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There is a thin barrier separating us all from Hell where death would be a release.
>hundreds of thousands of 16-20 year olds shipped off to war with no choice
>endure horrible conditions and jungle diseases like leeches crawling up their asshole and giving them malaria
>or frostbite where their toes swell up to baseball size
>eat lead and die under mortar fire randomly
It doesn't even make me feel good because I appreciate my life. It makes me feel catharsis to see situations where life is so cheap, shitty, and random that are the antithesis of the normie "be urself follow ur dreemz" wonderland people take for reality.
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I know this feel. I often use war documentaries and old propaganda films as a way to motivate myself. I'll probably end up joining the military someday.

Here's one of my favorites. The dialogue is corny, but the sentiment, the nationalism, the sense of purpose it instills. That's from the heart.
at first I thought you were going down that 'you should appreciate YOUR life because other people have it worse' guilt trip route. Which is a load of shit. But I get what you mean about the 'catharsis'. Sometimes when you see life as cheap, it makes your problems seem less significant, strangly relaxing.
Dan Carlin's podcast on the first world war is great for this.
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Who /dreamofgoingtowarhere/? I often wish I had what it takes to be a soldier. I've seen the footage, heard all the lectures. "War is hell". I don't care. Nothing makes my heart race and blood simmer more than the thought of storming a trench with a thousand other men and plunging my bayonet into somebody's throat. Dredging through an enemy infested jungle with a flamethrower. Returning fire while pinned down in the bombed out ruins of a mosque somewhere in Syria.

Somebody please start WW3 already
I like looking at nazi propaganda. Shit gets me pumped like nothing else. Even though I'm not a fan of the ruskies I like kgb shit too. I just want to be an elite ass kicker. They had visions. Le wrong genarashun maybe, but everything seems so hollow and pointless. I want to start a company selling cool quality shit. Art deco and art nouveau aesthetics, but with all the cool tech shit we can do now but no one does. I know the Jews won't let us make pretty glass and ceramic with uranium, but there's still lots to do. I was thinking tungsten flatware to start. This shit used to cost weeks of your wages. Why the fuck is something as huge as flatware now in dollar stores 5 """metal"""" forks for $1? There's barware, cool shit like tiebars, pens, cufflinks, sunglasses, jewelry, and of course home furnishings. I hate how everything is so cheap and planned obsolescence. A dresser or bookshelf should be a lifetime commitment. I feel physically ill when I hear normie middle aged sluts talking about redecorating. Why the fuck did they not do it right the first time, and why even bother if they're only spending $20k? It's just going to be more cheap Walmart shit they'll throw away in 5 years.

It's one thing if all this cheap shit got savage third worlders to enjoy the finer things, but nope. In the old days you were hot shit if you owned your own cup. These third worlders buy the same cheap ugly low quality bullshit. Instead of one nice thing they want to have excessive lighting, an entire living room set, and a China set for 20. Niggers are the worst offenders here. They take pride in having cheap ugly shit like big suvs or technology they don't even use. A coworker was bragging about his TV that he didn't know anything about other than it is am me was oohoohahhahh be am *lipsmack* oogabooga cost thousands and be big screen. He didn't know contrast, resolution, colors, if it even had ports, refresh rate, nothing. He just bought the most expensive set in store for no reason.
lol probably someone else putting their bayonet into your throat

It doesn't matter. To believe and fight for something, to die a meaningful death in battle, that's pretty fucking cool.

Look at conflict today. Chinks and nips arguing over a patch of rocks so they antagonize each other by sending 'fishing' boats out by the rocks. America and Russia getting angry over faggots so they draw mean pictures of each other. Pissed off pig rapists mad about oil or something so they durka and blow themselves up in another country or fly planes into buildings to kill people who don't give two shits about them and couldn't even find the durka's country on a labeled map of the middle east.

Nothing is of any importance. I mean shit, within our parents lifetime they actually cared about science and shit because if they didn't the Russians or Americans were going to nuke their asses back to the stone age. Now we just have Israel stomping their feet, pouting and threatening to hold their breath and Samson everyone if we don't do what they say. US vs USSR was a lot cooler than a whiny spoiled child in a yarmulke. It's pathetic that our greatest threat is an isolationist country of pissed off rice dicks who draw mean pictures of us. My parents did nuclear bomb drills in school. The only time I think of norks is when someone is best korea posting.

