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What's the angriest you've ever...
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double nigger.gif
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What's the angriest you've ever been and for what reason?
Chopped up a picnic table with an axe.

My job was shit.

I quit a week later.
holy shit, you surely must jest

what the fuck made you do that?
Shit coworkers I wanted to strangle.
Shit management I wanted to punch.
Shit labor
Shit hours

Don't work midnight grocery shifts. Period.
> I'm around 8
> dad drunk as always
> dad "accidentally" breaks coffee mug
> I snap
> shouting at my dad to get out of the house
> grab stick I used to swordfight with
> I shout: "get out... Or else...."
> rest of the family watches
> dad leaves

Never know why I got so angry at that, it wasn't even bad especially considering all the other stuff he did.
I wasn't asking really if you were angry all the time, but a specific moment that made you went full apeshit
The final straw was when a co"worker" of mine (who only has 1/4 the work-ethic of the rest of us), told me that I did a shitty job and took too long.

I did a good job and finished by the end of my deadline. It was one instance of many where the guy just needed to fuck off and stop talking shit that he is actually guilty for.
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got into a massive argument with my dad and threw a grater (was the nearest thing i could grab) at him (i missed on purpose).
I once argued with my father and got so angry that I went to vent my anger by punching my bed.
I ended up breaking in half some of the slats under it

As for the reason I don't remember very well
>be me
>Be around fifteen at the time
>Studying like a bitch
>Two pages of math questions in around 30-45 minutes
>Pretty proud but still doing more
>Dad comes in to check
>Claims 'I haven't written enough down'
>Just done about 30 minutes of non-rt trig
>I've done a good amount for thirty minutes and i'm doing more
>Dad tells me to do some fucking more
>He storms out
>Out of anger punch my (glass) desk
>It shatters
I don't even know why that got me so angry tbqh familia, i'm normally the calmest guy you could know.
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>at work
>cashier on the express
>some guy brings up some premade processed pies
>"don't squish mah pies"
>I put them all in one bag
>put a shampoo bottle in it but to the side so it's not on top
>"Hey dumbass, I said don't squish my fucking pies"
>"fucking dumbass"
>"fucking dumbass"
>"you fucking dumbass"
>just repeating it over and over again
>even while I hand him the receipt
>I feel adrenaline in me the entire time and my legs go cold because I'm so angry
>tell him "Hey, fuck you"
>"What did you say to me?"
>oh shit
>"You heard me."
>Was genuinely ready to fight the guy in front of everyone and lose my job right then and there. How dare someone disrespect me and expect to get away with it.
>he tells the manager
>manager comes over
>"Hey anon, did you cuss that guy out?"
>"haha no no. I'll tell you later"
>tell him yeah I did later
>he doesn't care
>tell the night manager
>gives me a fist bump
>literally nothing happens and I don't get in trouble.

>had to go home during lunch break and take a shower because the adrenaline made me smell so bad.

The guy was much taller than me but it didn't matter. I would have pulled off the guys ears and nose.
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Playing WoW arena
Just stand up to them in sly ways and they'll know they can't step on you all the time

>female manager is the cashier on that checkout stand
>normally all other cashiers will help me bag
>I do the exact same when I'm a cashier and have a bagger
>this manager is very lazy
>ask her to help me bag
>"No, that's why I have you here"
>ask her to just bag a few items
>she puts on a smug face and turns the turn table so that the groceries to go me
>tell her I'm going to leave if she doesn't bag at least a few
>she's making customers wait while I bag
>"you can't do that"
>I do exactly that. Leave her with three items and bag for another guy
>she tries to call the male front end manager
>he's out of earshot
>calls the back end manager
>she bags the groceries and apologizes to the customer
>guy I'm bagging for also doesn't like her and goes "you're the man"
>I get a half hearted talk from the back end manager about being insubordinate

