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how you holdin up anons?

what's going on with your life/career?
you move out of your parents? Get that masters? Got a good career going?
share your adult feels

>tfw time is moving faster and faster and the days all blur
>tfw you notice you're aging
>tfw you have to watch your diet and take care of yourself
>tfw you don't relate to robot threads about hs stories and tfw no gf
>tfw you feel empty and just no longer care about anything
I moved back in a 5 months ago heroin addiction got out of hand.

Tfw daddy is chill af
>tfw 28 and my younger siblings are married
>tfw will never have a trophy wife and kid I secretly hate
>tfw will never come home drunk and beat my wife
>tfw will never rather masturbate then have sex with gf or wife
>tfw will never cum in wife no condor while looking into her eyes

how did u get into opiates robot. greentext story?
I'm 35 and still waiting for my superior male sexual value to kick in, and for women to start picking me up. Should be any day now.
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>tfw you notice the perception of time passing will accelerating. You realize waiting months or years for things doesn't seem that long anymore

pic related
>About to finish up my last semester for a shitty degree
>Just got a new job
>Quit drinking and smoking
Hopefully have enough saved up so i can move out this summer

Life aint too bad. No gf tho
Undergrad anon? Why did it take you so long? And in what field?

I just finished mine too. It was a long slog and after failing tons of classes due to depression I finished. No job lined up though. I've very depressed and haven't looked and don't think anyone will hire me.
>live with parents
>have easy job
>no plans
>spend majority of my time sitting in my room

Life is pretty good right now.
do you still consider yourself an adult if you're not independant ?
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who /30+/ here?
I'm going to be 31 this year and feel like shit
i dont
>just turned 25
>decent wage
>live with parents
>no gf
im dying to move out. but just struggle to save money
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>tfw shitty contract job
21, getting some generic business admin degree, dont know what I want to do in life, thinking of joining the navy
what was turning 30 like for you? at what age did you start to feel like an adult? would you consider someone in their early twenties a peer or a kid?
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>what was turning 30 like for you?
nothing happened, I have no friends or family so just another day in hell
>at what age did you start to feel like an adult?
the same age I started having crippling depression, 27
>would you consider someone in their early twenties a peer or a kid?
a kid because they can't relate to the epic feels of what growing up as a teen in the 90s was like and what the internet used to be
lived a year alone and felt the most miserable I ever was
spent all the weekends at my parents to feel the void
every week day was spent sobbing about conflicted on why I'm feeling so shit when I shouldn't because I'm supposed to have "made" it
I can be the most competent engineer at work and do the work of 4 on my own but I'm so socially unstable it cripples me
The little secret they don't tell you as a kid is that you never actually start to feel like an adult.
I suffered from some severe social anxiety when i was attending uni and dropped out after 1 semester. Would have to smoke weed before every class just to function but the ganja onlyade things worse.
Started working, got my 1st apartment then fot evicted then decided to go to CC. After going back and forth between many different jobs, taking semesters off, losing friends, 1 more apartment and failing many classes, i finally decided at 24 to focus, turn my shit around and make something of myself.

Been 2 years living with parents now but I'm finally gonna get a shitty Broadcasting degree, only reason i even stayed was because my school pays like 1200 a semester just to attend.
>just turned 25, 3 weeks ago
>everyone telling me this is the age when your metabolism slows down
>you start to get a belly
>you start to go bald
>your skin starts to decline
>you become "out of touch"

At least my job involves plenty of exercise (army officer) so hopefully I won't get too fat...
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27 years old wizard apprentice here.

>you move out of your parents?
Yes. Shitty studio appartment. Feels like I'm preparing myself for death or something. Like I accepted I'm never going to get a life.

>Get that masters?
Yes. That's the easy part.

>Got a good career going?
Not really. My shitty health and shitty genetics get in the way of everything. Colon surgery/crohn's disease, esophagus surgery, I feel like a ghoul, desperately patching up a body that wants to die for no apparent reason.

My life is an alternance of effort and depression due to sudden bursts of motivation and sudden realizations that my honest best isn't good enough and won't get me anywhere. My cards are so shitty that playing them right isn't doing anything. I'm resisting the urge to lay down and rot because I can't do this to my parents.
Is anyone else just starting to not relate to the majority of r9k threads? I feel like everyone here is 14.

their odd obsession with women, sex, and what women think
I get monthly hemorrhoids and wierd lumps in my groin from sitting 16hr/day
I've had a lump on my foot for about 4 months now, it's about the size a peanut and really hard under the skin. I really hope it's cancer.

>My life is an alternance of effort and depression due to sudden bursts of motivation and sudden realizations that my honest best isn't good enough and won't get me anywhere.

>this feel

>you have realized you will never make it and become a top dog or very successful

>you realize you will live an average mediocre life with nothing to look forward to

>you look back at your past and it isn't that impressive or happy either

>tfw you wasted away your 20s being at home and doing nothing

thank goodness I'm a socially retarded NEET that wouldn't know how to get drugs if a dealer knocked on my door.
I'm 30 in 6 weeks, I'm married and started a business last year, I'm fucking broken though, riddled with anxiety for years and live most days with regret of how different it could have been. I act out being a normie though, good days and bad I guess. The worst big for me about getting older is knowing my best years are gone and my aptitude has been wasted alongside taking for granted good health.

how's marriage? any kids?
It's alright, my mrs looks after me well, I ain't grown up enough to look after myself really. No kids yet though, probably in the next year.

