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What's the creepiest thing that ever...
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What's the creepiest thing that ever happened to you or someone you know?
>go for a nightwalk around 1:00-1:30 AM
>go out of my house and on the street
>right next to my house there's a car just sitting there with the headlights on
>can't see anybody in the car
>get back home
>no car
saw a (naked?) old man covered in blood run across the road and dash back into the woods

probably just a hillbilly meth head cutting himself up, but i can still picture the scene vividly
>destination is the park which is across town
>go down this long ass road that'll take you anywhere you need to go in the city
>pass up a car and the headlights suddenly flash behind me
>walk a little faster
>pull up next to me with tinted windows
>window goes down and see middle aged guy holding a pistol
>"hey could you show me where the nearest waffle house" (i think it was WH)
>back up while muttering to just go straight and you'll see it
>"don't be scared, i didn't hear what you said you'll need to get closer"
>decide to book it and cut through Kmart parking lot next to me
>drives infront of my path
>run into a nearby parking garage a block away and hide
>screaming come back here you little shit and other obscene things while I'm ducked off under staircase

I still to this day don't know what he was going to do to me.
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>called a cab ride home
>i get in, something is off about the driver.
>notice hes taking a indirect route
>suddenly turns down this dark alley
>hes been asking weird questions the whole time
>i tell him hes gone the wrong way
>he asks if i wanna stay out longer maybe we could 'work something out"
>tell him no, take me where I was going
>drops me off, i throw em a 20 and bail hard
>a month or so later I see that cab driver in the news
>find out that driver murdered a few people
holy shit dude.

why didn't he just get you right then and there? why even give you a choice?
what questions did he ask and what did he look like?
I tried speaking to a girl.
shit dude that's full on
What age were you at the time?
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shit nigga what happened?

I think that fucked with my head because I haven't even attempted to go to places on foot after midnight since that happened.
My whole life is a big clusterfuck of spook and weird.

I guess the most recent thing that happened to me was also one of the most mundane. I was walking with my mother's boyfriend to the store a week or so ago to get some munchies. It was long after dark, and we saw a ghetto looking black man standing off to the side of the road. Mother's fuckboy was raised as a sheltered rich faggot, so he was clueless, but from living around the more lowly parts of towns, I tend to fucking notice when a nigger is pretending to look at his phone while casting us quick glances here and there. I also keep an 8 inch hunting knife strapped to my thigh for a fucking reason. We passed the guy, and he immediately started following us a few meters back, and keeps on our tail all the way into the store. It was only after he could see in the light that I had my hand resting on my knife giving him the old Eastwood stare, so he asked the cashier to just break a 5 down to one dollar bills before tossing another glance our way before leaving.

I guess the dumb nigger wasn't AS dumb as I thought, since he knows a crazy white fucker when he sees one. A few days ago, we learned that same black guy robbed some queer at gunpoint near the park that morning.

If I wasn't there looking like an angry neckbearded autist with my euphoric blade of faggotry alongside my mother's idiot boyfriend, he would have gotten robbed for sure. Stupid fucking rich people, I swear
>go with Friends to forest to make a shelter
>we go there for a whole month building or shelter
> friend of mine is explaining about a man in the Woods too.
>we sayed to him That it was nothing
>week later i find a kitchen knife with blood on it in front of me when I was pissing
>it scared the hell out Of me..
>never go back
>month later Girl has gone missing in That Woods..
>year later the murder was found, he had burried her in the Woods.
Dahmer and other serial killers liked to hang out with their victims before killing them. He probably wanted him to willingly go to his house without a struggle.
i really don't know. thought about it every day for years.
he kept talking about hunting deer and how exciting it was. asking things like if I ever killed an animal before. I said I hadn't. That's when he turned into the alley.
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>be me
>be CIA
>see some things
>take this captive on to the plane
>unmask him
>he's a big guy
>tell him it's going to be painful
>he agrees
>tell him he's a big guy
>he says for me
>oh fugggg
sounds like you missed a month of english class
He was middle aged, had reddish leathery skin, like he smoked 40 years of his life.
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I enjoyed your story & style of writing
Alien abduction since I was young. It's not something I tell anyone, same as my dad.
You can just carry a knife strapped to your thigh around stores and shit and no one says anything?
A bunch of weird shit.

