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Don't know what happened to the guy who used to make these, but I missed it, so I made it myself. Have a drink, throw something on the jukebox, share your feels. Normans please stay out :)
Hate these threads
>normans please stay out
just a Budweiser man
idk i have a week off of work so that's nice but other than that i don't know what i'm doing with my life you know? i have't chosen a path yet in life but i don't know which one to take. I want to become a mechanical engineer but i'm not goo enough at math to do it, i could also do coding but i cant find a good place to learn python 3 for beginners.. i don't have a girlfriend and i'm still living at home so i don't think i could get one because who wants to date someone who's still living at home you wouldn't have any privacy. how are you?
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I know man,
anyways, I havent really chosen a path either. Codings a good choice, you can just sit at your computer and make money. I've been pretty shitty today, actually, and all my friends are asleep so I'm alone playing runescape.
Damn, i just microwaved a tamale, and its fucking comfy. mmm.
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A comfy nod to this anon. Im on the same page, friend.
holy fucking shit the orignal runescape screen i haven't seen that sense i was a kid!!! miss that shit.. but i know it's a hard choice to make because you know if you make the wrong one you wasted all that time, but yeah i know you can build websites and apps it seems like a good choice if i can get a nack for it. you play old runescape or the new one?
File: slaying.png (204 KB, 565x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I play the old one, of course. Just doing some /comfy/ slayer with my armadyl god sword, FIFTY MILLION GP at the store. ;^)
But how high is your woodcutting?
holy shit man!!! you have to be member to play the old one don't you?
87, havent cut a log in probably a year though.
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No, they have free to play on it, but the members has more content. heres the link senpai
oh damn thats sweet so like playing when i was a kid.. did everyone have to start again or can you use your account from current?
Nope, you gotta start all over again. But that might be the best part, killing cows is fun as fuck.
hell yeah, fuck it im going to start one up relive the good old days, thank anon.
Knowing that I made you happy made today worth waking up for. Good luck, anon. Have fun.
i am don't worry you to anon.
he died. literally. one night he claimed he had cancer and he wasnt gonna be around much longer. thats that.
.... are you fucking serious? That's fucking terrifying...
>tfw I missed bartender's funeral
Damn it. Rest easy brother.
Shit dude. I feel like It's my duty to make these posts and carry on his legacy.
Check the catalog stupid

I don't know if it was cancer, but yes, some sort of fatal disease. He posted one of these that went a little slow and mentioned how he was having trouble typing to keep up with the bar. Never got official word on what happened to him, maybe he's still hanging on. Regardless, the Frogs and Feels is going to need some help.

A stoli and tonic please, with a lime.
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hello friends how are you
ill have a hamms. been digging it, especially since its cheap
ive been feelin good today. ive gotten over the anxiety of living on my own now and i have the day off tomorrow so im going to play some games and stuff and then sleep and relax tomorrow
ill raise a drink to him next time im at a bar in person
these threads were always fun
has he been the same guy that ran them for years?
Good for you man!
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Here's your drink dude, that'll be one historical-themed Wojak, please.
its a great feeling
the first 2 days i lived here i didnt eat, drink or even shit
then there were ants in here. i felt like throwing up from anxiety every time i came back from work.
but i got rid of the ants and now i feel great. as soon as i get some posters and stuff up and some slippers for the cold floor itll be so great
Good to fucking hear man, Im real proud of you! This thread is what r9k should be like all the time.
Fuck man, I've had ants in almost every apartment I've had. They drive me insane. Every day I was afraid I'd wake up covered in the little fuckers. When I was like 13 I slept on the floor once while my parents were switching my beds and I woke up to one of them biting my dick. So glad the apartment I'm living in now has no backyard and is along the street. No more nasty critters.
>goes to bar in okish shady part of down
>over years, more and more couples appear
>now basically me, myself and I and the bartender, named smokey, are the only stiffs not getting stiffed by women while all other customers there are couples

since when did bars become a dating scene. i aint talkin milkshake bar either, this is the dingey place with poorly kept walls and an uneven billiards table.
this is how i remember it being back in the day
just robots talking nicely with each other about their day, sharing stories and being relatively nice
i miss those days.
Sounds terrible, I get creeped the fuck out if i find an ant crawling up my arm or something.
It's just like r9k, damn.
i saw one on my pillow and i flipped
i put vaseline in the 2 holes they were coming out off and then smashed all the ones that were left running around
havent seen a single one in days and its like 20f here in chicago so im pretty sure they are gone
the thing that made me scared of them was when i was walking to my university one day and i saw a massive pile of ants like 2 feet wide on the side walk
almost stepped in them. i ran the mile to school and never walked there again
Shit dude, you've got ant PTSD
hipsters bro
my brother is one and all he talks about is going to them for beers
granted hes a burgeoning alcoholic and dives have cheap beer, but all my hipster friends love the atmosphere and shit of cheap bars
i love them because they are quiet, usually have my drink of choice and nice music
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It ain't world history, but it's our history. Thanks
im scared of all insects in general
its just that the ants compounded the anxiety i was feeling at the time and i was more scared than normal
now i have a lot of spiders in my room but i dont feel that scared of them now
one under my bed was killing some of the ants so he got a pass


