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Who /SuckAtFlirting/ here?
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Who /SuckAtFlirting/ here?

>Be attractive
>Girls hit on me
>Once I sperg out they leave
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Who here /usedlikeadoormat?

>tfw girls only use you for your motorcycle
>tfw they sleep with you and fuck you like you're nothing
>they treat you like a piece of meat and you get passed around women to women like a blunt
Ever made a cat purr?
Just gonna put this out there, having socially awkward guys try to flirt with me while I respond with cold indifference is my fetish. I love toying with clingy dudes.

K-kik me p-please
Pretty much all of us.
What's your username on there?

Yes, this is an original comment.

But if you're a manly motorcycle man they probably assume you're doing the whole gas, grass or ass routine?
Thats what i mean. Actin like a cat. Youve got to show the cat whos the boss by physical size (briefly!) Then back off

Take a lesson from this video at 215... watch how the girl acts genuinely disappointed she doesnt get raped (after faking being scared)

M-me too please
Well jeez, you gotta give me your Kik username then.
Also girls act like the gaurd in this 30 sec video when theres a sexual threat present.

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>match with cute girl on tinder
>both going to same show
>get nervous drunk, not super drunk, but just enough to calm the nerves
>try and meet up
>walks past me a few times while i awkwardly try and get in touch
>doesn't see me
>"i'm at the front of the stage anon"
>find her and yell her name
>she doesn't hear me
>try and tap her shoulder, but kinda drunk and surrounded by people, trip accidentally tap her on the head
>"oh hey, i've never really been to a concert like this before. kinda cool"
>"are you really drunk"-girl
>"no are you?"-me
>"what did you go to school for?"-me
>"psychology and philosophy"-girl
>"oh that's awesome. who's your favorite philospher"
>"I don't wanna talk about that"
>Silence for 2 minutes while she talks to her friends etc
>say see ya
>never talk to her again

normie women are fucking scum
>girl starts talking to me and shows interest
>don't feel like I deserve it
>scared of girls anyway
>fake laugh like a retard and say something stupid before leaving abruptly and sitting at home by myself contemplating suicide
>occasionally masturbate to the thought of them being my gf
I wish I could just b myself
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>tfw researching what flirting even is and don't really get it
Bisexual here. I don't understand why but I'm terrible at flirting with women but I'm fucking A+ at flirting with men. It's strange since I do consciously try my best with both.

nice made up sexuality.

it's just an impulse disorder btw :^)
Where'd you two go? Just gonna leave me here and not let me play with you?
Give us a pic first
you're broken
Oh shit you reminded me of this story
>senior year of high school
>senior skip day, but parents make me go
>last class of the day, has like 5 people in it
>teacher makes us help set up an art show that is being put on in the cafeteria
>set up some shit but then get bored and start to look at the exhibits.
>bend over to read a poem next to a painting when suddenly I am poked in the shoulder and hear a "boop" noise
>short girl, glasses, brown hair, 7/10 who Ive never seen before
>Think that it's someone whom I've met and simply forgotten about, I say HEY loud as fuck
>she seems unfazed by this burst of beta rays and begins talking to me about art and shit
>Have absolutely no artistic ability to speak of and am not interested in art whatsoever
>but she's cute as fuck
>so cute, in fact, that I start to get a boner
>I quickly become Mr Pockethands but she looks down right as I start to get it
>pretty sure she saw because she makes a little noise and quickly looks up
>she keeps talking to me for some reason
>She asks me what I would like to draw
>again, not creative in the slightest so spaghetti oozes out of my pockets
>proceed to fucking tell her that I have no artistic ability for some dumbshit reason
>"then why are you here?"
>"because my teacher forced us"
>just then her teacher calls her class over to leave
>she goes to shake hands
>I stand there shaking her hand like an idiot waiting for her to tell me her name
>"Name?" she asks
>sperge out my name and she tells me hers
>after that she leaves
a-at least I'll never see her again
I would love for your problems to happen to me.
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R8 me my friend
I got laid by saying

>"I dont know how to flirt"

To a girl, while smiling. She was all like "Hoho, then ill teach you." because she thought i was flirting by saying that.

She later realized i was an autist, but it was too late.
Me, I can't flirt for shit.

>be at work
>bored as fuck
>have bitch face as always
>qt passes by
>stare her down
>"hey, you should smile!"
>see same qt walk by
>hey she says smiling
>see same qt at a different store hanging out, one where I was gonna by a bottle of water from
>"Hey, I never got your name..."
>I'm probably blushing real hard
>I'm anon

And I left the store after and never spoke to her again. Probably because she supposedly has a kid and is married.
I'll message you one with a timestamp.
Sounds like your living the life friendo
Hi Nona, you cold bitch.
Fuckin hetero and homo sexuality are made up.
To imply that the physical characteristics of either gender attract you is a fucking social development. Men just want to have their dick rubbed and women just want to shove things in themselves. Any semblance of attraction to genders is manufactured.
I think you've got me mixed up with someone else.
[email protected] because there is no way my kik bullshit is being posted here
>tfw can't talk to pretty girls without flirting with them

Help. It's just instinctual. I'm so weak.
Chad pls leave now
are you a gay
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>complaining about getting ass
I'll be cold and emotionally unavailable to you.
I emailed you.
I think you got that backwards, kid.
I'm not a kid and I'm not a wizard...
i can't actually reply using that email site desu but I could use a different one if you prefer not to tell your username etc
Im so fucking sorry anon
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>no girl has ever hit on me
Alright, I sent you my username.
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Thread images: 8
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