The one that comes to mind is that I once saw two guys in suits dumping a "rolled up carpet" over the edge of a cliff up in the mountains, while standing behind the open trunk of a black TownCar.

About a year later I read that they found a corpse in the ravine below that cliff. I dunno why I didn't report what I'd seen, I didn't even connect the two stories until way later.

If anybody's wondering what _I_ was doing up there, by the way, I was on the way to one of my favorite stretches of twisty road for driving my sporty car on.
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> wake up
>its morning
>can't move
>oh, i'm paralyzed.
>been here a hundred times
>oh, something is fucking my ass
>NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sleep paralysis breaks and my ass hurts.
I got raped by a ghost senpai
Here's another one.

It's not me, but a story a friend told me years back.

>him and his mom are pulling up to pharmacy
>she goes in and he's waiting in front seat
>looks to the left of him
>woman bound and gagged
>face against window banging her head against window to get his attention
>guy exiting store notices this and rushes to his car
>mom walks out the store and speeds out not wanting to deal with the matter at hand

Humans are truly fucked up people. I wish he gave me more details. Kind of makes them seem assholish.
English is not my best subject..
You don't tell anyone about your dad. Anon, What did he do?
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>going back home from a day at my mcjob
>late night, walking home on a dark street
>police truck slowly drives behind me
>hear the click from the door opening
>drives even slower
im so tense i swear i can hear the police lights and they hit the pavement, im frozen
>no order to stop is given, nothing.
>i can see out the corner of my eye the cop has his gun out
i keep walking at the same pace
>hear some radio chattter.
>cop closes door, and drives away.

i swear you white fucks have no idea what it is to be black.
Maybe he was just some random black guy going about his business and giving you weird looks because he could tell you were staring at him weirdly, and he was thinking "oh fuck, I'm about to get murdered by some nutjob white kid with a giant knife for no reason."
I mean to say neither of us tell anyone. Though I don't tell anyone about him anyway since the experiences really fucked him up and he's a headcase.
Sounds to me he was just going about his business and some autist decided to stare him down/make it apparent he was ready to stab him.
Shit's fine in MUH FREEDOMLAND

In Washington State, you may carry a dirk or dagger-like blade anywhere but schools and government buildings, so long as it is not concealed on your person, or openingly brandished at anyone threateningly.

>we sayed

Its more creepy than your story
Ausfag, very jelly of USAs ccw laws.
>A policeman drove near you and drove away.
Holy shite. Truly we are living in the most dangerous and vile if times.
>you honestly think you wouldn't be terrified if that happened to you
If you're not trolling/ crazy what stories so you have?
Saw dudes dumping a corpse guy again.

A few more weird stores from that mountain.

>Chillin' with the bros at the top one night
>Suddenly we notice some lights coming
>We realize they're in the air
>Lights come closer
>Fly right over us
>We can see from the stars it's blocking that it's a bigass triangle thing with a "cabin" on the bottom
>It flies past us, and then descends vertically into a canyon on the other side of us.

We were all like 'zomg aliens' at the time, but in retrospect I think it was probably a military prototype out of Edwards, maybe that 'Stealth Blimp' that there's been rumors about forever.

Here's another 2spooky one.

>Driving down the mountain, going pretty fast but not xxxtreme
>Come around corner
>Oh fuck it's a white coyote in the road
>Gtfo dude
>Slam on brakes
>Dude doesn't gtfo
>WHAM, feel the impact right as I stop
>Oh fuck where is he
>Look around
>No coyote
>Look in rearview mirror
>Coyote is standing there like "Sup bitch?"
>Walks off, doesn't give a fuck.