Later, she helped bag her own groceries and when she was buying her own, I went to bag them and she said "no, anon, I bag my own groceries" in a bitchy tone.
>The guy was much taller than me but it didn't matter. I would have pulled off the guys ears and nose.
That's the fucking spirit, anon. If they're bigger, it's more of a challenge. That's all.
jesus fucking christ what an entitled fucking bitch
>believing because you have manager in your title you are the king of the world

reminds me of one of my managers

>be me bottom tier position with min wage
>doing shit in the back to help managers with some boxes
>overhear assistant manager in back
>hes with the Store manager and manager from a small department of store
>Assistant manager makes the old lower manager pick up heavy shit
>Store manager whispers"you force him to do too much, he can't do that."
>Assistant-"whatever he is suppose to listen to me and do what I say"
>lower manager doesn't give a shit, just does it.
>feelbad for him

damn. Being a wagie sucks even tho you held a manager position you still get shit on.
I don't remember anymore, every fight with my family seems like the biggest one.
> in military
>serious injury that causes me constant, agonizing pain
>hate everyone I work with
>hate my shitty job
>hate my shitty pay
>hate my cramped and shitty barracks room
>try to get mental health care, they don't know what's wrong despite me telling them explicitly what my symptoms and problems are
>disowned my family
>no attachments or anything to hold me accountable for my actions
>calmly get on a train to a remote, seedy town
>do some unspeakable stuff
>go back to the barracks like it never happened

I'd give more detail if /r9k/ wasn't datamined. I'm sure you get the gist of it, though. I've never been so frustrated and angry in all my life. I still have major anger problems but I manage to repress it all now.
I really don't get angry and if I do it's usually at myself. If I upset someone I'm probably at fault and quickly realize then proceed to feel like shit
Just marry some whore to get out of the barracks and get dat BAH pay.

Also, maybe become an NCO?
>17 or 18
>Hanging out at a park after school to smoke some weed
>Find a chill stray cat, pet it and it starts following me around
>It's skinny and I feel bad for it, think about getting it a can of good from a gas station down the road
>Go to my car to see if I have any money
>Return, see a pack of niggers
>They're throwing rocks at it and have it cornered against a restroom structure
>They're all laughing and one of them is filming it
>Start shaking
>I had a crowbar in my trunk and genuinely thought about going up and braining one of them
>Agonize over whether it's worth assault/getting beaten nearly to death
>At one point I was standing outside the car with it in my hand
>Drive away like a pussy
>Vomit when I get home
You're worthless as a man
I got out years ago, due to mental health reasons (no surprises there).
I was playing a StarCraft Brood War game that was really fucking intense. Problem is that I needed to shit real fucking bad, but this had already gone on for a half hour and I wasn't going to give up the match to that trivial nonsense.

I sat there shitting in my pants while rapidly queuing up more units. It was a solid log too, and I had to feel warmth mush back against my ass as it succumbed to the pressure. I felt like a fucking toddler, and the room slowly started to stink. I almost started crying when I came to the realization of what I had just done to myself.

Minutes later that gook piece of shit snuck up on all of my mineral lines with a bunch of Guardians and it was gg. I ruined my monitor from punching it, but I couldn't physically display my aggression too much, should any shit start following down my legs. One of the worst nights of my life.
Even with a crowbar and righteous rage you couldn't go against some skinny niggers? Fucking coward
I haven't been really really angry in a long time
but I've been feeling it surge up from time to time. Its scary. One night I fell asleep to the thought of smashing everything in my room. Sometimes I just want to punch a hole through the wall.
>find bf hoarding CP
>i mean, i'd curiously perused 8ch before and it was never really disturbing or anything, but he had a shady past when it came to underaged women which he always denied
>so here i am, with proof in my hands that he is a nasty, deceitful, retarded pedophile
>this person that abused the shit out of me for years is a nasty, deceitful, retarded pedophile
>feel like an idiot to have wasted my time trying to "help" this gigantic loser mongrel for so long, feel partially to blame
>i go so apeshit my vision goes blurry and i just see white everywhere
>he runs to the bathroom and locks the door
>i grab a knife and start stabbing at the door really hard
>he finally comes out and i tell him to pack his shit up and leave, and that if he doesn't leave i will call his family and the cops
>i decide to start messaging his family
>he starts grabbing my phone out of my hands, grabs his belt, starts trying to tie me up so that i can "calm" down (this happened a lot before)
>i'm so angry that i have none of that shit, he has 300 pounds on me but i manage to push myself free
>bite his wrist and draw massive amounts of blood to make him let go of me
>grab another knife and start stabbing at his thumb telling him i'll kill him if he doesn't leave
>he finally starts packing his shit
>there is a bottle of ketchup on the counter, i take it and i open it and throw it at him, he's covered head-to-toe in ketchup
>he finally calls the cops, and leaves the go board a plane covered in ketchup
>the cops come, ask me to tell them what happened because "he wants you in prison for knifing him"
>i tell them that he's a NEET who i met on the internet when i was 13 who groomed me well enough to ruin most of my adolescence
>they feel really bad for me, one of the cops gives me a hug, stays with me for an hour and makes sure i calm down, play with my dogs
>they leave
>i drink myself into a coma for about a week straight
>about to be promoted to 1st division on FIFA 11
>just needed a draw
>goalkeeper failed in the last minute

