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Feels thread
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>want to immigrate to US
>the girl I planned to marry bails out
>tfw no replies
>tfw no qt Americans offering like I hoped
I'm sorry nobody wants to post in your thread, foreign man. Would you like to talk about it?
I might be up for helping you out. Where are you from and do you have a nice accent?
>do you have a nice accent
http://vocaroo.com/i/s1D3mMjdT1af you tell me
>Where are you from
Israel b-but I have money

I only help out QT Arabs. Sorry.
going to use you to bump my thread
>tfw iktf
I just wanted to be with her
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>/r9k/ is your family now

/lit/ has the best memes tho
saved, this is fucking great
My microphone is pretty good, idk why it sounds so shitty in vocaroo, if you want a better recording i can make one

Every time I see that pic I get a little sad.
It does sound cool and this is coming from /pol/ack.
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Legless Girl.png
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This is sad desu. Really sad.
What kind of heartless faggot would do this
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No idea.
Here's a feels comic.
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I heard you guys wanted to feel?
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Cake Baww.jpg
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This is original.
>in love with someone
>they start acting really shitty
>bring it up to them so we can work on it
>they get enraged with me for bringing it up
>relationship quickly becomes unhealthy
>they treat me like shit, I break it up
>still in love, wish things didn't go this way
>know I can't go back because they will continue to treat me poorly

please hold me brothers
/lit/ can never mock us ever again because of this.
Can you give a longer greentext? I'd love to hear it.
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Just fuck me up family, I'm crying.

is there specifically anything more you'd like to know?

>meet love interest
>they're really socially anxious
>quiet always
>I find it endearing
>start to get to know each other slowly
>similar childhoods; both went through some intense shit
>we really understand each other
>they have a lot of mental problems
>I don't mind or judge them
>relationship progresses
>their mental health getting worse
>I'm always there to support them
>they start really acting out
>they end up in the hospital
>basically spiraling into madness
>I notice they've become more and more controlling
>try to let them know I can't remain in a controlling relationship but I want to see them get mentally well, they just need to stop acting out against me
>things just get worse

crying desu I cared so much
Nothing I specifically wanted to know really. I just screenshot feels stories I find along the years an save them.
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normies are such great people
>le textless post may may
>tfw I too know that feel
A-at least I might get lucky with a boy from Europe who pretends to be a girl but is actually interesting so he can't be one.
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>tfw trapped in a relationship I don't want to be in
>if I left him he'd probably kill himself

oh shit, post greentexts
also pls leave him he's manipulating you and probably won't actually off himself
I don't know if he's manipulating me or not but I'm not sure I want to take the risk.

>met him through mutual friends since we're both a part of a gaming teamspeak community
>we quickly become very attached to each other
>after the honeymoon phase his attachment goes too far
>he's angry at me when I don't wake up early to talk to him (he's 2 hours ahead)
>constantly guilt trips me when I decide to play video games with another person
>complains about his poor grades and low self esteem constantly
>all he does is come home and play video games after school so it's no wonder he's not in shape and doing bad in school
>regularly tells me that I'm the only thing keeping me alive
>hints that he wants to move in with me after he's done with school
>says he wants to stay at out shared apartment and stay home playing video game while I take care of all financial stuff
>tfw nobody you trust enough to confide in about the feelings of hopelessness you've been fighting for over a decade
Thread replies: 31
Thread images: 10
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