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who else here made a masterplan, but failed...
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who else here made a masterplan, but failed horribly ?
What a strange but striking image.
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I have :D, but that's because I'm an entirely different person now

sort of

I wonder if they ate the food after the photoshoot. Mcdonald's last pretty long so it's not like they used fake food for the shoot
>plan to start a business
>know the basics and the need to keep persisting through failures
>cant keep motivated longer than a month

Im convinced the ultra successful have some positive mutation in their brain that keeps them doing shit that isnt fun to do.
i have the weirdest craving for mcd's

but yeah i did. i was going to an hero a few months back but backed out because i'm a fucking retard. then new years but i backed out because one of my stipulations for continuing life was met. now my plan reverts back to november

i might chuck the plan and just do it
>planning anything
I'm sure they do. Evolution rewards those that adapt and succeed and being able to force yourself to persist is literally all that's needed to succeed, it's simply so rare.
not trying to be "cool" but
>buy oz of weed
>try to sell
>going to save up for vidyas
>smoke it all
> planning

You're doing it wrong my man. Just live it up #yolo
Sounds like me 99.9% of the time.
If you enjoy life as a poorfag, why not.
Stay mad, Dr. Eggman.
Fuck, now I want McD's cheeseburgers and I'm too drunk to drive there.
Getting NEET was not part of my plan.
Make popcorn it's just as good.
Getting caught was part of it, desu senpai.

>fuck around and slack through 20's
>I know, I'll go to school and become an engineer, then I'll get a job in aerospace and everything will be fine
>bust ass at school
>3.89 gpa (would have been 4.0 but had a liberal shitbag of an english teacher who hated me)
>honors society
>run 'homework and math club' for people who have trouble with subjects
>graduate and get job within 3 months
>they say 'just gonna be contractor for a year tops, then we'll bring you on board.
>1 year comes and goes 'oh budget is difficult this year, next year for sure
>2nd year comes and goes, I am basically running the section I was working at
>obama cut funding and people are getting laid off, but you're a good worker, dont worry we'll keep you on.
>3months into 3rd year
>day after new years
>show up at work like normal, section is running very low on testable items because we've been knocking them out like a boss under my supervision
>boss brings minority girl to my area to 'train' her, even though we don't have many items left to test
>start to look around and realize I'm the only white person in the room, never noticed before
>take a break and go to every other lab in the facility, there are no other white men and only 1 other white woman working there.
>boss comes in the next day at lunch time and escorts me off site because 'we're low on work and we're sorry but we're going to have to let you go'.
>oh ok, well call me back if anything comes up, ha ha
>2 years no work, no job, on unemployment for a year but it's snatched out from under me because I'm not a minority.
>live like a pauper, grow more and more depressed
>fiancee dumps me, never gives a good reason why but I know it's because I'm unemployed and depressed and a loser at life.
>unable to get a job in field that won't have me stuck forever moving laterally and never upwards.
>grow more despondent, introverted, depressed.
>start losing faith in god and myself, no confidence, gaining weight etc.
hey senpai I'm o a quest to fuck my girlfriend's sister help me out!

this is the recap so far:
>be me just out of shower
>i didn't notice my for is 1/4 open, doesn't matter I'm alone
>turns out i was not alone
>gf's sister stands up looking straight to my dick
>i pretend i can't see her
>she stays and talk to gf from a sneaky angle
>nothing comes out of it for weeks
>forget about it, until i say fuck it and tell her she is "cute".
>she blushes, and i compliment her perfect ass
>looks at me like "iknowwhatyoudoin.jpg
>i tell her, jk i know my distance lol
>she laughs "i know dont worry we are talking about working out, normally i would slap you"
>we kek for an hour and she goes to text her bf
>2 weeks later, she loudly expresses that she needs a chapstick
>buy her a nicer brand, and invite her to watch a movie
>says yes....

should i continue senpai?, I'm kinda bored and down to dump more of the story

That's rough m8. You sound skilled, why not move overseas?
because I hate mudslimes and shitskins, including the yellow variety. I had hoped to move to sweden, or iceland, or norway, or even germany, but their fucking governments have gone SJW and their population is being fucked up the ass by millions of black and muslim invaders. there aren't any white countries in the world anymore and I don't know what to do.
Good man. I drove there at 2am this morning for a Quarter Pounder meal after 1 bottle of Wild Turkey and a bit of the neck of a second bottle. I have no impulse control when I drink.
>unemplyed for a year on welfare
>a year
>didn't pick up another job in a year
You deserved it.
Were you just waiting for the contractor fairy to come and bring you a job you fuckhead? There are more jobs than just what you studied for out there to either stay at or pass through as you find another degree job somewhere else.
If you really wanted to work in that you would have looked in other states and moved there.
Maybe stop being a racist piece of shit to start.
Nah ultra successful people have this thing called discipline, and don't tend to rely on the easy way out of motivation
fuck you guys i need to let it out anyway

