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this is the general feels thread
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post feels here, let us feel together.

>tfw never left town after gradutating
>went to a shitty community college, where I'm still attending at the age of 21
>can't even attend my final 2 classes this next semester to finish my associates because no money to pay off my financial obligation from last year
>no friends, no gf as a result of never being somewhere with college life
>spend my days shitposting and fapping
>occasionally go on drives or walks just to feel like I'm going somewhere, even though I have no destination
>have developed an interest in depressing music
>no passions or dreams, no talents worthy of note
>each day is beginning to seem pointless, as I contemplate the purpose of even getting out of bed at times
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>tfw can't tell if I'm bisexual or homosexual
>wish I could be heterosexual so I can have a normal relationship that people won't look down on me for having
>no purpose
>does not make a purpose for himself
Life isn't a video game or a comic book, you are not some chosen one who's purpose will be revealed if you wait.
Sitting around with your thumb in your ass only guarantees a pointless existence
>no talents/skills
You have done nothing to reach that
>no friends/gf
You have done nothing to get there

I know you just want to vent and turn this thread into a pity circlewank, but that is gay.

tl;dr: git gud
what the hell are these things?
>tfw trans
>whole 4chan community looks down upon you
>will never fit in even among other degenerates
>does not make a purpose for himself
Cut it with the basic bitch existentialist tidbits, chief.

>You have done nothing to reach that
there's no point for me to further develop the talents I have, none of them are profitable. I have no inclination to learn things which are very profitable, as they don't appeal to me, such as skills in mathematics or technology.

>You have done nothing to get there (friends, gf)
I don't get along with too many people where I am, it's not that I haven't tried, it's that I've had no reason to.
>pull up ur bootstraps urrdeedurr
I have all of your bits of "advice" within my own common sense. I have other hindrances that keep me from doing things.
Oh come on dear Mother you can't hide it as well as you used to, don't try to hide it, I see it all. I see the dread and disappointment in those blue eyes. I understand now i'm not the son you thought I was going to be.

You spoiled me as a kid and got me everything I ever wanted and more now I reflect on it you were the best mother I could ask for, but now here I am at the age of 19 a broken man, a man once full of life but defeated at the very age his life should start.

That boy full of life and ambition is sadly gone my sweet mother and I know you try your hardest to get him out again. I remember telling you that I was going to become successful and spoil you for being the best mother I could ask for. I'm sad to say that they won't ever happen now my dear mother, I am a disappointment who never progressed with his life.

I see the fear in your eyes and the fear is well placed, you know what I'm going to become and it kills me inside, I wish I had the confidence and the man power to make a life for myself but I just can't do it my dear mother.

I know Dad wasn't around much but that doesn't give me much of a excuse, we made the most out of what we had right? I promised you I would become a rich successful person and look after you, give you anything you wanted for being such a special woman in my life.

I'm just grasping at straws now mother, I know deep down I will be a failure and when you die my life will be always reminded of the fact I let the most special person in my life down. I am truly sorry not being what you deserved but being what you had to put up with. Love you always
There is a girl at my work that I thought was cute.
Today I saw that she had a wedding ring on.
I never pay attention to that stuff.

A visual representation of our amorphisms.

Sometimes I wish people could experience exactly what being trans feels like for a week.
>bad at romance
>got tired of trying to date
>stopped bothering in my mid-20s
>now 30
>mostly play vidya, watch animu, fuck around online
>starting to feel that's way more pathetic in my 30s than it was in my 20s
It's hard being a normal human being.
The world is so mean and the people in it are shit and my path of life isn't decreed by the heavens above and I sometimes have to think for myself.

All skills are profitable if you aren't a complete dumbfuck.
>math and tech are guaranteed profitable
>muh 100k starting
Oh buddy, I really hope you don't seriously believe that.
You sound like one of those "underachieving geniuses" with muh 200 IQ but too bored to do basic school work.

It's okay though, enjoy crawling back into your virtual womb where it is safe and warm, and you have no obligations and you can fap all your worries away.
I know this is quite a common one around here, but
>tfw no gf
On top of all the shit I have and am considered one of the more degenerates ones on here based on what everyone else deals with, I have to deal with this shit too.

>tfw accepted I will be lonely forever
God, I know how that goes. I got shit mental health genes, tranny genes, and, of course, I look like a bulldozer. I really wish my ancestors would have just decided to not have children.
>tfw you know your death will be a suicide but you don't know when
you think you're really getting through to someone here but buddy, you're pissing into the wind.
My girl friend is moving away to germany, from where we live now in the US, and i dont know if i can handle it. She is the love of my life, and i will only be able to skype or text her for the next 3 years. What do i do. She leaves next week, and im just trying to spend as much time with her as i can. I feel like im dying inside. Any one have similar experiences?
>slip on ice while running to your car
>get back up with no injuries

probably one of the best feels a man can have desu
Living in good old minnesota, i can agree with you there. Best. Feeling. Ever.
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