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>mfw current Powerball jackpot is $700 million
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>mfw current Powerball jackpot is $700 million
What would you do if you won that shit? I'd:
>buy a couple mansions
>buy nice sports cars
>buy a full /fa/ wardrobe
>never be sober (at least for a few years)
>buy state of the art fitness equipment and get in peak physical form
>drive around the country listening to music and seeing everything there is to see
>probably help my family out of obligation
>never trust anyone again, especially females
>due to the last bit never marry
>go clubbing with social elite
>probably still be lonely but too coked out and living too fast to care
>generally live like a balling motherfucker
It's nice to fantasize about being rich. Takes me away from being a depressed NEET for a little bit.
I'd buy a small home, a bunch of instruments and home studio gear, a nice computer, and I'd only go outside for food.
probably do nothing different except id have lots of money in the bank

i need mummy to make my dinners
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I would sit on my ass all day
I would do nothing
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Be happy dude that is what I would do with it.

Seriously money changes the majority of my problems.

I would live out in the boonies, hiking, fishing, foraging, sitting back smoking a pipe and reading and eating great food.
i would become the best beta bux to my oneitis friendo.

she's not even qt anymore.
Buy a 2 story house and a luxery car from 2016 and thats it

bills need to get paid nigga, lrn2invest
>forgot about taxes
>doesnt specify if he would take a lump sum or payments
>not trying to get on shark tank and mingle with the sharks
>not getting the best accountant money can buy
>trusting anybody on /fa/
>not draping yourself in designer
>not having a harem of famous japanese porn stars
>wouldn't make his first purchase a maybach

you'd make a shit rich person OP
if there was supposed to be a point to this movie i never understood it
still good though
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>eat good food for the rest of my life
>get an M1 Garand and a lot of ammo
>shoot it as a hobby
>buy a medium sized house in the south
>set aside $100 mil for investing and other such attempts to make money
>save $100 mil
>give the rest to people that I think deserve the money
>not having a harem of famous japanese porn stars

ooo that's good.

or not famous pornstars and start your own cuck studio.

lump sump ofc.

spend that money fast as i can back into the economy.
Taking the annuity as opposed to the cash option pays out at $23 million a year. Obviously I don't buy everything at once, but a mansion and a couple of cars still gives me plenty to live on for a year.
The lottery is just a high profile money laundering scheme. Somebody is going to win it, but it's not going to be a poor person.
I would take the annuity obviously. The cash pay out is for cucks who don't want their whole prize.
>A nice 2 bed 2 bath house with an average sized yard
>A slightly used Mitsubishi Lancer Evo
>An even better gaming PC
>A PS4
>Wardrobe overhaul
>Probably some dental surgery for my fucked up teeth
>Put a couple million in a few different bank accounts with all the rest in mutual funds
>Go out and do one good deed every day like paying for someones lunch at subway or buying someone's groceries
>Also probably buy lots of guns and go shooting with my friend

I just want to live a simple life.

i know. that's why i don't buy lottery tickets or powerball.
The only reason an annuity even exists is to trick cucks like you into getting what is essentially less money due to inflation. Take the lump sum and even mediocre investments will make you more money than you would have made in the 30 years or whatever it would take to get your entire prize, not to mention if you die I'm pretty sure the payout can't be transferred to somebody else in any way.
I'd be afraid that my current lifestyle would change too much and me and my boyfriend would become distant due to the money. So I'd probably save it and start a business and then pretend like I'm still broke but have a whole bunch of stress off my shoulders not living paycheck to paycheck anymore.

I just wanna live a caring and loving life with my qt trap boyfriendo ;_;
those are the most boilerplate lottery ambitions ive ever read.
I find this hard to believe because of the obvious cases where there is just no way that an obese 1/10 basement dweller is actually a money-laundering badass drug lord making millions.
i would take the lump sum and try to spend it as fast as i could.

I'd buy a remote cabin somewhere and become as self reliant as I could. The only luxury I see worth buying is a nice big library.
>never be sober
>get in peak physical form

Pick one
I'll never win, there's no point dreaming.
>i would take the lump sum

Would you throw away $300,000,000? Because that's what you just did.
>tfw either some normie is gonna win or some grandma/grandpa
>tfw you'd make a way better rich person

and have 400 mill to spend? ya.

take that 300 mill for taxes Big Guy. i've got 400 mil cash to spend as fast as i can.

its called the "i fucking give back to the economy and government have a great fucking time" approach.

who /elite mind/ here
>implying cocaine wouldn't be a great preworkout
>implying amphetamines wouldn't be a great preworkout
yfw i just flush the winning ticket down the toilet an hour ago
>tfw people are still buying tickets
who /evil/ here?
i would make a ridiculous, at-loss or for negative profits company after i take the lump sum payout.

i just dunno what yet. i could literally buy an office building for my whole company, and have weekly board meetings where everyone has to come up with an idea on how to take over the world.

