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CS:GO Thread
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>Get up early in the morning to play my favourite game (CS:GO)
>Opening Csgo
>Going Solo Queue
>Hoping I will win my match and I will finally rank up to Legendary Eagle.
>Joins game
>Loses game 16-1
>Keeps playing Solo Queue all day hoping to finally win
>Gets salty Russian team every fucking time
>Loses 8 games in a row
>Derank to Master Guardian 2.

Post your CSGO stories /r9k/
>Wake up
>Gold Nova 1
>topfrag every game I play
>loose each game anyway becaues teammates are shit or derankers
>Derank to Silver Elite Master
>play until I get my rank of Gold Nova 1 back
>get it back
>decide to play more tomorrow
>wake up next day

Holy fuck how do I get out of this shitty cycle?
Well, because I'm on a higher rank it doesn't mean I'm not in the same situation as you. Master Guardian ranks are the same shit as Silver and Nova ranks. Smurfs, Mad kids, Derankers, Boosted Silvers, Leavers etc. You need to find some good teammates to play with ot you can also mute your whole team and do your best alone. :) I'm going back and forth in the mg ranks. When my team invites me, we play a lot I rank up to dmg, I play solo, go back to fucking MG2. Just try hard on every game mate.
> Got this game two weeks ago
> Got insulted for using P90 and Autosnipers
> "Weapons are there, so you would use them", I said
> Other guy said something on russian or polish, idk what
Still don't know why.
Because these guns are really easy to use and they don't need any skill to play them. Learn how to play the AK-47, the AWP, the Desert Eagle and the Scout (SSG 008) on aim practice maps.
>deranked to silver
>my team splits up
>ranking up silver 5
>playing with other friend
>we lose 14-15 ended on CT side mirage
>3 throwers on our team, other team had smurfs
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>get the game july 2014
>play for a week, not my thing
>come back in october, silver 1 for long time
>friendos leave me so I stop playing until march
>make new account, get gn1
>stop playing until september
>make new account, get mg2
>stop playing
>rebought game during christmas

dunno what I'm gonna get this time. I do think I play better with long breaks though
Play with Smurfs, I have 2 silvers Smurfs.
We can play together if u want tomorrow, reply with the link of your steam account and I can boost you out of silver mate, don't worry.
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>Log into CS:GO
>Play a couple of games of Arms Race
>Have fun
>Turn the game off
>Do something else

I have no desire to play competitive at all.

I can't believe how many of you neets get cucked by your own games and their ranking systems.
>literal shit: the game
haaay everybody let's talk about this shitty game that i will NEVER get good at! xDDDD
Why don't they release this for console? Seems like it would actually make CoD games step their shit up.
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Practice your aim dude :DDDDDD
>Have cs go since release
>Its shit at release so dont play it
>Two years later le epic skins are introduced
>Play deathmatch with my ebin skins
>Decide to try ranked one day
>Like it a lot
>Play 4 weeks straight and get Global
>Realize people are shit and the game is only fun casually
>Play aim maps exclusively for the next few months
I'm gonna add u tomorrow okay? I'll add u from my friend's acc which I'm using it as a smurf :) I'll keep the link u gave on a notepad and u will add u tomorrow.
k gotu
Actually add my main account so we can talk now: http://steamcommunity.com/id/edgymemez420
(Please don't say anything about the link name )
Still a little new to the game so how hard is it to get out of Silver? I'm not too bad at the game but I've have quite a few loses due to shit teams from my first matches.
Try to improve your aim a lot, play aim maps, deathmatch etc. It just needs practice and time ;)
>lose round
>team has no money for full buy or even force buy
>there is always one guy that buys a pistol+armor using all his money
>inevitabely get crushed that round
>dude has no money
>next round 2 people buy smgs+armor
>get crushed again
>teammates are rotating between force and full save until we finaly win a round
this happens way too often and i'm playing with dmg/le
i thought silver was a meme tbqh
i got gn4 and ive never played fps shooters on a pc before
Welcome to MM my friend :)
Any euros that want to play and are around MG1?
but y tho?
If it works and I am slapping scrubs around, trying to one tap me, why should I stop using easy guns?
Go back to /codg/ on /vg/, you faggots
No one can stop you ;) You just don't get better at the game.
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>tfw global elite since late 2014
>in the past month I've deranked to LEM
Kill me, pete
Because good people will always own you with an AK or M4 if you have an SMG.

