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>tfw too intelligent to have a gf
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>tfw too intelligent to have a gf
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The dumbest man is smarter than the smartest woman
Lol noone with an iq above 90 browses r9k
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>tfw my IQ is 136
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Said the dumb woman
Why are you here? Get out and do something useful. Masturbating and bragging about your iq will get you nowhere
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>anxiety and depression prevents me fitting in with normals
>already used up uni loans so can't get an education without bankrupting myself
>being a NEET masturbator is the same as being a billionaire
You british?
154 here
Brainlet. 136 is not as great as you think.
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Yes, it's a bad feel.
>tfw no freedom
>tfw ugly angry people everywhere
>tfw no jobs
>tfw Muslims
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I was shitposting, I know I'm only above average which isn't saying much.
Still have nothing in common with the average female though. Then again I have no interests.
I am too. Britain is great. Get an hnd from home and work from there
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but how do I fund a HND, and what jobs can I get from home.
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You're in good company m8
Use your iq to make money. One point is worth 1 grand. How many will you sell?
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there is no company in loneliness
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All of them, there are no feels if you have no brain to think
That's the deal with a lot of men I feel. Women also explicitly mentioned in a study that they prefer their man to be smarter than they are.
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That's good, maybe one day I'll make it
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>tfw more intelligent than you and actually found a perfect gf whose past I thoroughly investigated
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really fucking euphoric post there, alaewis.
>anxiety and depression
not a sign of intelligence, or let alone a mental stability - and not just autism
>already used up uni loans
very intelligent, you must be a genius
even more intelligent (at least it would be if you were, say, 12)
>NEET masturbator
wew lads, stephen hawking has a new match!
>>tfw no freedom
>>tfw ugly angry people everywhere
>That's good, maybe one day I'll make it
that's it i can't be sarcastic anymore. that's the dumbest thing in the thread
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I wasn't linking my mental problems to my intelligence.
Even smart people can make uni course choice mistakes.
Prove nihilism wrong.
I never compared myself to Steven Hawking.
I am enlightened yes.
Calm down anon, it's possible I could make it.
>I wasn't linking my mental problems to my intelligence.
because someone who claims he is "too intelligent for a gf" definitely doesn't need to look at his own mental issues first
>Even smart people can make uni course choice mistakes.
people that are smart might make such big mistakes, yes. but not by any means do the people who are too intelligent for a girlfriend, make such mistakes.
hell, face it friend, intelligence is the least of your worries when concerning your chances of ever getting anyone.
>Prove nihilism wrong.
grow up. all the other children above 14 know that we're all going to die and people are generally evil to strangers and we're ruled by people who care more about themselves than the common plebian and the universe is just lucky to exist and can be extinguished at any moment. but they don't actively feel this way, nor constantly think about it when dealing with any person or during their daily life. only a fool would pollute their minds with such pointless thoughts.
>I never compared myself to Steven Hawking.
well i'll be danged, you sure didn't! gosh dang doodle it!
>I am enlightened yes.
wew senpai
>it's possible I could make it.
all of my shreks, all of my keks
>tfw no intelligent girlfriend
>tfw logic and rationale are the hard counter to females
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why are you so angry m8
i don't like stupid people :^)
and i definitely don't like stupid people who think they're smart ;^)
>tfw too intelligent to have a gf

Top fucking Kek

The delusion intensifies.
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I'm not stupid though anon, just misguided and mentally ill.
That was the point of the thread, well done.
>I'm not stupid though anon, just misguided and mentally ill.
ok, intelligent in the realm that you may have a high iq and are at good at maths/puzzles/whatever as an autist
but still stupid if you don't know how to live a life or how people work or what girls are like or how to behave or how to spend your time
and even more stupid if you notice all those things but still consider yourself smart
MSc. Theoretical Physics
Now doing PhD Nuclear Physics

Don't know my IQ but women do not like intelligent men because the majority of intelligent men are borderline / on the autism spectrum. They want a man that leads and takes risks, not a man that thinks about every single thing he does. It's 'boring' to the modern woman.
intelligence =/= maturity
intelligence =/= life experience
>also doing a phd in physics in top teir university
>have gf
>so does majority of other postgrads I know other than the autistic ones

this is the definition of autism
135 is not that smart, your like a gifted kid
>now +160 is when your to smart for wanting a qt gf
>falling for the bait
>that passive aggressiveness at the end and the other post
>not only didn't disprove nihilism but also basically agreed with it, just advised to ignore it because it's not useful (which is true)
>somehow thinks he called stupid people out on their shit

You managed to be even more fedora and pretentious than these fucks and you probably don't even realize it. Fucking hell, everyone is dumb as hell here. Me too ofc. Ffs.
is this really what you guys tell yourself as self fed bullshit to keep yourself from ending it all? "I'm just TOO smart a girlfriend! YEAH!"
Intelligence =/= the ability to crunch numbers and solve puzzles like an autist

I swear that's what you faggots all think intelligence is. Probably because you're autistic.
>a-level psychology
>not being r.s. tier in uselessness and "lel can u remember this fact?"

>know what women want
someone who's basically just a what a man looks for in a woman (personality and looks/10 wise)

>bedded 12 women
i'm guessing that, during the process, you weren't busy describing to them how 99% of the people alive in 1916 we cannot even name or know what they look like or even have any sort of idea about EVEN IF they are our great-grandparents, which shows that life is pointless and meaningless and we will never leave any impact on it, and even if we turn into the 1% this planet is still mostly doomed as it is on an uncontrollable spiral towards the destruction of civilization, and we will all be living in tribes within a millenium unless of course we haven't already nuked eachother to death by the time that happens... or were you, you intelligent nihilist man that understands women?

tBh when i first read the thread it genuinely sounded like it might be written by someone i know, then it sounded more like another guy i know. even though it's obviously not them, the fact remains there's probably some people lurking this board that might feel this way or are starting to do so, and i'm showing that it's autistic and retarded and pathetic and childish
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why did you delete your post, lad?
If you have to think about every single thing you do you're probably not very intelligent.
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Couldn't be arsed to carry on the debate when I clearly said at the start of the thread I was shit posting. Oh well you gave me a good laugh from getting so angry.
roastie slut, educate yourself
everyone who claims to be significantly above average intelligence on 4chan is statistically a liar and should be assumed to be so
>from getting so angry.
spot on, read me like a palm

>Oh well you gave me a good laugh
>literally laughing at /r9k/ posts that try to educate you and show you your failures
l-lol? jajaja?

>I was shit posting
still, my point remains
You have proved nothing m8, you think I'm not aware of the real reasons I don't have a gf?
'>tfw too intelligent for a gf' is a common shitpost thread, lurk more faggot.
>You have proved nothing m8
read bottom of this post >>25589853

>I'm aware of the real reasons I don't have a gf
good job

>a common shitpost thread
yet still believed by too many
File: 1452037077274.jpg (19 KB, 305x239) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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including yourself, lmao

I know this feel anon. You are not alone.
brb gonna kys myself :^(
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i like being single but i dont like being alone all the time
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Thread images: 21
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