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Post things that make you RRREEEE

>when chads pump and dump fembots who rightfully belong to you
>"looks don't matter" said by male model tier chads
>"height doesn't matter" said by 7'0 basketball chads
>"money doesn't matter" said by gorillionaire chads
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>"hairline doesn't matter" said by full head of hair Chad
Yeah, I hate it when a chad fucks my slave, too. Why don't all these women I'm too shy to talk to know they belong to meeeeeeeeeee.

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>open a bag of chips
>it's a shitty flavour
>eat it anyway because it feels good in my mouth

this is how far I have fallen
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Even if a bag of chips isn't necessarily a nice flavour, I would still eat it too.
Chips are chips, they're pretty good whatever flavour.

Don't worry, you haven't fallen too far
>eating chips for the flavor
nigga the whole purpose of the snack is to have a somewhat salty crispy thing to eat with satisfaction, not to caress it in your mouth and take in all the aroma like some fucking swiss praline
>tfw salt and vinegar burn the fuck out of my tongue but i don't stop

Do you get satisfaction out of others anguish?
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I get satisfaction out of my own anguish
does that make me sick
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I surely am getting misanthrophic and apathic.
Who knows far it takes to shift onto deriving pleasure from others misery.
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No, it actually makes me sad to see people in distress

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How does vaginal and/or anal sex feel different than masturbation? I've heard that masturbation feels tighter, is this true?
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Yes; sex feels very moist and slimy. I actually sort of prefer masturbation because I don't have to worry about satisfying another person.
Sex is over rated, more time then less I wish I mastrubate because sex is actually just too demanding.
Sex position except few are actually comfortable, plus all mess and shit after sex that you have to do..
>mfw 4.5 inches erect
>mfw I'll never satisfy anyone with this
I need to find me a petite woman who'd be interested in dominating this small dick virgin

Why dont you virginfags simply treat women like shit? Even if you still cant score the 10/10 pussy you are still guarenteed to get laid by an average girl.

Whats wrong with you fags? You too queer to do it or what?
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What the fuck is that pic OP
It's like my 50 year old uncle turned into a trap or something.
if I call her a fat pig will she let me fuck her?
Why would I want to have sex with a woman I didn't love?

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>tfw you will never look as much like Wojak as this man

why live? Seriously how does he do it?
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I'm strangely attracted to him and I don't know why. I bet he's peng with eyebrows.
>meme shirt
someone should strangle this man until he expires
fuck you don't talk shit about my new husbando i'll crush ur throat like a pepsi can you fucking manlet cunt

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>never had any friends
>never played tag or hide and seek
>never had a girl interested in me
>never went to camp
>never drank
>never did drugs or smoked
>never went too a party
who /nothing/ here
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>never get a (you)
why live
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>never ate breakfast before school
File: 1381089912786.jpg (34 KB, 837x736) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>never listened to shitty rap while throwing dice at the bathroom wall during class

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Hey guys I'm from poland, working for a shit wage in warehouse, I'm rinding forklifts. I've finished university but in this shit poor country there's no job for guys like me ( guys from university who didn't finish the university has a really good job in financial corps) I got a higher rate of education than bosses so they won't employ me.

Could you look for the job offers for guys like me in warehouses in your city?
I speak english in middle level, not fluent but I understand a lot and I can speak my mind, I just need a practice.

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damn, you got quads! congratulations.
Why don't you follow all the other polish workers to western europe, my country is full of them and I work at a warehouse with them
Masz wyzsze wyksztalcenie i nie potrafisz szukac ogloszen w internecie?
What's the wages?
what's the difference between wages of polish slavers and the natives?

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>tfw your sister is beautiful and you're ugly
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if Chad had a younger robot brother what would his name be?
dylan with one of those haircuts with the really long bangs
>haircuts with the really long bangs
jesus fuck
that's it
I'm getting a fucking haircut

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Is sex overrated?

>inb4 someone with a jew dick saying yes because he can't feel anything
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I feel all warm and fuzzy when I hug an attractive woman who is a family friend. I can only imagine the feels I'll experience if I actually ever manage to get a gf and have sex.

t. 29 year old KV
Yes and no. Just need it now and then like an oil change
Yeah it is. Kinda.