other than that board meeting, they don't have to do shit and don't even need to be there.

they would get a full bi-weekly salary anyway.
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Sure ya did, son.
They have to let some obese neckbeards win, but most lottery shit is rigged.

fund neo-nazism in my country

you could. buy an entire apartment complex and office complex and buy guns and weapons and cool jackets for your very own militia.

have ragers every night, and have everyone do stuff in groups.
>Get a good Lawyer
>Disappear for a while after collecting
>Pay Medical Bills
>Fix arm because I can actually take the time to go to rehabilitation after the surgery and not worry about work
>Pay for my brothers schooling
>Secure Retirement plan in case I fuck away the money
>Go back to school full time
>Buy some retro games
>Invest the rest in low risk hedge/mutual funds

Do you guys think I would be alright?
>not just going deep into the city of Baltimore and throwing 20 dollar bills out of your car.
Hello me. Simple life with nice instruments is all i need
The fuck is up with all the recent powerball shilling on here? Shame on you, corporations, for virally marketing your scam to moneyless NEETs.
im not a moneyless neet. im a wage mage.

im not stupid enough to fall for power ball shit though, i can't believe they charge $100 for that horse shit.
>$100 for that horse shit.

$100 is 50 plays faggot. Just throw $2 in for the fantasy

then its $2 for a little bit of excitement. that's what lottery really is - it sells a bit of excitement and allows you to dream.

as a robot, i do not wish to buy either.
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hmm let's see,

I'd still be a NEET
and I'd spend it all on weed because all I do is play vidya and smoke

>buy modest home in high end neighborhood
>buy no more than two nice cars
>buy some hookers and drugs at first
>buy my mom a house and my dad a car
>buy personal trainer and home gym equipment
>buy stockbroker and invest $50-100 mil
>save a lot, buy vacations and nice dinners
>buy a yacht
>buy and sell your ass
Can't win if you don't play pal
i would go around giving people $100 bills while recording their reactions and post it on youtube.
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kp (1).jpg
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I'd probably make a thread giving away a few hundred thousand to some lucky anons that got trips or quads

I'd also make bizarre requests for cash rewards. I'd probably unleash my inner sadist and make people do humiliating things for my amusement

I'd definitely give a few million away to friends and family. 700m is too much for one man to spend. I'd donate a good chunk to causes and research funding to things I like.

Private shows. I'd spend several mil for private concerts and performances of bands and artists I dig. My own private Katy Perry concert would be so cash. I'd invite friends and family so it won't be super creepy.

>I'd invite friends and family so it won't be super creepy.


>not having your very own private Taylor Swift show.
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i'd take the lump sum, which comes out to ~320 million after taxes

I'd set aside about 70 million for purchasing 12,5kg gold bars and keeping them stashed in different locations

i'd spend about 50 million on my dream property and prepping supplies

Of the remaining 200 million, I would hire financial advisors, but would not trust a word they say until I do my own research. I'd would probably end up invest investing in stocks, bonds and whatnot.
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>buy a few nice things for house
>anime figures
>small personal home theater for anime watching
>probably all for under $15,000
>only leave house for food

Set for lyfe senpai
> live secluded life doing what I want all day, have fences & armed security on my house
> finish my degree (chemical engineering)
> spend my days working out, reading books, listening to music and doing whatever the fuck I please
> give millions to family so they can live comfortably for the rest of their lives
> write a bitter autobiography, use it to bitterly settle scores with people from the past who've fucked me over and made me sad
> when I die leave all of the money to stupid charities just to piss off normies, or go around and give robots money so they can buy up some land and live on a compound somewhere in autistic harmony
Move to Berlin, buy an old warehouse and host clubnights on the weekends.
I would give 20% to my family and live the life I live right now just better. Better car, house, computer, etc. Oh I would also try to get a girl friend.
>start a pro wrestling promotion that would eventually dethrone WWE, sign every top-draw I could hire
>buy every Yeezy and Rick Owens shoe ever released
>build an overkill-tier PC
>buy a mansion
Also I would get a secret submissive qt trap :3
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at first extensively travel and find the best place to live in a really nice house, eat out for basically every meal, buy non-generic cereal for the first time in my life, have my own music studio, become a movie director, and hire a team of pros to build me a sex robot

i will never be filthy rich and it hurts so bad
then he gives you AIDS and you die, trap then takes your money and runs

degeneracy wins
Nigga, 700 million is literally enough money to live comfortably for your entire life 280 times over. What the fuck do you need MORE money for?
would any of you buy plastic surgery to look like a chad? It doesn't have to be face, i mean like cutting down to 12% body fat, etc.
I would buy a house

I would hire a maid or at least a cleaning lady once a week and I'd never have to do it again

I would get liposuction

Try to invest a lot of it so I don't have to work ever again
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Thread images: 11
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