I'm 24, but I noticed this too. Does it get a lot worse past 30+? It's an awful feel.
Plantar wart, sorry you have HPV on your foot lmao
>tfw 22
>still broke
>still single
>still friendless

And I'm a freshman starting next fall. Feels behind man.
i'm 37, aquired first gf last year.
moved in 2012, went back to school and started to study at a good uni last year as well.
my life took a turn for the better when i quit drugs with 31
My life went total crazy and awesome when i moved in 2012, everythings pretty good since then, even though there were heavy ups and downs with parttime homelessness and self destruction and shit.
>31 years old
>still "in college" (have been going since 2002)
>had sinecure at family business that went bankrupt
>still no degree
>realize I've probably had severe ADHD this whole time
>have a good lazy unionized job now
>all of my high school friends have graduated with masters, moved out of the country, gotten married
>don't know whether to finish my degree or just quit
>just turned 28 yesterday
>still a virgin
>left my job a month ago because reasons
>always tired and annoyed with everything
>just want to wake up happy for once
>even when i try to do something I start off good then i just drop it after a couple of days
>fat and i know i have to start taking better care of myself
>grandma keeps making comments like " you need to go get you a wife"
>grandma is a hypocrite and only cares about how she looks to people
>I don't even want sex anymore, just jerk it two times every couple of weeks and i am good.
>when grandma kicks the bucket i have to take care of my two autistic brothers and my sister
>one brother is a ponyfucker, stole money from my family to buy them
>"he is autistic he just wants to be a man and do the same things you do"
>gonna have to worry about bills, and ill be pretty much stuck in this small ass town for the rest of my life unless they die before me.

robots I don't want the house or all that fucking stress that comes with taking care of three people, a house and working a job. figure if it keeps up ill probably off myself due to stress around 40.

My nigga. I have 9 months clean from Heroin. 100 days clean from everything.
>muh condishuns
Fuck I know that. I recently came out of the delusion that I was gonna achieve something great, or become famous one day.
Now all I need is to engage down the mediocre road and never look back. There's not much to see anyway.
No career, I got nothing. I'm 29 fuck.
mid 30s here
finally moved out on my own a few years ago, fucked that up almost immediately and was homeless for almost two yrs. back on my own recently but still can't keep a job and going to be homeless again in near future probably. wanting to die every fucking day.

>never gf
>not enough libido to jerk off more than twice/month

been a massively depressed, socially dysfunctional wreck like this since age 13. no university level education, highest paying job i've ever had was around $10/hr and very very few employers take more than a glance at my resume before trashing it.
What do you mean ?

This comment isn't original alright.

I decided to go back to college last year after dropping out in 2011. I worked a couple of minimum wage jobs in the meantime, and I hated every second of it. Still no friends (let alone gf), but I don't think I'm depressed anymore and I found some hobbies to keep me entertained. I'm still as uncertain about my future as I was when I finished high school.
im 26 and im about to take an overnight job that pays 10 dollars.

suicide becomes more and more viable
i'm 21

feeling pretty adult tbqh

might drink a beer

might not.
>tfw 27
>tfw I have a shitty ass job
>tfw no friends
>tfw still live with parents
>tfw spend all my money on weed
>spend all my time by myself smoking weed

As long as I have weed ill be ok. Sucks being lonely at this age though. Might try /soc/.
>30 in less than a month
>in first relationship
>tfw its really magnifying how inexperienced i am in having a deep emotional connection
I'm in the same boat, except I live alone and I'm looking for the shitty job. Also no weed for now, I really wish I had some right now, today has been really bad.

I'm scared that if I ever get a gf I'll exposed myself as inexperienced so hard she'll probably leave me. Not that I have a chance to get one anyway right now.
Planned to drink last night but I couldn't be bothered, woke up and played a bit of vidya while I waited for my mother to go to work. Her faggot boyfriend just drove up the drive, probably going to go see my brother and get some drugs. Life is shit, but at least I have you losers to keep me company.
hopefully you find someone willing to work with you on that level
Fellow 25+ robros, help a 25yo virgin out: What is a good site, or sites, that offer a decent selection of HD full-length porn videos?
I really want to try LSD. I'm too shut-in to get it from a person, because that require to know somebody and talk to them. I am too afraid to buy off the internet. I don't know how onions and tor works. I'm afraid to ask people. One day I might go down to the campus and ask some bob marley guy, but they'll propably think I'm retarded or a cop. what do I do?

Also 26, only ever had 1 job and just starting community college this year. I'm terrified.
I turned 30 on the 20th Dec last year. Everything is fucking awful.
Thanks anon. I'm trying myself to change already, so maybe not everything is lost.

Just try to make sure it doesn't get worse.

Reddit has an hd porn subreddit

Have any of you old fags found any passions to keep you happy? Any hobbies?

I'm looking to find an outlet to all my issues and I've never had any sort of hobby to dabble in. Some ideas would be great.
30 here. Good career and life in general. Pretty much dedicated the last 5 years to making myself rich and now I'm socially stunted because I've had minimal social (i.e. non-work related) contact with people since 2011.

At least I'm not balding.
>26yo khv, nogf
>6'2" 280lbs
>only one friend irl, not even sure about him though
>living with parents
>it's more like renting a room in their house
>i'm taking care of myself without their "help", except a single weekend lunch
>i'm allowed to use household equipment if i return it to the same state as before
>they tolerate me just as you tolerate gnats during summer
>not smoking, not doing drugs, alcohol only rarely
>got dead end job in local factory
>discovered riding a motorcycle is refreshing for my mind
>bought cheap second-hand 600cc bike
>riding it vigoriously almost every day, no weather except heavy snow can't stop me
>my life becomes brighter, sometimes i'm literally crying tears of joy under the helmet
>fast forward four years of awesome but lonely motorcycling
>some manager-type guy hits me with his mercedes and sends me flying
>digestive system colapse, ruptured spleen and left kidney, fractured ribs,
>four surgieries so far, fifth is coming soon
>my already brittle health is in shit now
>i'm 3/10 at best, now my belly has giant, repulsive scar, also lost any touch in that area, literally feels like a foreign object strapped to you eternally
>neeting for 4 months
>neetbux from wage compensation
>bikefu is rekt, no money from insurance so far
>slipped back to the spending time behind computer and jerking off
>feel like total shit
>i'm with no purpose or future
>the mental weight is overhelming
>just kill me, because i'm a sucker that can't do it by himself
>sometimes i wish that guy in mercedes killed me right on the place
>finished Bachelor's in December
>waiting to her back about Master's admission
>seemed like everything was fine
>school website says that I'm not admitted yet
>turns out one of my recommendation letters never came in
>frantically trying to contact the person who said they'd write it
>they haven't been in the office since 12/23/15
>offices opened back up on 1/4/16
>professor still hasn't come in
>classes start on the 18th, feel I should have my letter in by then
>have left messages and emails about this but gotten no reply because the prof hasn't been in

I get more and more anxious about it with every day that passes without a reply.
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>holdin up anons?

