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What was HS like for /r9k/?
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What was HS like for /r9k/?

Did /r9k/ get the touchdown for the home game? Did /r9k/ get the girl? Did /pol/ get out of their town by getting into Harvard on a football scholarship when the recruiter saw that play and shook your hand and said, "Welcome to Harvard son, America needs you"

My high school life

>discover White Nationalism
>better angry kid, would snap at other students over nothing
>medicated off and on, on concerta
>not bullied by anyone
>wear the same long dark winter coat
>say to the most popular girl in the hallway at random "I officially declare war on the school"
>chill on skype calls for White Nationalists
>lose virginity to an Asian escort at 16 due to having a pretty good job on the weekend
>Later fuck 4/10s
>swim team and later lifting
>StarCraft II and Civ 5 with friends
>small circle of rejected gun enthusiast friends
>openly admit to sympathize with the Columbine killers
>never get in trouble except for "bullying a tranny"
>BTFO history teachers in World History class about World War 2 and Armenian Hoax

Shit no wonder how I ended up on /pol/ and here
you sounded like a little shit, I hope you're a better person now
I'm more leveled out now that I'm 21 and have had a few relationships and gotten with hotter girls. I'm still buttblasted over not being chad.
>kept quiet
>didn't say anything to anyone
>had 38% attendance
>no friends, but didn't want any
>in reflection had a pretty bad alcohol problem where I'd drink all day and wouldn't attend anything when I was about 15
then I switched schools and changed myself for the better
>made a bunch of friends
>dated one of the hot girls for 2 years
>broke it off when she got fat
>started getting high all the time
>attended good uni somehow afterwards
You sound like an edgy cunt who no one liked. Also fake and gay
Absolutely miserable. The first year was kinda ok

I wasn't that much of a loser prior to that
>edgy cunt
do you know where you are buddy boyo?
>Had two childhood friends who hung out with me out of pity prior to high school
>By high school they were embarrassed to be seen with me

Average day
>Got to school
>Didn't talk to anyone, remained high strung all day
>Either went home during lunch, to lay in bed in the dark, or found an empty classroom to browse the internet in
>After school, was on laptop in bed until I couldn't stay awake anymore
>Talked to other kids or pedophiles online
>Went to sleep
I was a wow addict the first 2 years and then became a normalfag with the exception of a gf in the last 2. I hung out with hot girls, went to parties and smoked a lot of weed. Never managed to kiss one though because I was still a pussy at heart.
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>tfw your few friends all dropped out, one after another
I know this feel, and the feel of dropping out after you are alone
>Armenian Hoax
shitskin detected
I was a loner and a loser.

then i went to university where i was a loner and a loser except when i switched schools 2 years in. then i was a god for a good 3 years.

now i'm back to being a loner and a loser.
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Turkshit confirmed, Operation Cockroach Extermination is a go!
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turks = roaches
turks = roaches
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turkey is shit
turkey is shit
File: turkroaches.jpg (76 KB, 500x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this is now a turk hate thread
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turkey is still shit
>moved to the USA from Mexico
>Couldn't form a coherent sentence in English
>Everyone was really friendly to me and invited me to parties and shit
>Really struggled to social interact with people because language barrier
>I was basically the class mascot because I would just smile and nod
>Eventually hook up with white girl
mah nigga
File: turkshitsBTFO.jpg (29 KB, 442x379) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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turkey is still shit, who wouldve known
I'm actually Germanic and Italians, anyone knows it wasn't an intentional genocide it was a half assed deportation with a few massacres committed by Kurdish bands.

As for Turkey they can fuck off, they shouldn't be charged with genocide they did not intend to do.

Did you get off it as well?

Harvard doesn't award athletic scholarships OP, nor does any school in the Ivy League.
> Be fat.
> Stepbrother died of cancer
> Lose weight, get in shape
> Social life didn't really change
> Change schools
> Immediately get girlfriend
> Immediately get tons of other girls interested.
> Lose virginity by cheating on GF
> GF breaks up with me but then gets back together with me, jealous that the other girl had sex with me.
> GF has sex with me
> Later dump her
> Spend final two years of HS picking girls to seduce and trying to fuck them. Only had sex with 4-ish girls.
> 1st year of college bang 7ish girls, also get hot loli girlfriend from my highschool (she was a sophomore, I was 19).

First part sucked, second part was pretty cool, college was way better.
File: turkshitsBTFO3.png (432 KB, 497x503) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>wasnt an intentional genocide
Whatever you say, Ahmed.
Whats it like not being human?
you sound like a bretty cool dude

I wish I had you HS experience

how was college?
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Trips of Truth
>be in band
>be in marching band
>keep to myself
>make a nice handful of friends
>rinse and repeat for 4 years
pretty gud/10
Parents sheltered me and didn't allow me to do anything since they thought there were murderers and pedos around every corner.

I came into college with zero (or even negative) life experience. It was a rough start but now towards the end of my college career I'm rolling in money with a high paying job, good investments, and my own business generating even more money.
I really didn't like Concerta that much, it made me feel kind of weird, as if I was "overclocking" my brain, but at least it made me get shit done, now that I don't take it I feel like shit all the time because I have a massive ADHD problem saying it's literally a meme and that I'm just lazy (I mean I was a bit lazy even on Concerta, but this shit is just mental) hence why I feel like a deadbeat and am browsing this shithole,
Do those things even work?
not /b/ or /pol/ that's for sure.
there's nothing edgy about advocating school shootings
Sorry I meant to say that my family keeps telling me that ADHD is a literal meme.
>band kid
>in the middle of social hierarchy
>friends with certain chads and most robots
>off to myself mostly
>play vidya
>get dick sugged at band party by band sloot
>talk to 7/10 nigress my last year
>almost date but she was wishy washy
>find out later she was also sloot
>never fugged
Concerta would make me feel borderline suicidal when I was off it would feel like I was free and be super hyper also VERY LOW INHIBITION.