So that shit was pretty spooky.

What was really spooky is that I never told anybody for like 5 years, and then all of a sudden, another guy from the mountain told me the exact story, that it'd happened to him.

Shit got 3spooky5me at that point.

>be 8
>sleep with grandma because everything is spoopy
>have candle night light, very pretty, placed in a cabinet which is next to the door
>always sleep with the door open, my grandmother doesn't like the door closed for some reason
>whatever never really thought much of it
>wake up in the middle of night
>the house is dead silent, nobody is awake and I can hear my grandmother quietly snoring
>I realize I'm unable to move
>I start to panic, my heart begins to raise
>a faint static sound soon turns into this
>my nightlight begins to flash
>I can hear steps coming down the hall
>I try to look down the hallway through my door, but I cna't see anything
>night light all of the sudden goes completely off
>and the steps stop
>after what felt like an eternity the nightlight turns back on with a shadow standing in the middle of the room
>I try to not make a sound
>whatever it was it appeared to be looking for something
>it stood next to my brother and looked at him
>he then began to walk for the door
I'm a loose fucking cannon, nerds

But really though, you try imagining the negroid is just minding his own business when he tails you down several blocks at night on an empty street RIGHT after you walk by him.

I'd go OJ on his ass any night if he pulled that shit on me.

Edgy neckbearts are hardcore, yo
One eye on our waifu
The other on the streets
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I know this is going to sound like a story straight from some old B-movie, but whatever.
>have a great grandmother
>shes like 96 years old but still kickin'
>one day she has a stroke, but she survives
>as she recovers, my mother comes to check her out and stay with her for a couple of days
>one night strange shit happens, grandma starts speaking gibberish, acts very agressive, while looking pale as a corpse
>mother says that when she looked into my great grandmother's mouth, her tongue was compressed into a solid gray-ish ball somewhere at the end of her mouth cavity
>mom backs off
>grandmother stretches her arms to grip my mom to the point of where her hands get impossibly long for a human being, atleast without getting up from the bed
>mom starts to cross herself while reading prayers, since she's always been quite religious, but accidently fucks up since it's like 3 am
>grandma tells in a very deep, manly voice "yeah, right, you're doing really good, my girl"
>ma and a couple of other relatives rush to get a doc and a priest and eventually everything goes back to normal
>grandma doesn't even remember
This is all from the words of my mother. Personally, I've never been into supernatural shit (even though I want to believe), and I think this was just an odd case of lunatism and sleep paralysis. But to be fair, grandmother's old wooden house has always been quite uncomfy and unsettling to just be in.
Dunno man.

But I'm from LA, where big black dudes are basically like "sup bro, don't fuck with me, I won't fuck with you."
I'll keep it short because I'm too lazy to write anything. I thought I was on the clear but it turn its head and stared directly at me and jumped on me. I'm not sure what exactly he did to me but it hurt senpai. This continued happening all the way until I was 15.

Anywho his nightly visits ended when my mother called a priest and gave me a blessing of some sort.

>shadow appears
>tries to do its thing
>doesn't work
>he starts screaming
>big old demond comes out from the ground
>drags him into blacker than black hole
>demon dissapears
>never see shadow again

but i've stilled had other occasions with sleep paralysis just not that dude
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OP pic reminds me of illumi from hunter hunter, I think it's the big pupils.


>Be making pancakes
>Lemon juice spills over side
>Place fresh hot pancake on plate

