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Agefag thread
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How long have you been browsing 4chan? How long was it before you began to post and not lurk anymore?

>1 1/2 years, my friend convinced me that 4chan was illegal, i could never stop browsing though.
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Don't bother, everyone posting has "been here since 2007", which was a bullshit claim even back in 2010. No one even acknowledges that it's fucking sad to be on the same website for 5-10 years.
I can never see myself leaving
I like to think I've been a useful poster to others
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2004. Started posting in 2005.

Cockmongler, happy negro, 4chan city, longcat, FORTUNE, etc.

I was responsible for a slew of the original EFG threads. Feels weird when I see people wearing the masks.
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i was on here for a couple of years then went my own way, just found it out again, turned out /b/ went to shit, decided to try /r9k/ where all the happening, hip, trendy young people are.
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you can never leave anon.
bump for potential
I started college in August of 2004. About a month in, this pseudo-goth guy (who was trying to get into the pants of the same fucked-up chick whose pants I was also trying to get into) said something that I found unbelieveably fucked-up and then referenced 4chan. Using the powers of teh Google I found myself here.

It has now been more than 11 years and 3 months and I am still here. I have outlasted m00t himself. I will be here until the heat death of the universe, and when the universe is gone I will remain, shitposting away into the infinite black void.
2003. I was in 5th grade. Our whole grade was obsessed with /b/, which was odd. Even a lot of the girls went on /b/ back then. I took a break in middle school, and then in late high school, I heard the jocks and their gfs talking about r9k and some other board. That's when I started going on again
wats a four chan?

October 2007. I then returned in 2008, and life hasn't been the same since.
late 2005.
I remember it vividly because one of the very first threads I saw on /b/ had nude (underage) pictures of this girl at my highschool (~1000 students) that we'd passed around.
Somebody had posted one of the set and left people begging for more so I posted the rest.

/r9k/ is a relatively new board. Was not brought in until 2010. Taken away, then brought back late 2011.

I dunno when I started coming here, but it was 2008 at the latest cause I remember doing it in high school
I was a junior in 2010
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been here 6-7 years. Started out only going to /b/ and the Boxxy hype had just exploded around the time I found this shithole. I had actually lurked here years before around 04-05 after seeing a friend using 4chan at a LAN party. I never posted, just came back and poked around a bit a few times and quickly got bored. I didn't really understand the website format.
Came to /b/ in 2007, moved to /mu/ around 2009, /tv/ added to the routine around 2012.

I'm 24.

I can remember threads on /b/ making me sick to my stomach. I also lurked for 1 year before making my first post. I didn't check out the blue boards until 2007 though.

I don't know why I'm still here, I've essentially surpassed the power level of every board I like and it becomes more and more intolerable when you realize you're posting amongst a younger and younger age group. I can even identify the same insecurities and lack of reference / experience that I had when I first started posting at 15 and pretty much instantly realize "oh shit I'm arguing with a 15 year old".

Also at this point any other sort of online discourse has been completely ruined for me. Anonymous posting (with some exceptions) is truly the best way to interact with people over the internet.

If the flow of fresh memes ever dries up I will probably leave for good. Whenever there's a dry spell is when I get seriously close to leaving forever. But then some totally hilarious, surreal, and introspective meme will pop up and I'll remember why I stick around. You just can't get that same level of humour anywhere else because memes themselves are built upon all past existing memes. It's like an ever evolving chain that I've watched grow for the past 10 years and it somehow keeps finding new ways to surprise me.

There's no other ride that I've been on for longer so I guess I may as well stick it out to the end just to see where it goes.
browsing since 2008, although in the past couple of years I browse rarely (comparatively)

I started posting probably a month after reading posts and lurking. I've never understood why people lurk for extended periods of time. Once you understand the general conversational style it's fine to jump in. Don't worry about getting the etiquette wrong unless you are trying to make a name for yourself with a tripcode, and if you are doing that then almost everyone will hate you anyway.
What I'm saying is, people who are new to 4chan will learn in time. I've seen posts in which people claimed to lurk for years before posting, which is ridiculous. Just post something.
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