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Have you ever tried killing yourself?
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Have you ever tried killing yourself?
yeah, here i am
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I have too much pride to off myself.
Just messing around with partial suspension. Got to blacking out.
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Guess it didn't work out for you..sorry.

I would imagine most people think like this..I think

So are you done?
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Please come back online.
>So are you done?

With attempting?

I really don't know. I like aspects of myself. But when I look back and see how much I wasted, I can't wait to burn my bridges, you know.
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I really dont know how you found this thread or why you're in it but I will get on later if I dont fall a sleep

You shouldn't try again imo
You promised me you'd learn how to make tacos. Please don't do anything stupid.
Many many times.
I've put a pistol in my mouth like 50 times.
Would self mutilate all day. Few times I cut over 700 times all over my body.
Id drink endlessly hoping to OD.
Id be reckless and do stupid risky shit like fuck a marine's wife
Id constantly think about swerving my car into traffic.
My teenage years were really bad.
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Please dont worry

So what made you stop?

not yet... but i might try it sometime.
Does putting a gun to ones head already count as a "try"? If yes, then yes.
downed enough seroquel and klonopin to have a seizure but I just woke up in a hospital and then spent 1.8 years in a ward.

still think about it everyday, wanting to do it again, afraid to fail again though
Feeling guilty about killing myself when I had like 3 people that cared for me.
They all betrayed me but at the time their suffering stopped me.
I've gotten better once I dumped testosterone and got on estrogen.
T was incredibly wrong in my body and made me psychotic and neurotic.
Estrogen just feels right. Im happy and calm and extremely loving now.
I still struggle with other mental illnesses and ptsd from my life experiences.
I still cry pretty much everyday but its not so uncontrolled.
It hurts more and easier with estrogen, but its not completely filed with hate and endless pain and no hope.
I guys the main thing that kept me going was thinking about one day having a husband who loved me and I could be his soul mate and he needed me even if I hadn't found him yet.
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Oh wow, I do hope everything works out for you and you do find your soul mate
Psyches usually count an act of self mutilation as an attempt because its very easy to accidentally go too far or slash your throat out.
Gun is usually treated as the most serious.
In the psych ward all these things are treated the same.
You're all grouped together.
If anything any attempt by a male is more serious because they usually go by gunshot.
Girls make more attempts but with less successful methods.
No. I have a deal with myself that if I ever go there I have to use a method I know will take me out.

I figure aiming a double-barrel shotgun behind my chin up through my brain will do it, if not from brain shredding then from blood loss.
I did a few time recently since new years. The last one though really made me try to get my shit together. I'm not going in to too many details but I found out I wasn't as alone as I thought.
>1.8 years in a ward
why so long
I lay down on train tracks in front of a train that was coming and got hit.
Some metal thing in front of the wheels impaled me and dragged me along until it stopped.
How the he'll did you survive that?

Also checked.
How do you feel? Related moment in question being now.
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Is this a ghost?
Before you try killing yourself, maybe you should try BEING yourself.
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Im not trying to kill myself!
I didn't do it very well.
I should've put my head/neck on the track but instead I had my abdomen on it. I was waiting 20 minutes for a train because I was on a rural line and walked out a fair way away from any stations so it would be going fast. As it got closer I just sort of threw myself onto the track without thinking about where to get hit.

Got pierced, a few bruised organs and a big hole in the muscle and skin but there's no vitals around there so I was okay.

At the time I felt ashamed.
I had to pull myself off the spike and out from under the train while bleeding everywhere.

The train stopped, people were staring out the windows and I was just sitting in shame on the side of the tracks holding bits of my stomach in place.

Ambulances eventually came, a lot of police cars and stuff too. I got taken in the ambulance to hospital. Couldn't move out of bed or walk for two weeks then eventually got transferred to a psych ward.

Now I feel weird about it. Sometimes I wish it worked and sometimes I wish it never happened.
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Pretty funny how OP made this thread just to attentionwhore himself
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Why did you choose that method? You're done with trying right?
I thought it would work and be quick.

There are too many things that can go wrong with other methods and leave you alive as a vegetable.

I do realise how silly this sounds after almost being paraplegic and losing limbs.

I'm done for now, I've got my shit together now but still can't see myself living out a full natural life.
Post more fat cat girls please.
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That's good

Yea sure but I should probably sleep now. The artist is fukumaaya
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