Double jim beam pls. The only reason I haven't killed myself is my family thinks I'm alright because all I do is lie to them. I fucking lie about everything; down to what color shirt I'm wearing. There's some serious shit I'm keeping under wraps too but it all gets blurred with everything else. I fucking hate it. brb taking another shot of vodka
File: Bartender.jpg (45 KB, 420x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm not sure if he's dead yet, he said he had six months to a year in him, but I assume he's not in shape to put these threads up anymore.

I already have an Old Fashioned here, and I'm raising my glass to original bartender. I hope you other anons will do the same.
Ill have a long island tea, Its a long, horrible time now.
I was iin college 3 months ago, my last year in a bachelors degree in Physics. I had a girlfriend, sweet, short, pretty active. Wed been going out for all of college, a bit unbelievable I know. But, then, One day, I was driving, Me and Her were going to see a movie, I dont know what, we were going to decide when we got there, but, It was late, and an 18 wheeler hit the skde of my car. She was litterally crushed. I dont remember what happened exactly. All I remember is waking up and she was dead. I dropped out of college. Too many reminders kf her there. I decided to take some time off, Now im working a shit job with a cynic old man in IT. Ill go back, I just need some time. Im drinking to her, tonight, anons.
File: jimbeam.jpg (72 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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here you go anon. Enjoy!
About your family, thats fucking rough. I'm so glad my family loves me.
Give me a bottle of whiskey.
Legitimately looked at escorts just so I can have some sense of companionship then started freaking out because they'll probably decline me because I'm an ugly fuck. Then got really sad because if I somehow went through with it I'd hate looking at her staring at my grotesque body. Really want to end my life.
File: longisland.jpg (169 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wow.... Thats terrible. Good luck man. Just remember that we all care about you anon <3
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To Original Bartender!

And to New Bartender, keep up the good work, bro!
Here you go, friend. I don't want to sound like a normie, but hang in there for a while. Things might get better.
Thanks, bartender.
how are you, tonight?
So, the girl I liked for like 2 months texted me on New year's eve saying she was drunk but not to worry cause her new BF was there to make sure she was fine. I'm already drunk so just be good company barkeep. My friends have all already told me I have a problem with alcohol. My dad did too.

I'm gonna put a tune on the jukebox if you don't mind?

File: CHEERS.jpg (892 KB, 1536x1342) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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To Original Bartender! I'll carry on your work, friend!
I'd go easy on the alcohol buddy. Don't want to see any of you anons slip into addiction. I'm here for you, my dude.
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Felt like shit when I made the thread, but I feel a lot better now, I really like being bartender! I got some anon towards the beginning of the thread back into oldschool runescape, that really made my night. Thanks for asking :)
Already there senpai. It's been almost a month straight I've been hammered every night. I drink to relieve the pain, I say. I think it's really just for attention I seek so badly from females I like.
File: 1451145763697.png (81 KB, 632x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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He said he had Huntington's disease, a fatal chronic genetic disorder.
>My friends have all already told me I have a problem with alcohol.
Tell them they're pussies and can't handle alcohol
then continue to spiral into alcoholism to the point you come close to death
you are doing a great job anon
this thread makes me feel like i did back in the old days
heres an album that i always listen to when i drink or when i feel sad and it always cheers me up
Fuck, thats not good to hear :/
Damn, life isnt fucking fair. RIP in peace, bartender.
Took a break from my usual metal, this is actually strangely enjoyable.
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I want to die from something that isn't suicide so that God doesn't hate me. I mean, I understand that the fact that I want to die and do something to get me there is basically the same thing, but in my mind he'll forgive me for that.

