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Why was it so scary to let your classmates...
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Why was it so scary to let your classmates know that you poop?
I think pooping is the most vulnerable a person can be in their normal routine. You're literally caught with your pants down.
>what the fuck is that smell?
>that nigger is farting like he just ate burritos
everyone thinks you are gross then

plus you are vulnerable to people harassing you if you stay in there too long
I'm still like this. I try to avoid being seen exiting the stall at work when anyone else is in the bathroom. I also try to sneak off in hopes no one notices I've been gone for a while.
I always said I had to go to the nurse when I wanted to poop, I told her I was feeling sick then she let me use her bathroom. I need to be alone in the bathroom and saved me so much trouble.
Yep I still remember when girls in my class would count to see how long it took someone to use the bathroom. It was living hell.
jesus christ, even at a young age they're terrible people.
yeah because poo is disgusting and people are ashamed of having poo

so many people messed around instead of actually using the washroom. anytime someone was gone for long i never thought of it because they are taking a long dump but because they are fooling around
wow that sucks...
I remember a kid in high school who decided to poop one day in school

>be me at school
>in bathroom peeing and washing hands
>the "popular" kids shows up
>kid in the bathroom shitting
>starts making fart noises
>popular kids go knock on his stall and harassing him
>they start laughing
>mfw im out

i still am traumatized to use bathroom even tho not in high school
me and my friends were fucking around after school waiting for the bus and one had to go poo so for some reason we all went into the bathroom together like it was completely normal. i started throwing wet paper towls over and he wiped his ass and through it at me and it was like nasty green baby shit
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185 KB, 523x485
What do you mean remember, this is still common practice. We do it all the time at my work (retail), if someone literally can't hold it until they get home like wtf they deserve to be made fun of. Don't tell me they dont let you guys in on it too?
>I was the kid that would piss all over the toilet, walls, and floor.
No regrets.
what the fuck did i just read.

did he get any shit on you?
those guys at work who litterly took a shit everyday at work

this one was always so quick to like 2 minutes max
I struggle with this shit to no end. I ritualistically sit on the toilet in the mornings and try to force everything out in order to avoid the possibility of having to take a shit in a public restroom around campus. I even take Imodium to freeze up my bowel movements when I am going out for most of the day. I'm seeing a therapist currently to rid me of this phobia. I also have the unfortunate luck of having IBS, making it *that* much more complex and difficult.
I will never forget those girls; now when I go to the bathroom I count how long it takes me I can't spend more than a couple minutes in public toilets. Fuck me up always fear that people are watching me.
You call them friends?
How the fuck can you call someone a friend when they deliberately get poop on you?
Funny how now grills still act like they don't poop or Fart.

You know how when you hold your shit in for long it comes out smelling really foul? I wonder if most girls hold it until it reeks like a landfill and that's why they're embarrassed
This is probably bait, if not I feel sorry for you

>not pooping on company time
>in highschool
>had tummy issues
>went to the bathroom a lot from anxiety
>one time take extra long after asking to go
>black kid smugly asks if I'm feeling good
>entire class bursts into laughter

Even the teacher laughed. And people wonder why robots go on rampages.
>black kid

always them... ALWAYS
You guys didn't find a bathroom that was rarely used? I went to the theater building when I could to use their bathrooms. They were always clean and isolated, a toilet away from home. Contrasted to the main building toilets which were always filthy and constantly harassed.
na we were all fucked back then

tfw whites are losers
hahaha I routinely used to take 20 minute shits and work and get paid for it. I never shit at school though. In the first grade these fucking 5th graders or something were peering through the cracks at me. In hindsight they were total fags but it took me like 13 years until I could shit in public.
Should've said yea and told him it looked just like him.
I was bullied in junior high, and a total loner with zero friends in high school but not bullied. I think for me it was mostly trust issues. If they knew I was in the stall, they may have thrown some shit over the the stall walls or taken pictures or shit.

Also this

Usually, not always, there is a lone bathroom somewhere in the building. Maybe it was for faculty, disabled people, or something.
lots of students so there was always at least a few people in bathroom. even if empty someone would come in like after 30 seconds
>ask to use bathroom
>don't go to bathroom
>spend 20 minutes walking around the school and drinking water at all the water fountains

didn't even care if they thought I was taking a shit when I was nice and calm from taking a leisurely stroll around the school.
>tfw lived a walking distance from home for grade school and would just shit there during my lunch break.

