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>be 26 years old
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all is lost.png
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>be 26 years old
>currently pursing a career in game production after graduating college
>have qt3.14 asian gf as pure as snow
>perfect in all standardizable ways imaginable
>both interested in each other for 2 years, but dated for 20 months
>treat her like a queen, buy her stuff, tell her deep dark secrets I've never told anyone else, help her in classes, ask for nothing of the like in return
>the sex was beyond amazing
>comes from lower class immigrant family
>father is the kindest man imaginable, works 9-5 minimum wage
>has controlling manipulative neurotic mother, who is the head of the family
>mother says nothing but negative things to her
>99% of our arguments were her upset at me because of something her mother said
>applied to jobs, went to grad school, eventually got 9-5 office job at minimum wage
>begin saving up for house and paying off debt
>her mother doesn't see this as adequate enough, convinces her to break up with me
>show 15 seconds of unintentional instinctive anger in response
>she cuts all communication ties with me immediately afterwards
>mother convinces her that I am the devil, and that i have serious anger issues
>she accuses me of having nude pics and threatens police action if I revenge post them
>there are no nude pics
>2 weeks later I take all of her belongings to her place
>her mother answers the door, with the distressed look of an 80 year old (actually 50)
>exchange our belongings
>included in her belongings are christmas presents I bought for her right before she broke up w/ me, a photo of us, and a note saying "goodbye"
>her mother convinced her I was a monster
>I have no plans of revenge and wish her good luck in life
>have had 2 exs before her, and 23 one-sided oneitises before her
>26 years old with 26 failed relationships

My trust in humanity is now effectively gone.
>have had 2 exs before her,

GTFO you normie faggot.
It's going to be okay man. It might be hard for a while but life goes on
This is why you don't date asian women.

Take it from an asian male.
>counting onetitises as "relationships"

w e w

l a d
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2 MB, 219x186
>My trust in humanity is now effectively gone.
what ethnicity was she? sounds like a stereotypical tiger-mom situation.
This lol

But anyway OP, some men just don't get lucky with women until they find the perfect person, sometimes it's later in life. Sometimes you just gotta settle too, if you really just want someone.
I don't get it.

Why is it like that?
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1 MB, 1237x1334
serves you right though if you're not asian yourself.

racemixers deserve shit like that.
>complying with her mom's life-decision demands

top cuck, m8
protip: she's not pure as snow if her family is 1st generation, poor and manipulating.

>father is the nicest man
yeah theres a reason why. he was cucked by his wife into giving her children and working full time to support them. if he wasn't so docile or compliment, she would have left him by now.

from what I understand, and from personal experience, they want her to marry another cuck asian man to continue the vicious cycle onward. thats a cycle you don't want to be a part of.

you should have had the standard of wanting a qt(180*) asian gf who comes from a rich 2nd+ gen family - one thats white washed and owns a wealthy business.
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Ohhhh, so this is why I never come to /r9k/.
Do you frequent MPC?
thanks, and yes it does, I suppose

>implying white women are any better aesthetically or genetically
lel, you can have them for all I care.

she (and her family) was Thai

Wanting a family/house/life-partner has been my #1 goal as far back as I can recall. a career in video games my #2 goal. and I legitimately thought I could have both. But now I see that its one or the other.
well fuck it, i'd rather dedicate myself to something I'm in control of, as opposed to someone I'm not. I'm abandoning my family goals and putting my vidya career as my #1 priority from hereon out.

>implying halfies aren't superior, and the inevitable future

but family isn't something that can be standardized. that goes beyond the context of the person themselves. but yeah, I suppose its for the best that she ditch me now, as opposed to in the future if we were married with kids and a house.

divorce like that would devastate me beyond repair. it happened to my father before he met my mother.
OP, was she a roastie? I've never had sex with an asian woman before, but I'd imagine that unlike white women, their vulva are inside (where it belongs) Is this true?

Also, what did having your dick inside her feel like? And what did her vaj juices taste like? and did she squeal high pitched when being penetrated? I'm sorry for all the questions, but I'm genuinely curious!
think about this on the bright side: whoever she gets into a relationship with next, they'll have to deal with her parents too. and they too will do everything to force him into being a cuck.

if he doesn't, she'll break up with him too. if he does mold, and they get married, then she might just divorce him and leave him for dead. or, if not, then he'll spend the rest of his life a cuck and die a cuck.

be fortunate and happy that you are NOT her next victim. be happy that you are free and well educated.
>implying halfies aren't superior, and the inevitable future

like I said, you deserve every stupid shit that has happened to you. I know exactly why I have no remorse saying that, you heritage traitor faggot.
>implying halfies aren't superior

Bitchy JonTron Imagefagging "Muh GF" shitposter.
>currently pursing a career in game production

KEK you're never getting a job fagget
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>being this virgin
lol. no she wasn't a roastie. but i don't doubt there exist roastie asians - not that it affects me either way.

that is one way to see it. if anything, I feel sorry for her, that she was cursed with an awful mother. if she does have a heart, I'm sure she must be suffering even more than I am and hating her mom. if not, she's a soulless puppet who mindlessly obeys her every command. either way, she lives a miserable sad life and theres nothing that can be done about it, especially on my end.

>being this butt blasted over interracial reproduction
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