Like I did things that I wouldn't do today because I fear social consequences and took risks I wouldn't take now.
pick one faggot
she was the only qt nigress in my area
acted light skinned with extremely educated parents

calling her nigress isn't quite fair tbcqhfam
Yeah I think that happened too but didn't notice until now that you're pointing it out. Still I took it when I was a kid and my parents stopped taking me to the psychiatrist so I would stop taking Concerta, now they tell me that I'd need a horse dosis and I have to work hard and focus (despite the ADHD). Bad grades had driven me to depression so I'm pretty much fucked right now.
>stuck in a public school with a majority population of non-whites
>have a bad time, hard to make friends
>Most people In knew in this community drop out anyway.
>only shit teachers choose to work there.
>Generally a terrible early high school

but then...

>get to finish high school away from non-white school
>most people in new school are white
>make some new friends, find a few who I can finally fucking relate to after all my year son this earth.
>the few people who hated previous school also came there, became friends with them as well.

It's amazing how much of a world of difference changing schools did for me. For once in years I started to love school again. Probably saved me from becoming a wizard.
desu senpai, id rather be weird and hyper than EXTREMELY depressed and snapping at everyone. I've been off the meds for 4 years roughly and I've just naturally mellowed out and become more mature as I got older.
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>mom makes me move schools every year
>by high school I've given up
>senior year
>supposed to be the year of parties/hookups/normalfaggotry
>everyone's cliques are already established, don't fit in anywhere, even the nerds don't want me
>eat lunch every day in a teachers room, or sitting on the ground in the parking lot if it wasn't cold
>never attend football games
>don't go to prom
>earn C and D grades in classes while daydreaming about world domination
>have literally zero friends
>feel really guilty about my mom spending money for me to have a nice phone and clothes that aren't impressing anyone
I wish I could redo it sometimes but I don't know what I'd do differently.
Omega as fuck. The nerd kids didn't even want anything to do with me. I literally had zero friends or even "pretend school friends" that never talked outside of school. I considered suicide and made plans to do it.

Then I suddenly stopped giving a fuck. It was like a different person took over my body. I started talking to random people with zero fear. Some people would reject me and say "why the fuck are you talking to me", so I'd say "fuck you" and move to another group. Eventually I found a group of people that I felt like I belonged to.

I was normal for less than a year, and it felt great. Then I graduated from HS and I was back to zero. I went to university and concentrated on my grades, and I was back to being a loner.

Today I work a soul-sucking job that I hate. I have no friends at all.
>had a few friends that I didn't really do anything with except for a few hangouts in senior year where we played board games
>made fun of retarded normies
>spilled history spaghetti everywhere
>garnered a reputation for being stupidly smart, so people would laugh at things I said for fear of being seen as uneducated or stupid
>still afraid of women
>out of HS now
>no friends at Uni
>my life consists of posting here and listening to historical music now
I did lots of drugs, sold some, played football and diablo II (yes). dropped out eventually. rode in a stolen car once or twice. banged a decent amount of chicks

i go to a good unversity now and nobody is the wiser. nobody will ever know that I was a borderline Chad, feels pretty anonymous and good man.
>Shit no wonder how I ended up on /pol/ and here

You should stick to /pol/ you edgy faggot.
I am currently in your situation anon (no friends, not fitting anywhere) in the final year of hs, eastern europe if that makes any difference. how did you get out of this situation?
My school was never very cliquey. Got on with everyone, had a small group of friends I played WoW and Halo with. Still had bants with other people. Had a qt gf too, who I lost my virginity to. Realised she was a bitch when I got to college, so ended that after a while (was too beta to end right away.)
File: high school beta.jpg (26 KB, 417x562) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
high school beta.jpg
26 KB, 417x562

This is me in high school

>Little spic that was awkward and borderline autistic
>Move to England
>Don't understand any social conventions at all
>Get bullied pretty badly and hated by most people at school because I'm such a fucking weirdo
>No one likes video games or anime or any of the stupid shit I liked at the time
>Get set of fire (only for a second but multiple times) locked in a big wooden box, beaten up, you name it, it happened to me
>music teacher hated me and tried to fail me and kick me out every chance she got
>met two bros that I'm still friends with through music
>Got isolated on the last day of school because kids wrote all over my uniform shit like "I fuck my sister" and "I'm a heroin addict

Pic related.
>mfw i realize i never stood a chance
but you didn't tell us anything about the QTs.
>Moved to mostly Asian and Hispanic highschool summer of sopmore year
>Was one of like 10 white kids out of 4000 students
>Barely talked to anyone the remainder of highschool
>Spent all of lunch wandering campus while people stared at me
>made 3 friends total

Fuck highschool

They wanted to take a picture with me on the last day. I guess it looked fashionable for them.
>Get set of fire (only for a second but multiple times) locked in a big wooden box

Jesus christ anon, what kind of shithole school did you go to? My parents would have probably taken legal action against the perpetrators.

When I got set on fire it wasn't anything serious, it was usually people either using one of the gas dispensers in the science block or a can of deodorant and then a lighter and blowing it at me. I'd just pat it off or something. Still, it's humiliating.
how did they treat you before that?
when did you realize life had no meaning?
What about getting put in the boo box?


They weren't nice to me. No one was, apart from a few people trying to earn brownie points and about 3 guys I'm still friends with this day (A huge nerd who is into video games, anime and tabletop games, a tall half black guy who is a guitarist and this stoner guy who is also a guitarist).


Not in high school. I still had some innocence left. Hell, I was a really innocent kid, plus very naive. I got tricked and into trouble many times because of that.

