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whose life /crashingdown/ here?
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whose life /crashingdown/ here?

>enroll in uni
>drop out in my first year
>keep telling my family that I'm going so I don't seem like a total fucking failure who got himself in $8000 debt for no reason and blew all the money they gave me for no reason
>still living on campus
>can still use shit like internet, washing machines, etc, even though I shouldn't be able to cause I'm no longer a student
>no job
>do nothing for the 2nd year
>3rd year this year
>family still think I'm studying at uni
>sign a year-long contract to live on campus again
>that's roughly $9000 rent that my family pays
>finally get my drivers license
>plan to get a job or something
>have to have a parking permit to park on campus
>if I don't then there's a pretty high chance it will get stolen or trashed
>have to have a student number for the uni to get one
>haven't been on campus since before the new year
>think I still have mine
>"lol no problem I'll just type this in"
>Error: that number does not exist. Please try again
>my student number got deleted
>can't access internet
>prepaid wireless USB's are like $100 for 6gb, so no internet once I'm there
>can't park on campus
>family are gonna wonder why I'm not taking my car when I go back up
>technically can't live their legally either so I'm gonna get kicked off as soon as they find that out
>gonna have literally nowhere to go once I get kicked out
>family are gonna find out I've been mooching off their money for 2 years to be a fucking NEET
>family are gonna fucking hate me ad infinitum
>no way in hell can I pay back the amount they've given me

This is the strongest I've ever felt about blowing my head off
Just tell them, your family, that it was simply a prank played upon them.
Go innawoods
Holy shit, that sounds like quite the predicament.

The only solution I can think of is to feign a mental illness like schizophrenia and start throwing your shit at strangers. Soon you'll get kicked out and your parents will let you come live with them again while you get "better".
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Well shit, hopefully we'll be able to come up with something to fix this anon. At least you put my life in perspective a little, even if I am an 18 year old, failed actor, neet who's most of his friends abandoned and will prob never touch a woman in his whole life. I really hope I have the balls to end this all soon, but Berserk still hasn't finished yet.
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>meet love of life, get married
>things good first year
>she decides to go back to school
>she decides to go back to school out of town, roughly two hours away
>she decides not to get a job so she can focus on studies
>tfw sole provider
>I can't find work up there because it's a college town, and even jobs in the medical field are PRN (no insurance, variable hours)
>I have to move back in with parents
>tfw still the sole provider
>tfw I work 50 hours a week, third shift, isolated from all my friends (yeah, both of them)
>had to drop out of college to work more, so I couldn't finish my degree
>meanwhile wife lives elsewhere, I only see her on weekends
>tfw I pay for an apartment, food, and an education, and I can't use any of it
>tfw took my car that I bought before we got married, I'm stuck with her piece of shit car
>tfw c.u.c.k.e.d. (perhaps not literally, but holy shit this is close to it)

It could be worse, OP. I'd kill myself, but life insurance doesn't pay out if you die by your own hand.

>inb4 normie reee, I'm a failed normie who hates himself and wants to die and is suffering like you want
It's not

And yeah, you'll probably get your wish, I can't see anyway out of this
Your best option is probably to come clean now. They'll probably rip you to shreds and make you get a shitty fucking job and pay them back, but atleast you wont be homeless.
Try going to trade school? I heard plumbers/electricians make more than doctors
I'll be stuck at this fucking campus without internet and without a car though, if it wasn't for this fucking contract I'd have to do that, atleast then I'd have a reason not to go back, but that's literally $9000 to rent a room no one is going to live in

Wish I never fucking got this license, atleast then I'd have an excuse to get my mum to drop me off there, now I gotta make up some excuse why she has to drive me 8 hours to uni instead of myself
>girl at uni
>not fucking 20 chads a day
Contact a lawyer? There has to be a way to refund some of it..

Whydont you get your mom to get you a smartphone with hotspot ability so you will have internet.. Say the college internet sucks?
That is the most disgusting normie problem ive ever heard, and you're considering suicide? Just leave her and all your problems go away. You literally become a successful normie if you leave her and use that dosh on yourself.
Also you can say your liscence got suspended or something

And try getting a loan from the bank if your credit is good and go to school this time

I fucked up too im still in high school an im 20
Just speaking to her about it actually, she doesn't wanna do it because of my brother, who has racked up so many fucking bills for her doing exactly that, that she doesn't wanna do it again

So no internet I guess

Bit past applying to go to uni, might go to a community college or some shit, won't fix my internet or car problem, but atleast I have a reason to live there
I would convince her you need the internet and as for living i would probably just live in my car if worst comes to worst