Actual sex is good but not better than for example food or sniffing cocaine.

There is always a desire for humans to want to touch each others skin and that in itself can be tremendously satisfying, the actual penetration part is meh in comparison to the other things going on like that body heat, skin contact, the feels etc.

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>been dreaming about ex hard these last few nights
>It has been like 3 or 4 years why can't I get over her
>search her AGAIN
>actually find pictures this time

Seeing her made my stomach hurt so much that I want to throw up

when will i be over you, leah
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Find someone else to obsess over?
This is such an ignorant comment
Try messaging her? Can't do any harm

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Do you keep a diary?
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men call it journals
of which I own several
it's all trash anyway
no cause i'm not a big faggot

calling it a journal still makes you a faggot
>it's all trash anyway
true, but it helps me sort out my thoughts when I'm feeling particularly emotional

You meet all the job requirements and skills we require anon and aced our assessment test but why do you have to be a cis white male? Why can't you be diverse like shaquita with her unprofessional pink streak weave and sassy attitude? We're going with her instead.

> my job interviews in a nutshell.
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Tell them you're a trans man
Seriously considering going in a diaper next time and declare I'm ADBL while pissing myself during the interview and tell them to check their privilege.

They'd probably say You're Hired!
"Sir im 1/512th native American"

I have a presentation to my class today

I showed them a YouTube poop I made.

I a fucking mid 20s vet, I don't give a shit what these punks think of me!

Jokes aside, It was actually kind of fun answer questions and explain what the fuck a YTP is to people who are normal and have real friends.
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That was some mild autism, yet it's just amazing that people no longer know what a youtube poopoo is
To be fair it was never really a normie thing
Well, where can we see this ytp you massive faggot.

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It'ss been like that since my childhood, I don't have anything to smile or laugh for, but whenever I see a familiar face I smile without wanting to, it's getting annoying.
I can't keep a straight face at times, people fail to take me seriously, how the fuck do I stop ?
Sometimes all I need is to hear a word and I'll laugh weirdly on my own.
And fucking normies keep trying to reassure me telling me : may you always be smiling.
Please tell me how to stop doing that...
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Look at yourself in the mirror and practice listening those muscles
>listening those muscles

What do you mean by this ?
Before leaving home I try to laugh and smile to myself until it hurts in the mirror. I don't know if that counts
Force yourself to stop smiling

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Check out the official r9k chat room.

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I'd rather kill myself.
<div id="qrError" style="display: block;" data-type="">You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.</div>
Let me guess
>A few roasties
>Beta white knights sucking up to them
>If you call them whore or disrespect them, you'll get banned

Ya, official soc chatroom maybe. Not r9k
That' not even the real room asshole


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how much of a fuck up are you right now /r9k/ ?

>last year of hs
>I had to re-do my finals
(yeah usually we can't re-do it but many people in the class just suck and they were told to re-do it)
>haven't re-done it
>my score is left as it is

ya just fuck me up
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I am not.
I just slept 5 hours after school... I just casually walk in and get good grades without even learning.
I have no idea why the other people are so bad
Just learn in class and you dont even have to worry about anything.

are you even 18?
>no degree or transcript
>went to community college
>high tier school in state doesn't accept students with no hs transcript
>transfer to mid-low tier uni instead

it's not the end of the world, op. you're options might narrow but you can still make it.
yea and hopefully going to uni next year

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>tfw only one semester of college left

Were these supposed to be the best years of my life? I'm still a virgin
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It would've been the best years of your life, if you weren't ugly.
It gets worse afterwards, or at least it did for me. Please try to enjoy your last semester.
I have seven left, but I'm probably gonna end up in your shoes. My first semester was definitely better than highschool but it looks like I won't lose my virginity anytime soon if ever.

Is it beta to give your oneitis a Christmas present? Even if you havent had sex with her.

Also post general Christmas and oneitis feels
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Yeah why are you even asking. It's beta as fuck.
You have a point. But she's also one of my closest friends too.
Bump orig


What kinds of plants do you have in your room or apartment?
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Got some strange fungus around my trash piles.
Once there was this black algae shit that ate my bathmat.
He was cool.
Make sure to make them come back. Fungi spores are really healthy for you!
3x small cactus
occasionally cannabis plants

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