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Is it autistic to actively hate non virgins...
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Is it autistic to actively hate non virgins of both genders?
Not autistic, but a symptom of severe anxiety

>lelelelel your comment was not original says the robot shithead
It's funny how blatant it is that cebruz just samefags himself all day because no one actually likes him

i feel bad for people like you
This is Vyro, not that little faggot.
Why do you hate me, just have sex it's pretty easy
You don't look like a virgin to me, so I'd say that makes you a hypocrite
This, i think i'm finally going insane, i just hate people who had sex
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I was asleep until right now
This is a nice cebruz thread

But I am one so?
no ;_; just do it dude
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No this is Cebruz nao!
Pretty convenient time to wake up, cuckboy

Who would ever like someone who is both a sandnigger and a literal faggot?
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This is now :yawning_creep: thread
Not easy when no one is willing and you don't know how to find people
it's more autistic to tripfag, maybe get that fixed first
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>He is mad that Tomoko belongs to Cebruz
>He is mad that more people like me
>He is mad that i derailed his threads
>He is mad that i proofed Vyro is samefagging most of the time

It doesn't matter what you are
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He is just cebruzposting a bit, thats always autistic
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Cebruz belongs to me
Here's my strategy

>Walk down campus to class
>see girl walking alone
>walk up, say "You're cute, I'm Daniel, what's your name?"
This is where you either strike out or hit a home run. If she smiles/laughs and gives you her name she's hooked. If you get rejected just call her a slut and walk away. After she gives me her name I'll talk to her a bit before asking if she wants to come back to my place and hangout. Then it's smash city.
>Ask every girl if she wants to make-out
>Some will say yes
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This is new, since when faggot?
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YOu know that he is gay and just attentionwhoring with his
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That is rude
Nope this is my first time back on r9k since like October. Fuck that guy then I hope he's alone till he dies
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You started to be rude first, rudeboy
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>try something like that
>if the response isn't along the lines of fuck off creep I have nothing to say anyway because I don't understand normie culture, humor or interests and only know weeb loser things
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He had alot time to get a "gf" but he just wants to attentionwhore here
He is even mostly a normie at this point
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Sure sure, zzz
Just straight up ask them if they want to make-out, girls don't really care about appearance if you can fake being attractive. If you asked 100 girls to have sex with you at least 6 will say yes
The fuck I'm NOT GAY
gay faggot go home
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Stop posting creeps you creep
But that's for casual sex what if you want a loving girlfriend
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I can confirm that Vyro is gay because he is my ex, we had alot gay erp
File: yawning_creep.png (9 KB, 830x830) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Love you too, creep
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>Love you
WHo are you?
are you a grill?
Impossible in the current climate family. Girls 20+ will have had dozens of nigger dicks already and by that point will drop you like a live grenade if you're sexually inexperienced. Going after younger chicks will get you branded a creepy lech.
But that's incorrect

If you're not even going to try doing a shitty photoshop "proof" why even make an obvious false claim
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The best one you will ever find
No point to life then...
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Do i have a gf now?
You might try religion, some of those girls stay virgins until marriage, but that's basically your only hope, and you'll have to live a lie your entire life.
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I guess, zzz
There never was a point to life. Just go out, fuck lots of girls, and break lots of hearts. Women these days dont want relationships, so don't give it to them. Take what you want and leave the dead weight (the woman - vagina)
I don't want that, I want a monogamous relationship, and I want to lose my virginity to another virgin.
However it seems like that ship had sailed before I even turned 18. How do I just get laid anon, at least some intimacy is better than nothing at all
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But im not really hetero
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Nice Samefagging feg :)
It's basically impossible to go Virgin x Virgin out of high school. Go out to where women are, and skip all bullshit. There are plenty of girls who will give you their bodies for a night
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We will work something out
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fuck u.png
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u wot m8 you dont even know what youre talking about
File: 1450533492562.png (64 KB, 641x796) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Im scared of grills, go away unless you have a dick
Seems a little odd to place so much emotional importance on chemical behavior outside your control, yeah. But I'm a nv who fucks nv, so I might just be trying to selfishly avoid being shot in the uprising
>Go out to where women are
for example?
>and skip all bullshit
what does that even mean? sounds like some bee yourself tier advice
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Its that hard.png
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u wot m8 you dont even know what youre taIking about
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What the fuck is going one here
bars, sporting events, art walks, starbucks, literally anywhere outside lmao
No bullshit flirting or anything, just straight up "you're cute, wanna hookup?" It's a numbers game just work the odds
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Looks like Ill have to take you against your will
All me
How come all the doujins and hentai of Tomoko always make her hairy/dirty/smelly or a huge slut? I just want to see this cute girl's feet and butt
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I always thought male-rape is a bad joke but it is happening
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Maybe I should turn you into a female
>you're cute, wanna hookup?
I can't think of anything more frightening, I've literally never asked a girl out before
Also, picking up chicks seems much less a part of the culture here (UK) than in the US, catcalling almost never happens
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Why should i go full trans?
Come to America and you will get laid because of your accent. Lots of Brits visit small college towns in America just for sex-tourism.
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Thread images: 33
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