broke my closet's door.
I worked at a grocery store too. No overnight shifts, and most of my co-workers were fine, but there was this thin, middle aged Chinese asshole with horrid breath who had been working in my department for years. He wasn't a manager or anything but he would always stick his nose in my business telling me how I should be doing things, I guess based off all of the autistic little details he had developed in all the time he worked there. Worst of all, his English was damn near unintelligible, I had to just pretend to know what he was telling me every time he came up next to me to give me a little lecture about how I'm stacking the fucking zucchinis wrong. Not even my managers would do that to me, which makes it not so bad because I could just flat out ignore his "advice" without much in the way of ramification, but christ almighty when you're pulling 8 hours stocking shit in the produce section that kind of annoyance is the last thing I need. Fucking chink asshole
I remember that thread anon.
why are goalkeepers in vidya always so shit

and then you see people here defending companies, capitalism and white people.

fucking normies
I like to read SJW things, but they always make me so mad. And sometimes I make up my own SJW arguments and get really mad at them when I imagine a SJW saying that.
A recent one, being openly gay is racist against muslims because it's flouting your white privilege and toxic European cultural values. When you are showing muslims your gayness, you are shoving your white privilege and eurocentric culture in their faces and completely disrespecting their valueable culture, which is very racist. And if you are openly gay in the presense of muslims, not that I am defending violence in any way, but you kinda deserve to get beaten up for being such a racist asshole. White, gay people are disgusting for forcing their toxic cultural values onto muslims.
I got so mad I am punching my bed just writing this, and it isn't even something I ever heard a SJW say, it's just something I made up. And I do stuff like this all the time.
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Dying in an MMO doing PVP to the same guy like 5 times in a row while he's laughing at me saying how bad I suck for someone that plays every day. Broke a hole in my wall and my keyboard, the same MMO made me break a window a few years earlier.

When I put a lot of time into something and still suck it gets to me. "its just a game bro"
there was no thread, i never made one. did i??
You get that juicy GI Bill?
I think this is bullshit because only on 4chan do I here stories where evil minorities are always, ALWAYS the antagonist, nowhere else. Is it because people made racist by their own experiences go on here, or is it just a massive culture of lying?
>here (...) minorities are always (...) the antagonist
Simply wrong. No, they are not always the antagonist. The are just as often "the antagonist" as anybody else. What boards are you on?
>or is it just a massive culture of lying?
Funny this is comming from you.
Niggers and spics are the lowest people. Just look at the countries that they are majorities in.
Yeah, but no physical health care
I don't get angry. Stuff that should make me angry just makes me sad.

