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/Happy thread/ /Positivity thread/
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>Cause you had a bad day
>You're taking one down
>You sing a sad song, just to turn it around
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>you had a bad day
>you had a bad day
At least you weren't born a worm.
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>You had a bad day
>The camera don't lie
>Your coming back
>and you really don't mind
Tell me why your sad bots? What problem is there that you cant reverse with a little bit of work
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Today, like most days was pretty good.
Stop being sad guys.
>muh no gf
>muh loneliness
>muh anxiety/autism/disorders
>muh excuses
Instead of dwelling on shit, try being happy.
I don't know what I want to do with my life. A 9-5 cubicle job sounds like torture and I don't know what else a weakling like me can do.

But at least I don't have any immediate problems in my life... that's positive
Got rejected from uni, tell me how to fix that.

You can't, but You have to move on
Get an apprenticeship somewhere. Go into clearing and get into uni somewhere. Take a gap year and apply again next year.

Trust me, it's not the end of the world.
You study, and apply for uni again. Not everyone gets everything right in their first try or even second try.
Most people don't know what they want to do with their life either. Why don't your try new things, maybe one of them will stick?
>Take a gap year and apply again next year.

I can't, i'm 24, i can't keep saying, ok next year then

>prepare all 2015 to enter uni
>have to do a test so you have to study
>pass the test
>have to do an interview
>fail it

I just wanted to study, fuck everything.
>just cheer up anon!
fuck off normie
that anon is right. We aren't telling you to cheer up, but if your sad and your not doing anything to improve that, then you will be stuck.
If you just want to study, have you considered the open university? (Is that even a thing any more?)

Alternatively, just find some lecture notes and learn from them. This won't get you a degree, though...

>Happy thread
>He doesn't want to be happy
Just cheer up anon
You are saying it like its an insult.
You don't actually believe that not being shitty is bad, right?

You should try being more happy, though.
>open university?
You mean a private?
Yea i can, but not all of them are good here.

All i want is too study psychology, i've been dealing with depression and shit all my life, finally last year was actually good, then they told me i wasn't accepted, they broke my fucking heart, i have this anger inside i can't get ride off.

I workout to deal with those kind of things, but it isn't working, i'm still angry as fuck.
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What a waste of digits.
while I was busy being alone like usual I knocked over my shelf because I'm clumsy and noticed my old guild wars 2 case when it fell off. been playing it all day and enjoyed it so far. someone from my old college who spoke to me once is still playing it and was online but too beta to message them and make friend
guild wars 1 was the best game. Number 2 is shit compared to it.
I started working out this week, robots.

I'm feeling better about myself already, I'm eating better, I'm sleeping better, and I know that I'm making an effort to improve myself.

It's a good feel
yeah 1 was better. i still like 2 though. I like exploring and breaking out map, it is fun
>no gf
was probably gonna cheat on you like all whores anyway
>social anxiety
friends will never doublecross you if you have no friends
>clinical depression
collect social security

there's a light side to everything right
today was remarkably good compared to most others
>specialist says i doesnt have braindamage
>gonna fail two finals on the same day
>therapist tells me they'll look into getting me stronger drugs
just kill me already, i may be alive but im not living
I just spent $500 on a food processor and a juicer, finally gonna start eating right, this is it.
No, I meant http://www.open.ac.uk/
I've not really looked into it, but it's pretty well-known here in the UK.

Basically, you get a proper degree from an online course. But it's actually reputable and not a scam. I don't think they have a high barrier to entry, either.

Sorry for taking an hour to reply

Psychology: http://www.open.ac.uk/courses/qualifications/q07
ayy, what program are you on?
whats your gw2 name? I have it, maybe i can play with you
>waifu figma arrived today

i feel good for a change
i'm not very good at playing with others sorry
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comon anon, it will be us, the tag team duo. I always dreamed of exploring stuff with a partner. Dont do this to me
ok i will add you post your name i don't know mine
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>/Happy thread/ /Positivity thread/
We're all gonna make it bros
good job anon, what care do you drive?>>25581048
I havent downloaded it yet, contact me on this throwaway email, ill be ready to play by tomrrow.
[email protected]
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will probably have moved onto something else by tomorrow, thanks anyway
Just finished gym. Still got no friends or gf. Meh
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Thread images: 8
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