WWII seen as a great ideological war is both fascinating and fucking terrifying. Look at the eastern front, where fascism and communism clashed in probably the most brutal front of the entire war. If you were caught, you were less than filth to the enemy. German soldiers would commit suicide rather than be caught by the soviets.

That shit is crazy. It's like the modern equivalent of 'my god is better than your god' but on an unequaled destructive level.

Would you really want to die for that? Do you even have a cause worth that?
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Not that anon, but I don't care about any of that. I just want to feel the rush of adrenaline, experience the true freedom, the raw primitive brutality of war. It's what we, as men, were designed to do. The faces may have changed. Our enemies have names and ideologies instead of fur coats and saber teeth sticking out of their jaws, but the feeling is the same.
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I highly recommend reading The Good Soldier Svejk or least watching the movie adaptations. It's possibly the greatest anti-war and anti-military novel ever imo.
i look at the human species and i feel like someone was toying around with the DNA.
i know that sounds really arrogant, but something is wrong with our genetics.
we don't have pristine genetics like you see in animals.

mass migration has affected our evolution and the better technology gets, the more we feel compelled to tinker with our genetics and i believe genetics is the key to surpassing this planet or paradigm or whatever.

>Do you even have a cause worth that?

It does sound horrifying, but your question really gets to the core of how I feel. The answer is fuck no. I get pissedoff when someone takes two seconds to remember green means go at a stop light. Like Nietzsche said, God is dead and we killed him. I don't believe in anything. The world is so boring. The only ideological shit happening is on the fringes like alt right and loony lefties hiding away online. I can't even tell if they're being serious or just memeing when they say shit like "#giveallyourmoneytowomen" or "legalize all drugs, flat tax and race war now".

The world is so cosmo and boring you actually have people stomping through the streets saying of course we should open borders and give noncitizens everything they want and voting privileges or le criminal lives matter it's racist to hold black people accountable for their actions.

I'm a very moderately right leaning but when I talk people react as if I just unveiled the final solution. It all seems so pointless and the obviously correct course of action everyone is adamantly opposed to. I really feel alienated and disillusioned with everything. I should be publicly hanged because I think merit is more important than skin color, but Jaqiavalontiquandarius shouldn't be charged for raping an entire nursing home of grannies to death because his privilege made him do it, and somehow his privilege is my fault?

It's a woman's world.

You can still be a man though. Run along back to your mancave like a good boyim. There's bacon in the microwave and your beard could use another organic free range indigenous beard oil application. Maybe if you're really good you can get same epic craft brews.

No one likes that yucky masculinity by action or will stuff. Masculinity is a product, an accessory you buy and wear in order to engage in safe harmless fun identity games.

>Who's the biggest man here? Sriracha contest!!!
>Haha isn't Billy a bitch? He's wearing a polka dot bow tie. What is he, a woman?
>Everyone knows polka dots are out and paisley is in, gawwwsh!
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I feel you anon, I spent the last week watching war documentaries, because I wanted to know more. The guys there do not look like certified badasses most of the time. Some guys in the german army in WWII do not look any more badass than some robot put into a uniform. If I was born a little earlier I would eat dirt just like one of them did. It is all just so stupid, everybody and I mean literally everybody, even on this shithole is talking high and mighty about some morals, standards, feelings, ideologies, tastes, etc. But none of this stuff matters when things go south, like they do in war. When you are getting fed shit, you automatically feel what you want, because you realize that the unpredictabillity of life only leaves a meager number of important things you can count to your being.
And it is really difficult to acknowledge this in todays society, but life can actually be pretty simple sometimes. Even those soldiers eating mud in the trenches during WWI somehow managed to write down moral speeches about obligations of soldiers and their dream of dying a glorious death, but I honestly do not believe them. I bet that even after writing all of this, they panicked and felt a huge desire to be somewhere else all along and did not really care about glory, honor, country or nation. All of them just ended up dreaming of an existence not as shallow and stupid as the human one when that shell or bullet hit them.
Literally the only bad thing to me about being a soldier is being injured and surviving. It's better to be fully blow apart and die than have your face blow off and survive.
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this is something I do a lot
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I despise this attitude. Being a man isn't about wearing tight jeans, having a fancy muscle car, or being able to grow a beard. It's an instinct that compels us to action. That's why these new age social constructivist gender-fluid feminists despise us, because no matter how many chemicals they pump into themselves or genitals they mutilate, they will never experience the heart-pounding blood-boiling drive to kill, consume, and fuck that we, as men, were blessed by millions of years of evolution to have.
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