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Most Autistic Thing You Ever Did?
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>Be me
>high school
>ask random girls for nudes
>'accidently'leave my mic unmuted when i fap on skype and moan
>Moaning while fapping
You might just be a faggot.
You fool.
>meet girl
>go to her place for the first time
>no sex just spoon and sleep
>leaving in the morning
>talk to her on the phone later in the day
>ask her "so what are we?"

just fucking kill me
>'accidently'leave my mic unmuted when i fap on skype and moan

>high school
>meet girl at a good childhood friend's party
>talk to her the entire time
>go on a date
>go to her house, we watch a movie talk for an hour
>the whole time I am mumbling like an autistic shit
>feeling sick, puked the night before from excitement
>realize I am sweaty as fuck and my deodorant isn't working

She could have been my nerdy ginger princess.
Haunted by this memory forever.
>on bus to event with team in high school
>sitting next to girl I like
>start messing around
>start tickling her
>find out I have a tickle fetish
>get really turned on
>she starts begging
>dont stop for some reason
>she starts crying
>snap out of it
>realize she's actually freaked out
>turns out she'd been raped before and I reminded her of it

The looks I got, jesus.

That's not that bad honestly
Its called most autistic things youve done for a reason f.a.m
>fap on skype and moan
>guys don't moan anymore but they should because its one of the prettiest sounds on earth

sorry i missed out
>male moaning
ure a fagit
what is with deoderant and it not fucking working.

My armpits are dripping sweat and smell like shit no matter what deoderant i use. It can't stop my autistic chicken tendie sweat
I slept over at this girls' house and she had her friend there too, I was technically dating one.

The one I wasn't dating started rubbing my dick with her foot through my pants, mounted me, and then the girl I was dating made me grab that other girls' tits over her shirt.

That was it, I was too beta to just whipit out and keep it going, just a quick HONK on her titties and her rubbing up on me for like a minute.
Girl I had it bad for got pregnant
She was a freshman, I was a senior
I had a car and a job cleaning at a restaurant
She talked to me, as long as no one saw her doing it
She asked me to drive out of state to take her to an abortion clinic
I said yes, took 6 hours, we had to stay overnight, so a motel room for 2 nights, she asked me if she could have the room herself, I did not have enough for another room, I slept in my car
She didn't have money for the abortion, so I paid, maxing my credit card, I also held her hand and wiped her face during the abortion, it with horrible
I felt so guilty, I am a devout Catholic, normally I go to church 3 days a week, but she needed help so I risked my soul for her
Another night in the car
We ate dinner twice, she asked if we could sit separately, I paid
She slept in the backseat all the way home
Before taking her home she asked if I could take her by her boyfriend's house, he was also a senior in our school, I waited outside for 2 hours
On the way home she said he was glad "her problem" was fixed so his life wouldn't be ruined
She said the cuddled, he wanted sex, she couldn't, cause of the abortion, so she gave him a blowjob, i had to stop at 7-11 for a soda cause her mouth tasted bad
Got her home, she thanked me for being a "good friend", I went for a hug, she shook my hand
At school she pretended to not know me, but sometimes I caught her looking at me and she would quickly smile
That smile made it all worth it to me

lelelelelel original comment
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>be obsessed with squat
>squat at any given time, even when chairs are available
>sometimes squat on chairs
>"anon, why do you sit like L?"
>"L from death note"
>look it up later
>turns out to be weebshit
>apparently lots of weebs do this
>all of the shame

I still can't help but do it out of habit
Holy shit... thats the saddest thing ive ever heard
I kekd irl fampai
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>met girl at a video game convention
>now have 400 images of her
refused to do oral presentations
just asked the teacher to fail me
holy fuck man.
please tell us about your social life and how people act towards you.
We are there for you anon
I do it quite often too.
As long as you don't look like an autist and don't act like one people won't give a shit.
>16 yrs old
>make a fake facebook of a hot girl to fuck with the chads and normies in my year
>talking to this crazy obese guy
>asks if he can go on webcam
>lol ok
>accept request or whatever shit facebook had back then
>was signing in with my real Skype account with my real name and display photo
>see skype icon circling around
>can feel heat running up my neck, hands shaking
>thankfully exit it within seconds

If I ever got caught that day the rest of my time at high school would have been absolute dog shit thank god
>Not carrying around a backpack that has Baby wipes and more deodorant.
>risked soul
If god is real, and believe me he is not, he will respect you risking that for another person. I'm pretty sure the pope said something along the lines of god will reward those who follow their Conscience.
And I mean its not against the ten rules of your dictatorship so he cant have you executed ahh I mean sent to hell.
Thread replies: 25
Thread images: 3
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