Fuck that. One of my biggest fears is actually to be trapped in a box forever, but never being able to die.
>freshman year, skinny shit
>somewhat quiet
>average kid, average friends
>sophomore year start to smoke weed
>make a lot of friends because of weed
>do degenerate shit, skate, smoke, skip school, drink
>junior year start lifting
>start going to parties, become popular
>continue doing the same shit to this day

High school was alright but college is way better
File: 1408876427464.jpg (19 KB, 400x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>i was tall
>i was chubby
>i was a black sheep always at the back of the class with the worse students
>was always disrespecting all teachers except one or two
>one of my english teachers had to get days off because of depression caused by me (supposedly)
>i was a bully
>i had a few girls interested in me but that never worked out
>i dropped out of it in the end
Get the fuck outta here, you fucking normie
>a few people trying to earn brownie points

I never know how to react around people like this. Yeah they are probably making fun of you in private but going along with it is the path of least resistance and telling them to fuck off just makes me look bad.
>freshman year, hang out with all of the reggae hippie kids (all Ethiopian for some reason) and the punk kids, all of whom were seniors
>begin smoking weed and cigarettes
>meet "normal" qt3.14, completely enamored with how much of a "bad boy" I was
>skip class, smoke a pack of stolen cigarettes a day, everyday
>senior friends all graduate
>clinical depression hits
>only real friend was qt3.14 who turned out to be a coalburning slut by mid sophomore year
>buy a bass
>start doing an irresponsible asking of acid
>begin playing jazz for fun, in an acquaintance's punk band for money
>begin selling coke
>almost get busted with coke, frame kid who bullied me.in middle school
>Have a 43% attendance rate my senior year
>skip High school graduation to see FIDLAR and get drunk

Breddy gud/10 would repeat
Also had a based english teacher 2/4 years who used to be a lawyer, and smoked weed with me my last week of HS. He put in a good word and now I'm an intern at his old firm. His was the only class I ever bothered with.
I shot heroin 4 times a day
>was always the smartest one in the class
>usually got As with minimal effort
>was shy though. didn't talk to new people unless they approached me and had some similar interest so I could manage to keep the conversation going
>for this reason I had few friends.
>lost most of my friends by senior year as we ended up in different classes
>always got uncomfortable when teachers said we were doing a group project because I was concerned of being left as the 1 kid without a partner.
>never got a gf. closest I came was a sort-of-date I went on with a QT from the next county over. Didn't kiss her because I was an anxious mess. I know she wanted me though. At least I held her hand.
>get even more anxious as time goes on because at this point people expect me to know how to socialize, make contact, kiss, etc.
>missed so many opportunities because I was scared to take them
>just recently I hit up a couple of my high school buddies. went to hang out with them for a while. Didn't talk too much with them because I didn't know what to say. They went full degenerate. Constantly high, selling weed, etc. The only one I know of from that group who actually enrolled in college (was an honors student, albeit not smarter than average) flunked every class the first semester and says he isn't enrolling next semester.
>I did great my first semester as a student. Still lonely loser who can barely socialize.
>There was 1 other group of friends I had until junior year. They were more like me back then but I haven't talked much with them recently.
>never spoke to anyone
>had no friends
>sat in library during brunch and lunch pretending to do hw so i didn't look like a complete loser
>popular girl once made a joke about me in class, whole class including teacher laughed at me.
>probably believed to be a school shooter
Part 1/2

>made decent grades consistently, A's and B's
>started out autistic fag, didn't know how to socialize really with normies
>had a group of a dozen or so betas that I got along with, but didn't hang out with much
>really really like the older sister of one of my best friends
>it doesn't go anywhere, get devastated
>pretty much withdraw from everything for a month
>after I get over it decides to try out for the musical because nothing else better to do and this one QT I like now is in it
>make a couple new friends
>sophomore guy decides to take me under his wing, teach me how to be less beta
>start dressing better, think more before I say retarded shit
>QT from musical doesn't work out
>by the end of freshman year sophomore guy from musical has turned me somewhat normal, which I really appreciated, but after the musical we never really talk again
>since I'm now somewhat normie my group of a dozen betas has a split, I stay friends with 5 of them but the others I start avoiding like the plague
>after the musical get really into theatre, try to befriend theatre kids but they're 70% stuck up rich kids
>sophomore year
>join the broadcasting class, get really into making short films and editing and shit
>end up quitting theatre because I don't get along with the rich kids and its interrupting my broadcasting time
>my group of 5 from freshman year and I all hang out and play vidya, etc. pretty good dudes
>start liking new girl, we get along really well
stop right there. no one cares
Part 2/2

>get really into broadcasting, but get constantly pissed because all the attention and praise goes to this one really pretentious kid and his short films
>after quitting theatre year is pretty much just my small group of friends, making videos, and trying to woo new QT
>invite QT to go see the musical they're putting on at school even though I kinda still hate the theatre kids
>she dodges me to go with her girlfriends
>pretty dissapointed
>year ends
>same QT I invited to the musical asks me to go to her church with her, even though she knows I don't believe in God
>go, it goes ok, but I can't tell if she actually likes me or just wants to evangelize me
>she tries to get me to go by myself, stop talking to her
>junior year
>pretentious kid moves away, so broadcasting class becomes way more fun. have a ton of fun making videos, etc
>get an internship at a local TV station, film the county fair and stuff like that
>hang out with same group of kids since freshman year, get together every week or two and play vidya or eat out
>don't go to anything big like parties
>struggle with grades a little more
>end up reconciling with theatre kids and do the musical again
>sophomore year QT starts talking to me again out of the blue
>we get along really well
>she invites me to her church again, I go and we have fun
>get invited to go with her and her friends to go see a movie
>she completely ignores me at the movie and just stops talking to me altogether for no reason
>I still don't know what went wrong
>musical goes fine, make more friends
>senior year
>have to quit theatre again because no time anymore
>become producer of out broadcasting class's weekly school news show
>make more short films, have fun
>same small group of dudes, who by now almost all have gf's
>I am still alone
>don't have a gf throughout all of high school

