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What is your realistic life goal, you faggots?
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What is your realistic life goal, you faggots?

I want to make 150-200k$ a year so that my wife can stay at home and take care of our kid. She's the primary bread winner in our family right now.

I don't want to live in a big house there's no point in occupying 3000 sq. ft. when you only use 1000 of it realistically. We currently own a 1300 sq. ft. home and it's a near perfect size for us. I just want it to be in a safer neighborhood.

I want to work hard and develop my business to the point of it running like clock work where I can step out for a week or two and have a trusted person run for me once I'm gone.

I want to financially secure enough to have another child. I don't need super expensive cars like a Lamborghinis or Ferraris. I'd be okay with a 2008 BMW 135i/6MT and a Mercedes Wagon for my wife.

Proverbs 30, verses 8-9:

Remove falsehood and lies far from me,
Give me neither poverty nor riches,
Feed me with the food allotted to me;
Lest I be full and deny You,
And say, "Who is the Lord?"
Or lest I be poor and steal,
And profane the name of my God.

So, what is your ideal life?


speaking of realistic!
My goal is to reach enlightenment. I don't know if it's realistic because I don't know how hard it is to achieve these feelings whilst sober but I'm willing to do any high for it.
35k and a studio apartment where I can sit in peace and drink
>I want to make 150-200k$
>realistic life goal
That would literally put you in the 98th-99th percentile for yearly income in the US.
Unless you're going to be a doctor or an engineer who has worked in a specialized field for 10 years, that doesn't seem at all realistic.
Wait really? My Dad makes that much and he never went to college. He's a really hard working man. I want to be just like him
I want to be comfortable and die in my sleep.
>Finish college
>Teach ESL abroad for a few years
>Come back home, get a job, work up to 6 figures some day
>Marry someone in the same tax bracket
>Quit job, use savings + her support to get a PhD
>Become professor
>Travel the world in the summers and winters
>Lecture about something I'm passionate about during the springs and falls
>Also have a threesome somewhere along the line

That's really all I want. I love teaching but I'd like to make some sort of work of my own as well
>doctorate in social sciences
>get comfy teaching job that allows me to travel a lot for studies on the side
>buy myself a loyal wife from eastern europe or south east asia
>spend rest of my life lifting and chilling
I think that's somewhat possible. Only hard part is getting an actual career going in the social sciences, since it's all mostly on networking.
>get into a good law school (aiming for Vanderbilt or Notre Dame) or get into a decent phd program for political science
>join either the army or the navy as an officer (reserve) because muh family tradition
>make six figures doing either lawyer shit or working for one of the government agencies
>start either a political consulting firm or deal weapons for the US government
>be satisfied with the fact that I'm either influencing elections within the US or influencing world events through my gunrunning
>get either a qt latina or qt Eastern European gf/woman to procreate with depending on which path I choose
>plant the seeds of an empire my children can inherit and grow

Revelation 6:8
want to be a dad
with loyal wife who is not a golddigger

yes im delusional
Make as much as my parents do. I don'y know exactly they get each year yogether, but I know my mom makes 300k euroegive or take. My father makes more than that now because he was sent to singapore to developp business for his company, so benefits everywhere, and my mom managed to keep her job.

Basically it would be ending up in the top 1 or 2 % but I've got everything I need to succeed in getting that fucking training contract in big law firms that pay a shitload. I'll probably go for a Masters' degree though, to be able to in France as well as the UK.

Want my wife to work, and not some shitty job, preferable a scientific or mathematic one, otherwise the kids are fucked. I'm shit at maths.

Would like 2 kids, first a boy then a girl, but you don't get to choose that so we'll see.

Overall I want to give my children as luch possibilities and opportunities as I was given when I was a child. I want them to succeed, and for that, I'll work my ass off.

My utter nightmare is not working enough now, and havint to explain in 20 years that daddy can't send you to your supper dupper university because he was a lazy cunt, so it's too expensive. No way in hell I let my laziness get in the way of my children's life.
Father had to compete with far fewer people anon.
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I want to smoke weed, do psychadelics, and buy a $3000 computer (including peripherals). A car that runs would be cool too. Also want to buy a house eventually. Unfortunately the weed and psychadelics would put a damper on the rest of the goals, so I may just have to settle for alcohol.
Life goal: cancel the danger I exposed my crush/oneitis/... to through talking to them.