>typical nigger victim complex
I threw a music stand at my best friend, don't remember why.
>gets BTFO
>stops replying
War never changes.
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>be like 15
>23 yr old NEET sister gets dog even though shes too busy partying, going to bars, and doing coke to take care of it
>end up having to take care of him and clean up after him because she never house trained him
>come home from school and see sister locked dog in the kitchen so she can go hang out with chad
>dog ravages the place and trash and old food is everywhere
>I'll end up having to clean it up
>pick up dog to put him outside
>dog decided to fall asleep in his shit and piss
>it gets all over my hands and clothes
>dog then decides to bite me and I start bleeding
>lose my shit
>put piss soaked dog on my sister's bed
>punch a hole in her wall
>slam door so hard it no longer closes the right way
>parents take my side because they're sick of my sister leaving the retard alone to destroy the house
>six years later my sister still bitches about it

before you call me a raging sperg this is like the fifth time something like this has happened
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>he has 300 pounds on me but i manage to push myself free
>300 pounds
You're such a special snowflake. But I still like you because you like the Sopranos.
Did you show them the cp? Fuck that noise
>special snowflake
??? does not compute. would no one else get angry upon finding out that their significant other belongs in prison ???

i know my mom would literally have probably killed him if i ever told her about it. maybe you don't understand my reaction because you yourself are a pedo???

actually probably like 250...
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Fucking kek. I know it makes you mad but please tell more, jesus christ maybe just stay away from all the SJW shit.
>tfw sjw shit triggers you
Not only did this not happen, you're at fault anyway even if it did.
Holy shit, stop projecting please. Also, reread your story and tell me how you are NOT a snowflake.
Yep. All capitalism and white people. Nothing to do with the general lack of any fucking empahasis in our culture today for the respect of others.

Stop trying to blame it on others when you've probably done it too yah dumb faggot. In fact, I know you have. Because everyone has.
>be 14 years old me
>recess at school
>standing by the window
>watching the cars on the highway behind the school
>a classmate storms in the class
>I quickly look at him, it's just the bullied manlet of the class
>ignore him and continue to watch the cars
>he goes to my seat and turn my chair with my bag upside down
>"What the hell, <manlet_name>?"
>being quite the loser myself, I didn't punch him or screamed at him. I considered him a brother in robot arms.
>he's trembling and crying
>he says I threw his notebook in the toilet
>I say I didn't do it
>he says that Chad and company saw me doing it
>he open up my bag and throws my stuff on the ground
>starts kicking it around
>at this point I get a little angry
>I push him away
>tell him again that I didn't do shit
>tell him I'd throw him and his family in the toilet if he ever pull this shit again
>he says some crap about my mom
>I lose my shit
>I go to his seat
>Pick it up with his bag and coat
>Throw it all off the window (2nd floor)
>"You say a word about my family again and you'll be the next one flying, got it?"
>go back to my seat
>many studends come to the class because of the noise
>I start to feel nervous, I know that I'm fucked
>a few minutes later the principal came in the class
>he tells me to pick up my stuff and go to his office
>I do that, he's at his office calling my home to know if there's anybody there
>he drives me home and scolds me in front of my mom
>I got suspended for a week
>mom had to pay for the chair and for the broken window
>earned the reputation of "mentally unstable kid"
>no friends, no foes... only loneliness for the rest of that year
no, he took his shit and left, i explained the situation to his family and told the police. he doesn't have citizenship in my country, he was staying here as a guest. the police jotted down his address in his actual country of residence and said they'd contact the authorities there. i don't really know what happened after that other than:

>his mother hates me for "ruining her son's life" and thinks i'm a crazy bitch (i mean she's the one with a 28 yo neet for a son so lel)
>he was looking to start d8ing a 16 year old girl
>he was getting psychiatric help for his problems (probably forced)

all i can say for certain is he's not in prison. which is no surprise to me.

do you want me to post some chatlogs with his mother? this was literally as he was packing his shit. enjoy. i'd post the ones with him but i don't have anything related to him anymore.

