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Malebot feels thread
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Post your malebot feels here
>tfw no gf
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>tfw no chubby homely gf that likes to fuck a lot and play vidya
>tfw no gf
>tfw haven't spoken to a girl in a couple of years
>you will never go outside more often

It's my destiny to be in front of a screen
I can't take these nights anymore. The only way I can sleep without crying is if I hug a pillow. I want my mom to hug me again. I want to hear, "I love you." I want to have friends, and not ones who only hang out with me out of pity or guilt. I want to be worth somebody's time. I want to mean something to someone. I can't handle this anymore. I'm sick.
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>finally get around to feeling katawa shoujo because I was feeling extra lonely
>be jaded going into it
>start to feel happy as events build up
>stuff happens, I even cry
>cry tears of joy at the end
>feel strangely fulfilled at the end, not happy but a strange content-ness
>feel a bit better
>but still feel that feel when no gf
>that feel when no hafu blind tall gf
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jacking off.jpg
499 KB, 1994x1496
>that feel when no human companion
>tfw no gf
>tfw i realized that onaholes and eroge are all i need to satisfy myself
*playing (or reading, whatever)
I did feel though
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>tfw no great war
Now play Grisaia no Kajitsu, its the same but with even more personal issues and its actually funny sometimes
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>be a stage actor
>make a decent amount of money
>everyday I have rehearsal
>be a good actor, so I'm pretty unhinged
>not awkward just weird and eccentric
>see how the other people in the play interact with each other
>realize that no one really likes me
>realize they just put up with me
>realize my eccentricity is actually an unbearable personality trait
>mfw if I wasn't a good actor, I would literally be a useless human being.
At least I'm talented in something. I'm not being smug...just thankful.
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>tfw I just got back from a date with a sorta chubby girl who likes the stuff I like and likes me
>tfw we spent 20 minutes just talking outside her door and she kept giving me THAT look, you know the one where she bites her lower lip and looks into your eyes
>tfw we made another date for next week

Its easy guys, just dont be social retards and get a haircut. For real the last time I saw her I hadn't cut my hair, it was maybe shoulder length. Not messy but long. Since then I got it cut short and neat. She loved it and said it made me look twice as handsome.
>I want to have friends, and not ones who only hang out with me out of pity or guilt.

>having friends to hang out with at all

Fuck you, at least you have that. I have zero friends. Pity or not.
>Now play Grisaia no Kajitsu
Will do.
>tfw never had gf and never will
>tfw no friends
>tfw no one would come to my funeral except parents
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>tfw crappy thick eyebrowes
>don't know how to groom them properly

Literally my worst immediately changeable feature and I've noticed a ton of other dudes who post pics on here also have shit eyebrowes but probably don't realize

It started for me when I showed a qt my picture and she poked fun at them
>tfw haven't spoken to a girl other than my mom since high school
how the fuck do you meet qts lads
tfw you will never experience love
>OP makes this thread to troll robots
>people actually post feels and there is little to no shit slinging or fishing for contact information
LMAO. Compare to fembot threads.

This is why women should be treated with hostility.
Just go to the fucking chain haircut place near you and tell them to fix your eyebrows. Boom. Problem solved
>fembots aren't coming into these threads to harass robots
>unlike in fembot feels threads, where half of the thread's posters are angry autistic manbabies
>"this is why women should be treated with hostility!"
You have a very weird reasoning.
tfw bitter and nothing good will happen
>OP makes this thread to troll robots
Not at all. We used to have regular feel threads fairly often before the board, and website as a whole, became oversaturated with newfags.
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>got my half year haircut yesterday
>completely forgot to ask
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>ywn the comradeship of the trenches
why live?
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>family asks when I'm going to get a gf
>have the urge to tell them all to go fuck themselves
Dating an ugly chubby girl who shares your autist hobbies but that you're not physically attracted to isnt as great as it sounds.

You'll feel awful, being surrounded by women you desire more than your chubby, homely yet compatible gf will eat at you until you grow to dislike heri. Even though you know she's what's best for you, you'll yearn for a girl you're actually attracted to physically, and you'll hate yourself for being shallow and obsessed with being with a girl you're actually attracted to for once. Both of you would end up unsatisfiedand feeling worthless.
This thread is moving fairly quickly though, while fembot feel threads have very few feel posts and would quickly die without all the garbage fluff they contain, including the flame wars you instigate. Women attract terrible posts, in large part because the people here are extremely desperate. You think the solution to this is to get rid of "failed normies", but failed normies are the people who most need to post feels. I don't feel like writing several paragraphs about why you're dumb, though, when I suspect you're a troll.

People using the word "malebot" are trolls more often than not. Look at the OP more critically.
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awkward laughter.png
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>but that you're not physically attracted
That is what I'm physically attracted to though...
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>my face when they don't ask
>tfw o never had a female friend
>tfw i literally never had a conversation with a girl (outside family)
>tfw i'm pretty ok with the rest of my life but being invisible to females make me tear up every other night
>tfw my mom asked me if she was going to see me with a gf before she died
>tfw god tier eyebrows
>tfw doesn't matter because acne scars and moles make the rest of my face shit
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Being male is top smug. We may be more sex driven but unlike women, we don't really need 3D to get off. In just a couple generations I anticipate the entire sexual marketplace to turn around in men's favour due to the increasing prevalence of sex toys and lewd anime / vidya.
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16 KB, 254x418
>tfw you're significantly more attracted to asian girls than any others
>tfw your university has next to none, except for a few chinese exchange students who can barely speak english
>tfw you will never achieve your dream of having a qt 3.14 azn gf

it's all I want, bros
feel with me
>who can barely speak english
Why did you put this in spoilertext?

Anyways, don't date Asian if you're white, you'll raise an Elliot. It's the same reason black men shouldn't date white women, their daughters will think their father hates them for the color of their skin.
>tfw i rejected a 7/10 two years ago
>tfw all of my friends are so far ahead of me academically and they don't even know it
>tfw out of shape
>don't date Asian if you're white, you'll raise an Elliot.
This is going to sound selfish, but I'm willing to take the chance in order to attain maximum happiness. I think having an asian gf would make me happy enough to counteract the possible Elliot-ization of my possible child. And I know that being a hapa is usually grounds for self-hatred and lack of identity---I just care less about that than I do about myself.

also in the event that i somehow do get an azn gf i may not have kids anyway
>No one will ever crave or appreciate my company
>I will never be wanted
>tfw no gf who wants to sniff my boxers
>tfw no vanilla scented gf
>tfw no /x/phile gf who desperately tries to convince me of the existence of the supernatural
>tfw no /tg/ gf who makes me look like a casual because i've never played tabletop before
>tfw no autistic /jp/ gf to tell me about her favorite idol or 2hu, and discuss anime with
>tfw no respectable /his/ gf that likes to ramble about whatever her current historic obsession is
>tfw no gf ever
where are your friends tonight
Right here, I suppose. I decided to try naming all my pictures with song lyrics, starting with my wojacks.
Thread replies: 41
Thread images: 18
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