I later realised the ridge at the bottom had formed an airtight seal due to the lemon juice, and the hot pancake heated up the pocket of air that was in it, lifting the plate slightly, causing it to move on the uneven surface.
Bumping because this thread is spooky af.
I have a creepy memory but I think it was maybe just a nightmare, I don't know if it was real but I remember it vividly.
>be around 5-7 years old
>on a family road trip outside the city
>parents visit some house of people they must have just met
>mom, dad, and baby brother upstairs talking with the people in a kitchen area
>they tell me to go downstairs because their kids are playing down there, not to be bored
This is where it gets weird
>there are like 8 kids around my age down there
>two big "blanket-forts" made with chairs and linen sheets
>The rest of the basement looks like a relatively normal basement/playroom
>it was pretty large and had a hall with other rooms too, but I was only just in the room where the stairs came down
>we kids are just talking and playing, and then the lights flicker
>kid all get under the forts and get nervous
>tell me to lie under the fort and be a quiet as possible
>start hearing some loud footsteps around us
>there apparently some man walking around the forts
>eventually they tell me the cost is clear and we get out
>everything looks normal except for a wooden stool that was there had a butchers knife sticking out of it and blood all over it
>kids are saying "who's missing?"
>mfw I never remember hearing any noises but the image is creepy as shit
>"um I g-gotta g-o" and I dash up the stairs
>everyone upstairs is chill
>tell my parents what happened
>awkward silence
>we leave to go outside to the car
>parents still talking to the people
>some snake show up in the grass and the man from the house that was talking to my parents starts talking about satan and snakes
>car ride home my dad was saying he didn't like the guy
a cop clearly looking for a suspect draws a gun, considers you the suspect, and you wouldn't shit your pants?

obviously the cop was looking for an armed suspect, and probably the suspect had already fucked up royally, so the rules of engagement change at that point.

you cant make a sudden move
you cant tell him its a mistake
you cant run
you cant stand still
you can only hope he will do things by the book and identify you properly
you can only hope a underplayed, overworked and stressed person will make a clear and sound call in a high stress situation.

you are living in a bubble.
I've never heard of sleep paralysis people being buttfucked by demons. you must be cute
What's sleep paralysis like?
This reminds me of one that's not very eventful.

>Grandmother and her husband (not my grandfather) are having a perverse reverse race to see who outlives the other one
>Winner (aka loser of the race) gets the cash, and to give it to their family
>Grandmother wins.
>Husband (I'll call him Bill to make it easy) was a fucking bastard.
>Bill was a former personal injury lawyer.
>Bill was such a shitter that he wasted all his money on this strip mall he owned, and then never maintained it, so all the tenants left.
>Mayor of the town came to Bill's deathbed to tell him that everybody in the town hated him and were all glad he was going to die
>Bill used to cry out in the night like he was in pain, and then the nurses would come, and he'd scream "PEOPLE ARE STEALING MY MONEY!"
>Bill also once threw my pregnant mom out on the street in the snow and called the cops because he got in an argument with her. (Cops came and arrested him lol.)

Anyway, both of them die, so we go to clean out the house.

>The room Bill died in was creepy as fuck.
>Go to basement to see what's down there.
>Right under Bill's deathbed is a trunk
>It's full of his stuff from WWII, he was a pilot in the Pacific I guess. (Actually, that's pretty rad.)
>But I go up to it to check it out.
>And the second I stand under his room, where the bed was.
>It's like the whole world is a vortex of torment and pain.
>I almost puke
>Have to stagger out of the house and smoke a whole goddamn pack of cigarettes before I feel like I can breathe again. (Ironic, I know.)

I'm telling you guys. I walked up to the edge of the portal to hell that fucker got sucked down. Chills are running up my spine as I type this post, just from remembering it.

The people who bought that house razed it to the ground and built a totally new one on top of it. I'm glad. That wasn't a place anybody should ever live again.
>be me, 9 years old
>i was in belgium
>in the same city than marc dutroux, a "famous" killer that used to kidnapp kids and rape them
>carnival day
>i was hanging out with my friends, it was 10:00 pm
>an arab came to talk to us, he was like 40 years old
>he started to pay things for us and he became more and more tactile, it was weird but he was nice
>he took me to a dark corner and he said "do you want 50 euros ?" I said yes
>he said "ok i will tell you something but you need to tell me you wont tell anyone"
>i say yes
>he says "i will give you 50 euros but you need to suck my dick"
>at this point im scared as fuck
>i run as fast as possible and scream
>saw the cops but i was too scared to say anything
>i felt like shit for 1 week