good one
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>tfw officially closer to 30 than 20 in 2 days.
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>tfw too poor to move out
>too stupid for college
>no skills
What am I supposed to do?
>tfw you notice you're aging

God, do I know that feel
>26yo, khv
>spent half of my life dreaming about my oneitis and how life will be awesome one day
>of course nothing of it happens
>left heartbroken and no motivation to ever love again
>sent myself through so much melancholy and pain for no purpose whatsoever
>don't have any purpose in life left
>not looking for any personal or spiritual improvement
>graduated recently and got a nice job
>the pay is good and with the additional bonuses I might buy myself a fun car and rip some skidz
>literally the only thing I look forward to
>also have a fat steam account and a fairly powerful computer to play games, although not quite enough time

Is the sole pursuit of material possessions really just a form of awaiting your own death? I mean, I know it's not even gonna matter too much to me and I won't enjoy anything anymore like >>25544535 enjoys his bike, it's just passable interests and time killing.
>he fell for the "i'll continue to be a loser beta and become of value to women simply from getting old" meme
>Just turned 25 in October
I never even though about that feel. FUCK
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I noticed it when I took this picture a couple of weeks ago.

I can't put my finger on what it was, but I'm just like "holy shit I don't look 18 anymore"

The military was made for people like you.
you look 35 at least bruh. i bet you never wore sunscreen.
File: pepe cry.jpg (47 KB, 800x522) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
pepe cry.jpg
47 KB, 800x522
>you look 35 at least bruh
I-I'm only 25...
>be 28 yr old lady
>still live with parents
>have a job making about 50k/year which i'm very satisfied with (altho everyone on 4chan makes 100k+)
>no bf but lost interest in that with age
>drink and smoke a lot
>having lots of plants and playing a few instruments keeps me from killing myself
>also ordering things online and looking forward to them arriving
that hat happens when you're white and don't take care of your skin.
>tfw 29
>make ~25k a year
kill me plox
what school
>this robot is ruining the board
Sunscreen is so important... I'm 27 and everyone is shocked to know I am that old because I have worn sunscreen every day I go out for many years... it's not that I look young but this is how someone who is 27 should look in my humble opinion
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Oh No.png
7 KB, 167x153
>22 yo kv NEET
>Spend the last 4 months in my room being on the computer 16 hours a day
>Sever all ties with anyone in my life
>"You just can't keep going on like this"
>They're right.
>Father arranges a job for me with a friend of his in my old home town
>The guy owns a woodshop gallery, real posh stuff.
>My routine is going to work, come back home and shitpost till I need to get up again
>It's the 2nd week and I've been doing okay
>Suddenly today an old childhood friend spots me
>"Why the long beard ? What are you up to ?" - stuff like that
>We exchange numbers and I get back home
>Take a shit and a bath
>Flush the toilet and release the tub water at the same time
>Plumbing fails
>The whole floor is flooded
>As I mop the water, hear a bunch of kids having fun in an apartment next door

I just want to kill myself.
>time killing
That is all life is, then you die.
Good that you got a job m8, despite your misfortunes I sincerely think that you're gonna make it
32yo neet here. Never worked a day in my life. Still live at home with parents. Both of them are disabled though so they're not as anxious to kick me out because I help out so much. All I do is sit on my computer and play videogames. I'd be lying though if I said I didn't want more. Pretty depressed and full of self-loathing. I feel like it's too late for me to have a career now.
>gonna be 32 this year
i kinda freaked out about turning 30 but now i got a chronic case of the fuck-its.

i felt like a boss when i was 25. late 20's is when you can go total grown MAN mode. you'll start to look like an adult and be treated as such by older folks

best of luck to you in business

tubecup, nice dubs

eh, youre a good anon helping the folks.
Not him, but

>more tired
>working out is tougher (should've started at 18)
>damn kid stuff makes less sense every 5 years (CD skipping is music?)
>hypocrite and only cares about how she looks to people
That is all moral/normal fags, which is why they work and hate neets so much.
Thanks, this comment made me cry real good.
You're only 32, that's nowhere near too late.

Yeah, this.

HS threads? Collage threads? You fucks just wait until you go to work. "Tfw no gf" will be quickly replaced by "tfw no 8 hours of sleep". My main problem right now is that im tired shitless all the time. I need to wake up at 5am to arrive at work at 7am. When I get back its 5 pm. Every fucking time I'm telling myself, that this time I will go to sleep at 10pm. And when the time comes I just can't force myself to spend the little time I have left for sleeping. And then when I wake up at 5 am, after 3-4 hours of sleep, all I want from life is death. Just kill me so I can finally rest.

Holy fuck. You niggers can't read. 25+. You are not 25 and above. I'm 20 and I keep my mouth shut but you can't wait to get some attention in a place where you do not being.
The picture says "tfw 25+" as an example to what an adult is. But that's not where the line is drawn faggot.

Life's not too bad actually. Career is going pretty well, I bought a flat in London last year that made more in 12 months than I did. I'm head coach at a sports club in my spare time and everyone there seems to like me.

If I wasn't an emotional crippled loner, with an inability to form anything like meaning friendships, let alone relationships, I'd almost be a normie.

you just described my life.
As if I could ever join the military. I'm unfit and I'm almost 26.
Don't do LSD if you're really a robot.

The "LSD cures depression" meme comes from fully fuctioning normals with plenty of friends who use depression as a special snowflake label. LSD amplifies what you're feeling, so when they do it surrounded by their normal friends and significant others, it's supposedly an amazing experience.

Doing LSD alone, with nobody to share the experience with, and with nothing to reflect on but how empty your life is and how much time you've wasted, is truly one of the most excruciating experiences you can go through. Unless you somehow have a close group of friends despite being here, just don't fucking do it man. It's not worth it.
>dead end job
>live alone
>no close friends or social life
>no hobbies or interests

I was pretty much an alcholic but hadn't drank in like 3 months. Had a drink at Christmas and now I've gone through 2 bottles of Wild Turkey and was dumb enough to buy another one last night when drunk. Now I've got 3/4 of a 3rd bottle that I'm going to have to get rid of.
Do yourself a favor and get a prescription for some amphetamines. It makes it so much easier in the morning.

shit sucks tbqh. and there is nothing we cando

Basic training is designed for you to not fail, even fat fucks make it through.