Man, if I jhust had someone requite the love I feel for them once... I narrowed it down a bit if you'd care to hear my reasonging as to why it's such a big deal to have a gf.
File: neil.jpg (73 KB, 480x721) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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they are my favorite group
a classic album in my opinion. 2015 was their 25th year together and they released a new album that was amazing
if you like that album give their other stuff a listen too. they mix it up and almost every album is different.
lead singer has the best beard ive seen and is the coolest dude in interviews
I find it easier that there is no god and life and everything it holds is completely pointless
File: baganism.png (120 KB, 1270x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm not Christian, but I understand what you mean about the suicide.
About the GF thing, I totally understand you man. I think most people on this board do too. Everyone wants to be loved. :(
That's one way to look at it. Sometimes I get jealous of Christians, they always have God, even if they have nothing else.
I'll put on some Clutch when I'm feeling funky, then. Thats a righteous beard, damn!
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Whoa, I just realized how much better this board would get if women were permbanned.....
File: confy.png (4 KB, 426x364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no iii dont feel nothin no i dont feel nothin no i dont feel one thing at all no i dont feeel nooothin no i dont feel noothin i dont feel one thing at all thing is cryin i cant cryin i just dont feel anything at all mind is breaking and my soul is shaking and i cant feel anything at all like a suicide holdl my bride i dont feel anything at all

the liquor is good
File: 1435129799976.jpg (52 KB, 720x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've decided that it would be dumber to not believe in God than it is to believe in him. I'm not suually vocal about it, only while drunk.

I think it's more to do with the fact that it seems like everyone in real life finds it so easy to find poeple and they talk about relationships like these trivial things, and I cna't do it. I just can't fucking find one. I'M NOT NORMAL. I want one so bad and can't get one. I don't really care if Jenn founda bf that wasn't me, or Alicia did, but I do care that I can't find anyone to love me like I love them. I feel like pure shite. Even if I'm not European (although I wish I was French)
I feel you man. Normans make life look so easy :/
idk if I'd say easy, but they make it seem like things that I, as a robototo find impossible, look so fucking trivial and like they just eventually happen out of nowhere. And then when I talk about how shit it makes me feel that it doesn't happen, they just say "just wait senpai, someone 4 everyone". Give me some booze barkeep, I'm almost out at home here.
File: booze.jpg (659 KB, 1600x1064) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Take your pick, friend. I think im sick, and im tired as fuck, so i gotta go to bed. Frogs and Feels will be back tomorrow night, probably earlier.
It was fun talking, hope you feel better.
I wish you'd stay barkeep. desu. I don't even want alcohol. I just want someone who knows how I feel to listen for once.
Sorry man, I'm about to pass out. But have my skype, im on pretty much all day:
added senpai. Merci du fund de mon coeur
Feelin' pretty OK. I've procrastinated doing any actual work over all break, but I feel well rested finally. Gotten a bit chubby from not working out and eating all day, but also feelin' ok since I can easily slip back into my lifting schedule. Haven't really dealt with girls since I've been on break, just caught up with bros. Just 'enjoying' this year's shitty AGDQ and gonna doze off to some stupid indie games.

I'll take a Manhattan--bourbon, if you could--for a relaxing nightcap.

Mind throwing this on the jukebox?
Bullshit his thread is still active op was to dumb to check the catalog
How's it going barkeep? I'll have a Wild Buck beer.
So on Sunday I'm gonna be hanging out with a qt grill at her place, alone. I'm praying I don't spaghetti all over her, cuz I sorta like her.
It was about 2 years ago.
I missed my best chance to die.
My friend made an illegal left turn and a truck slammed into the passenger side, where I was. Sadly, it only hit the front right wheel. If we'd moved 2 seconds more, I'd have been destroyed.
Now I'm just as depressed but too much of a pussy to do anything.
Someone please kill me.

I'll take a large glass of cyanide.
If you're all out, a long island iced tea would be nice
just b urself
on a real nigga note, dont sweat it
if you say some goofy shit, just forget about it
the more you dwell about it the worse it becomes when you try to explain yourself

I really need to get a job so that I can properly build my movie prop collection. For those who don't know, this hobby is a very expensive one and as much as I like being lazy with the occasional odd job thrown in, being a couch potato won't help me in any way.
get a job as a hardcore criminal and just rob other movie prop collectors
It might sound cliche man, but if you take your own life remember that life goes on for everyone else and they have to mourn you as they feel bad for not stopping you. I went to a funeral for someone I went to high school with who killed himself, worst part was his family's sadness. Keep your head up anon.

