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48 year old virgin here. you might have seen...
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48 year old virgin here. you might have seen me in other threads.

i give up. there's no point to my life anymore. derealization and depression have robbed anything i might have had.

i just wanted a life. i needed someone to love me but i never got it. i want all my problems to go away or for someone to take them away, but there's nobody who will ever care. broken goods don't sell.

if nothing changes by the end of winter i will kill myself.
Why don't you try to find something to obsess over? Something to kill for? Relying on people is never good, why do you put so much importance on your virginity? Life is what you make of it, if you're depressed, why are you depressed?

If you want to share your sadness and problems tell me them, I don't know them even if you might have posted them before.
how did you not kill yourself 20 years ago?
Why dont you just become a pedophile? Its not like adult women will ever love you (nor are they loveable these days either). At least when you lust after little girls, you dont feel shit about being a virgin, since most little girls are virgins and its illegal anyway, so you dont have to feel shit about how much child pussy Chad is slaying
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hey that hurt

>tfw 27yo kv who is itching to move to Yemen to legally marry a little girl
Telling you his problems won't do any good. You can't provide a gentle, loving caress. You can't give the simple acceptance that, to someone, anyone, his life matters. That there is someone who misses him when he's not around and that is joyous at his return.
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Do you have a couple hundred dollars? If you don't, save up some money until you do. If you already do, go to www.backpage.com's adult section and choose "escorts". Pick a nice 25 - 30 year old(they've been in the game for a long time and have probably seen uglier) and go for it. Follow their instructions and fuck.

Once you are no longer a virgin, there goes half of your stigma. Seriously.

Next, since you're rather advanced in age, you're going to need to make more money. Start a side business or whatever. The fact of the matter is that you're going to need to be making at least ~$60k per year for this. Six-figures is preferable but not mandatory, it just makes things a lot easier. Also, owning a franchise of some kind that regularly puts you into contact with girls in their 20s and 30s helps a lot too(However, DO NOT GO FOR THOSE WHO ARE CURRENT EMPLOYEES).

While doing the above, start dieting and lifting so that you're in the upper 10th of your age class in fitness by 50. You can do this. /fit/ exists for a reason. Go to it. Read the fucking sticky.

Next, start buying weed and what not. Hang out with the local white college drug dealer. They tend to really love vidya as well. This gets you near stoner chicks who typically open to dating outside the norm.

Meet one that fucks you. You'll probably end up in a fuckbuddy relationship but who cares. You're stable, financially secure, you like weed, you're mature, and you're the chick's dad that she never had(most stoners were raised by single mothers but some aren't). She'll eventually fall in love with you.

Did you follow those steps? Congratulations, you're now the mid-50s auto mechanic that's currently fucking my 22 year old cousin. Pic related.
I'm trying to understand what would drive this certain man to suicide, and to why he cannot find the strength he needs within himself.
As I understand there are things that can happen to make you lose faith in yourself, and depending on what it is you can rebuild the foundation of his person.
Also what he has available to work with resource-wise.
>Do drugs
Was that really necessary? Hell I'll make money off of it but that wasn't necessary for the guy.
I was introducing a little element of skill into it by saying weed. If I really wanted to make this easy, I'd say to become a drug dealer selling opiates and/or coke.

Weed isn't that bad for you, and especially when you're a 48 year old virgin. It definitely cannot hurt. All of the other drugs will however.
I wouldn't know, I'm a straight edge.
It's the feeling that, at a fundamental level, you are defective as a human being. That there is a basic need to be connected to another person and that you will never experience it. That this experience is so common to others that not only do they completely take it for granted, but they can't even comprehend the possibility of someone going through the whole of their life having never felt it. It's a yearning that no hobby, no successful career, no material accumulation can ever sate.
Thread replies: 12
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