fucking sandniggers i hate them so much
I've fortunately never experienced it but the reoccurring themes seem to be waking up paranoid and paralyzed while being aware of a physical sense of evil in the room. Most people see dark figures or glowing eyes. There's a good documentary about it on netflix
Same as a lot of others you might hear or see about online. Being woken up from sleep because you *know* they're coming or are there outside, can't really do much (I used to try to hide under my covers or under the bed), see the lights and lose consciousness kind of like falling back to sleep. If you're unlucky you might later remember a little of what happened while you were taken, usually laying on a table surrounded by light and them, but most of the time regaining consciousness hours later someplace in your room and feeling awful.

Started happening when I was young and used to happen a lot more, but now is around twice a year. I used to be terrified of it, now I'm just kind of used to it and it's more of a worrisome annoyance than anything. Doesn't seem to matter where you go or stay. It had been happening to my dad for years, and started happening to me when I was young. When I told him he took it very badly and had a breakdown. Nowadays I'm not sure if it still happens to him, but that would be fucked up, if they just moved onto me.
>family gathering
>sitting about eating and drinking
>notice the dog is missing, he usually lurks under the table when there's food about
>head upstairs to piss
>bathroom door is locked
>try forcing it, won't budge
>hear dog bark from inside the bathroom
>dad has to eventually smash the door down
>dog is nervous as fuck for a few days

still don't know how he locked himself in the bathroom
This is seriously unsettling, sounds like a good premise for a story though.
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And fuck, I just remembered another one. I seem to find a lot of creepy shit.

>Start college around 10 years ago
>College doesn't have dorms, instead they put students in apartments through a realty service
>We get our apt, it's a 2-story 2bd, front of its building, living room and kitchen downstairs, bedrooms upstairs, shared between 4 students.
>Shit seems OK at first
>As the weeks go by, we all start to feel unsettled.
>Everybody starts taking every chance to go visit family etc that they can
>Another student friend comes to hang out and crashes on the couch, runs out in the middle of the night and won't tell anybody why.
>We're always seeing weird shit out of the corners of our eyes
>Other students that come hang out say the same thing
>One who's into spoopy shit keeps telling us she keeps seeing black figures on the stairs

So we all take off for Thanksgiving.

>Get a call the day after, next door neighbor (also a student) says he found our front door open.
>He checked it out, all the doors were open (porch sliding doors etc) and every tap in the apt was on and overflowing
>I go back up there the next day because I'm not really doing anything anyway.
>Sitting at my desk upstairs in my room
>I go running out to see who the fuck was there.
>All doors closed and locked.

I ended up dropping out not that long after that, as did all of my other roommates.

My next-door neighbors, who were seniors, told me at some point a previous tenant got drunk as fuck and fell off our balcony and died. Maybe it was that bro fucking with us. Who knows?

I'm just glad I'm not in that freaky-ass apartment anymore.

Although I did lose my virginity there kek.

Also, pic related, this is the place in question, although it was much bleaker-looking at the time.
Do they ever shove phallic things in your asshole?
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>be like 13
>go to neighborhood with friend and his family
>bring shitty remote control escalde i got for christmas
>just walking around and dicking with it
>some guy rides buy in a truck and stares at us
>rides by again with his head out the window looking back at us
>rides by again looking at us
>nigga wtf
>grab rock and hold it for a while in case he tries to come diddle my fiddle

he didn't come back again

i wish he had sometimes
I don't have memories of anything like that while it may have happened, but I remember times of my mouth/jaw feeling sore after being taken, my ears, and my ass/vaj. Recovering from the experience of being taken though and finding marks or burns on my body though is much more common.
How do so many spooky things happen to one person? I'm jealous yet at the same time glad it's not me.
Here's a hint: someone is shilling their book.
>you cant stand still
Idiot normie caked with fear Tbh

comment comment originality
Fuck, I wish I had a book to shill.