>you're at fault anyway even if it did
I've told myself this probably 100x and honestly I don't care at this point. I'm the one who has to live with unsavoury imagery burned into my head. Tbh the biggest reason I hate men is because men ALWAYS think I "overreacted" and was "petty"
>waaah I'm the victim
>guise, pls tell me I'm the victim
ayy lmao
gud one m8
10/10 would kek again

If the genders were reversed tbqh m8 you'd be calling him a whore and talking about how all women are stupid cunts and whatnot, but w/e
What the fuck are you talking about? I am just saying that you are one very very special person. Just LOOK at what you posted. That's all I'm saying. What the fuck.
Mother told me my older brother does no wrong, and I'm the one who fucks everything up. He beats her the next day. I should've stayed in the fucking foster home.
failed to clutch
Neat. Where can i get your magical future-projection powers, tripshit-chan?
I'm not special at all, I'm the product of circumstances.
idk if this is real or not but if it is, I'm truly very sorry and you deserve so much better.
Some pretty special circumstances, m80.
you are all stupid cunts and you are a whore
thanks robot now i know someone else has called mystery a cunt and whore
why the fuck would you put shampoo and food in the same bag?

Maybe learn what this means before throwing it around, you mong
>being this butthurt
yeah, I guess the circumstances don't just happen to anyone, and I put myself in that position so it is mostly my fault but that doesn't make it any easier
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fucking kek'd at this post, although this is not how the robot works
fuck off cancerous shit
stop attention whoring
u aint shit
Now you understand. Thank you.
Playing Hearthstone.
Id probably be in for a felony if some of my opponents were within arm's reach.
I mean it's whatever, everyday gets more manageable. But I would probably be a much nicer, more tolerable person if none of it ever happened. I think there is only so much a person can take before it becomes too much, you know?
Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. A/S/L?
One time I got so mad and screamed out at someone so much I blew my vocal cords and had to get surgery.
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I literally punched a hole in my wall after losing a 2.5 hour dota game
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>middle school
>friend says something about my other friend
>say I will fight him
>slap him in the face
>he beats me up
Must suck being retarded, eh?
File: 1396393026942.jpg (25 KB, 243x201) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>game frustrates me
>slam hands on table
>it hurts
You just notice it more because people add in that descriptor when they talk about minorities but not white people. When's the last time you actually had someone point out their antagonist was white? Hardly ever, you usually just subconsciously assume unless otherwise stated, so when "nigger" is thrown in you notice it more and thus it seems more frequent.
The only times I've ever gotten angry enough to hurt someone was when I was already angry and they mocked me for it. 100% of the time that has happened, someone has gotten hurt.

I am not an angry person, not at all, but when I am, you'd think people would understand the gravity of the situation.
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our mentally unstable neighbor shot and killed our 10 year old dog when nobody was home because she was barking too loud
I drove across country to meet up with someone who wasn't actually a chick.

Punched a hole through their wall and took a broom and repeatedly hit their fridge with it. The trip back was decent because there was a Force of Will tourney in one of the towns I stopped in.
I've done basically the same thing

>be cashier
>greasy, dirty as fuck 50+ year old dude comes to my til with a bunch of tins of cat food
>start ringing them up
>he blurts out "WHAT THE FUCK"
>ask him what's wrong
>"are you trying to screw me? They're 39 cents"
>they rang in at 49c
>check flyer
>its a different brand on sale for 39c
>tell him and show him in the flyer
>"So you think I'm a fuckin liar?"
>"No, but its a different brand on sale"
>he storms off and comes back with the price tag
>...it was for the brand in the flyer, not the one he brought up
>says "who's the fuckin idiot now?"
>blood is pumping hard, adrenaline soaring through me
>huge line is forming so I decide fuck it and give him the sale price and just ignore him
>he turns to the person behind him in line and says "I can't believe they let fuckin' retards like this work here"
>getting so mad
>finish transaction, he just stays standing there saying shit, blocking off me ringing anyone else through
>"God look at that receipt I was right. You really did try to fuck me over you fuckin twink"
>"Seriously I can't BELIEVE that you would try to fuck over a payin' customer like me I've been coming here for years"
>"God you're fuckin useless..."
>without thinking blurt out "Can you stop being an asshole?"
>"the fuck you say to me?"
>"I said stop being an asshole"
>"Oh that's it kid you're fucki-"
>"get out."
>he laughs
>scream "GET OUT!!!" as loud as I can
>he gives a blank stare and walks out
>ring everyone else through, everyone who witnessed it defends me
>fucker comes back later to complain and on his way out tells me to watch my back
>mfw I was sent home by supervisor
>mfw the store manager called me to his office the next day, told me I was awesome for standing up to myself and gave me a 3 day suspension but only cause the store owner settled on that rather than firing me