I'll try mate. Overthinking things and making them seem worse than they are is a real habit of mine, I'll try to stop.
haha me too
its why im still a virgin and get afraid to call my friends ive had for 10 years
Same here I guess. Got through my first year of university with my virginity intact. I'm not that socially retarded though, just a bit awkward and unable to make that next step. How does one simply.. relationship
ive been in college for 5 years and i only talked to a girl outside of a class once on like the first day of school
never again
I've been studying my ass off for the last three weeks getting ready for my A+ cert tests. I've started taking the practice exams and I think I'm fucked. Every time I score less than 70%....
I liked the Frogs and Feels Tavern

To Original Bartender!!
What are you studying? I'm doing a history degree.
I don't have any friends or family to miss me.
Only my cat. She's my world. But I'd make sure I found her a really good new owner before I did anything.
Even if someone were to mourn me, I'd hate it. Life is nothing but suffering and loneliness. Why would you want me to live through that agony?
I just want to fall asleep and never wake up.
computer science
im not like super into it, its just that i have no interest in anything and im already on my computer all the time so why not do cs right?
besides if it doesnt pan out i can always get a job as a bus driver
i was going to do a history degree since i think history is neat but my school is kind of shitty and the history major doesnt have a lot of interesting classes
i am taking it as a major. going to be doing history of mexico this semester with a good teacher so that should be fun
what area of history are you focusing on?
shit i meant minor not major
my history papers have been all over the place so far, I guess first year is like that. I did Medieval Europe, 20th century world, NZ history (where I'm from) and a paper called east meets west, which was mostly on Central Asia. I'm also learning German as a minor.
Two of my friends do comp sci, they seem good at it. Not my cup of tea though.

Then why not stick around in the hope that life gets better?
thats nice
theres not a lot of classes in history here
this semester there was like 14
i wanted to take a japan class but its going to be in the summer which is lame but ill still do it
but that sounds nice anon i hope you enjoy it. when you like the subject you are studying its never boring in my opinion
That's why I decided on studying history. Might as well do something I find interesting instead of stressing out over fucking science. Not exactly my forte
>why not stick around
Because it's boring as fuck and costs energy and money.
I didn't sign up for this bullshit.
Why the fuck did my parents even have me?
Life is only going to get worse
Can i get a glass of chianti? How is your week starting out barkeep?
i guess thats why i picked cs too
i like computers and cs just enough to put up with it
im actually getting a's and b's now instead of straight c's like when i took gen eds
There was a group of us. We used to meet on irc. I'll rustle up the old "barkeep starter pack" with images and copypasta .

Amateur bartenders, here is a starter pack if you would like to take on the job. We're hiring to go 7 days per week.

It's all here to make you better, buddy.

For any robots out there that are looking to apply, I made up a little "Barkeep Starter Pack" to ease your image burden.

anonfiles /file/6c4f908642ac91deefaf51f2bec2f97d

Stay friendly robots.
Good on ya. I'm just looking forward to getting back into it, moving into a house with 2 friends this year hopefully, now just need to keep up the decent grades and get a gf and i'm sweet as. What are you going to do after university?
I wish

That I could turn back time

Cause now the guilt is all mine.

Can't live without the trust from those you love.

I know we can't forget the past

You can't forget love and pride.

Because of that it's killing me inside.

Sorry, it all just keeps tumbling down and I just keep letting me down.

I think this calls for some Vodka. Russian Standard, if you please.
nothing crazy, just get a cs job and live pretty much
I don't desire much. just my hobbies, my games and friends.
I would love to travel some when I get the cash to
I too hope to move into a place with my brother and a friend in may. it's looking like a real possibility if I get a slightly better job
I really want to travel some day, don't know how realistic that'll be with a student loan though.
eh its doable
as a child i went to florida with my parents and my mom had like an 80k student loan at the time
you pay it off little by little over a long period of time i guess
my student loan might be like 20k at the most when i graduate
You're from the US I'm guessing? My student loan will be around the same once you look at exchange rates kek. I want to go on a road trip and look at European battlefields
Fuck python 3. Jump str8 into c#. We are much more needed and can work in a wide range of fields.
I don't know if you remember me or if anyone here does, but I was in a depressive state because of a breakup.

Right now, kinda still want her back but looking for other girls too. Been less depressed because 3 weeks off for winter break so I have lots more time to do fun things instead of school bullshit. Sadly it's coming to a close but maybe this semester will be better.