So they people telling you to take other weapons are right, just not for the reasons they think. You can actually be very effective with them at almost all ranks if you play aggressively.
>log in to csgo
>enter pub
>r8 revolver
>leave and play tf2
>r8 revolver
It's nerfed now, it sucks
>be Master Guardian
>win 7 games it a row
>don't rank up
>lose 6 games in a row
>don't get demoted
>win one game
>lose one game
>Gold Nova Master

I might as well just kill myself.
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>Drop 40-bomb
>Still lose 13-16
I haven't played TF2 in over a year now, did they fix some of the problems? It looks like the game is pretty much back to pre f2p levels of dead now
Kill me, Pete

Can't think of anything to type here
AK best weapon mate. ;) I'm on DMG and people report me cos I get 1 taps like a pro ;) I just practice my 1 taps everyday on HS only maps.
Its becoming more balanced now, whats the main thing you're wondering about?
It always sucked
It's fun, mainly most of the comp players just have a few organized matches and otherwise play on pubs.

Nothing like an entire clan with unusuals and australiums on one team and gibusvision on the other.
What problems did you have?
>good people
Until I am no longer able to MP7 all day every day and carry games, I won't stop.
You can make one balance change, addition, or removal to CSGO. This change will be permanent and will not be reverted. What do you do to fix the game?
I don't think you understand how mmr works.

Read this:

Courtesy of reddit :^)
Nigga I'm not reading all of that, give me a TL;DR
Did they fix the tide turner? That was about the last time I actually played the game. Sold all of my jewed items and unusuals for steambux, games, and CSGO shit. I mean I had 2k+ hours but I guess I just got burned out
Mein neger I had my first ace with that gun

>tl;dr Always play better than your team and you will rank up
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Nerfed to fuck now, taking so much as a single bullet can stop you in your tracks now
Its only good for controlling charges now
Need help robos
I have ~60 hours into csgo, have good knowledge of weapons/maps but I have no idea how you guys get competitive. I play on mostly Russian servers so I'm not familiar with terms and solid gaming tactics. I'd like to take it more seriously while still having fun but I don't know how. When I log in I'd play casual or deathmatch for about 3 hours, then log out, repeat. Any tips or recommended viewing/reading material so that I don't feel like a child at a corporate meeting
Play competitive.
The tide turner was always shit. You lose charge when you get damaged.
One rocket from a soldier or a few heavy bullets will completely shut down the charge, plus resistances aren't spectacular either. Splendid screen is life. Also they nerfed the half-zatoichi so I'll never play demoknight again
Just jump in? I feel like I'm missing something
>nerfed half zatoichi
when? what the fuck. It seemed like it filled it's niche role and was perfectly fine before.
Glad they at least made balance changes though.
Play about 30 mins Community Deathmatch HS only (Headshot only) before u play comp, do this everytime before your first comp in tbe day, just do this every day before u play comp. Practice your aim try to get a lot of Headshots with the AK only, then go on competitive queue. Learn by those who are better in the game, watch some videos of pros etc, learn tactics, enjoy the game, don't be salty and mad.
Zatoichi became a nerf for Demo but is now completely viable on Soldier now, which is alright because his melee weapons were really lacking.
it's just getting good over time. As you play you'll notice yourself hitting your shots more consistently and knowing where the enemy is going to be on the map, timings, smokes, etc.
>goes to play cs:go
>cooldown finally ends
>joins game
>about 15 rounds in my parents bring dinner lmao
>asks team to kick me
>some hotshot on my team refuses to kick me, always checks no every time, and says it's my fault for joining in the first place, even tho i had no clue dinner was coming lmao
>i decide to take the cooldown because fuck it, i can play another gamemode for a few 7 days for practice
>end my eternal suffering

this is what i have lmao
Ask your parents when the dinner is ready lmao
The escape plan is the fucking bomb, dude
Literally damage yourself and go at the speed of light
Also great counter for W+M1 pyros since afterburn doesn't minicrit and after you've killed them you can fast all the way to a health kit. Perfect melee.
im >>25569435
A few tips
>Only play comp from now on.
>Listen to your teammates as long as they dont flame, if they do mute them. Don't get angry.
>Don't give instructions to your team, it's pretty hopeless usually.
>Do however, call information with your mic about your enemies, but only if you are sure about the info being correct.
>Pick 2 or 3 maps you like and only play those so you get really good at them. My favourites were Nuke and Inferno
>If possible always buy an AK/M4 and armor.
>Learn the spray patterns (ak learn pulling down your gun for all but long range) since odds are you wont be one tapping anyway
>Learn from your mistakes
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>Not asking your parents when dinner is done before you start playing
>Having parents who won't let you eat whenever you want
>Not cooking your own food
>play cs:go with a mate
>have fun
That's it.
I do this already, I was just saying what happens when I go soloq
Just stop doing solo then, literally no reason to do that.
>Learn the spray patterns (ak learn pulling down your gun for all but long range) since odds are you wont be one tapping anyway
What do you mean exactly, pardon my noob thinking
>ak learn
Should have been
>AKA learn

>What do you mean
When you fire automatically, your gun goes up. To compensate that pull your gun down. This way you can burst very easily at short-mid range.

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