I joined at 24 years old and 30lbs overweight and still made it through infantry OSUT.
File: xf.png (1 MB, 1037x766) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1037x766
>tfw you look exactly like 8 years ago
The whole (25+ is when youd mentally an adult) thing is really just a generalization and it's kind of pompous too and 25-30 is still somewhat young but whatever
>tfw 25
>I feel like it's too late for me to have a career now.
this feel right here
I'll be 31 in a few months. Wouldn't be so bad if my life wasn't so far away from what I want it to be.
I'm like 60-70lbs overweight
I can't handle stress at all either.
>31 years old
>still "in college" (have been going since 2002)
>still no degree

This describes me except I started in 2011. Have meandered through a degree whilst working full time. Flunked out of a course due to nonattendance. Now doing part time at another university and doing okay but it feels stupid to be doing one class a semester. I want to go back full time and just get it done but I just don't know how I'd afford it. I'd probably wouldn't be able to live alone anymore. Not sure I could handles roommates at 31.
>im 26 and im about to take an overnight job that pays 10 dollars.

An hour?
>still "in college" (have been going since 2002)

My nigga.

Don't give up senpai. Get some meds for ADHD or something.
File: 1407533127926.jpg (88 KB, 976x622) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 976x622
The worst thing is having to work. When you're older your life just becomes work - sleep - work.

It's literally the worst thing in life. Especially because i'm a social autist with a shit dead-end job. Just the fact that i'm going to spend the rest of my life doing this shit.

I wish i had worked on getting a career started when i was younger. At least if i had to go through this misery anyway, i'd be nice to earn some more.

I guess normies pull through because they socialize at work and they have a support network at home, but if you're alone it all just seems so pointless.
>bought a house
>it needs some repairs but I think I might save up to tear it down and build something more modern
>don't have a car, fuck that
>steady job (military), stressful
>avoiding women because I took the redpill a bit too hard

Over the next few years I'll pay off all my debt and start investing. I figure I'll be able to retire by 35 (ten years) if everything goes extremely well, or if not then then definitely by the time I'm 45 (military retirement PENSION).
>tfw its really magnifying how inexperienced i am in having a deep emotional connection

Feels. If I were to get a partner now I'm sure I would experience the same disconnect. The longest relationships I've ever been in was around a year and I didn't even like them and I'm pretty sure they didn't like me. Literally just someone to do drugs with, occasionally fuck and avoid loneliness. One of them even accused me of using them to avoid loneliness. I don't think I ever had a single interesting conversation with them. The first one was almost 10 years ago now. Second was almost 6 years ago now. I haven't had been with any girls who weren't prostitutes since then. I really need to just bang a fatty or something but I don't have any friends to be my wingmen.
vporn is my favorite.

I'm getting by

I manage a dairy department at a Walmart. The pay is better than minimum, but still shit. My underlings are even more spergy than me, and my bosses are corporate whores. Walmart cheer still makes my skin crawl every time.

I don't live with my parents, but I live with my younger brother who is alright, but I'd rather live alone.

Starting to feel aches and pains because I'm getting older.

Started lifting a few weeks ago because I'm closing in on 30 and still have the body of a weak teenager.

Barely talk to anyone anymore because I'm tired of the same old conversations with the same annoying people.

Kind of just going through the motions every day and hoping I'll get hit by a bus or something.
you dont need a wingman anymore, just lie on tindr.
>I feel like it's too late for me to have a career now.

It's really not although it depends on what field you want to work in. I wonder if you could get recognition for prior learning for being a carer for the disabled?
>live with parents
>no friends
>very ugly
>no job, never had one
>no real education
>jobs i apply for never reply to me. if they do i'm too nervous to answer the phone or call them back
>no idea what i'm going to do
All things considered it could be considerably worse
>26 and about to graduate with a master's degree in Computer Engineering within the next few months
>I was supposed to graduate this autumn as I got the actual master's thesis project done by the end of the summer, but hired to work on a tangentially related project from October to the end of December
>Did the master's thesis project for a local government institution as a salaried employee of said institution and it's now being used in real production and my boss is genuinely happy with it, so I've got at least one very good reference for when I start looking for a job
>Loads of money in the bank, meaning I could go NEET for a few years if I wanted to
>Out of the "KV" only the "V" applies to me, but because of taking this long try try to get into the whole dating game thing I feel that my lack of experience is going to put pretty much everyone willing to date me

Am I the only one who's feeling like their complete lack of experience while already in their mid to late 20's is going to fuck them over real good? To me it feels like with my combination of being able to make a good living and inexperience that's easy to take advantage of it's a choice between nothing, a mail order bride or some Stacy who's hit the wall and now needs someone to provide for her and the 2-4 kids she's had with one or more Chads. Anyone else feel the same way?
It actually is desu.
>you studied hard for your future life
>Chad came hard in your future wife
>I'm head coach at a sports club in my spare time and everyone there seems to like me.

How come you are not able to make friends with the people there?
I haven't tried tinder. When I get back in shape I might give it a shot. Should look good again in about 90 days.
Is that copypasta or something? Because it's genuinely good poetry (even thou you can't post it in any place with a significant number of women as they'd organize a lynch mod for you or something).
>college dropout
>live at home
>less than 500$ in life savings
>NEET for two years
>haven't been with a girl in almost 6 years
>0 friends
>parents are semi-retired & work from home so I never have the house to myself
>the silver lining is that with all that free time on my hand I finally found out that I want to become a music producer & audio engineer.
>first step is becoming a wagekuck again
>better late than never
>the silver lining is that with all that free time on my hand I finally found out that I want to become a music producer & audio engineer.
>first step is becoming a wagekuck again
>better late than never

Good luck (genuinely, not sarcasm).

How are you are you planning to approach this aspiration?
It's from this >>25542278 tragically funny thread
this ! but neetlife without friends or some good hobbys is shitty too.
Hopefully in 8 years I'll have found something I enjoy too. You give me hope.
i'm a 24 yr old NEET. can i hang out here?
It's still a lot better than working, unless you earn a decent amount of money or actually like your job.
Thanks senpai.

One step at a time, really. There's no two ways about it.