Sorry if I was rambling. Umm... some Bacardi, please.

why did you break up, anonymous?

what happened? story pls
>feeling somewhat ok the last while, even worked and made some money today despite turning into a fat neet over the last 5 years
>just before bed i start going on a nostalgia trip looking through old photos
>come across 5 year old conversation i forgot about with a girl i was incredibly close with who i truly loved and loved me
>mid covo she just says "i feel like i dont know you anymore"
>that was about the same time i started experiencing crippling depression and my life completely fell apart randomly awhile i was in the middle of the happiest time of my life
>jesus christ how horrifying
>reading how i just brushed it off, and did the same every time she tried to salvage our relationship or make blatant romantic advances while drunk
>that relationship and every relationship with everyone i cared about and who cared about me has pretty much fallen apart since that conversation
>feel harder then ive ever felt before
>depression hitting harder then ever, suicidal thoughts are back, its 3am now, guess im not going to work and fixing my life tomorrow, no liquor store open either, not getting any buzz from cigarettes, cant run away from this feel tonight
i cant live like this anymore bros, do i really have to kill myself? god i need a drink badly
hello bumpness my old friend
Our lives were going in different directions and we both became busy. I also had "cancerous opinions".
I've gone so far in a year. I'm a normie now. But Christ is it hard. I need to get a job, I need to be on my toes all the time with my girlfriend. I still don't know what to do with my life. So much of it so far has been focused on becoming the son my parents wanted.

I don't have an ability for maths and science like some robots. What can I do guys?
Shit guys, my GPA just dropped to a 2.5, and i can't seem to motivate myself to do any work. I just get home, and watch animu for 6 hours until i fall asleep. Any suggestions? I know it's the new year and all, but I don't feel motivated.

Imma throw this on ok?
File: 1443981926344.jpg (521 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
521 KB, 1920x1080
Hey guys..

Need a suggestion for a drink. Its the kind of drink that washes away the sadness you feel because the girl you find yourself falling for lives across the country..When she feels the same way, but due to the nature of our relationship itll be some time until we meet, so shes unsure whether or not she should choose me or a guy that lives closer, who she cant even see herself being with. Yknow...a drink for something like that.
File: norm!.jpg (18 KB, 330x253) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 330x253
>Normans please stay out

Hey fuck you pal

Just water please.

I'm on my way to be a normie.
About to have a gf.

Just have to somehow deal with all my sad and dark thoughts now.

Feels good 2bh
File: 1390587758166.jpg (29 KB, 680x510) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 680x510
Where can i get a damn seat around here; bartender, give me a scotch on the rocks.
Wanna hear my story? well, my best friend has once again bested me at life by getting with the girl that i've been crushing on for over 8 years. he came from a loving, stable family while i came from a cruel, materialistic divorced mess. I really liked this girl, we had some much in common and i never felt that with anyone else. I finally got over here last year just to suffer from these feels all over again new years when the bastard invited her to a small get together. I honestly never wanted to see her again, i know she wants nothing to do with me. God knows anyone would....
File: 1451768415834.jpg (19 KB, 500x289) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 500x289
Was asking here if I should ask out my old crush on fb few days ago.

>finally decide to do it
>opening her fb
>"Stacy is in relationship ", few hours ago
TRIPS bump
Rum and coke if you can.

I haven't been happy since she left. I've loved her with all my heart for the past year and a half, but I couldn't make it last. She mainly left because of my drinking problem, and there's a pretty good chance that she'll never come back. I've accepted that I'm meant to be alone I guess. At least there's nobody to tell me to stop drinking.
It won't work man. I'm speaking from experience.
vodka cruiser 4(chan hehe ) me XDDddd

>tfw robots think girls cant have feels
>tfw cant browse le reddit without being looked down on by my /b/ros :(

when will the feels end
Quads bump
what happened to the original bartender? it has been a while since his announcement if i remember it right. just can't put my finger on what it was.
Just failed out of university for the second time
Good morning lads!
These guys I know want me to come to a bar tonight.
I don't know how to act in a bar, and if I get drunk I'll still have to drive home because otherwise my parents would know I went out to a bar. I'm 21 but they still control my life so if I do stuff like this I have to keep it secret.
I'll have to not drink, then, but will I be able to enjoy a bar if I don't drink? Is it worth the risk?
File: ontherocks.jpg (457 KB, 800x1201) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
457 KB, 800x1201
Damn, that's fucking rough. Here's your scotch.
Well... I've never actually been to a bar now that I think of it. I'm sure if you go and have an iced tea or something? And just enjoy the time with your friends without getting drunk?
much obliged anon. im still hanging in there, though my friend hasn't been talking to me since New Years. heh, good riddance for all i care
im this guy>>25513197
i wish the best of luck on your journey. I've always dreamed of having a connection with a gf i cared about, but i tend to push thoughts like that to the back of my head. hope it lasts all and well for you two
That's no friend man. Life is no fucking fair.
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