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Did you cry this week, robots?
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Did you cry this week, robots?
What's going on?
Y-you can write out a full essay, if you want, I'm reading them all.
> pic related
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Shed a tear watching my gf's rescued shelter dog get put down after breaking her hip.
> gf
you know the drill
get the fuck out
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>6th girlfriend turns out not to be real
>she was the best thing I've ever had
>Fuck the world and feminists
She wasn't a feminist, the one who impersonated that girl, just fuck feminists
A little bit while listening to this song.


I hate being so bitter and unhappy but it's all I have.
i cry pretty much daily

my coworker said she might quit in a month and a half, and i half jokingly said that i'd miss her.

she said "i didn't realize we were that close."

my heart fucking sank. then i had to stay late at work for inventory and i had already worked from 9-6 with no lunch break. so i got home at 8:30, and the girl i was messaging on kik said she forgot about me

so i guess i never mattered to anyone. i hope to die.
Balled my eyes out watching big fish when I realized the parallels between my own dad and me

Also shed a few tears when my 5 year old Guinea pig died on Monday
chris chan is this you
she wrote you back just to say she forgot about you?

do people not think about how crushing that can be? for fuck's sake...
i know

idk why i even tried, i knew no one would ever like me. but i figured i had to try once before i killed myself, so now i guess that's done
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Just cried a few minutes ago.

But as long as I keep telling myself I'm good, then I'm good. And that's okay.
Broke up with my ex girl a month ago. Because she thought I was flirting with another girl, I wasn't. Even though she has cucked me worse, I still love her and am increasingly missing her every day. And am this close to wishing for death.
No, my name is Gabe, who is this chris
>life is going to shit
Wake me the fuck up
Failing uni so fucking hard and can't go neet until I find a wagekek job because poor parents.

Kull me now
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Yes, I cried.
>Tfw no GF to cuddle and love
>Tfw no sex
>Tfw not enough money
>Tfw can't kill myself
>Tfw I hate the NEET life
>Tfw I hate the wagecuck life
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I haven't cried in more than a year. Feels idk familia
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I can't cry anymore, but I really wish I could. Maybe life just does not wreck me enough right now, everybody is either kind or neutral towards me recently and it drives me insane. I am just slowly drifting into some uncertain, but certainly bad future and it is all my fault.
I never thought I would say that, but sometimes I even miss the days I used to be bullied and beaten by my drunk father, because back then I could actually write off my misery as an entity caused by my surroundings. Now I feel really empty and nobody else is really responsible, I am just failing everywhere, I am the problem.

I do not even know what to do or expect anymore, god just give me a sign.
I find it hard to cry anymore. After my (mostly former) friends had failed time and time again to let me confide in them, I found it easier to hold it in until I go to sleep, and I hold a cynical attitude towards the world. I thought if I worked hard at my menial job and showed I was willing to stay focused and positive, that I'd advance past the people who've been there longer but don't work as hard. They sure showed me. Now they complain about my negative attitude and laziness, and why should I care? I used to dread getting out of bed, but now it physically hurts to.

oh yeah, never socialize or talk to women, but that's whatever.
> all these posts
> over fucking women
literally the gayest board on 4chan
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