>in high school I would shit in the morning as soon as the bus dropped us off, and then could just shit at home in the afternoon

>in college, tested out every washroom & time of day combination (11 floors and at least one washroom on each) to see which one provided the most privacy

Even now, as a 30 year old adult at the mall, I'm still a bit hesitant to just rip ass as I'm sitting on a toilet.
It's that old expression about how you never want to let anyone hear how the sausage is made,
I've never been ably to shit in a public toilet. I've probably done it twice in my entire life; once at an airport where I was in complete agony and another time on a 1200 mile drive(alcoholic diarrhea). I never shat in the school bathroom in the entire 11 years. not once.
in the morning and afternoon? your disgusting
File: 1414414088687.jpg (35 KB, 535x577) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Need a shit at school
>Try to go during class time so no one sees you
>Sometimes have to go during break or lunch cause I can't hold it no longer
>Find a toilet that isn't blocked with piss soaked toilet roll or has a broken seat
>Classmates know I'm in there and come to harass me
>They shake the cubicle and bang on the door
>They throw wet toilet roll bombs over the cubicle
Sorry I'm not a fat fuck that has to squirt diarrhea out 8 times a day

>first day of elementary school
>proudly take a shit and go about my business
>later on some classmates come up to me
>ANON you KNOW there's a rule about not pooping at school! i can't believe you would do something like that! not to mention it's DISGUSTING
>terrified, sputtering, hands shaking, begging them not to tell anyone that i did it. promising i won't do it again
>they walk off laughing and making fun of me
>never shit in public again
I literally never shit at school. I don't even remember having to and having to hold it. I think I just trained my body to never even see it as an option since it was so terrifying.
what the fuck im talking about how you have to do it so much
File: 1450905962652.jpg (99 KB, 786x826) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw can't poop at public places
>tfw can't poop at home unless everyone's asleep
>tfw can't poop without taking shirt off
>tfw hemorrhoids

Twice a day is pretty normal.
I'd be reexamining my diet if you're only doing it once a day or less.
Whenever I poo in public I try being as loud as possible. If my poo or farts aren't loud enough I made painful sounding grunts and moans :^)
in the morning and night time is understandable but in the morning and then at lunch is fat person thing
File: image.gif (938 KB, 480x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>he doesn't have an ass flap
fuckin pleb. No wonder why you guys can't get laid
I don't want to turn this into some sort of anti-USA thing, but what the fuck is wrong with your country when it comes to taking a shit?

You guys are completely neurotic about it, I initially thought it was isolated paranoia, but this topic comes up constantly and your posts are always the same variation of fear and shame and disgust.

Is this something your family drum into you from an early age?

The rest of the world (apart from India) simply goes to the toilet, does their business, and then carries on with their day.
I had some nigger bitch scream "ANON TOOK A DOOKIE" for a goddamn half hour and making that honking nigger laugh. It was not a fun time.
It's the same as with sex and nudity
It's because of our puritan roots
So that when I let out a blast of diarrhea on the floor or sink no one knows to point fingers at me.

Not one time in my school career did even a drop of my shit make it into the toilet. At best it got in a urinal
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no hope.jpg
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>tfw ate lunch in stall
>classmates all go to the washroom in a group literally every day like a bunch of faggots
>didn't know they knew
>always wait for them to leave before i get out
>this day they're late so i decide to take the chance to leave early
>they enter the literal second i leave the stall
>"hey anon, how was your lunch? :^)"

this was a partial reason why i ended up dropping out
anyone here have ibs? sounds like probably the worst non fatal disease on earth
I guess I was different, I always WANTED people to know I was shitting. I'd yell and grunt and rip ass as loud as possible. Then when I got back to class I'd interrupt the teacher to tell the class I just took a huge shit
File: 1447036933694.jpg (37 KB, 275x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>he doesn't shit with no clothes on

