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Who's mid twenties and still in college?
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>tfw 24 and still in community college
>tfw I'm too old to have a true college experience now
>tfw I'll never get that feel of college love in my late teens/early twenties
>tfw I'll never get to experience a college party
>tfw I'm 5-6 years older than some people in my classes
>tfw some professors call me "sir", like I'm an old man
>tfw my degree will probably be worthless due to getting it too late
Anyone else? How are you doing?

Or am I just degenerate?
Who 30's and went back to college?

>got B.S. in psychology in 2005
>worked at mental health place
>decided tired of being a wagecuck to mentally retarded
>applied to grad school
>heard back in no time
>started M.S. psychology
>graduate it two years
>now into first year of Ph.D. in psychology
Maybe being a researchcuck will be less depressing than a wagecuck
I know a girl almost as bad as you. She took 5 years of college to get a fucking liberal arts studies degree & now she's stuck working the same shit job bcuz no such job exists on this planet for liberal arts majors.

I'm a STEM major at a prestigious, but cheap uni & have done well in everything cept the advanced math. Either step it up, or drop out now. Either way, you're destined for a life behind the register.

almost, 29, got one worthless degree and worked for five years now going back for something more useful.
You and I may be in the same boat. I have to decide if I want to go to law school. I'm not sure if my undergrad grades were good enough to get me into law school though. I'm not sure what I've even been doing for the last five years since I graduated. Just sort of floating around. Earning a law degree may be the only way I'll eventually be able to earn any money.
>tfw its going to take me 7 ( S E V E N ) years to finish my Economics degree.

I'm honestly not a smart person at all. Failed countless classes and have gotton countless D's. When its said and done i'm going to graduate with a 2.2 gpa.

at least I c-can say i graduated r-right?
That's my plan minus working at a clinic. Tell me how it's been going. Are there any qts on the way?
Will be going back for a masters at 28. Fuck, at least it's only for a year.
Getting a Bachelors/Masters before 30 is pretty normie tier, no offense.

I'll be lucky if I get my Bachelors by the time I'm 30. Wageslaving and school at the same time is a bitch,
Nah, I already have some good experience built up at jobs to avoid cashiering shit. I just really need a degree to get that extra push.

I'm not looking for a career or anything, just a job to comfortably fund my chinese cartoons/gaming habits
Hey, at least C's get degrees, right? It's not like any employers will look up your grades.
>26 and going to community college
>look younger than some of the 20 year olds
>strongly considering going for one of the 18 year olds that aren't quite ruined like older women yet and lying about my age
>Just doing this to get my parents off my back.
I know that feeling. I get the feeling that instead of continuing to beg for a job I'm going to have to create a job for myself. I just have no idea how to do that or what I could do.
Actually if you swing it right that 26 might work in your favor just sayin'.
How so? At what point does the age gap get too weird for girls?
I was considering telling people I'm 23 since that seems like a nice "experienced adult but still fun loving youngster" type age.
See it depends on the girl, but women are generally attracted to older guys because it can indicate that you have higher status and have more stuff going on. 18 year olds don't have shit going on, 23 year olds might have some stuff going on, but 26 year old can definitely have things going on. Remember that men are attracted to how people look, women are attracted to what people do. Now being 26 in college can fuck your chances up, it's all in how you package it.
>tfw you're 26 and all you have is a associates of arts
I worked after I graduated from high school for a few years. Then I went to a CC, then a real college.

I'm currently 25, will probably graduate when I turn 26. It feels weird man. There are freshman qts that roam the campus, and I know it would be weird as fuck to be talking to them. Best I can hope for is a senior or grad student, but there's an age gap there too.

>Getting post grad degree in your 30's being an issue.

It happens all the time.
Thread replies: 17
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