I used to play the flute, violin, guitar and piano when I was a kid but I haven't touched a musical instrument since I was about 16, and I completely forgot how to read music sheets. It's a damn shame really because all those years of depression and anxiety it was music that kept me going, and I thought I had to become a psychologist or social worker or network administrator or IT monkey or something and kept failing at trying to become those things. Also when I was a kid, music and specific instruments were more forced onto me than anything so I never really enjoyed those back then. I could cry over lost years and decades that could have been spent practising but what's done is done and I have to move forward.

So I bought myself a keyboard a few months ago and got some apps on my phone to help me re-learn music theory and how to read music sheets. I started playing very simple kids' songs. I also bought FL Studio a few years ago and torrented some VSTs and other samplers but again never really touched them but now I'm easing myself into it. I want to focus on the theory of music and the piano first, then move on to the technical aspects of producing music.

There's also a few colleges and private schools that offer programs that are in that exact same field but tuition alone is something like 10k $. I'll see how far I an go without that but if I end up having the money and the time I'll enrol as well.

Once I start getting $$$ again, everything will fall into place. NEET life was all right but it can't last forever.
35 in 2 months. Still no gf, but life is good
File: billy miley.jpg (383 KB, 853x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
billy miley.jpg
383 KB, 853x1280
Happy to hear that even my bottom-of-the-barrel life can be a little inspiring. I guess once you hit bottom you can keep dragging your face on the ground some more but eventually you get back up.

The funny part is that how it was right in front of me the whole time. When I was supposed to be studying Spanish because I thought of maybe becoming a translator I was instead writing down lyrics from various songs from memory. When I used to smoke weed to get away from the stress of college, the first thing I did was pop on a pair of headphones.

Anyway, when I was 20-22 those were definitely the worst years of my life.
I had more of a quarter-life crisis back then when all my friends were going on to University and whatnot than now when my former friends are starting to have kids and houses of their own.
Deep down we are aware of this but for the reasons expressed so eloquently here >>25540913 25-30 is a special time for frogs to relate.

As for me

>life is pretty good.
>still no undergrad degree
>younger gf
>enjoying summer in Australia, camping with mates etc

>tfw younger gf seems so much more mature and progressed through life than you. Yet isn't interested in ideas that are becoming appealing to you as you approach 30 (marriage, kids etc)
>tfw some mates weren't at annual camping trip before new fathers.
>it's becoming increasingly apparent that the people you hate in your social circle are not leaving.
turning 25 this weekend

does it get better?
nope. i guess i am on the point where it only get worse. shit man,

It literally only gets worse.
If you don't do anything it won't.

Things will just stay the same with your body slowing getting worse and worse
>unemployed for 6 months now
>6 months left before running out of money
>lived the NEET dream for 6 months
>started exercising, lost fat and gained strength
>cooked pretty much all of my meals, so much better at cooking now

If I'm still unemployed in 6 months i'm gonna have to move home with my parents senpai
File: pepe afraid.jpg (20 KB, 249x249) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
pepe afraid.jpg
20 KB, 249x249
>graduated in Dec 13'
>have had two jobs since then
>both shitty service desk jobs mostly resetting passwords and troubleshooting simple window shit
>get paid 19/hr with full benefits at my current job
>still hate having to talk to 40-50 people a day about stupid password shit mostly
>wish I could get a better IT job
>have no certs no one wants to fucking hire me
>only for shitty service desk jobs being forced to make small talk with irritating people over the phone all fucking day
>plus its in healthcare so its mostly women with midwestern accents

Plus I'm overweight by like forty pounds and have no ambition even though I want to learn and read and grow both mentally and physically but I can't because of a brick wall in my mind preventing me with doing anything meaningful with my life. Again a soul crushing job where I work with some of the dumbest people possible. Older woman next to me who's in her late forties fucking asked me how to set up her monitors correctly. THIS IS A PERSON WHO WORKS IN A IT HELP DESK. Getting calls from people about tickets they called about, one call I got a woman had some citrix error and just needed citrix reinstalled. The person who originally took the call was a laquisha or one of those shitty black woman names. FUCK I WANT A BETTER JOB FUCK FUCK FUCK.

Guess I just needed to vent. Been going to the gym for a month, I've lost 10lb so far. Also I want to try stand up comedy or writing or something.
Fucking white people..

you have no idea how hard having privilege is, its a huge weight on your soul
>it help desk
>decent job
no, it just pays 10 dollars
I'm 21 but I know that I won't be any different when I'm 25. I'm extremely shy and will never improve. I've been in individual and group therapy about it, but have only made marginal improvements. No girl will ever like me.

On another note, I want to get my masters degree in tax after graduation this spring.

so how long have you worked in help desk? I'm just glad my job pays decently for what it is, I could be making $13/hr still right now at my old job.
>24 and living with parents still
>will probably be living with them til I'm 28/29
>graduated trade school, but working part time night shift retail job
>dealing with massive anxiety and depression
>just started Prozac
>hoping to get second part time job (for what I studied)

My life is kind of going nowhere. Going on a long vacation in the summer.
Need a break from everything going on around me.

I wake up everyday hoping someone kills me in a driving accident.
Does life get worse as you grow older? Are you guys happy with your jobs
ive been working in the "real world" for about half a year now as a doctor. It's fucking bullshit
30, year old daughter, lots of welding and other industrial certifications. Feels alright man. Rather be doing crimes desu senpai but would hate to have my kid taken away from me.
>working early morning to late night and still get to have fun
>yes, buying my own insurance
>experience meeting entrepeneurship

I work in a hospital help desk lots and lots of women
I'm 18 and a senior in HS, all I do is go to school, play video games, and smoke weed to drown the feels. What should I do with my life to survive, fellow robots

You're not 25, you fucking retard. You are not any different from other 21 year olds now respect the fucking thread, you illiterate nigger.
25. Working office job. Have 'aged well' but still no gf. Studying for my GMAT. Life is okay.

Once you're 25-or-so you kinda stop giving a shit about what other people think. At the same time you don't get elated as much. Most people would summarize it as being 'alright'.
25th Birthday today anons.
Another year closer to death. Another year of life.
Got a degree but can't afford a masters or land a better job than the shitty retail job I've worked for coming up to 8 fucking years.
Working towards getting my driving license at least. It's all so damn expensive yet somehow mandatory to even have a shot of getting work.