>living in dorms, floor is shared with 40 guys
>bathroom used to be female restroom
>2 stalls, no urinals
Before noon on any given day there is shit on the seat and smeared poo writing on the walls. We also manage to go through 5 rolls of toilet paper a day.
>used to drop a protein fueled log of shit in a random bathroom each day
>weeks go by
>one morning there is an announcement over the loudspeaker about someone shitting on the floor
>never got caught
>started dropping them straight into the trash cans to really stink up the place

If only I put that much effort into my schooling
File: 1439720323922.jpg (79 KB, 1000x1144) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Had a similar situation
>be taking a piss
>fat kid comes in and goes to the stall
>finish and start washing my hands
>asshole kids come in
>start laughing because the kid's farts were loud
>they start throwing shit paper from the other stalls into his
>he starts crying and telling them to stop
>they start walking out
>one guy turns the light off on him
>I didn't help because I didn't want to get picked on
If that kid is here reading this right now, I'm so sorry
>leave class to go to bathroom
>jam entire toilet paper rolls into the shitter
>shit on top of it
>grab the trash can and pour it into toilet
>head back to class

I don't know what compelled me to do this so often
>take extended period at the bathroom
>teacher calls you out when you walk in
>what took so long anon?
>more than likely I was just taking a walk
>exclaim loud and proud I had to drop a fat one
>sit down and don't give a fuck

The key to this issue was owning your shit. Being ashamed of your massive dump caused people to make fun of you, but being proud of it made you look manly
I have so many poop related stories

>in 1st grade
>too shy to ask the teacher to go to the toilet
>let it go, poop in pants
>15 minutes after this, teacher lines everyone and walks by all students
>my turn comes, teacher knows
>sends me to janitor
>he makes me wear these retarded khaki shorts
>everyone knows i shat my pants so i had to wear those shorts

>in 5th grade
>really need to shit bad, REALLY BAD
>ask teacher mid class to go to toilet
>go take a huge smelly shit
>there's no soap, no fucking soap
>ask janitor for soap
>he gives me some detergent
>wash hands with detergent
>eat lunch

>again 5th grade
>be constipated for like 3 days
>sitting in class being a good boy
>insane pain in tummy
>mom takes me home
>shit a huge shit baby at home

>8th grade
>shitting in stall because constipated again and just HAVE to poop
>asshole kids come in
>start kicking the door and shouting insults
>someone throws water from above the stall
>someone kicks extra hard so the thin wooden door breaks from that part and there's a hole in there
>people are peeking
>i can only shit as fast as i can and try to hide from these monsters

>11th grade
>have to shit
>tell autist friend to keep a watch
>he turn away anyone who comes near because he's fat as fuck so people get scared of him easily
>shit in peace for the first time in school after many years

As you can see, i had tummy problems
>shit pants in first grade

Similar story here except I pissed my pants instead. I was fucking TERRIFIED of the bathrooms at that school. It had ONE dim transparent light bulb for the whole room. Add on nightmares I had already had about similar poorly lit bathrooms and you can be certain id rather piss my pants then go in there alone
do your ass with your hands? why would you be so desperate for soap
>do your ass with your hands? why would you be so desperate for soap
Normal folks wash hands after wiping with toilet paper. I guess a redneck like you wouldn't understand
How the fuck else am I suppose to do it?
How's it feel being so autistic?
feels good not being a fatfuck who takes 2 shits a day. that was happening to me when i had like problems and bleeding and stuff but for you that just happens normally

sorry you wont be able to do anything without having to take a shit all the time. when i went to high school no one regulary took shits at school. only emergencies. yet you had to walk home just to take a 2nd dump
i feel for you. my coworkers and i always tell people right before and after we take a dump so we dont have to sit in the bad smell.

we also are very open about needing to clock in before taking our morning shit so we can get paid for it.
I'm not even the guy you were talking to originally. Just an outsider noticing how fucking stupid you are. I only wanted to let you know that.
oh im stupid because i dont take 2 shits in a row every day 4 hours apart. thats not normal
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it will never ever end
> That faggot who would stick his head over the stall wall and look at you shit

