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hemorrhoid thread
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Who /hemorrhoid/ here?
>take shit
>feel like shit is stuck at entrance of anus
>it's just a hemorrhoid
>blue/purple/pink colored
>usually go away when clenching
I'd say I'm Grade I or Grade II hemorrhoid stage
Any medicine-fag in tonight?
Can a person live with this or will they get worse?
I eat fiber (Metamucil, occasional fruit/vegetables) and drink water
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>tfw get most hemorrhoid info from this manga
Witch hazel soaked gauze, just jam it up in your crack and it should help
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>Obligatory OP is faggot
stop pushing
eat more veggies
Are they like grapes?
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Help with crapping better?
I mean they don't hurt, yet. I just hope it doesn't get worse

Thanks for the bump!

>stop pushing
Well I already have them, it'll help but not much

Yeah kinda, I took a couple pics with my phone, will post 'em in a sec
>implying /r9k/ wants to see your hairy asshole
I plead for you not to
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>>>25530378 (You)
>I plead for you not to
For you anon

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And a kinda not clear one
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Dear diary, today OP delivered.
I had one before, lasted awhile but Preparation H was a fucking life saver. I tried the cheaper shit and all it did was hurt more. Just be a man and buy the name brand.
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I had something called an anal fistula a few years ago. It's basically a much more painful hemorrhoid that is harder to get rid of. After 6 months of dealing with that and not being able to do much physical activity, I got put under and had surgery. That thing was fucking horrible
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>anal fistula
Damn that's like cutting right through your ass cheek huh.
How did you poo?

The cream or the wipes?
Can... Can you pop it?...
I had tons of painkillers afterwards and funny story, when waking up from anesthesia my ass was so numbed up that I thought I farted and actually shit my pants. None of the nurses at the hospital wanted to be the one to push me around. Wasn't until hours after I left the hospital that I took the bandage off and had a massive mound of shit plop onto my bathroom floor. Also had to kind of standup above the toilet for a while to crap
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I used to have a lot of hemorrhoids some 4 years ago, like nonstop.

Usually after a drinking I would be dehydrated and had to force the shit.
It happened about 5 times that it would cause an swollen "external" hemorrhoid & a lot of times just some light bleeding.

Like my asshole is grape city still to this day since the hemorrhoids would not recede completely.
Worst of all was when a particularly swollen ass-grape decided to burst while I was sleeping ruining my underwear.

This in turn gave rise to the "anal-rag". Since I had hemorrhoids so often I cut up my bloody underwear into rags which
I would stick up my ass to save my current underwear from getting ruined.

Shit was so bad sometimes I would spend all day laying in my side trying to relieve pressure.
Imagine walking 40 minutes to class chafing your sweaty hemorrhoid and then spend the rest of the day on hardwood seats.
Shit was hell.

I noticed when I was up and about more I would have easier bowel movements, I think the added weight loss might also have been a factor to getting rid of the butt-balloons.
I'm 31 and occasionally get both external and internal hemorrhoids. They're not large in size, but they itch and burn an EXTREME amount. It literally wakes me up 4-5 times a night and makes my waking hours miserable when I have them.

Fortunately, they can be 100% cured with a proper lifestyle. First, alcohol and caffeine make them worse. Second, eat high-fiber foods and take plenty of water. Third, take stool softeners every day... I buy bulk colase on Amazon and take it each morning.

This completely takes care of them. When I do get them, I have prescription Anusol. It works fast -- makes them go away within a couple days. It's the only medication that does anything. Preparation H, suppositories, etc. don't do shit for me. Just get to a doctor and get a prescription for Anusol if you have them. Works wonders.
My condolences anon.
At least you're over the hill now.
>get hemorrhoids
>work as a dishwasher
>tell them I can't come in because of intestinal issues
>"what, like a tummy ache?"
>they make me come in anyways
>stand 8-12 hours a day
>roids never go away
>get laughed at for being so bad at my job
>never eat or sleep
>end up a skeleton
>dad lets me come home if I do a shitty community college course
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Thread images: 11
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