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Tell me about your parents, robots.
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Tell me about your parents, robots.
My dad is former NSA, right now he's a senior engineer at a computer consultant/technician company.

My mom has always been a stay at home mom.

They got married as soon as my mom turned 18 and had me a year later, so they feel young enough to be more like friends than actual parents.
Only child, they're in their late 50s, work hard, difficult jobs for very little pay. Good people. They don't deserve a disappointment like me.

My dad is like 55 and my mum is 50.

They used to get into fights when I was younger
He used to beat her physically
My mum emotionally abuses me
Says you're just like your dad
I wish you was never born
Call's me a druggie or mental
Is obsessed with money
Works two jobs and makes me give her 100 British pounds every week the bitch.

No emotion towards any of them two. The sky will rain confetti when they die.
>My dad is former NSA,
go on....
He was a decoder, nothing special. I've got some funny stories of him almost going to prison though if you want to here them
sure why not?

did they ever solve the last kryptos, and are just not telling us?
age 44, latino/white-ish writer/photographer(actually gets paid for it) intellectual, well known by the "society" in town.
loving and caring, got me out of some deep shit i have been through, literally pulled me out of a friends apartment unconscious from a OD, never afraid of saying "i love you son you are my life" in public and still keep a manly figure in front of people.
age 42 can tell she was a qt short latina, hard working as fuck, bought her own cars and expensive shit, dad still gives her shit always was my "conscience" warned me about the fuckboys and sluts, and taught me how to psychologically fuck with people.

i miss them fuck my life senpai, since i live alone I'm more of a robot every day
They haven't solved it yet, or at least my dad hasn't told me.

But here is something he did right before he left, I'll write it in green text.

>be my dad
>22, about to get out of the Air Force and won't have to work at the NSA with a bunch of faggot civvies that don't know what they're doing.
>decide to prank my buddy before I go
>write a program to send a revenge email every fifteen minutes to his email address
>close computer and start filing papers or some shit
>fifteen minutes later, I'm minding my own business when two big guys grab me by the shoulders and drag me to a private, dark room.
>accuse me of being a terrorist, ask what the fuck I did.
>turns out the program I wrote up was sending a revenge email every fifteen seconds to everyone in the building
>the servers were crashing
>they had to boot up the servers, log in, delete as many emails as they could before the servers crashed again
>my sides are scared
>not prosecuted
>make it home with one less layer of fat

He always talked about the computers being way better than anything he ever saw. Like he said that he could view a google maps sorta thing and watch live action battles going on in the Middle East.
hahaha, sounds like the Christmas tee bug, I think back from the IBM days
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Mom is a highschool teacher
Dad was a druggie who abused us. He is gone.
Step-Father is an ex-marine doing whatever he can for work.
Two brothers both still in HS
Me NEET lurking on /r9k/ kissless handholdless virgin that sometimes shit posts on wizchan.
>tfw autistic senior brother (he is 18)
He is pretty decent but kind of a creep around grills (not like a robot though because he is social as FUCK)
My mom went to jail when I was a kid, got out moved to Virginia and I haven't seen her in 3 years

My dad is a self absorbed ass wipe who thinks he knows everything because he got a degree in cs. I haven't talked to him in just over a year
dads a obese functioning alcoholic but fairly nice
moms the least functioning type of alcoholic and it didn't help that she was benzed up most of my childhood to help repress the feeling she was a bad parent
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Am I the only one who gets really fucking depressed while looking at happy families?
seeing something I never experienced or never will experience just depresses the living hell out of me.
I saw a trailer for the movie inside out and there was a scene where the family was all jumping on the trampoline together and it just made me feel like absolute shit for the rest of the day.
no you are not the only one
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My mom loves me unconditionally. We've always been super close. We can talk about anything and everything all day. She's my best friend.

My dad was good with me until I hit my teens. I wanted to stay in my room all day and play runescape/Xbox while my dad wanted to take me to sports games and do that typical son-dad shit.

Long story short he asked to use my computer one day while I was at school and I checked the history and saw he browsed literally HUNDREDS of ads on CL with men posing with their dicks looking for other men to fuck them. So I checked his email (still logged in) and found damning evidence of a secret life he had kept from us for over 2 years. He'd meetup with men on CL, do gay shit, go home to me and my mom and act like nothing happened.

Many years later we are all living in the same apartment (money problems since me and my mom can't leave since we're saving all the money we can).

He sometimes tries to talk to me but mostly leaves me alone. It's hard for me to talk to the man who single handedly destroyed me and my mom's life to suck cocks and fuck men in the ass for fun.
>am I the only one with a victim complex?
No, in fact is fairly normal in women
My parents, both lawyers working together, my dad did all the work and got to keep the clients after the divorce. My mom is poor and trying to start a career at 50, I don't ask much of her.
I am 23 neet, trying to get good at drawing cause I don't really need to work
Are you named Leopold "Butters" Stotch?
>yfw when you realize Butters is a realistic portrayal of life in a religious family with a closeted gay dad
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