It felt really good desu.
Man I feel you.

blox of course lmao.
2007 when my mother locked me out of my computer so i couldn't play WoW. i coulda killed her right then, but fortunately my mother is a vapid evangelical so i guessed the password minutes later. It was angel.
A bitch that was making fun of me in revenge, only because I gave her a not so bad score in a work in highschool (considering that her had an empty sheet)
Almost I punched her, but other teachers turn up and holded me. That shit then still making fun of me for a bit after that.
I'm usually very calm but when some group of high school shit heads started throwing rocks at my dog I lost it.
>Walking with my dog on my usual route in this nice park near me
>See shitheads standing on a bridge which spans over a walkway
>Whatever keep walking
>Hear a yelp from my dog and laughing from the shitheads
>Fuck it, put my dog on the leash make a small detour so that they won't see me approaching.
>pick up a stick and walk to them
>Now I'm about 10 metres from them
>Scream at the top of my lungs "Throw a fucking rock at my dog now you cunts" and start running after them.
>They run so I start chasing after them while still holding the stick in one hand with my 50kg lab running next to me.
>Eventually one of them runs out of breath and stops
>Starts apologising telling me that it wasn't him
>I'm still furious as fuck but the others are already too far away and I'm not gonna beat some random kid who's already shit himself.
Funnily enough when I saw them the next time they apologised to me.

>dont squish mah pies

i laffed so hard i threw up, bless you anon

>work in retail
>sell chocolate
>indian guy calls the store
>"how much is it by weight?"
>its 56 dollars a pound
>"how much would a kilo box cost?"
>sir we sell it by pound, not by the kilo so i cannot help you
>"well how many pieces would be in a 1 pound box?"
>well each piece costs around 2.40 so you could get a 23-24 piece box of our bigger pieces and a 24-30 size box of our smaller pieces that you can hand pick from our case since our premade assortments come in 8, 19, 36, 48, and 72 piece boxes and are not sold by weight
>"no youre not listening i just want a 1 pound box!"
>yes sir, do you want it premade or do you want to make your own box?
>well sir it does, we do not sell assortments by weight off the shelf, you may pick up to 23-34 pieces out of our case and that will be one pound of chocolate
>"why are you making this so hard, no wonder you work in retail, you dont even have a degree, did you graduate from highschool?"
>ok you know what, we have a box that costs 60 bucks, its a pound of chocolate,
>he says thank you
>as he says thank you i say "shut up you ignorant fuck"
>boss over heard the whole conversation
>looks at me
>oh shit
>he says he didnt hear anything
>get pissed off because fucking indians are the worst people on planet earth and treat service workers like shit
>punch wall
>go back on sales floor
>gaggle of indians walk in starting to haggle

tl;dr fuck indians
56 dollars for 1 lb of chocolate? i'd be fucking pissed too aye
When I found out my first ex girlfriend had already slept with a guy not a few weeks after we broke up, when it took us a good five or six months to get to that point. Teenaged me beat my head against my closet door until I saw blood
i get really fucking angry every single day at my shitty apartment
Probably when my girlfriend of 4 years told me that she was fucking another guy the entire time when I left the country to travel for 3 weeks.

Or maybe it was when my bipolar sister tried to break into my room by attempting to kick down my locked door at 3 a.m. the night before my SATs for no reason whatsoever.

Or maybe when someone who I thought was my friend invited me to join him on a weekend trip to party in NYC, then literally abandoned me on the street at 4 a.m. when the event was over saying, "Yeah, the people I arranged to stay with? Uh, I never mentioned you were coming, sooooooooo good luck finding somewhere."

Or maybe when my roommate in college did too much meth and trashed our apartment.

