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Are you sticking to your new year's...
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Are you sticking to your new year's resolution you fat lazy fucks ?
Here's mine i stole and modified from an anon.

>excersise daily two of the following, pushups, pullups, dips, crunches, dumbbells
> study at least 2 hours a day for all subjects
>start eating right to see improvement improvement in body
>study a new language for around 20 minutes a day, currently french
>run 3 times a week
>learn how to build a house and grow vegetables

Currently struggling with the french.
What's yours ?
source or more of that girl? kinda wanna break my no fap streak
"friends" dragging me to the gym , turns out my body is actually good but ill guess ill go there since my crush comes with us
Man up and kill myself
you can be dead for the next trillion years, no need to rush it
The image is shopped, not her real face.

Search Antonella Greco.

Some argentinian whigger whore
Why don't you just get a job instead of wasting your time with all this stupid shit?
because i don't wanna be a slave for someone else
that's a shame, that qt face was the best part.
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aime tu la francais?
>New years resolutions
I refuse to lie to myself.
Just make a list and try to follow at least half the shit in it daily, instead of browsing this place for 12 hours, it's as easy as that.
oh my fuck that ass got me falling down Mt. Everest
>do something productive
a few minutes later:
>god damn this shit is boring I want to browse 4chan

>start browsing 4chan
a few hours later:
>this is getting tiresome I should really do something productive

Neverending cycle.
At the rate you're living, you'll continue to be slave to your own pathetic emotions and small time fapping conquests.

Everybody starts somewhere, the faster you start, the shorter it takes for you to be on top. Otherwise your title will continue being robot.
>new year's resolution
that's a hella epik normie meme I must admit
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Fucking robot I hate it
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I told myself new years resolutions are dumb.

Now I enjoy the feeling of superiority I have over you, because you have a dumb new years resolution that you're not going to keep up anyway.

But I also know that doing nothing to improve myself is always worse than even stupid stuff, but that still doesn't motivate me to do anything
You type like a 12 year old.
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2016 - Copy.png
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>writing a to do list every morning which I mostly complete with stuff I will write below
>been studying Italian every day
>reading books
>lifting - Greyskull LP
>studying programming in C++ right now, plus stuff for other courses
>listening to Les Brown
What is left is finding a part time job, I just applied for a summer internship a few minutes ago but I will to bring my focus back on something part time, which enables me to 2 other resolutions which is learning guitar and fixing my teeth.
I also stuck to not playing games anymore, not until I deserve it as a reward after completing a major goal or something like that.
Tried to not watch porn anymore but the urge has taken over sometimes, I watch for a few minutes though and I get boners from almost every big girl's ass even if shes ugly.
Next is making small talk with a stranger everyday when I get back in campus.
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Its because I'm a eurotard, also I'm typing with one hand
>stop smoking weed
>build Affinity mostly from store credit FNM winnings

So far no weed has been a breeze and I'm already planning on trading a bong for some Affinity pieces, and my first FNM will probably be next week.

>tfw you replace one expensive degenerate hobby with another
at least its not smack i guess.
I've worked dead end jobs all my life and i've had enough of being treated literally like scum for dirt money.
That lifting routine sounds like a waste of time. Considering you are a NYRfag you're probably expecting a six pack after 4 weeks of doing 50 reps of sit-ups. Go to /fit/ and read the sticky. If you are doing it because it's a healthy habit you might as well just do cardio instead. It's good to leave the house, anon.
>learn how to build a house and grow vegetables
Nonspecific, without dedicated time in your schedule. Will never happen. At least your other goals are SMART.
>Keto diet
>Look cute by festival season
>In bed by midnight on week nights, out of bed before 10 on week days
>Stop doing so many drugs

I can do it I think
I am doing cardio 3 times a week.
Got only a small ass gym in my town and it's full of roid monkeys that occupy the racks for hours. Fuck the gym.
I'm doing weighted pullups, dips and pushups and it's fucking great.
That's a problem, though. Dead end jobs are, by definition, dead end. If you don't join society as a productive member with upward mobility sooner rather than later, and then decide later that that's what you should be doing, you've lost out on however many years it took you and have that age ceiling working against you constantly. You will likely regret your decisions in time.
Fine then, I'm just saying since your goal was to improve your physique you'll only end up being disappointed unless you were super fat and lost weight fast

It is definitely a good hobby but like many newbies I have a feeling you'll stop doing it because of lack of results
I decided tonight what my resolutions are, better late than never right
>drink only water or fresh fruit juice
>learn to cook well, I'm ok but could do with improvement
>decide on an exercise schedule and stick to it, don't want to look noticeably like different, just be healthier
>limit time spent on vidya or here
>improve how I dress
>build up a better tolerance for alcohol, as I'm going to use it for interactions with people
>completely stop fapping to porn, cut down on the amount I do generally
>start reading again, and read for an hour a day
>clean my place up, sell old stuff that I keep only for nostalgic reasons
>cut ties with people who don't respect me
I think it's definitely doable
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learn how to play guitar
not fuck up in uni
maybe get a gf
Pretty good, i like it.
Finish my album and release it on Bandcamp

not even one song completed yet
nye resolutions are for normies
These are shitty goals. Not because of what you want to do, but because of how you've set about writing your goals all as long-term without a timetable or incremental steps along the way. That's guaranteed failure. Instead of "learn to play guitar", it should be broken into steps, like practice guitar in some capacity for 2 hours a day, 3 days per week. Then you need focus. For example, the first month can be spent learning tuning, triads, open chords, rhythm/strumming and a simple song (such as wonderwall or eruption). Then once you near the end of the first month, evaluate your progress and learn new shit, while dedicating less time each practice to the early stuff each revision.

If you have a plan, and break long term goals into short term ones that are attainable, with incremental steps to achieve those goals, progress is effortless. Be sure to record progress as well. You can record it once or twice a week with music and listen to it when you're in the evaluation phase.
this is why you have no gf, fuckin' nerd
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Learn Mandarin you useless faggot
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Thread images: 8
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