I'm just an incredibly bored out-of-work writer writing about shit that actually happened to me, but with knowledge of how to tell stories in a way that's somewhat compelling.
Not him, but I notice some people attract more types of a certain experience than others. Just like people who live in a low-income neighborhood are more likely to know people who got shot by gang violence or something, some people tend to live in areas where a lot of spooky things have happened because they don't notice creepy vibes or are used to living in areas like that where people have killed themselves or got killed before ect.
If you want to expirience creepy things, go to places where people are all saying its "haunted". the likelihood that you'll see something is much higher
>Things that happened.
>A snake wielding tongues babbling Autistic murdered a child in front of your parents who agreed to go to the house of some weirdos in the middle of nowhere and not get those fucks arrested.
Wtf that's creepy. Is there a window that maybe someone could have escaped through?
The fuck are you talking about? None of my stories were that weird, I just saw some guys maybe dumping a corpse, a UFO, a weird white coyote, and spent time in some creepy houses.
It's like you're awake, but you cant move, cant speak, and get really paranoid, like something is out to get you.
Ive had it once. I was sleeping in my room and I woke up, and I felt something crawling (almost like a hand slowly moving) across my back. I got freaked out, and I tried calling out to my roommate to shake me, but I couldnt even speak.
It's just really fucking freaky and frustrating desu, youre just stuck until it passes over.
Lol that wasn't him it was me. Ya it sounded retarded, but to be fair my parents didn't believe me when I told them what happened. And it wasn't the first time they would talk to strangers like that.

Is it similar to The Fourth kind? Atleast the first half?
A tiny one, unless a midget broke into my house I don't think anyone else was in there

Why don't you try the whole tape recorder or camera in the room?
>But I'm from LA, where big black dudes are basically like "sup bro, don't fuck with me, I won't fuck with you."

Fuck you nigger, I've lived in South Central, deep into nigger territory. If you look the least bit vulnerable and you're by yourself, you're getting robbed and/or killed. I used to be against guns and very liberal into I moved into that shithole.
Sleep paralysis is so annoying. I had it a couples times, but it was just paralysis nothing else.

But then once I had it and I felt a HUGE pressure on me as I tried to be able to move/wake up fully. It was like I was relieving the memory of being born and squeezed out of my mom. Then I hear some loud lion/big cat noises before I wake up.

Then there was the time I wasn't paralyzed, but I woke up and opened my eyes particularity fast and I see for like the tiniest split second, an imagine of a mummified person standing by my bed looking over me. For some reason it was even a bit comforting, not really a bad vibe.

And my best sleep story is having a dream my mom was coming out of the garage from shopping with my grandma and I wasnt there as a person but I was seeing the image without a body floating in the sky, and then I woke up. Then like 1min later I hear a her come inside the front door. And when I came out of my room she was wearing what she was in the dream. I think it was a remote viewing out of body experience I had.
Haven't experienced the shadows or other illusions etc that people talk about, but usually when i wake up with it i can't move in any way and have to struggle wake up completely (rarely works), otherwise i sink into the state and then get a buzzing noise inside my ears as well as kind feel vibrations all over my body that eventually passes after something that feels like 5 to 15 minutes. Sometimes it repeats if i didn't manage to wake up after that. Pretty sure my brain is damaged or something
>saw a pile of about 8-9 young girls pants loaded with shit (literal shit)
>saw a dogs skull split in two with maggots crawling all over it inside a bloody paper bag
>heard twigs snapping behind me, thought it was my mate coming back from his house where he had went to use the toilet, saw a set of mans clothing laid out on the ground where id heard the noise
>found two cars in a clearing that'd been totally burned out
>found a stone bridge across a stream that had long since crumbled apart, each end leading right into a sheer bank
all in the same forest, the clothing one was last as our family moved shortly after (totally unrelated, weird forest wasnt a factor at all) not sure if any of that really constitutes creepy but it was certainly very odd
Toasting on an epic bread
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