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I'm going to say something incredibly...
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I'm going to say something incredibly beta. I need to get some input on it, though.

I live in the United States, and I am considering transferring to London for uni next year.
There are several reasons why it would be good for me:
>gets me out of my parents' house
>live on my own/with dormmates
>see a new city/country
>can get a bachelor's degree in 3 years as opposed to 4
>better opportunities for specialization in my chosen field
However, none of these reasons really explain why I want to go there.
I want to go there on the off chance that I would see Rose one day, going about town, and I could talk to her.
I know it's very beta to make a big life decision based off the opportunity to meet a 30 year old camwhore, but I have this stupid, stupid infatuation with her that won't go away.

The way I see it is that, if I'm going to have this infatuation, I may as well exploit it. I may as well use it as an excuse/motivator to get me to get out of the house, attend a better uni, lose weight/put on muscle in preparation for possibly seeing her, and so on.

Is this a flawed plan? I know the odds of anything happening are extremely low, rationally speaking. But I feel that, if I'm going to have this stupid infatuation, I may as well abuse it to better myself and my situation.

What do you think, robots?
I like it. Environments where we are far from loved ones and out of our comfort zone are where we can develop ourselves the most. This will be good for you. Use your irrational infatuation for the good cause.
I'm glad you aren't judging me super harshly, I do acknowledge the retardation of it all but I do agree that it would be great for my own personal development.
I have already started losing weight, down 10 lbs and will need to lose another 30 before I start an intensive bulk. So I do feel it is a genuine motivator.

Thank you for the support.
Go for it.
You'll only come across her if you are actively looking for her. Follow her on twitter and if she posts "i'm going to [tourist spot or some other populated area/fancy restaurant] with [blank]" you will show up there and follow her home, from then on you can run into her whenever.
Don't let her notice you when you're following her home or at the event unless you plan on using it in conversation later on.
I'm against actually, genuinely stalking her. I avoid Rose threads and don't know much about her or her personal life, just that she lives in London. Maybe if I got really desperate I would go out on walks just keeping an eye out.
Like I said, I know it's very unlikely that I would ever happen across her by chance, but it would make me feel really uncomfortable to actually stalk her.
If I did meet her I do have an excuse to talk to her. I have been working on a documentary for a month or so about "Youtube personalities", not the big ones, but smaller ones with dedicated followings. I have already arranged interviews with h3h3 and Sam Hyde for when I am on the East Coast this summer. She would be an interesting interview because I could get her take on her following.
>Is this a flawed plan?
Assuming your family isn't extremely wealthy? Yes, London is extortionately expensive to begin with then factor in the fact that you also have to pay international student fees.

As with any major city it'll chew you up and spit you out, if you're going to have to ask yourself if you're prepared to deal with that. Obviously great things can happen there and you can meet great people but I wouldn't recommend for someone that has an infatuation for an internet celeb, something just tells me it'll hit you hard.

Also london is fucking big man, even if you were to limit your casual searching to zone 1 you're not likely to bump into her in 3 years even if you stand in Covent Garden every day of the year.

I would recommend flying the nest and the UK is as good a place as any to do it, just not London. Manchester, Warwick, Lancaster, Oxford, Cambridge, Durham are the kind of places you should be looking at.
My family isn't extremely wealthy, but we're middle class and I've done well enough in school that my education will be discounted greatly with scholarships/grants.
I know I probably wouldn't ever see her or meet her. I understand that completely, but there is still an irrational emotional side to me that just can't let go, so I figure I might as well abuse that side to get me somewhere where I can really grow. I come from a small town but I think I could handle the city. When you grow up in such a small place, it's difficult to find people who share interests/a sense of humor. I feel if I went to a bigger city, a bigger place in general, I could really find people to connect with. With the other advantages it offers, I think it would be a great choice for me. I just wouldn't be motivated enough to try/would be too intimidated to leave my shell if I didn't exploit that stupid, stupid infatuation.
>I've done well enough in school that my education will be discounted greatly with scholarships/grants.
Not in the UK unless you're getting them through programs at home. Foreign students are a cash cow in the UK so don't expect any support from the institutions that you apply to financially at undergrad.

If you're extremely driven and know what you want professionally in life London is a great place to be. If you think you have the drive to do it, go for it. If not look at a smaller city that's on the up in terms of social capital, Manchester would be a decent shout for that.
I mean through the US government. They still offer federal student loans at a great discount even to students going out of country for school.

I think I have the drive, I'll have to mull things over though, I do have a month or two before I should make a decision. I will keep Manchester and those other cities in mind, I like the sound of Oxford, too.

Thanks friendo.
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>tfw NEETing around until i get the courage to do literally this but with manchester
>hoping it forces me to fully stop being a lazy socially anxious robot
>tfw also deeming it possible that i just feel alienated and go full isolation mode, with no parents to fall back on
I am a bit afraid that I will end up being unable to make friends and fall into being an isolated loser working only on my school work.

Even if that did happen, I would still have a beautiful city to explore, some sense of adventure, and a much better outlook/attitude by then because of my weight loss/muscle gain.

Even worst case scenario, it would still be a positive for me, and for you I suspect. I would do it if I were you, robot. I wish you the best of luck.
Oxbridge application deadline passed months ago and other UK unis end in about 2 months FYI. Not sure how it works if you're transferring.

Use The Guardian and The Telegraph's league tables to rank universities by degree area and email admissions departments directly. Good luck though.
That's a shame. I will have to get researching tomorrow then.
Thanks a lot for the advice, I really do appreciate it m8. Have a good night.
I'm sure if you met her, she would enjoy being called a "camwhore".

>I have this stupid, stupid infatuation with her that won't go away.
This video has some helpful advice for you:

I add camwhore because if I don't speak at least somewhat negatively about her this thread would be swarmed with verbal abuse and become a "Rose" thread as opposed to a thread with some good advice for me.

I have seen that video before. I know that it's retarded, like I said, but it just can't be let go for some reason.

I am off for the night, thank you to everyone who gave advice, and I hope you all have a good night.
Some people tried to help you but you don't listen. I hope you're not wasting your parents money on this disaster.
not everywhere in london is expensive. it's a huge city with affluent areas and shitty areas like others of its type. i know of people living there on a pittance
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Instead of London and Rose, move to State College and find Emma
Instead of munching on dozens of hot pockets like you do for every meal you fat piece of shit pedro
munch on some prime autism medication
Rose was outed as a trap, sorry anon.
Deadline is 15th January so you should hurry senpai.

You're insane. I would never in my life come to London if you're in the USA.

This place is depressive as fuck. Coming here for a stupid camwhore is even more retarded, acknowledging that you know this does not make your action any less stupid.
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Excuse me.


Carry on.
I like it too. I'm in a similar situation, I'm going to move to another country in half a year, and even though it's a change I eagerly wait for, a big part of it is seeing a girl that is very special to me.
Go for it, not like you're gonna lose anything.
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>Wow, imagine that. I went to London for this Rose chick I didn't even know.. I was so young and naive back then. I ended up meeting new great new friends, found a good career path and of course I met you, you changed me for the better, darling. I love you. Let's move in together!
>Yes, Anon! Of course!
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