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>Tfw I friendzone a girl
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>Tfw I friendzone a girl

the sweet justice
Well done anon. Live the pain, pass the pain.
>tfw ex gf asks me what l'm up to and lf l wanna meet
>prepare plan
>pretend l'm getting millions from the lottery
>she becomes even more affective
>tell her about my "new gf"
>she cries because "l was wrong anon, you loved me and l dumped you, but l can change"
>tell her that the discussion is over
>she's in tears as l leave
Always feels good to be huge bitch
This is the most retarded shit I've read she's just going to think you're a fool or crazy when she finds out you didn't win millions.
I've put 4 girls in friendzone.

I'm a 25yo virgin.
Don't worry, l told all of my friends that she went full gold digger mode after l told her, she's a fembot without much friends anyways
>a fembot
dude what the fuck get off this board

you're not a robot either you piece of shit
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I am egocentric asshole
i don't even wanna gf
I put 2 girls in friendzone back when i was at uni
they were pretty ugly maybe 5/10
but the thing was they were fkin dumb
i pretended i have no idea about their feelings
it lasted months if not longer

I am 25 KV
>ITT chads.

Off my board, noaw!

On a side note; the only woman to ever really show an interest in me, my boss (yeah...), an apparent cougar, told me she loved me the other week. I managed to escape with a polite "thanks".

Shit made me uncomfortable as fuck.

I mean, I would but... I'm crushing hard on this other manager and don't want to ruin any potential chances with her.
isnt 5/10 supposed to be average?
I guess you are right
I have high standards since male to female ratio at my uni was like 1 to 7 (linguistics)
I wouldn't hit anything below 8 since there were plenty of 9s and 10s aswell
>be me at bar, sitting at bar
>place is packed, I don't like it. Not one bit.
>sloot standing beside me for about 5min trying to get a drink
>shes qt... Here's your chance anon
>I turn to chat her up
>she just looks at me and changes directions with her eyes
>kinda bummed a tad, realizing its true what I think, and how I'm treated by grills, not wanted.
>oh well, sip stupid beer like I belong there
>5 more minutes passed, she's still there, diagonally from my left shoulder
>thought to myself this moron is still here, I'll help her out
>grab the bartenders attention less than 10secs
>ask her "what do you want?" Blue moon she said
>hollar it back to bar tend
>then she says "aaaaaw thank yooooooouuu"
>I say "just helping you out, you were standing for a while haha"
>her face when she automatically thought I was gonna buy her a drink
>mfw I see her face, expression changes to the look she gave me earlier, she was obviously embarrassed
>she says "oh...thx"
not bad but offtopic
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Females on r9k are pretty fucked. Don't think just because she posts here means she empathizes with you. Sounds like she shafted him before and he was just getting her back.
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Fuck off, you guys are just as bad as women.
It feels good to do this. Then have them chase after you even more wondering if it must be something wrong with themselves. It's literally
how I get my high these days. I don't even want a girlfriend anymore I just like tormenting them.
Fembots are closer tl robots than other women though
Why? do you feel like I'm entitled to date someone I don't have any feelings for?
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iktf brother
I even told one of them that Im into her sister (which is actually hot)
and asked for some tips to get her
she skipped all classes for entire week after that
it's like a drug once you try it you can't get enough
Yep I used to do this walk around dress niced ignore the glances of girls hoping I'd open up but I showed them all by being silent and now look at me!
Don't be an asshole about it. I'm mainly talking about most of these greentexts in the thread.
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>not being complete sociopath
>be me
>19 year old khhv
>3 or 4/10
>get a job as a wagekek
>meet customer service grill
>she's a Stacy
>get to know her because I'm lonely, anxious and depressed and don't have any friends
>she enjoys being around me
>co-workers jokingly ask if we would go out with each other
>quickly say "nah"
>tfw she's surprised and stutters for a few seconds
>tfw I just shut down a Stacey before she shuts me down.
>tfw Stacey could have given you a chance

You guys are true heroes of r9k
I love you all
No, it's more like 4 girls put you in a friend zone anon. That's why you're still a Virgin.
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>be me at uni
>driving to school by bus cuz poor
>after few weeks noticed that one girl always looks at me in the bus
>not bad looking maybe 6/10
>see her 3-4 times a week
>it continues for few weeks
>one time only free spot was next to her
>decided to sit and initiate some small talk (like thank god i can finally sit n rest, shit day at uni etc. blah blah)
>we talk for all the way to my hometown
>after that she always keeps a seat for me since she lives further from school than i do
>i put on my normie mask and we become buddies even tho I lie to her all the time
>she doesn't know me at all and we have no mutual friends
>it lasts for months
>after some time she starts ask me if want to go to with her to the cinema, bowling, pub etc.
>always decline and tell her i am busy at work (told her I work home)
>she always sad and disappointed but we still talk at bus like always
>one time after end of term exams which is like start of february in my country we talk about upcoming valentines day
>i can see she all excited about that, i try to bring her down telling her its bs
>finally she asks me if I am spending valentines day with someone
>answer "no why u ask?"
>she is blushing and asks if we maybe could spend it together
>stopped talking to her at all
>she starts crying
>texts me everyday for a week, saying she is so sorry
>don't answer
>never talk with her on the bus again
>she stopped riding this bus week later
>she was riding a tram which is way slower to avoid me
>there was always one more free spot on my bus
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you da real mvp tbqh
fucking savages and I love it