It was ok. Right now I'm dual majoring in film/tv and business, hoping I'll get to do more of what made high school tolerable for me.

what was it like having social media during high school? I graduated in 2002, so we had nothing of the sort. I can imagine it must have been the cause of much drama. Did it help kids have a larger group of friends though?
File: 1442005942359.png (268 KB, 750x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>had few friends but not disliked by anyone
>had a gf for sophomore-senior years

just hung out with my gf 24/7 desu mates
it was bretty gud
>always thought I was a beta robot
>chicks liked me
>always thought they just acted nice and laughed at me
>chick always hit on me
>never did anything until she forced herself onto me
>first time sex
>45 minutes she climaxed a lot
>got a huge ego push
>find out all the reasons why I thought people hated me are actually why they loved me
>turned everything around
>now super confident and shit, banged a ton of good looking chicks

Well, the little robot in me still comes sometimes out and starts messing with my relationships. Never ruined it but put pressure on it.
Fuck, I can't talk to anybody about my issues because everyone thinks I am super confident and love myself while I often cry on the inside.
Defense mechanisms are awesome, aren't they? :(
Basically you're expected to have everyone connected online if you want to have friends. If you don't already have many friends and try to join social media it's desolate because nobody adds you.
>Never ruined it but put pressure on it.
Fuck, it's late here.

comento originales
>Fuck, I can't talk to anybody about my issues because everyone thinks I am super confident and love myself while I often cry on the inside.
let it all out, anon. You can tell us
File: 1436874857862.jpg (7 KB, 217x204) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 217x204
>tfw nobody would fuck with you because you were nice to everyone and had been at the school longer than everyone else
>tfw chads you barely knew invite you to parties
I hung out with the weeb crew, but I always felt like I was better. I was skin da just stuck with them from 9th-10th grade.

Went to a different school (it's was a small environmental/music school) I met some of the best people in the world, felt cool, went to parties. All the kids were super try hard indie/boho. Genuinely had a great time. Now they all moved on and I feel alone at my college. I'm back in loser land.
Ok, bare with me shortly.

I was always the kid that was different. A little bit aspie but not that much. Grew up in a really intellectual family that pushed knowledge down my throat. Always embraced being different and that made me think I had to embrace it too. Kind of evolved in my own little world with my own rules and developed differently than everybody around me.

Due to not understanding the social aspects of life I developed this fuck it all attitude that's covered deeply in sarcasm. By that I mean really deeply.
Swearing at everyone (with a smile), acting like an asshole, acting confident in a sarcastic way and so on.

Always did this because I had no confidence and thought this was a good idea.
Well, it eventually turned out I appeared like a fucking god of confidence and people dig that.

Now I am this little shit that gets everything he wants, can do whatever he wants but feels different.

Fuck man, I just want to know what of the stuff I do is normal and what is different but everyone either tells me I am an asshole or a genius ( in the sence of "fml", this guy is awesome) which fucks up my worldview even more.
I'd go with the it's just a thing they say because they are nice but I get pussy, friends, accomplishments and so on thrown at me.

The only thing is that I feel so unreal and out of touch with it all that I can't enjoy it.
I am different and feel it in everything I do but people like it.

All these years of self delusion and my dad being a total jerk fucked me up.

sorry for my english I am tired as fuck.
I moved from the Netherlands to Australia and did high school in aus. I was in general a loser whom did not appreciate friendship since I fucking moved everywhere. And talking in some autistic accent did not help. Now I intend to work after failing a year of uni and see where my fucking life takes me.
You sound like that wierd faggot kid, I wish I had a chance to give you a nice beating to show how much of a degenerate you are
So you feel bad because you put on a fake persona and don't know what people really think of you?
>tfw those are my school colors
makes the pain more real
Well, I thought it could be that but that persona turned into me. It feels as if I am on drugs when I am on people and everything just happens on autopilot.

The other me, what I consider the real me, has no fun and is deeply burried in depression and shit.
The fake persona (how you call it) sees people as toys and whatever I do is acting in a way the gets me the most out of it.
Hardly anything I do puts me into the shitter and all those thoughts and actions happen automatically. It's creepy as hell.

My old therapist told me I have psychopathic tendencies due to things like me only showing empathy because that makes people behave in a way that's better for me.

Being human and having feelings feels like a weird concept to me because I understand fuck all about it. I only understand how to act like someone that's supposed to be human
(what makes me act weird often too but in a way that people like. People just like confidence. It's all about you acting as if you know what you are doing and hoping it turns out great and if it doesn't turn out great, brushing it off as a joke)
Jus be urself.

Really though try un-separate the 2 parts of yourself some. When people hurt you, don't act like nothing happened. And don't be a dick to other people.

I really don't know what to tell you, though. I'm pretty sure everybody has some sort of dissonance between what they show the world and what they think they are. They act like what the world expects them to be. Then eventually that's who they really are, and the other part just becomes an image of what they idealize.
>Jus be urself.
how do I know what is myself if the part that takes over most of the time is the one I enjoy the most.

The main reason for dissonance is because I don't get how what I do gets me what I get. I know this sounds really weird but that just fucks with my head.
>the part that takes over most of the time is the one I enjoy the most.
I don't see how it's causing a problem then
>I don't get how what I do gets me what I get. I know this sounds really weird but that just fucks with my head.
Sounds like you're just acting alpha as fuck. People will pretty much bow down because they see you as a superior person.
>I don't see how it's causing a problem then
oh fuck, forgot to explain that the depressed and anxious me is coming out from time to time but only in my own head. I start thinking about how sad or whatever I must look like but everyone just sees a happy person.

