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Fantasizing/preparing for winning the lottery...
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OK, so discuss what you should actually do if you won part of this epic lottery jackpot. How you would even go about claiming the ticket (assuming you can't do it anonymously), and then both in terms of how you would spend your money, and your long term savings/investment plans.

Bonus points: No sex, drugs and cars.
I'd quit my job, pay off my house, sink about a million into making it the most badass thing that I've ever dreamed of and then I'd beat fallout 4.

After that, I think i'd open a store that sells gun parts and eastern European surplus. I'd also get an old bronco and a 70's VW bug and put a lift on it.

I'd probably give like 40 million away to my family too.
I'd buy a house, then leave the rest in the bank for bills and occasional luxuries.
I'm a boring person.
I would use attorney or trust fund method to claim the money. However frist take out a loan to pay a lawyer.

I want to know if you can buy the ticket in ine state and claim the money in other state.
I would pay everybody in my families obligations and open a trust for each of them.

I would also pay the student loans of everybody in my cohort along with a trust to ensure that no geology student at my school ever has to pay for field camp for a long time.

Buy as much land as I possibly could.

Fly around the world until i find a qt to impregnate.

Make will leaving all remaining wealth to my kid.

Kill myself.
We have to assume that there will be more than one winners when it this high.
are there really people in this board who wouldn't take the money and move to a country where you get more for your dollar?
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No, you have to claim the ticket in the state (or DC/PR/VI) you bought it in, and if they don't allow anonymous, they disclose your name along with the entity you claim it as, which kind of defeats the point if you're trying to use a trust, LLC or whatever for privacy. What I'm still curious to know and if applicable would have to ask attorneys is if winners can keep the lottery from disclosing any additional information than the required name of winner and location the ticket was purchased. Because if possible, would want to avoid having my age/birthday and place of residence released along with it, so all they will say is Anon Anonsen bought the winning ticket at this Kroger and blablabla story.


Are you that guy who kee s telling me to "move to the Philippines and live like a king" instead of buying lottery tickets.
I'd buy some guns, pay off my school bullshit, definitely get a new computer to replace my current 10 year old one. Then I would visit my pen pal in Japan and do all kinds of things with her. I would still have a shit ton of money left so I'd just put it in the bank. That much money would easily last the rest of my life. I like where I live, so I don't think I would move anywhere. Maybe I'd buy some land so I can have a private place to shoot.
So how much do you think it will jump by Saturday night? We have another 40 hours until the draw, and this highest-jackpot-ever will likely grow again and again. Possibly to "one billion" in graduated payments over 30 years.
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Save, spend, invest.

I'd try to keep it hush-hush, buy the rents some shit and enjoy a kings life as a peasant.
Get money.
Buy nice house
Hire prostitute to act like Sakura Matou from FSN so she can make me food while i pretend im important enough to protect her, 12 hours a day, 3 days a week.

She'd wear a wig and uniform and talk in a similar cute voice

probably invest half so i didnt waste all my money on my desperate waifu fantasy.
Would you put worms in your Sakura's cunt to stick to the story?
>move to seattle
>never leave my apartment again. Ever.
I'd probably buy a N3dsXL and another to Downgrade for the hell of it.
Buy a place in the woods
Buy a bunch of neat guns
Setup a neat gunrange in the woods after buying the land and shit
never work again and shoot targets innawoods any time I want while lurking 4chan and playing 3ds.
That's the comfiest life to me.
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