Living at home isn't bad though. I get on well with my family and I pitch in to help where I can.

Pretty much on track for staying in loserville for sometime. I just get on with it now though.
But why does it matter if I won't be any different in 3.5 years.

You should wait 7 years and come back to this thread, you special SNOWFLAKE FEELING FAGGOT.

Not him but 21 is way different than 25. You just won't understand until you get here.
I'm 21 and taking the GMAT on the 16th. How long have you been studying? I've been going for 2 straight weeks. I got the materials in July but only studied intermittently.
i have 0 friends cuz im not doing anything also i feel like im putting on a fake me when im with ppl

because at 25 if you don't have anything going you're in big trouble. At 25 you better have a fucking useful degree or a skill.

Just started Monday and took a practice test today. I think you probably need more than 2 weeks to study, given how hard it is to go from an 'okay' score to exceptional. It's easy to go from 500 to 600, but 600 to 700 takes months.
I don't even try making friends because I figure that no one would ever want to hang out with me. I don't talk to anyone at work.
I just need to get a 500, so I'm not to worried about it. I'm just doing an extra year at my college's graduate program for my master's in tax. The GMAT is only mandatory if applying for merit aid.
File: 1447829302857.jpg (1 MB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2048x1536
Thanks for looking out for me, anon

I can't write for shit today.
File: 1448165608323.jpg (192 KB, 456x628) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
192 KB, 456x628
>30yr old KV
>successful, 6 figure salary, low stress job
>still hate it, massive anxiety and depression
>was in a car accident so can't move much without extreme pain
>getting fatter, even less desirable
>pretty much given up on ever being in a relationship
>will never have anyone to share this wealth with or leave it to when I blow my brains out
>too depressed to enjoy it myself

life is suffering
File: 1344030283774.jpg (42 KB, 512x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 512x512
I thought the male value comes from years of hard work and improving yourself while women do absolutely nothing for themselves in comparison.
That's literally not worth it. Kids get paid more by their parents to take the trash out.
In my opinion 24-25 is when your attitude really changes and this is when you can make or break. I see a lot of people in their 20s and there is a definite gap between 23 and 25 year olds.
give it to poor robots in need
>already a week into January

What do you think a person should have achieved by 30 to be considered each of these

File: frustrated_leo[1].png (114 KB, 498x246) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114 KB, 498x246
>turning 29 in the coming months
>living on the other side of the planet from all of my family
>job is not so great: low pay, no security, but it's something I enjoy
>getting to the age where the pressure to start a family is almost too great to resist
>every time I see someone, they ask if we're having a baby yet
>a baby?
>what about a baby?
>I want to see your baby!
File: 1420676192950.gif (997 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
997 KB, 500x281
>just moved back home to start going to uni

It feels kind of shitty to be starting a 4 year degree at 25, but I didn't know what I wanted to do until last year. If I went to school at 18 I would have went to film school which would have been tragic.
Just fly the fuck off and leave those literal autistic ponyfuckers. Like what the fuck do you have to lose? Your life will be miserable if you stay and THEIR lives will be miserable REGARDLESS of whether you do. They'll be autistic little shits when you're taking care of them just as they'll be autistic little shits when they're being taken care of by some social worker who probably puts small amounts of rat poison in their food just because she has grown antisocial and hateful after years of that fucking job.

You don't own them jack shit for them having fucked up genetics. It's not like you won some jackpot with the Gs either, so just take the little you have and leave them.

My earliest career impulse was to become a professional wrestler when I was like 16.

I'd probably be dead or crippled or homeless by now.
Yeah dude. This reality is just keeping yourself busy until you die
I'm the top reply. Hey brah wanna be friends? Hmu if you get this. Trying to be a little more social.
I'm just 20 (I actually had to recall my age, thought maybe I was 21) but I can relate to having a huge scar on stomach. I had a shitty appendix surgery and as a result I got a huge scar running down my belly. I was a kid still (14 I think) and it has gotten relatively smaller as I've grown, so that's good. It fucked my already low confidence tho and I autistically made sure not a single person saw the scar for like 3-4 years straight. Nobody even noticed until I told them how autistic I've been about it.

I've gotten used to it and I can now somewhat freely change clothes in the presence of others, but it still makes me uncomfortable being on the beach or talking with someone in the dresser while facing them.

I dunno this won't help you probably but I just felt like typing it out.
>tfw balding
>tfw my older brothers have perfect hairlines

Why don't you just do it?
>100 days clear from everything
>browse 4chan

you know 4chan is addictive
>No friends
>No social circle whatsoever
>Will resort to getting an oculus rift and spending my nights with it inside of recordings for all the social contact I need

Just let me die a slow undignified death.
>tfw balding
>tfw manlet
>tfw glasses
>tfw jobless

i dont continue this list only cause the feels are getting the best of me and i think ive belittled your problem enough with this
I'm a first year undergrad and I'm 30. Don't worry. 25 is fine.
File: cash-rewards[1].jpg (34 KB, 636x289) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 636x289
>tfw 28
>finally starting to make enough at work to offset student loan payments + car payment
>after tax season this year should be able to move out into a small studio and finally achieve my "dream" of living alone
>selfish dream so I don't have to have smalltalk with mom+dad every time I pass them in the house

Some stuff I've learned while trying to break the man-child curse

>/biz/ told me I'm a fucking retard for using my debit card for everything since I get no card loyalty points
>instantly accepted for new cards since credit is amazing from years of payments
>spend all my money at the grocery store buying gift cards for myself at 6% cash back
>earning fuel points each time I do this

Thanks, /biz/. Also a strangely frugal way to live... any time I want fast food I have to go to the grocery store and find the card for it. Saved hundreds in impulse spending. Got a couple hundred in Amazon gift cards loaded into my account... all 6% cash back. Way better than that 1% "point" shit I used to get. After years thinking credit cards were "evil". My parents are retards...
>only use credit card because my bank for debit gives you 10 transactions per month then you have to pay $1 per transaction (aint that some shit?)
>pay credit card off in full every month
>apply for 1% cash back credit card
>get rejected

File: Publix3.jpg (22 KB, 495x599) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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what's going on with your life/career?
Working at a grocery store.
you move out of your parents?
Get that masters?
Got a good career going?
I work at a grocery store...
File: fbf 50yo.jpg (87 KB, 407x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fbf 50yo.jpg
87 KB, 407x405
> mfw age 52
> professional manager, etc
> on 4chan every night
> y'all have no idea how many of us "older folks" are on here

> mfw 25 is NOT OLD
I just checked my credit score, something like 800ish.