I can't imagine now with kids having cellphones
My little brother highschool told me how some kid was masturbating in the boys' locker room with earbuds in his ears and someone looked over the stall and took a video of him
Idk if he killed himself or not
Used to be embarrassed about it, then I stopped giving a fuck. Went to take a routine shit every math class, walked around the halls and stuff and took a solid 20 minute break from class, nobody says a word
i shat my pants once in 5th grade, had to walk like cowboy all day, i think my friends could tell though
also my last year of highschool i stepped on a huge dogshit, everyone knew it was me but no one told me, i spent an entire class getting it off my shoe in the bathroom, i still laugh remembering those chads faces when they entered the bathroom
>using public toilets

absolutely disgusting. How the hell can anyone stand being near one of these shitholes
>had IBS and lactose intolerance
>all bathrooms in high school were door-less caves with a massive echo
>chads in school would often take pictures of dudes on the shitter for shit and giggles.
>tards always hung out in the bathrooms when they didn't have tard class
>handicapped bathroom with a door in the football locker room.
>pretend like I had to get something out of my locker and take a shit in that bathroom during spare period.
Actually you're supposed to shit like 3 times a day
>he's not always got his pants dowb ready to go poop

>tfw can't poop at public places
I know this feel
>tfw can't poop without taking shirt off
I have to be naked. Feeling clothes touching me while I shit is unbearable
File: 1449001068750.jpg (198 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>winter HS junior year
>jacket weather
>last period class
>sneak out to shit
>hang my jacket to do business
>comeback holding it
>alphanormie black kid sees me
>"Damnn anon just took that GOOD shit, hadda take his coat off and all!!"
>falling for the poop meme
>not realizing that NOBODY does it
>not realizing that YOU don't have to poop

just stop pooping you rejects it isn't that hard. only losers poop so just stop doing it and lift instead or try jogging. you will be stickin it poopers left and right in no time.
>>I didn't help because I didn't want to get picked on

You're just as bad as the mob.
File: ded.gif (2 MB, 234x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 234x200
>You're just as bad as the mob.
The mob?
THE fucking mob?
The Spaghettaboutit killer dagos?
>not going home to poop

I used to fake feeling sick all the time in order to get my mum to pick me up. When I got older I just started walking home whenever I needed the toilet.
Holy fucking shit you are such a kids. In the army people were jacking of, farting pissing and shitting next to each other and no fucking one cared. Nobody fucking cares about you in general actually.
Yes, the mob of people that come into the toilets and make fun of you when you are trying to take a shit. Its like clockwork.

I have no idea.

You do get harassed for shitting at school.

One time as soon as I went into the stall some kid started laughing and banging on the door and I don't even have my pants down yet
S'matta anon? Scared the shit mob gonna come n' scare up some insurance paper?
even in germany some kids made a huge deal out of it and were like eeewwwww anon took a shit hahaha and i was like yeah so what

grow some balls you american fucks. i have seen so many videos of americans doing some slighty embarassing shit and then they literally RUN AWAY in shame. why are you doing this its retarded. just stay there and chill. if someone stares at you stare back. if someone laughs let them laugh.
I'd just like to poo in peace thank you.
File: 8189217812782.jpg (27 KB, 628x278) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Shame if something went wrong.
You know what they say, anon.

Shit happens.
File: 1451647753160.gif (628 KB, 516x402) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>just want go for for a piss and go to urinal
>pass by the toilets
>they're all blocked with toilet paper + shit
>two of them had shit smeared on the walls
>one of them even had a pile of shit in the corner
>all the locks were broken
>they never got cleaned out
Its no wonder nobody shat in them after that
This is around the age that you learn people will make fun of you for things they also do, with no shame.
>way back in high school
>leave class for a while to take a shit
>come back
>stacey ask what took me so long
>proudly anwser "a huge dump"
>people laugh
>proceed to fuck stacey later that year

What the fuck is there to be ashamed of ? Seriously.

Mah nigga. I'd do this every class period so I basically spent a third of the day just strolling around.
>go into bathroom
>someone else is in it
>hide in cubical
>sit and wait for them to leave
>get ready to shit and piss
>another fucker comes in and goes into an adjacent cubical
>no matter how hard you try you can't do anything
>wait for that fucker to gtfo
>finally free
>something that should have taken 5 minutes has now taken 15+
public bathrooms are the worst invention in the world.
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Thread images: 13
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