Or maybe when another housemate 3 years later confided in me that he was addicted to heroin, then woke me up at 5 a.m. high out of his mind on cocaine, blasting music at obscene levels, which caused the cops to come over. He was hanging out with strippers and his heroin dealer at the time, too.
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but did you see the stripper's tiddies
Every single time I go outside and see happy, functioning normies, I want to screech.


Explain. Why is your apartment so bad?
No, they were clothed at the time.

Besides, it didn't fucking matter. I didn't want cops in my apartment when my roommate was a fucking junkie addict.
Wow the feels.

I lost rank 1 due to win traders during season 6 then again on season 7 last night of the seasons.
>tfw you will never help a fembot recover from abuse
I've met a girl who was abused to the point of a guy that enslaved her took a shit on her. Shame she always has bfs because she has to live with them
every time I visit r9k I get triggered by shitposters
You are a great man
>Serve my 24 month mandatory National Guard service
>Summer time.
>Not enough manpower for us to be able to go home twice a week.
>Only once a week.
>Weekend comes. My weekly day off is on friday.
>Finish guard shift 1 hour before having my off day.
>Poo poo time , nobody is around , leave weapon outside of the gun rack because I'm ready to shit my pants.
>Superior comes in . Sees my weapon unlocked .
>Reports me to my superior officer .
>Get suspended . My day off denied.
>Lose my shit , destroy the guard post door.
>Throw a bench through the plasterboard wall.
>Scream like a maniac.
>2 weeks on duty , no clean clothes , no money . no nothing .
>fucking summertime.
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>be me 18 yrs old 12th grade
>social reject who minds his own fucking business
>annoying 16 year old everybody hates saunters into my art class.
>he asks me why I look angry and sad.
>calls me a homosexual
> by this time I'm seeing red.
>just about stab his hand with my pencil.
>I swung too fast and hard and miss his hand.
>kid fucks off, doesn't come back to the classroom for the rest of the year.

I'm surprised nobody noticed probably would have been expelled
Or charged with assault
Heh he would
have squealed like the fucking cunt he is
I wish I didn't miss
>be 17
>mom is bitching at me constantly
>can't take her bitching at me
>explode on her saying she doesn't even talk to me she always yells at me
>continue to denote her arguments
>whenever I say something rational, she can't admit it so she changes the subject
>she's bitching through everything
>almost screaming to get my point across because she won't stop talking
>can't take it any more
>scream as loud as I can
>she keeps yelling
>huffing and puffing all the way to the door
>run out

Neighbor down the street pulls up and asks me where I'm going, say to a friends but I'm really not.
>tfw he offered to drive me

Unrelated but my mom tried to argue alcohol wasn't a drug
My girlfriend slept with her daughter's father and I wanted to strangle her, but I was out of town at the time so I couldn't.
I'm still with her and secretly I want to kill her every day.
i don't fucking know

i get angry all the time but i've never completely lost my shit lmao
considered dragging him outside and curb stomping his face but I'm wasnt ready to be that edgy
i never get angry, i get utterly disappointed,

Because niggers on social media.
beat a man with a machete when he crept into my bedroom naked and laid down next to my wife (who wears a sleep mask and earplugs), because he thought I had gone to work.

when I came home, she was pushing him away from her and I grabbed my machete, and he bolted into the room he had been renting in my house, butt ass naked. from there it's all a blur, but I stabbed through the guest room door three times, then I ripped its hinges out of the wall, threw it down and beat him.