But I've been paying student loans the past 6 years... car for the past 3... credit card stuff for about 4ish. Never missed any payments and a couple small student loans are fully paid for now.

Did you check your credit score this year? Might be why you're getting rejected instantly.
>Graduate college this Spring (BS Math)
>Hopefully employed before summer ends
>Dreams of moving out
>late 20's
>once great full society of thick hair
>shake hair over white sink
>30+ hairs fall out
>can see scalp spots over the middle when I tilt down my head

You're gonna be ok man. I've got a buddy whose dad is career military, and he stuck with it long past 45. He liked the routine.

Just stay away from lazy bitches
I'm a 25 yearold HKV,neet, never had a job, manlet, no friends. Is there a way to turn it all around. Has anyone turned it around that were in a similar situation? How? Feels impossible and pointless at this juncture.
Grad student

around 25 start having intense, deep, deep emotions about how bizarre and surreal and absurd and utterly unmanageable human existence is. Panic attacks ensue.

Life turns out to be a lot harder and a lot more boring than I expected it to be. Career and financial disappointments combined with bad relationships and loss of friendships as people move away, and the realization (finally, at age 27) of how utterly mediocre a human I am, especially compared to most of my
Peers and relatives.

Cue depression.

The plus side is that I seem to be slowly building up a sort of brute-force endurance to the shit realities of life and am basically becoming emotionally numb. Beats panic and depression.

TLDR: disillusionment plus the loss
of emotional highs and lows as you turn into another dumb ox in the morning commute
>tfw you're 31 and you pretty much have it together more or less
>but you're definitely _you now, it's too late to reinvent yourself, you've chosen a path and for better or worse you gotta walk it now
>sometimes think about paths not taken, better or worse
>tfw haunted by the ghosts of who you might have been
> manlet
sorry man, but you can't change that
> Never had a job
That's okay; lie about work experience. That's what I did, and had a bunch of offers.
> No friends
I don't care about this too much, but at school and work there are plenty of opportunities to establish friendships. Every semester I get at least two people to ask me for contact info, but I tell them to give me theirs instead. Needless to say, I never contact them. Clean yourself up, and get in shape. That's all you can really do, short of plastic surgery, to fix your virginity problem. But the longer you stay in your position, the harder it will be.

Too real

The gradual accrual of so many opportunity costs that they essentially dwarf by a factor of infinity the positives of your chosen path.

Only way I deal with it is not to think about it. At all.

I try and remind myself that some of those might-have-been-mes would be so fucking jealous of my life right now, that's all I can do.
>got my master's in psych last year
>25+? Wtf were you doing
>took uni classes all through high school
>have french fiance
>both kind of fucked up when we met, made each other better
>10/10 w bubble butt
>work doing sales for a construction supply company. Had some offers related to my education but this job is great.
>weekends at a restaurant that i've worked at since high school just to keep busy
>live with fiance, dad and sister since we left my cunt mother
Only thing i don't like about my life is my weight but it's evenly distributed so I don't look horrible but if i'm on it i can lose 5lbs a week, done it before. Just don't want to make time for it now.
6ft 270 if you're curious.
31 is nowhere too late to reinvent yourself. It's just much harder.
File: 1352784044747.jpg (33 KB, 422x462) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 422x462
Only 24 here. Does it get better?
> tfw DoB 1/10/1991
> kv
> no job
> living with parents

i've got 3 days to change my life..
Anon on suicide watch
No, don't be a fool. Just look around you at the suicides and the jails and the mental health clinics and the hospitals and the divorces and the crime and the pollution and the sadness and the hordes, the teeming masses, of unfulfilled people begging for entertainment and consumption as distractions

>we exist on a razors edge of stability, madness and death on either side
Got a degree, work some little min wage job until I build up some money. The people there are super chill with me so I don't really mind. Have about $2K holed up which isn't fantastic but still pretty great. and looking at my friends living on pennies working multiple jobs I'm not gonna complain.
>26 year old virgin NEET
>can't even come to /r9k/ anymore without these threads always on the front page reminding me that the supposed best years of my life were ticked away as I hid in my room
File: 1359677610061.jpg (36 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 300x300
>tfw 24
>still unemployed
>still KHV
What do 25+ or 30+ people in this situation even do? I feel like I'm too old for this, and the shame of meeting people I used to know or family members is becoming unbearable.
25 virgin. I have a useless degree and have only held one job in my life. Still living with my parents and unmotivated as fuck. At least I have money for which I am eternally grateful. Although, its inheritance.

you know there are people out there who have no personality other than having weed or a car and they pull all kinds of tail. Getting an actual emotional investment is unfortunately not that common.

Even the couples that seem to "click" might just get together, watch netflx in silence, fuck,a and then run to separate rooms to do whatever it is they do. not a typical relationship, but ones that do exist. Don't worry about it, as long as she likes you and not her ex and ends up fucking her coworker after knowing him for 3 months despite knowing you since you were 11 and you've basically grown up together and helped each other through incredibly difficult times fuck you terri
An hero, nigga. You know it's the direction you're going, you just haven't got there yet.

hang on a bit. That is assuming you are putting in slight effort to get a job. If you aren't and are just waiting for the sweet embrace of death then you should probably speed up the process
>parents are going to start charging $1000 a month in rent to live at home
>only make $100 a week

this is the end

>$1000 in rent

that's some high class extortion, but then again not much you can do
Wtf kind of parents are those?

Jesus Christ the whole "get your own place" meme is out of hand. For literally thousands of years humans lived together in extended family units. They benefited from the added emotional bonds and networking.

Then one fucking housing and finance boom and it's out on your own at 18.
I know I just need a life coach.

Someone that will kick my ass to do the right things but isn't going to drive me to the point where I just shut off.