Im about to be homeless myself

Got to go, good luck anon
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I'll try, and you too bro
Well OP, there's no 'real' way out of your situation 2bh. The only thing you can do is soften the blow for your parents and family a little by telling them you failed your finals (whilst making false documents of said final results to show them as 'proof') and dropping out. That's how i did it. It was quite the day for my parents back then in 2011 when hearing my terrible news, but all of us survived and the situation has returned to somewhat normal. However my mom still wants to doublecheck whatever i'm doing, can be the most trivial shit. Broken trust takes some time to repear, you see.
And now i'm a 25 year old NEET living alone in my apartment, paid by myself with my ever slinking bank account. But atleast i dont have to lie anymore to my parents about school/work. So there's that
I'm amazed how many stories I've seen on here of people lying to their parents about going to uni. I can't tell if there are really that many people in the same situation or if it's one guy just refining and adding to his story every time.
As soon as I left secondary school I went to college for 2 weeks, then I dropped out. I've been a NEET living with my parents for 3 years now and as soon as they're fed up and kick me out I am completely screwed.
>18 year old, failed
Bitch, you haven't failed anything yet. Go fail for another 18 years, and then you might be on the way to starting real life.

My dad gave me $400 for college. If I ever stop going before getting a degree, I hope I die.
I honestly have no sympathy for you at all. She's fucking other dudes, too. Stupid fucking normal faggot. Suffer.
>just leave her

He fucked up and got married. There is literally no way out.
My parents think I'm getting a degree in economics while I'm actually trying to get a degree in law.

Not as bad since I'm still in uni, but I just can't look them in the eyes and tell them I stopped doing economics after a year.

Not as bad as OP's story admittedly.
Either of these seem viable.
OP gotta come clean now and make up some bullshit about wanting to off yourself and being depressed the last 2 years to try and gain some sympathy

Literally all that's left now
or make his parents disappear in a suspicious road accident uponst dropping out because of 'emotional' reasons
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But you don't understand anon. I have no skills, charisma or any life aspirations. I'm a destined failure.
I'm 20 and my life is already in a downward spiral of self-destruction
Your parents don't need to know that you've been mooching off them for years. As far as they'll know you could have only just been kicked out. Tell them that you failed classes last semester and the stress of it made you drop out but you didn't want to let them down.

They will still be disappointed, but it is a far more reasonable excuse because they at least think you've ben doing something valuable for the last few years.
Don't worry mayn, there's always the army.
Try to kill yourself and set it up so you get caught then come clean to your parents that you're depressed so they won't guilt you into paying them back maybe.
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my life has been one long grind on the bottom of the ocean with the whale shit and the flounders
i can't say my life has come crashing down, but it's more life the sediment is slipping and I can feel my falling into a trench.

I'm probably going to natural select myself off unless I can manage to pump enough media and expensive junk food into myself to convince myself to bear through the workday like I'm in school again.
All good and probably what I'll do, but there's still the business of $9000 going into the rent which I can't get out of
This. You have no choice op
Join the Marines. Tell parents day before shipped off to boot camp. Grow balls and come back looking psycho so they will be too freaked to bother you.
Personally i'm /attheedgeoftheabyss/ here
Literally, tomorrow my life as I know it is gonna be over. Not sure if I'm going to kill myself after or just live in perpetual agony in hopes of some amazing escape simulator coming out before I kill over of old age/ substance abuse.
Madting senpai
not him, but fuck that.
not sure if I could handle being a natural born chads bitch 24/7
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Well, I'm reaching the point where it's no longer acceptable to do nothing after highschool and I will need to become an uniboy or work or some shit soon, but I won't, or I will quit uni after starting it, I already know.

Perhaps I will end up similar to you anon
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2016-01-07 14.05.44.jpg
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OP here

Fuck it, been warming up for an hour now, time to die
You got yourself in this mess, why are you pretending to give a fuck now?
You CHOSE to drop out and keep it from them and you kept taking their money. You did this and now you're crying? Get the fuck out of here, you're fucking worthless.
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obligatory don't do it
>18 year old
>failed actor

What the fuck are you talking about, you retard? You haven't even lived long enough to be a failed anything, get your shit together.

Fuck off. You have no idea how bad it can get
why not?

Law is very respectable?
>sell yourself to the government
>ensure the miserable process
>you have no choice
>its better and honorable
You're an idiot If you join the military just because. Its your life choose what you want to do with it even if others deem it a failure. But selling yourself isn't the way to go.
just be a neetbux collecting autist. why military?
do it faggot
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