>Sounds like you're just acting alpha as fuck. People will pretty much bow down because they see you as a superior person.
I think I just don't want to believe this. There is no way I can ever be a good person (says the other me quietly in the back of my head whenever something good happens)
I was a total loser in the first couple of years. Fat, weird, listened to anime music and I didn't know that people made fun of me. Had long hair that was how people knew me. People were talking too much in class in the second year and I got moved next to some nerdy Jehovahs Witness. He played a lot of the same games as I did and liked a lot of the same stuff so we ended up talking a lot. He introduced me to some of his friends, and they became my friends through the third and fourth year. Then I got a bit more popular, became less weird and started talking to some old primary school friends I hadn't spoken to in years. I was always making people laugh and thought I was funny, but now I'm not sure if it was the content that was funny or that I was weird that made it funny. Had a massive crush on this one girl, blew my one chance with her and pretty much harassed her ever since, asked her out once, she said yeah, but had to go on a school trip and ended up with some guy from it.
Once I got to 5th year I was more well known, still weird but hang out with decent crowds, and by 6th year there were so little people left that it was all quite tight knit and most people liked me. Jehovahs Witness guy cut off contact from everyone and left about then, but his friends that he introduced me to, and my old primary school friends started talking and became the popular guys. So there was them, and me. I got my hair publicly shaved off for our prom fund and it was a big thing, and I started to become even more normal and my friends started helping me at the Gym because they were all into sports.

Never got any girls though. If I had gotten normal earlier maybe things would have been better. But I don't think I did too bad. In the yearbook I was voted the funniest guy in the school. As weird as I was I was just glad to have people see me positively.
fucking shit, just writing about it makes me see again how stupid my shit is. It's just me finding reasons to be unhappy

>Wore a tracksuit jacket, dark blue jeans, and black jungle boots every day
>had a group of maybe 5 "friends" if I would call them that
>bullied once for about two weeks, but I ended up loosing my shit, brought in a heavy ass pipe and beat their asses (ended up getting a OSS)
>After that I never had anymore problems, probably because they thought I was going to shoot up the school
>got shitty grades
>never had a gf
>two tumblrinas had crushes on me, but I hated everything about them and got them to fuck off
>had one crush on a girl, but I was way too shy to ever ask her out
>barely pulled my shit together to graduate.

Kek, and my captcha was the name of the town I grew up in, what a coincidence
File: 1388196538986.png (41 KB, 416x331) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 416x331
>freshman year
Started dating my oneitis, was awesome, that's about all I remember
>sophmore year
We started fucking and actually getting serious, was really awesome, then she cheated on me and I became mildly depressed for the rest of the year
>junior year
Depression got a bit worse, I just did whatever I could to get by with the bare minimum then get home and play video games by myself all day
>senior year
Started smoking weed which "cures" my depression and I start to enjoy life a little bit, unfortunately doing jackshit all 4 years lead me into community college
>12 to 17
>puberty fucks my shit up
>not a lot of friends, meh at school
>start getting depressed, fail classes
>change high school
>like the new environment
>make lots of new friends
>start going to parties with them
>am pretty awkward the first year and a half
>met azn girl at party, becomes gf
>graduate at 19
Fast forward three years later that asian girl turned out to be a massive bitch who made my life really miserable.
However my social skills and looks have improved a lot. Since I broke up with her in september I fucked 5 girls, and I'm now dating again with a great girl.
Changing high schools was definitely a major turn around in my life. I was getting close to becoming a social retard for life.
>had decent amount of friends got along good with other ppl
>played/was in football, hockey, baseball and weights
>had first job pt at 13
>mom does at 16 dad is crushed
>drop school ft work pay bills
>I get what I want, and can fake confidence like you tards can only DREAM of doing, but I'm so damaged inside, you feel brah?
Jesus Christ, shut the fuck up you pretentious asshole.
this is cringey because you had to make it your identity. your like a dude weed guy
They don't award "athletic scholarships", but anyone who gets in receives financial aid to the point where it's pretty much a huge scholarship unless your parents are literal millionaires.

Effectively, being an athlete makes your chances 100x better, and you can get in with an SAT score below 2000.

Source: My roommate at Princeton is literally OP's greentext.
I finished school hating myself, and I finished high school with the same feeling.
Geek kid with not enough ambition or brains to get good grades, small circle of friends ( most of them assholes, but one of them is my best friend to this day), couldnt even talk to girls....
Still a virgin and currently a neet, but for some reason, I dont hate myself so much
High school was by far the best part of my life
>was smart enough that all the shit in high school came easy to me. never studied and completed all homework during study hall
>parents had more money than they knew what to do with so I was able to have a nice car, nice clothes and could go out every night
>hung out with the popular kids when I felt like, even though I felt more at home with what I called "the NHS group"
>since I had good grades and never got in trouble, parents couldn't care less about when I came home.
>often stayed out til 1am on school nights and parents dgaf
>sex life wasn't the greatest, but i never felt so desperate to fuck the drunk fatty
>Be the "funny" kid
>lots of people know of me but aren't really my friends
>always have to awkwardly join in on other friend groups and play the awkwardness off as a joke just to not be alone
>only time people go out of their way to talk to me is to ask me to shuck n jive for their friends
>can't ever have a normal conversation with someone because everything you say is taken as a joke
>no chick wants to fuck the class clown
>despite being smart, nobody wants me in their groups because they think I'll fuck around
>despite being decent at sports nobody wants me on your team in gym because they think I'll fuck around
>when im actually in a group/team and I make a legitimate mistake I'm castrated for it because they think I'm fucking around
>tfw knew a lot of people and a lot of people knew of and liked me but nobody ever wanted to hang out with me

Better off than most of the people here who were invisible, but it's still pretty lonely senpai
That image is the absolute highlight of both of their lives. It is only downhill from there. Still, at least they had that.
I would relate but I wasn't even capable of being the class clown when I tried. At least you have that, anon.
My high school career was a tragic story anon.
Here goes...

