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who here /alcoholic/?

What are you drinking? Whats your reason? How long have you been an drinking?
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currently drinking aristocrat because it was cheap.
I drink because I'm neet and always bored. I've been drunk everyday for the last 6 months. I've been drink for over 2 years.
I drank an entire fifth last night, feel like shit.

I drink everyday, vodka. Have been for 2 years

It helps with feels
>It helps with feels
What are you feelin brah?

A month ago, I told my mother she was a shitty parent and started crying like a bitch. She didn't care because shes a schizoid. I still feel bad for calling her that, but I feel even worse becauise she didn't care.
>no yob
>no college
>no one in my family wants to be around me

Fuck. Did you apologize
>no disorders - wish I did because then I'd have an excuse
>no friends and family doesn't know I exist
Just another statistic. A failed child of a single mother.

>did you apologize
no, because I meant it.
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please dont leave me alone
Where's your father?

>tfw finally going to get a hooker this month and lose virginity
hes has another family.
His 3rd try.
He's an obvious sociopath.
In my mid 30s, have been alcoholic for some years now.
My wife got divorced because of it and I can't see my daughter anymore - though I never was a good dad to begin with.

Might lose my job if it became known around there. Work as a radiologist.
That sucks bro. What did you do on new years

>stayed home
>drank 14 beers and pissed the couch
why do you continue to drink when it's cost you so much?
I didn't feel a whole lot when my wife left, I didn't feel anything for a couple of years prior but she sticked around and did her best. Thought once we had a kid I would maybe change - but it really didn't change a thing.

Over the holidays, which I spent alone in a hotel room, I thought a lot about changing but I just can't put myself to it. I don't mind my situation much
More of a drug fiend than an alcoholic, but I get fucked up all day. I'm in jury duty, on heroin right now. I also am somehow on full college scholarship
got drynk and passed out. you haven't told me whyt you drink?
My mom is schizoid too, fuckin sucks. Doesn't sound like your life is bad though. There is nothing wrong with being addicted if you're happy
make sure you guys take your multivitamins, b complex, and magnesium

i ended up in the hospital after drinking every day for 4 months straight because my heart went out of rhythm
i take a mmultivitam every other day. I stopped ghetting hangovers when I started.
Why or what?

New years I drank blue moon and two left over Budweisers, I drink vodka almost everyday. 7-10 strong drinks a night

I drink because it helps my feels and autism, it makes me mildly happier and able to be around people. But sometimes it backfires and I get more depressed because tfw no gf

>marijuana helps too during the day
I'm not happy but the alcohol does not change that in either direction.

My wife offered to let me see my daughter if I decide to try to stop drinking so much. Should I do it?
Really? What vitimans
my mom moved me out to the middle of nowhere where there nothing around for miles,took away my car once I had friends. I never had a chance, and refused to give me my social security number until the car was taken away so I could get a job.

I never had a chance.
regular multivitams.
Specifically, equates multivitamins for people under 50.
I take one an hour before I drink and I haven't had a problem since.
my god, sorry for allk these typos. i am actually drunk atm.
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Pretty sure I have some sort of a genetic predisposition towards drinking. Whenever my dad gets drunk he way overdoes it and ends up unconscious on his back near the front door. My mom on the other hand can't stand alcohol at all, or medication for that matter. This somehow has created the interesting combination in me that I get drunk from just two pints despite drinking 10-15 pints daily, when I drink anyway. I have problems controlling my drinking pace so I try to stay away from vodka since I end up getting blackout drunk under 90 minutes after drinking a fifth and instead stick to beer and sip that from morning to evening. Thanks to my mom I can't even take ibuprofein without getting a fucking headache and feeling sleepy from it.

I have tried to seek medical help for my problems since I'm a NEET and apparently mentally ill and all that shit, but they just try to stuff me full of antidepressants and antipsychotics which only make sleeping more difficult. One of the main reasons why I drink is that I suffer from touch oversensitivity and feel actual physical pain from seams in clothes and touching dishes that have been washed with wrong kind of detergent. The detergent thing mostly makes people look at me like I'm insane when I tell them about it. Also doesn't help that I fear that someone is going to barge into my aparment whenever I hear a noise from the staircase so I have to blast music at loud volume the entire time I'm awake to block out any outside noises.

I'm sorry if this all seems incoherent, which it probably is, but I'm quite inebriated.
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To add to that.

Couple years back my drinking apparently had a positive effect on me. According to my online friend I was a real cunt while sober and seemed to pick apart everything people said and then proceeded to spit the fragments back at them. Drinking made me more mellow and more tolerable. Recently, however, this same person said that I am unaesthetically committing a long suicide and that he feels bad about my drinking. Neither of us are strangers to suicide, since the thought has been circling in our minds for more years than either of us have fingers, but it still felt like genuine worry in a way.

I wish I did heroin or something so I could at least overdose on it easily and make it seem like an accident.
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>have some friends over
>they're smoking weed
>decide fuck it i'm not smoking anymore
>finish the last beer around 5 am
>fuck it, i'm not drinking anymore on weekdays
>wake up today, still have some leftover vodka
>want to get drunk
Not /alcoholic/ but definitely a heavy drinker

Drinking Tito's vodka because it's low-calorie
Genetically predisposed to substance abuse/dependence issues
Drinking since I was 15, though it's gotten much worse in the past couple years

gin, because i'm lonely, sad and don't want to study.
How do reason that you're not alcoholic? What's the difference, for you? Currently weighing up whether I'm an alcoholic or not.
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There this is certain clarity you get after you vomit your guts out and try to breath in through your nose only to find it blocked by mountains and mountains of snot, which you then seek to resolve by blowing your nose but are unable to locate the nearest paper towel, or toilet paper, due to tears in your eyes from the acidic cocktail that you just unsleashed upon the porcelain. It sort of feels like sobriety for a few minutes.
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Thread images: 8
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