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"Normies" and or people who were...
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"Normies" and or people who were lazy but have accomplished something in their lives and for some reason are here.
What's in your opinion the best way to gain discipline?
My life is a total fucking mess and there's so much to fix that i feel overwhelmed, so many bad habits and bad thoughts that i need to get rid of.
Recently the idea of joining the army has been wandering around my mind, do you think is a good idea?
Ask me anything if you want.
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Start with getting up and going to bed at the same time every day. Then start cooking your own meals around the same time to set up a schedule for yourself.

Worked for me at least.
A much better album

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Really good advice, thanks mate.
Starting with small steps and small things sounds like a solid plan.
I've listened to all their 70s and 80s stuff, i like Discipline better
But i love all their stuff, really.
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bumping with tits
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Another "small" bump for you
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No one to share his discipline tips with me?
Il bump for kc
Thanks man
KC is my jam, everyday
Routine and baby steps.

Start making your bed whenever you wake up, I don't give a shit whatever reasons you have to not do it, just do it. Like another poster said start going to bed/waking up at the same time every day. Maybe just go to bed at the same and then add in waking up. If you don't shower or brush your teeth regularly then start doing that. Keep doing this until it's not "Oh yeah I gotta go bed/wake up" but just straight automatic habit.

From there you need to move it up to something else that could be considered somewhat productive. Go walking for 30 minutes, read a book, write a blog (doesn't matter if nobody reads it, this is for you). Basically just something small like that which eventually becomes habit.

As you start to get some basic structure into your life add in things that need to be done like cleaning the house, shopping regularly etc. Make this a weekly thing or set up a schedule for it and stick to it.

At this point if you're doing all of these things well, get a pet. Maybe start with something like a fish, just something that needs routine maintenance.

By now you've got a pretty normal looking weekly schedule with plenty of time to still do absolutely nothing, so it won't be rough... but hey it's a start.

Start setting a time of the day where you can do work/school related things for a set period of time no matter when they're due. If you've got a paper or a report to write then start writing it after you get it, or at the very least do some research. You'll often find that you'll get things done a lot earlier than needed and it leaves you feeling a whole lot less stressed (which is very good).

You'll find a lot of the time that when you start doing things that need to be done earlier than a day before their due you'll just keep going. Say you write a paragraph for a paper you might think to yourself "well I'm on a roll I might as well write some more stuff down"

Will continue...
OP here, waiting
I have a book or two to recommend.

And before you know it you'll have a good chunk of what needs to be done out of the way. You could try not playing vidya or watching TV (whatever you do to waste your time) until you've done at least 30-60 minutes of work depending on what your load is. This opens up a lot of possibilities where you'll try and get all your work done early so you can do fuck all for the rest of the week and not have to worry about shit.

Also, don't fucking stop following your routines just because it's the holiday or whatever shit excuse you come up with. It's so easy to fall off doing this but a pain in the ass to start again.

Basically it's just routine and habit so you're not constantly fighting with yourself about having to get things done. The most important piece of advice to take to heart is to start slow. Don't start doing all this shit at once or promise you that you'll burn out. You need to build it up and constantly keep moving up to a point where you can say that you're pleased with the way you're doing.

If OP or anyone else has questions feel free to ask.
Please, do!
Frame by frame original
Man's Search for Meaning - Viktor Frankl

How to Fail... - Scott Adams

Thick Face, Black Heart - Chin-Ning Chu>>25527882
Oh yeah and try not masturbating so much. Don't go like full on nofap but just like keep it down to once or twice a week max. Fucks with your hormones and makes you way too complacent. You'll start to get pissed off that you're not changing and try to fix things. If you're horny as fuck and can't possibly stand not jizzing on everything then at least use it as a reward. And I mean a real fucking reward not "oh wow i walked 30 minutes today better go jack off" rather "Damn I got my paper done a week early and I've been really good with waking up and going to bed properly for the past the week".

And it just feels a fuckton better and you don't need all this niche specific weird porn. You just kinda get turned on by the first video which is usually some vanilla porn, finish, and don't feel like a degenerate.
One step at a time

Make your bed every morning for starters
The Talk Book - Gerald Goodman

Influence - Robert Cialdini
Thanks man, i'll write those down.
Don't Shoot the Dog - Karen Pryor

How to Argue and Win Every Time - Ferry Spence

Getting Past No - William Ury

The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense - Suzette Haden Elgrin
Gerry not Ferry. Fuck autocorrect.
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>Recently the idea of joining the army has been wandering around my mind, do you think is a good idea?
To an extent it's a good idea, but you'll probably want a degree of discipline before you go in or else your life will be a living hell at best or you'll drop out at worst. Sure, there's lots of dumbfucks in the army, but they're at the very least stubborn dumbfucks.

Anyways, discipline is an important attribute, and is closely related to willpower. Discipline is the ability to do things that you'd rather not, usually because your willpower alone isn't enough to get you to do it in the first place. Discipline is a mostly static attribute: a person who is disciplined is always disciplined, but researches have begun to realize that willpower is not. Willpower is a finite resource that decreases over the course of the day, closely related to sleeping. Discipline is a mental state of being, but willpower is almost a physical state: the longer you're awake, the more it wanes. When you exercise it, it tires out, but builds strength. When you leave it, it weakens.

To become more disciplined, you need to do things you don't really want to do or otherwise are difficult or troublesome. In order to do that from scratch, you need considerable willpower.

Following up from what other people were saying, get in a regular sleep schedule. Disclipled people can do without one but you need to get there first. Then, start doing your self-improvement tasks in the first half of the day: Exercise, socialise, learn, etc. If you leave it to the end of the day, you're going to lack the willpower to actually get started. From there, you can begin to become more disciplined and further build up your willpower.
Thanks for the post mate, i appreciate it!
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