>Be 15
>Sophomore in high school
>Try out for football team
>Make jv starter
>My dad leaves for deployment after my first game, bust my ass as defensive end and get 8 sacks and 15 tackles
>Moved up to varsity after my dad got to see me play
>It's hard, I am worn out every night, keeping up is a struggle
>Remember what my dad said before he left
>"Son I'm proud of you"
>Focus on sports over scholarship to make him proud
>Grades drop but I didn't care, I was getting better every day
>Homecoming game
>Recover a fumble when we're down
>You can't make this shit up, 34 seconds left and we throw a hail mary for a touch down
>WR is praised but I'm the hometown hero
>Invited to a party to celebrate
>Go and get wasted
>Phones turned off
>Make out with this gorgeous brunette with light blue eyes
>They did this thing where she would laugh, they'd catch the light and sparkle a bit
>Eventually go home, walk the girl home
>Walk into house
>Mom's at the kitchen table with my sister
>Red eyed and morose
>Ask what's wrong, know what it is already
>"Anon your dad didn't make it out this time. Where were you we've been calling you for hours?"
>A part of me dies. I've never felt it come back.
>Needless to say my life goes to shit. Drugs video games GED. Kicked off the football team and sent to juvy for fighting.
Now I'm 20 pounds overweight in my grandparents basement. I hate myself more than I hate life and only my faith and my dad's trident keep me from hanging myself.

It was in the middle east. I'm told he was a brave man but that doesn't mean anything if he's not here.
File: 1432606972961.png (86 KB, 264x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 264x388
Kept to myself, good grades, good behaviour, small but solid group of friends, mostly nerd stuff with some normie stuff too.

The highlight by far was my highschool sweetheart, a dorky redhead really into Green Lantern, Star Wars and Frank Zappa. Imagine this girl aged up a bit. She was 14 when we started dating, me being 16. She was convinced that I was some kind of badass coolguy so when I asked her to be my girlfriend she saw it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and pretty much became my semen demon for the two years we were together.

I miss those days.
File: feels.png (791 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
791 KB, 1920x1080
>be in advanced program
>take Honors and AP Classes
>do no studying what so ever
>all I'd do is play vidya after school
>still managed to get A's
>had no friends
>had terrible anxiety
>get panic attacks sometimes
>anxiety causes stomach problems
>spent lunch in bathroom browsing 4chan
>started lifting Sophomore year
>nothing changes, still no friends
>few girls were interested in me
>disregard them, tell myself I'm imagining things
>Junior year comes along
>meet this guy, he's really nice to me for some reason
>become friends, only talk at school
>he invites me out with his friend group a few times, I say no thanks
>parents start telling me I'm antisocial and bugging me about it
>finally decide to hang out with his friend group
>go to his house on Friday night
>meet his friend group
>realize I have common interests with all of them
>share the same taste in anime, vidya, opinions, etc.
>start hanging out with them
>really happy I finally found a group of friends
>one of the girls in the group notices my gains
>starts flirting with me
>too autistic to notice
>stay kissless virgin
>by senior year don't have as much anxiety
>get accepted into good uni
>move away
>no friends at uni
Now I'm 25, I work a comfy job, but I have no friends. Freshman and Sophomore year were shit, but I miss Junior and Senior year. I'm still a kissless virgin, and I still lift my feels away. Oh well, only 5 more years till Wizardry.
>I ruined my life because daddy wasnt there for the second half of highschool.

Come on man.
File: NOTTHECUPCAKES.gif (1 MB, 329x319) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 329x319
>Hated High School because it was too small and the embarrassing shit I did in middle school kept crawling up my back
>Starting to hate college because Im bad at making friends in class because I was a social outcast in High School

No I ruined it on my own accord. It was a recipe for disaster and my dad not being there was the icing on the cake.
>be loner for four years
>talked a bit to a fewpeople
>found crush
>never talked to crush
>now i'm here
2 edgy 4 me

how are things now that no one cares when you publically shout 14/88?
File: Italiano.jpg (498 KB, 2000x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
498 KB, 2000x2000
>highly respected dad
>Fucking up so bad you ruined what your dad wanted for you
>Blame dad leaving as the problem

It was you anon. your father only wanted the best and you let him down. Dont ruin his legacy. DO IT FOR PAPA
How? How do I get off my ass and get in shape? Where do I find the motivation?
Please tell me.
>Bullied from 7-10.
>Teachers wouldn't do anything despite it happening right in front of them
>Unless it was sport
>Some guy starts being a shit cunt to me
>take my hockey stick and hit him in the chest with it
>Teacher freaks out and does something for once
>Didn't get in trouble because he saw that the cunt was asking for it
>Year 11
>All the bullies dropped out after year 10 or already
>Just become a wallflower
>Cheese all my exams and assignments
>Fire drill one day
>Kneeling on the field because it was built on a marsh
>kid crash lands into me
>"We didn't mean it"
>Shrug it off and tell them not to do it again
>They do it again
>Kid who is two years younger than me starts pushing me saying I'm standing on his money
>Clearly not
>Body slam the fucker into the ground and lay 3 hard hits into his ribs.
>He has one of those asking to get punched names
>Get away with it because I was a senior student
>Nothing else happens after that
stop living in the past for starters.
The more you regret on the past the more you cant walk in the future. Your dad dying isn't your fault and you shouldn't be affected by it. The faster you accept this the faster you can grow up and find motivation. He died a long time ago friend move on.
>spent most of my time alone playing starcraft
>only had a few real life friends, only ever liked hanging out one on one
>went to parties on occasion because i would get dragged to them
>dated some really cute girls, one chubby girl two years below me too
>people could always tell something was a little off with me, but i was never extremely bullied or anything, just tried to blend in

i am now a very happy cute tranny in college studying something i really enjoy. feels pretty good.
File: 20160106_010353.jpg (958 KB, 2560x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
958 KB, 2560x1536
Thank you anon. I needed to hear that.
Went to an extremely small (150 students top) charter school for my first three years and was transferred to a continuation school for my senior year due to terrible grades. Neither school had sports and I kinda wish it did. Nothing really happened at all those years, never really talked to anyone except when I tried to get a "date" to the tiny dance we had in an airplane hanger. Got my first friend zone in sophomore year that still bugs me today but it really was a blur for the most part.
I grew up around a lot of Armenians and hated them.