I still have a spike of rage when I think about it. She was scared of me for a while after that, because I am usually nonviolent.
nigger kept asking me for cake
>work at novelty fast food place, basically a landmark for Milwaukee
>in custard line, its busy as fuck as always
>lotta niggers come in
>I'm on my game go fast left and right serving up orders
>what I'm assuming was a crack head orders to cones and a dish (2 scoop) (something like that ordercan't remember)
>tell her total
>naww that ain't right, that's too much
>explain to her that it is right
>naww you tryn short hand me
>ma'am if you're curious about the increase in total, its the tax. The board above me with the prices does not include tax
>naww you just lying, that ain't right. And you trying to take my money
>I could have had three orders done by now
>start to spell out the math perfectly
>ma'am the two cones are 2.59 each. 2.59 plus 2.59 is 5.18. Your two scoop dish is 3.08. In addition to your two cones being 5.18 with the two scoop dish being 3.08 brings your total to 8.26 not including tax. Tax being 6% brings it up to >8.blah whatever it was
>said that all under 15 seconds without stuttering and surprised I got all that math right
>she pulls out her wallet and says that was rude go get your manager
>get manager, he's already working his ass off, she just tells him I was rude, manager says we'll talk later
>next customer complemented my articulation when I explained everything
In a game of Hearthstone

> Be me
> Playing a Reno-Mage
> Beginning of the game
> Got Reno in my opening hand
> My mad scientist put Mirror-Entity into play
> The opponent (a hunter) plays Alarm-o-bot into it and I get a copy of the alarm-o-bot on my side
> Oh shit please please please why is a hunter running an alarm o bot WTF OK it is a 1/6 chance to pull Reno it wont happen
> Of course my alarm-o-bot plays Reno for me at the very start of the game

Immediately just conceded and just shrieked as loud as I could for 5 minutes straight.

It was the most bullshit thing I had ever seen in my life. I was crying, thrashing my room up.
So angry I cried and my hands were shaking
what's more, he left most of his shit here and I threw it out and destroyed it.

I think about finding him after one of his work shifts and sapping him with blackjack and cuffing him and taking him into the wilderness.

neighbors don't talk to me much anymore, and now they probably think I am psychotic. maybe they're right. I don't know anymore. I just have so much hate.

I mean, I was trying to help someone down on their luck, and this is the thanks I get? I want to break his bones and bind him so they heal crooked, so his body reflects his mind.
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Think today was the day. December last year my mom convinced me to open a credit card to build credit or some shit. I fell for it. Didn't know she was a gambling addict at the time. When I was taking a shower she went into my room and took a picture of my card. Maxed it out on online gambling and refused to pay it off. Her gambling addiction came to light. She starts going to this partial hospitalization psych program every day. Dad has to pay most of the bills and my mom's other gambling debts so I kept it to myself and started paying it off on my own. Paid it off in 2 months with my savings. Mom is still doing this group therapy thing. Claims to be getting better. Finishes the program and starts going to GA. Everything seems to be moving in the right direction. Then she picked my lock got into my room and took a picture of my debit card while I was washing the dogs. Steals around $1200 from me, wiping my savings clean. Stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from my dad's retirement account. Refuses to pay us back. She has no job anyway. Don't tell dad that she stole my money too, don't want him to stroke out. I had no money all year. Found out that my dad gave my mom $100 dollars to get me a cake and a card and some shoes. She bought a bunch of scratchers from 7/11 with it. Fast forward to today and my dad is still paying off her debts, he has almost nothing left in his retirement account. The minimal amount of money I make goes to paying household bills. Just found out my mom is cheating on my dad. I told him about it but he hasn't done anything besides confronting her. She's been posting stupid shit on Facebook talking about how she's unloved. I told her she needed to start paying me back for all the money she'd stolen from me. My grandma had given her $200 on New Years. She tells me all the money is gone. Wake up today and find out she'd driven to the casino late last night. Locked that cunt out of the house. I dream of killing her.
Angriest emotions get tangled u
p with a loss of control. So the few times I've truly been angry I cried afterwards due to the emotional overload and needing and outlet. Pretty pussy I know, but pure anger is a pure loss of control.
friends deleted my WoW main i played on for 6 years as a "prank" but i guess it did me good needed to retire that game
PvP in MMO as Ice Mage
Some faggot Dwarf warrior runs up on me
Can tell he thinks he's the shit
Does that rage building thing puffing his chest
Wait for him to charge
Ice block
Drop frost nova
Blink away
Frost bolt him
Proc Brain Freeze
Hit him again
Cold Snap
Ice block

he dies cold and alone
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