>watch the movie separate couch obviously
>was a serious movie, we joked at the tragic parts , didn't put attention really
>"we can watch it later if you re bored"
>"no anon, its a nice movie I'm not sleepy anyways
>"ok cool"
>movie ends,"it was a nice movie anon, good night"
>"good night see you later"
>next day, gf goes to work
>i stay for a while, sister sits down to watch tv
>"hey anon, can't sleep?"
>"no i can't lol"
>"mind if i sit?"
>"no, go ahead, some channel do you want to watch anon"
>"n-no whatever you want to put i dont care"
>"fine then ill just keep changing the channels"
>i ask "h-how is college?"
>"i fucked up real bad anon, i disappointed my family"
>"what about getting a job and trying again next year?"
>"yeah maybe......................"
>conversation goes on for 2 hours
>then i told her "forget the job you are very cute get a bf so he gives you nice things"
>"lol no anon, I'm not like that, well maybe i would like it a little idk"
>week later i catch her looking at me a little bit more
>buy her some chocolates in secret she winks and hides them, with a cute devilish smile
Dude, if your a skilled aerospace engineer, them places like UAE, Australia and even the UK are massive in engineering right now
Sauce: from the UK and currently studying aerospace engineering
I did but I was a very different me back then.
Originally I wanted to just do Computer Science but it doesn't appeal to me anymore.
I'm considering being a sailor. Seems pretty comfy tbqh.
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Pop a Molly, you sweating!
File: 931085152421.jpg (99 KB, 680x777) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>join military
>spend next 20 years doing some job that pays well
>retire with saved up cash and play video games forever

Doctor saw self harm marks and disqualified me from service instantly
Well now I don't feel so bad to be a 35 year old parts delivery driver.
>since idgaf about social networks, she starts to show me her "best pictures"
>"damn girl, those lips!"
>"thanks anon, her his another and another and another"
>overtime i compliment her lips, she's visible proud
>days later... gain gf at work
>me and ff's sister sing a couple love songs together (i play guitar)
>"anon, you have a very nice voice"
>"t-thanks, being next to a pretty girl like you helps a lot"
>she blushes even more and smile a lot
>goes to her room for a while
>i stay confused really i have been sitting there alone for 20 min
>she comes back, and sits on the same couch very close to me
>i dont know what to say...
>manage to get my shit together and say "i like your company"
>yeah me too its so chill right?"
>she takes the remote and asks me "something you want to watch?"
>full autism mode engaged
>30 painfull minutes later without talking
>haven't talked to her, its been 3 days.

I had this plan once but found out that I wouldn't get accepted into the military because of frequent migraines.
>plan to crash a plane with no survivors
>first part of plan was to get caught
So I almost drove there and then ran into my dad and had some incoherent conversation with him about Diablo III (which he's currently replaying because his cataracts are so bad he can't see any other game well enough to play it and he has a few weeks until his LASIK) until I decided I might as well just eat something at home instead.
Aero engineer? Come to Orange County, man, there's no shortage of work here for people who know what they're doing. A friend of mine just graduated with an Aero Eng degree and he's already been recruited by Northrup Grumman for the B-2 successor program.

Desist from living
come on man help a brother out my autism is beyond control, i came back 2 hours later for this baka desu
What was the stipulation? Just curious
Iceland is pretty much white if I remember correctly. Poland keeps telling the EU and Germany to fuck off and I'm sure they would love to hire a skilled engineer.

Grow a brain, retard.
>making a plan
>at all

plans are meant to be carried out in a few hours
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You meming breh?
This is absolutely a lie.
They take the time to half eat some of those sandwiches, but nobody give a shit enough to clean the fucking sink?
nah, beta uprising is still coming and we will succeed, there will be harm.

Hi F.B.I.
>masterplan entailed peddling ditch weed to buy video games

yeah ur really cool man i bet your guardians are so glad they expended resources to produce and maintain you

Everything about this photo is trashy
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