Then I got a job where I had a lot of Turkish clients and a lot of Armenians as well. Sorry guys, I'm totally with the red, blue, and orange side now.
>be Indian
>move from CA to TX
>basically all rich white school
It was pretty bad, especially since no white girl wants to go out with an Indian
>made fun of through middle school and into high school
>made fun of up through sophomore year
>junior year people find out I'm a pretty good athlete - start to be nicer to me
>but by this time I've already grown mean in response to all the bullying - very mean.
>continue to not have friends because I don't know how to interact with other people because I was never included in anything for my entire life
>etc etc, now I'm a 23 year old virgin who wishes he had friends when he was younger so he could have learned to be social

I was fucked from the beginning.
No one noticed my existence until wrestling season.
Had my few days of fame days before the state tournament, then went back to being a nobody.
I'm a senior in hs going into the second semester in a couple of weeks. Don't do what I did robots, never pass up the hs experience.

>be summer going into freshman year
>move to Texas with sister
>say Fuck it I don't know these people and I don't need friends
>play football and some teammates tried getting me to have lunch with them, say sorry I got work to do
>block everyone out
>some kids talk to me in social studies because I know all the answers
>end up moving to new state and new school
>repeat of last school, lay low don't talk to anyone.
>play vidya, read, watch anime when I'm at home
>made one friend at second hs, but move at the end of the year
>two more schools same shit.
>but then go to home town school second half of junior year with all my old friends
>party, get girls life is good
>because I've been making up for lost time I've gone from being ahead to needing 9.5 credits to graduate.

Don't Fuck up like I did
It wasn't great.

>attractive grill
>had a lot of "friends"
>not exactly rich, but well off family

I was really lonely and self conscious though. All my friends were in the whole party/drugs/sex thing. The only thing we really had in common was being mean to the "losers", which I still regret.

>poor with rock bottom self esteem
>not bullied or seemingly disliked by people
>small band of friends, absolutely never socialize outside of them
>incredible anxiety and depression
>skip maybe 1/3rd of my classes

Worst years of my life desu.
File: 1427680555642.jpg (45 KB, 634x734) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 634x734
>switched to independent study at a small school in an office building midway through 9th grade
>less than 10 classmates
>rarely saw each other because we all came in at different times on different days
>teacher starts scheduling one kid to come in at the same time as me because she thought I was a good influence on him
>get to know the guy
>he's alright, talks a lot, tells me his whole life story one day
>he's a bipolar heroin addict
>trying to get his shit together
>dude was only 17
>we spend about a year coming in at the same time
>become friends
>graduation is coming up
>teacher tells him he isn't graduating with the rest of us, he didn't get enough work done, needed another year to catch up
>he's devastated
>try to comfort him
>come to school the next week
>was a little late to class
>crazy bro isn't there
>assume he's slept in since he did that a lot
>jokingly say something like "Kenji's lazy ass is probably still in bed, no wonder he isn't graduating"
>teacher doesn't laugh
>sits me down
>tells me Kenji killed himself
I met my girlfriend in 8th grade, we started dating a year later and both of us had pretty much no other friends, we were obsessed with eachother and spent every possible minute together, both our grades dropped, we started doing drugs together, by about 10th grade everyone noticed how we had no other friends and started to think we were fucking weird, both our parents began to fucking hate the other, but we didn't care about any of it. Being together will probably do more harm than good in the long run, but fuck it. We're just finishing our senior year together now.
Je had hier moeten blijven i.p.v. shitposten in Straya.
I was a pretty happy kid in elementary school, in hindsight probably because I was oblivious as fuck and would not have realised it when people disliked me anyway.
>First year of high school
Went with lots of kids from my elementary school. Reality suddenly kicked in and I got less socially oblivious after new kids were dickheads sometimes. I was the kid you never knew if he had been there or not, not bad though.
>Fourth year
Lots of guys had turned into chads, I was beta as fuck. Two girls acted somewhat interested but I did nothing. Within my old friend group it became more and more clear I was the fifth wheel and started getting shit. The banter was always at the expense of me. Started to become a loner and became pretty down, would not say depressed though.
>Fifth year v1
Became a recluse pretty much. Outcast within my group of peers, nobody really gave a fuck though so what ever. Had a lot of contact with with girls and guys a year lower because some old classmates were held back a year in the past. I felt sick of being alone though and felt down a lot. At the end of the year I deliberately fucked up some tests so I would be held back.
>Fifth year v2
New people were chill as fuck, gave me the opportunity to start over a bit. Everyone became my friend basically. Did not care that my old peers were graduating, was glad they were gone. Also the year of my oneitis, took the better part of the year to finally ditch my betaness. Grades were good which made my parent Mad and suspicious but whatever.
>Senior year (now)
I am over 18 mods. Pretty good right now, got lots of friends, pretty well liked by everyone atm. Sort of a pseudo Chad now after scoring with some girls of my year. Slowly finding out that r9k is in the right about a lot in regard to girls and sluttiness.
In the end it was alright. Just wish I would have stopped being an oblivious beta bitchboy sooner.
Is college better than hs for most robots?
Ay mah boi, I just saw FIDLAR like a month or 2 ago
3 girlfriends

no sex

lots of kissing

captain of a sports team

good grades

>idk i guess it was the time of my life, but no sex at all kind of stunk, if i wasnt a beta, i would have got some. I had 3 fuckin chances
By getting quads ivan, that is how!
>enter high school
>enter school gang
>beaten up weekly by the 3rd year as gang tradition
>had a "war" with rival school
>swords, knives, golf clubs, molotovs, etc are ready
>stabbed the enemy, luckily he didn't die
>caught by police
>police contacted school
>school gave me a warning
>repeats 1st year because of that
>be in 1st year again with new people
>trying to be a good guy by not skipping class, study, etc
>still repeating class because teachers thought i'm still delinquent
>2 years repeating class means you'll be dropped out
>use my college saving to ilegally bribe an unremarked school so i can join graduating test without having to go to school
>graduated highschool
>tfw NEET for 4 years until know because no saving for college
>insane, control freak parents
>sent o all guy school
>not social enough to meet girls outside
>get super good grades but barely pass due to never attending
>plus side, never bullied since 6'4" and somewhat athletic
>never adjusted to real world after
at least you have a job, here in australia officeworks and the grocery are top jobs
Freshman Year
>kinda fag, liked Blink 182 and shit
>somewhat socially capable
>wasn't sure where my place was
>discover 4chan
>okay grades