Realistic life goal: none.
I just want a wife. Pot is gonna be legal at that point most likely so just being married and smoking weed every day sounds like heaven.
Maybe one day just pick my stuff up and fly to an isolated African beach to stay there forever.
>life goal
meh I don't have a life goal. getting a good job, buying a house, meh...none of that is a "goal". it's expected of members of society. the only people who don't do that are those who die early.

if i had a goal, it would be to attain a pure, loving female companion (not necessarily a wife, but a companion). i love the kind of person that is there to lift you up all the time and truly support you. but they are rare
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>build a house off the grid
>learn to garden and live off the land
>make at steady, comfortably livable income doing what I love
>never have a shit corporate, retail, or 9 - 5 job that rips my soul out
>meet sweet wholesome qt
>have a couple kids with her
>teach them how to be strong, in touch with themselves and nature, with good morals that they can pass down to their children
>leave behind some kind of impression of my artistic expression

I don't think my life goals are all that unattainable
Where will you find your sweet qt if you live in a remote area?

Plus farming is fucking hard man.

Chances are, by living like you want to do, your family will end up as inbred rednecks.
I want a job in pre school/school. Dont really care where as long as I dont have to go homeless or move back in with my parents after I leave.

>tfw fucking terrified of picking the wrong subject/age group and not being able to get a job
>mom just hugs me and tells me its gonna be alright

How the fuck does she know that?

> imbred rednecks

Something you and him will have in common then.
Well damn. I've been discovered.

Now getta hell outta mah property!
She MADE you Anon. She probably knows you better than you do.
>farming is fucking hard man.
It's actually the most easy boring shit on the planet. Literally:
>till soil
>plant seed
>pick when fully grown
Live in tiny one bedroom house that's cheap af. Do small amounts of work online that I enjoy to cover food/internet and a few other small expenses. I value my time over money.
I just want to get to a point where i don't want to die and still have time left to enjoy being alive.
Well when you want to survive off the land, you've got to count the animals, thr fact that you won't be watering a small ass garden but a big parch of land, so count all the equipment in that.
To become a wizard. Only 4 more years. Should be pretty easy if I just keep doing what I'm doing.
I'm planning on becoming a paramedic and saving lives. It just feels good knowing that even if I fail socially I can succeed by helping people who need it the most.
Good luck with that anon. That's a very nice goal, I'm afraid mine is more selfish.

You deserve to find a nice person to live with and support you when you didn't manage to save that last injured person.
Your comment made me genuinely happy. I haven't felt that in a while, thanks.
>This much goodwill in a R9K thread
The same goals every normie has
>Earn comfortable 80-100k wage
>Meet nice gf
>Marry, 2 kids
>live happily ever after
is that why america uses mexicans to farm?
>not have children, but still have long term gf
>live in a large flat/small house
>make at least one half-decent video game in my lifetime
>get shitty job for a while to save money
>go travelling for a bit
>kill myself before i'm 30
>get to law school (free in my country but you have to go full autist to make it through entry exams because of harsh competition for law student "slots")
>specialize in some boring sector of law
>start own company offering spergy knowledge services in things related to it or apply to another company as a lawyer
>work my ass off and invest the money living frugally
>try to be financially independent before 45 years of age with saved up money and possibly inherited wealth
That'll probably be realistic by the time he gets a gf.
I want to make a lot of money doing nothing and spend my time being the little spoon to a cute girl and buying stupid things to display around my house
I want to make enough money to live off of fastfood in a shitty apartment alone with my amazing pc set up

I want to have loser friends that are like me that will come over for LANs and 40k

I want to die before I get so old that I won't be able to take care of myself.

I want to live long enough for a chance to gain immortality via science

I want to live long enough with immortality to get personal spacetravel

if none of that works I will be happy watching the world end in 2030

>graduate college
>get gf ;_ ;

that's about it. We'll see what happen when we've passed those two.
I want to build a tech startup, sell it for a few mil, and retire. Buy a cabin in montana and live like a recluse.

That'd be nice.
His fathers generation also fucked it up for everyone else after them.
>Doctorate in social science
>comfy job
Well, we can dream
Yeah...someone here has never been a farmer
I'm gonna spend some of the money my dad left me when he passed to create a demo for a game I'm planning on making through Kickstarter. I'm gonna make the dialogue like Earthbound and have a twist at the end to draw the tumblr/reddit crowd.

I'll use the money I make from game and merch sales to pay an artist to make a comic I've wanted to make through Image. If that does well I'll go for a movie deal, if not I'll cash in on a sequel to the game. I figure with at least a million in the bank I'll be able to try different projects without worrying about bankrupting myself.
Become an award winning actor
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