>just turned 28
my dad packed a bag at 18 y/o and moved 5000 miles with zero plans or money and now makes $800k a year. anything less than this is failure in his eyes so I guess it's to force me out so I can do the same
Yup like I said one generation experiences a housing and finance boom
File: 1448938369246.jpg (46 KB, 612x612) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 612x612
>Just turned 26
>Not employed and barely still going to college
>Slowly getting fat
>Not really sure what to do or where to go
>Never accomplished anything
>Mom still have high hopes for me... it really breaks my heart

Shit, why do I have to be such a half-assed loser? I never see anything through. One day I'm all pumped for a new personal project, just to give up when I'm halfway done. I'm just a wasted life.
just got fired from a low end job in the bio sciences because rampaging alcoholism

about to move onto one of my parents rental properties after 8 years living in a cool area, its a shit area but cheap as hell and at least wont be in the same house as parents

no gf, not had sex in a year, maybe more
>because rampaging alcoholism

How did it impact your work?
I'm 28, have worked many jobs since I was a teenager. I worked in a computer store making 9.00/hr for 5 years until I was 26. Had A+ and CCNA certs. Couldn't find anything better, seriously. Now I'm finally working in a helpdesk making 18/hr. Don't complain, you're working at a good job already. You realize at our wage we make equal to the median household income of the USA. You're not going to get much more than that without serious skills and experience, which you should be accumulating now.
Why do old people post here? Have you noticed that being caught in this post-edgy teenager nightmare is not a key to the solution you're trying to find?
For me I have no hobbies so need something to pass the time.
I also have no friends and being human I inherently crave socialization.
Lastly I have an addictive personality and crave anything which gives me a dopamine kick.

All 3 of these ensure I spent way too much time on 4chan instead of actually trying to improve my situation.

Misery is comfortable.
Happiness takes effort.

Look man, I'm just wasting time until vacation next week, and thinking of where the hell my birth cert went since the DMV is ultra scared of terrorists and I need like 400 things to verify my identity
I like the format and the humor, same reason I ever posted here.
I don't really care for the whole "normos rooo" meme and general misanthropy that's used to impress each other around here, I'm just here to read greentext stories and post my own. I'm more interested in what people have genuinely to say as anonymous posters, rather than karma-milkers on reddit.
File: bad music.png (512 KB, 508x563) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
bad music.png
512 KB, 508x563
>One day I'm all pumped for a new personal project, just to give up when I'm halfway done. I'm just a wasted life.

I'm 25 and going to be 26 in 4 months. I have been going to community college since 2010. I register for 3 or 4 classes pumped to take it on in the beginning. then In the middle I lose all motivation and quit because the apathy is just to much to overcome. what's another F, what's another withdraw, another missing assignment, another semester, another year, another night thinking about all the times I've fucked up.

What bothers me more then no gf is that I could have done more with my youth. Maybe I could have gotten a scholarship, made some close friends,made some great memories. Now all I have to look back at is posts i made in old forums and to play old games to try to bring back times when there seemed like there was some small chance that I would make it.
I've wasted so much time that it feels futile to start now. I don't know man.
I want to chase my dreams and be an artist

Should I quit everything and chase it?

>tfw you have the body of a child

It hurts so much knowing I'll never be a manly man
Yep. Life is way too fucking short. Just realize that to pursue art unless you have rich parents you need a day job to support you while you do it. If you're any combination of talented, hardworking and lucky you may become part of the 1% who are able to make a comfortable living solely from their art.

Best of luck. What kind of art?
Are you 5' short?
How tall are you, brobot?

it will just kinda hit you randomly one day when you least expect it. and you'll be all like, damn, I'm an adult now
save this threade
>I deserve your hard-earned money, gibsmedat

Fuck you and people like you.
>spent teenage years doing drugs
>mdma acid weed coke
>had a girl at 22
>finally stopped drugs
>we brake up go separate ways
>dad is growing weed alone
>his partner he grows with dies
>hit by car
>I move in start growing
>pay all bills get severely in debt
>we make nothing I'm 20 gs in debt
>we stop growing
>dad and girlfriend start selling coke
>I start doing percocets and coke
>start taking oxies to stop blow
>feel depressed cause of debt
>have decent job
>become massive coke head /oxies
>finally starting to get clean
>stopping blow and down to 1 oxy
>spent all my savings
>can't stand women
>oxies the only thing I have
>starting to get back on right track
>everyday feel the oxies calling Me
>live with my coke n oxy dealer
>can't escape need new friends
>sick of everything and everyone
>so I hang with you robots
>feel health failing
>sleep all day vidya all day
>have become a depressed recluse
>just want to get my life back
>slowly regaining myself each day
>tfw can't even manage to save anything
At least I'm not in debt I guess...
>a kid because they can't relate to the epic feels of what growing up as a teen in the 90s was like and what the internet used to be

goddamn I felt that one

Any old fags have hobbies or things I should dabble in desu ? I want something to fill the emptiness in my life with some sort of meaning senpai
>worked at a shit retail job since I was 19, left last year when I hit 27
>move to the east coast to be with internet gf who I was dating for 3 years
>turns out she was a psycho slut cunt in person and the whole pure innocent waifu thing was an online facade
>dump her and move out
>renting a room in the slums of baltimore now and working for a construction company run by a heroin addict
>company will probably fail in a few months and I won't have a job
>family and friends are all back in the west coast but severed all ties with them because I thought my gf was more important

At least I have you guys. No homo
hi French fry
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>sick leave from work 80% pay
>on meds seeing psychologist for depression
>meds working great am a fully functioning person

I have an okay job, very good considering how I am as a person. I'm doing stuff for me again which feels great. Yesterday I took my car out in the middle of the night and skidded around in the snow on a secluded parking lot.
Soon to be doctor here, elaborate pls?

Though Im planing to go for radiology and also Im a slav so life is terrible anyway but still I am interested
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>drop out
>dead end below minimum wage job
>mom has cancer

Every day I go to work then home and play video games until fall asleep. The sad thing I actually don't even want anything more, but I'm terrified of living alone, not to mention taking care of myself.
>tfw 26yo
>been hiki-neet for the past 3 years
>move out of home in summer
>live 100 meters distance from home
>house used to belong to grandpa
>got two grands of allowance from family
>feeling ok in new house
>love cooking and doing my own shit
>cold winter started
>losing the will to do anything anymore
>want to get a job but unmotivated to do anyting
>allowance is running out
>already wasted this month's internet cap
>will be without internet from tomorrow

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