Sophomore year
>sort of have my shit together
>able to talk to grils, even been talking to a few over summer break
>started smoking pot
>start getting into pills
>eventually get institutionalized after trying to off myself for the fifth or sixth time
>meet a gril that I lose my v card to there
>we keep talking and fall in love afterwards

Junior Year
>not as depressed
>life with institution qt is great, stay with her on weekends
>start drinking
>develop a drinking problem
>institution qt leaves me in the middle of the year
>solidish grades throughout the year
>become a /pol/ack
>get my first car

Senior Year

That's about it. I sort of had the same few friends that I would drink and do drugs with throughout high school. Over all I'd say it pretty much sucked.
had some bullies all the way til yr 12, turns out i would have accomplished more doing a trade instead of trying to get to uni
>got bullied in primary school so kinda less than average but kinda miss my grade 6 class
>good year 7, snuck into the popular kids for camp but was both a quiet kid and an autist as i would go on rants why led zepplin was the greatest band ever over class
>year 8-9 i wanted to die, got bullied lots, teachers did nothing, maori criminal kid (fully sick guy) felt sorry for me and hangout with him for a bit at the end
>moved schools (mum yelled at me for even mentioning it as she solves most probles by yelling) end up moving and get an acutal goup to hang out with for once
>rpoblem is this is the unpopular but not nerds so drama girls and gamer/random guys
>never really got into being full friends with any but went to a few parties
>got bullyed by lots of kids all the way to the end of high school. Mainly by a guy who would put a motivational speech about his troubles with achne to make people think he was a nice kid but was a popular wanker still had thoughts of bashing him
>never tryed for a girlfirend as i was attractive but small and well wiered looks at the ground autistic conversations
>had one girl though fat but kinda hot and popular and 2 years younger come to our group to wait for me to ask her out.
>never new why so that failed could of boosed by ego so kinda dissapointed
>all in all i passed but kept feeling like i missed out on everything cause my main motivation was to get friends to hang out with after class

>been 2 years since high school
>no one ullys me and go to my uni/tafe clubs and its alright
>the problem is now its not about friends but jobs and im 20 without a job and it kreepts back again that i have failed in life
>dont know what im doing for a corse this year
All my friends dropped out too
This reminds me of my situation but a bit backwards. I started off being extremely happy and I was only going up. I was doing great on my swim team, great in school, and making lots of good grades and making lots of new friends but then I found 4chan through the fappening and /pol/ as a result.

Needless to say it turned me into a completely depressed fucking sperg who stopped getting invited to parties.

Fuck that place.
I'll be you're friend
>lost my home
>parents divorced
>bullied nonstop
>no friends
>I could have a gf but I was too much of an autist to realize that she was flirting with me.
>repeat the same year 3 times
>Try to stand up against the bully
>get my shit wrecked
>finally drop out
Got in to a good school on scholarship, was chubby and shit at sports. Got /fit/ in year 9 and got cooler but was still on the fringe of the popular group. Became a of a bully to avoid being bullied myself desu senpai, feel bad about it sometimes.

Started smoking weed in yr 10 and stopped giving a fuck, expelled in yr 11 for selling weed and setting school property on fire among other things (in the principals office 3 times a week for some shit) and finished up my grade 12 at TAFE, which is like community college for dipshits and retards.

>tfw should have tried harder
You're a fucking edgelord but in all honesty that's a pretty solid high school experience
fuck off cunt, let him tell his story, sometimes all you need is to get it out
You fucking normie, get out of here
File: 1450943345496.jpg (38 KB, 500x544) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 500x544
I avoided everyone, I have always hated normal people ever since I was a child. School and life in general has always seemed rather pointless, but I'm content to go along for the ride. I wish I wasn't born with any gifted intelligence to squander, but it's too late for that now. I've been shitposting on here since the sixth grade, I'm 21 now.

Posting on this website is all I know, and all I'll likely ever know. I have no job, a car but no license, and the only way I stay alive is through autismbux. If my parents die so will I unless the government starts giving me more money.

I'm not even sad or depressed like most of you are, kind of happy right now actually since the Oculus Rift is releasing its pre-orders in two hours.

Earth sure is one messed up place though, glad I never participated in it.
File: image.jpg (73 KB, 517x610) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw that looks like my high schools football and cheerleading uniforms
File: agdg_tbqh.jpg (90 KB, 960x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90 KB, 960x960
>bad grades
>2 friends who didnt even live in my country
>Drug addiction to xanax
>Abuse adderall and xanax often
>Think about suicide constantly
>Never have money
>Only good thing is my shitty pc and 2 friends.
This is pasta
you just changed it a little
I saw this exact same thread on /int/
With the same pic
>made more friends than elementary school
>crushed on a girl with a punk bf
>stalked her until she got her friends to walk with her and make fun of me
>crammed like fuck to get my shitty grades from my first year up to great success
>fucked up my uni application and got into the wrong course
>played a lot of NWN, watched a lot of LOtR, fapped to a lot of hentai

It was bittersweet.
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