>I even told one of them that Im into her sister (which is actually hot)
>and asked for some tips to get her
absolute madman
Who is this brown beater eater
File: 1443881738647.jpg (54 KB, 609x677) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>she stopped riding this bus week later
>she was riding a tram which is way slower to avoid me
>there was always one more free spot on my bus

You truly belong in here anon.
We need more robots like you novadays.
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>start messaging multiple girls at once
>talk dirty left and right
>tfw all that confidence not giving a shit about rejection or offending them since I can move on to the next
>tfw most of em lap it up

I dont see myself friendzoning them. Id rather try fwb or nothing.
You the man.

Still, I feel sorry for her. I'm not about that endless cycle of abuse.
File: 1451916223803.png (759 KB, 451x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I love you
>i put on my normie mask
this guy knows his shit
"I love you"

oh wow
fuck off Chad

>caring about roasties
you are weak
fembots dont exist. period.
made my day
thanks anon
well done robot, well done.
I can't condone continuing the cycle of abuse, m8. Some girl brutally friendzoned you, that's shit and she's a bitch. But you can't just take blind revenge on other girls.

Now that girl will go and do the same to some poor sod and he'll wind up here.
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I was born a sociopath
human companionship never interested me
people are like toys for me
it's fun you should try it some day
>girls being interested in you

fuck off, chads
>tfw you will never be like anon

girls don't even talk to me when I ask them something
or work in a group project with them
this tbqh my phamilia
what has this board came to
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>there was always one more free spot on my bus

holy shit man this made my morning. Thanks anon
is this really the other side?
do u like dogs anan :)
It happened to you, didn't it?
my thoughts exactly

at least this time some roastie got hurt
Now this is a real robot topkek.
not as savage like the other guys in here
but i guess it counts
>ugly girl 4/10 at best started texting me
>i dont even know where she got my number in the first place
>i was always ignoring her never texted or called her first
>after few weeks she asked me out to a date
>tfw told her I have a gf already
>she never spoke to me anymore
>few months later her best friend called me with unlisted number
>she pretended to be interested in me and asked me out
>stupid bitch thought i wouldn't recognize her voice
>told her ok as long as her fat friend won't be there
>she must have been really triggered because she hanged up after like 20 secs of silence
>that was one of the best days in my life

tfw 22 hhkv
shieet mate, thats pretty cruel
>told her ok as long as her fat friend won't be there

some chad tier alphaness right there
This. It all self-perpetuates and never ends. Although if he is sociopathic then nobody is 'innocent' through his perspective.
wow being edgy unironically.
who this cummy demony?
dude, you couldn't have at least gotten inside her first? have fun with your fleshlight faggot
I just ignore women
If they want anything with me they will need to rape me
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>Rejected 4/10 girl i've known from HS
>Actively sought out a more attractive Tranny, easily 7/10
The cattiness was unreal, claiming she owned me as she knew me longer and that they'll never be a real woman
>be me in high school
>17 year old khv
>not ugly but not attractive either. Probably a 5/10
>for some reason indian girls are attracted to me. only type of girls that have ever shown any interest
>am repulsed indian girls
>get assigned a seat in history class next to a short fat indian girl
>because she's so repulsive i'm not too scared to talk to her
>have very similar senses of humor
>get along surprisingly well
>decide that i want to get her to like me
>spend the next couple months joking around and flirting with her
>one day one of her friends approaches me and tells me that she has a massive crush on me and wants to go out
>say no

Thinking about it just makes me sad. I don't even know why I did it. Turns out I'm no better than Chad
File: TMNT.jpg (24 KB, 220x330) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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good on you for staying away from whores who only wanted to use you
I've friendzoned a few girls but I'm also a homo

I like to think of it as my contribution to this board
Take your rape fantasies somewhere else please.
>Making damaged goods
What anon did is nowhere near as bad as making a woman feel like a whore.
I like making them whine.
I love aserting my dominance over them.

gotta admit, if genders reverse I's call you a bitch.

Scratch that, at least you were honest
>Being ironic
>wasting your time on a repulsive landwhale
>feeling sad about it

man the harpoon faggot
and you'd feel proud for doing it? it was pretty pathetic all around
i want more stories
When rating anything (girls, movies, vidya)
4/10 or less = absolutely horrid
5/10 = very bad
6/10 = poor
7/10 = average
8/10 = above average
9/10 = good
10/10 = IGN
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I friendzoned a girl at uni
blonde, short maybe 5/10, looks like 14yo kid tbqh
she is really shy and never had a bf
she barely talks
she is too shy to text or call anyone
i text her few times a year (christmass, new year etc.)
she is always so excited, when i do and keeps on talking
i could call her anyday and set up a date
im pretty sure she would agree (unless she is seeing someone atm)
and possibly fuck her after becoming her bf for a while
tfw too egocentric, sociopath asshole to do it
tfw almost 22 kv

If you did it like the gods above, I praise you fagfag. I'd even give you a free cuddle or shit.
why don't you try anon
you could atleast fuck her
Could you fucking learn to greentext senpai
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Thread images: 17
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