybe I can help other kids be not as fucked up as me" but then I resarched the job market and realised it's a very viable career path.
Mental Health is at a point where it's just emerging as something as evidently important as physical health, and people who are wrapping up their education and experience in the next 7-11 years will be the first wave for all the jobs and shit.

If that all goes to shit, counselling jobs in schools or firms are all over the place and you get paid alright money to listen to people's problems and hope they don't die.

I mean, I personally actually want to make a difference but I'm being frank with you I guess.

Psychology is 99% a meme degree unless you take it alongside things which will help you get a job in mental health.
Unless you really want to go then don't bother with a 4 year college. Its a money pit. I just pulled out after my first semester because I wasn't feeling it. That semester is still gonna cost me a chunk of change. I'm looking to do a 2 year community college type thing instead. Its a lot cheaper for basically the same thing.
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>an amazing gf which i never thought i could get,
How did you get her? Teach us master

This is clearly bait but you're not a manlet so you could escape the pit you were thrown into.
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This is a great discussion topic.
Holy shit, it's the
>le I was a neet because of summer vacation
meme again.

Go away kid, you are probably not even 20 yet.

Damn I should really look for another board
>have friends
>go to party with friends
>enjoy yourself so you look like one of the cool guys
>talk to girl you find attractive
>get number
took me a few tries because most wont even text back but it is worth it in the end after a lot of hard work. having a gf you love is amazing and makes life truly worth living
the only thing money cant buy
Sounds good. Hope you make it.

Money isn't really a concern, i live in britbong land, and the loans are really favourable.
Nah, man. I dropped out in January and was a NEET until the following September, when I dropped out again. NEET for about 21 months total.
Well that's good then. Burgerland is not so merciful.
I know bro
>>Read thread about NEETs who made it
>>Feel bad
They werent robots, they were just high school chads who dropped out a while to do some weed and play epic vidya gaymes and decided to work again when mommy got angry.
Bump for NEET justice 5
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