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>there is no god and there is no plan
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>there is no god and there is no plan
>we have no soul
>we are nothing but a firing network of neurons
>a network determined by genetics and environment
>variables we have no control over
>variables we are enslaved by
>our decisions are nothing but the end result of an equation
>we throw the term consciousness around
>when we are nothing but machines mindlessly executing code
>ignoring the reality of what we are
>because its not an evolutionary advantage
>because our genes require us to survive
>forcing us to be part of a ride we cannot get off
>a prison we cannot see, touch, smell, taste or hear
>one we are permitted to acknowledge but not recognise
>let alone understand
>and in our chaos
>we constructed a world founded on fantasy
>a world of synthetic emotions and social conditioning
>something that exists as a high wall blocking our view
>to hide the cruel reality that
>while alive, death has not come for you
>and when it has you are already no more
>there is no peace in this prison
>and there is no respite for us ahead
>nothing but unforgiving and relentless torture
>where the worst pain comes from the knowledge that your suffering is an illusion
>but experiencing it like its real
>so what can we really do but huddle together
>feeding off each others warmth while we slowly decay
>and await the coming fire
>with the knowledge that at least theres someone else with you
>a bond of companionship forms
>and you create a brotherhood
>but heres when you realise one thing
>us robots arent permitted this way of life
>instead we must serve this sentence alone
>isolated and ostracized by others
>and I cant think of anything worse
lol I believe the same thing
>and people hate me for believing it
It honestly kind of bothers me that this has been considered a fake and edgelord point of view. I have thought like this for a very long time but I have to keep it restrained inside of me in fear of being criticized.
Imo this is the only purely rational and scientific perspective you can have on the world but its one rough thing to accept. Its easier just to distract yourself, after all, look at all the bullshit religions people subscribe themselves too just to avoid it. Most of them are blatantly false but people find their sense of security there and get vicious when their ill-founded beliefs are challenged.

Honestly though, we can't even maintain the integrity of our memories because they get rewritten to serve agendas beyond fact. So what hope do we really have when we can't even properly recall our past.
It isn't easier for me. I don't find comfort in eternal life or reincarnation or God. I take everything for what it is. Sometimes it's hard... but at least I am aware of it. It also bothers me when people think you only say things like this because you are lazy. Even if that was true, it doesn't make it any less valid.

Same. Maybe I'm just a pessimist, but I like to think of myself as a realist, and it seems as though nihilism is a natural belief to fall into with this sort of mindset.

It's led to coming to the conclusion that the only significance that our individual lives have are entirely dependent on the significance that we place on the experiences that we share with others. The only thing that makes life not suck for humans is having good times with other humans.

And then I realize I've never once felt companionship or anything like it in my entire life. Everything just feels empty now.
I only live for self-indulgence. I cry when I think about my lack of companionship. If the pain of existence outweighs the pleasure that I can milk from enjoyable experiences to generate positive-feeling chemical reactions in my brain, I will kill myself.
Same conclusion I came to.

Its just painful when you can't engage in the only thing you view as meaningful. Arguably though, we probably wouldn't have had the chance to reflect on the world like this if we were normies.
Do you ever just sort of cry randomly during the day? Also do you like the smiths lol

>we probably wouldn't have had the chance to reflect on the world like this if we were normies.

Why do you think so? Do you think we're recluses because we're naturally more introspective, or more introspective because we're recluses?

I've thought about this in the past but I eventually dismissed it as a form of arrogance about my own worldview. There's no way of telling what others are thinking, and there are people here with girlfriends and social lives who still feel empty and want to kill themselves.

Do you really think that these people literally don't think about existential stuff at all? Maybe I'm naive but I find it hard to believe.
I don't cry but I do kind of shutdown and just get very numb. Happens a few times a day and I can't function at all when it does. I just sit there and stare in one spot till it passes. Not familar with the smiths btw.
I'm sure it crosses their mind but it probably weighs no bearing on them.
At least in the scientific community Ive heard it theorised that depression had the advantage that it encourages introspection and rumination. Considering the disproportionate amount of robots with depression or similar disorders, Im inclined to believe theres some relevance.

Normies experience the world different to we do. First of all, I doubt they have the time to really sit down and think stuff like this through. Its more likely they just get up and go about their day mindlessly accepting christianity or whatever other doctrine they do adopt. Robots have time to think, something thats a side effect of being isolated as well as being 'damaged'. I think normies do contemplate stuff like this but just dismiss it.

I remember being in highschool years ago and a few of the students and teachers decided to do a fundraiser by selling cupcakes. Everybody was 'forced' to help out and bake. Most people just accepted it and went along with the enthusiasm that was displayed.
I did not.
I thought if anyone cared about starving children overseas they wouldnt need to buy a cupcake instead they would just give. I saw the whole thing as just self-serving egotistic rich endeavor to make everybody feel better about themselves. Which it was.

When you dont get caught up in other peoples emotions you can critically analyse situations, which is why its more likely for you to majorly fuck up when someone else is fucking up with you. You feed each other bliss and encourage ignorance.
>there is no god and there is no plan
You are just as crazy as religious nuts for caring
>we have no soul
consciousness is the soul
>we are nothing but a firing network of neurons
it would be weird if we opened the brain and just found magic pixie dust or something

i can go on
As I sit here by the fireplace my mind wanders towards lands forgotten both by time and myself. My soul carries within it the guilt and regret of a thousand lifetimes. There can be no final redemption for the likes of us aimlessly drifting wanderers. Right or Wrong, Good or Bad, Light and Dark, Sun and Moon... Life and Death. Nothing is certain when it comes to existence. To be truly free is to leave one's transient mortal frame behind. Transcendence can only be attained by those destined for it. Meaningless inhibitions can spell the doom of this magnificent journey.
>tfw made some online friends a couple of years ago
>quit that comunity almost a year ago
>spent the year lurking 4chan and talking to IRL "friends"
>talk to a couple of old online friends today
>one hour talking to them was more pleasant that any conversation I've had the whole year
>mfw the few people in the world who could be my true friends are hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from me and I'll never meet them in person
On one hand I'm glad the internet exists and I've managed to find true company through it, but it sucks so much that there's people who could be my bros yet I'll always be alone cause I'll never find them.
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