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I'll get home from a trip to Prague...
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I'll get home from a trip to Prague in about 5 hours, my dad once made it very clear he'd break my arm if I ever smoked pot, god forbid the use of hard drugs (ie. mdma,lsd, shr00ms -and I took all three, plus weed)
so my dad wants me to tell him how it was there for 7 days and I literally have so many blanks that I can't remember even being sober for a period longer than 5 hours, which is a fucking HUGE problem for me, as he will probably go full john cena on me
what I basically need of you is to come up with a good cover up story for what I did, sights I saw and all that stupid stereotypical tourist business so I don't get drug tested and get fucked.

CZ fags wanted for the general knowledge of the city of prague

(btw thank you people for the best shroom trip ever, good shit)

pic related best fucking place in town from my experience
Only covers 3 days but should help...

Here’s how I spent my 3 days in Prague with my mum, whom was visiting from Australia…
Day 1: Arriving in Prague

Arriving by plane from Stockholm, as soon as we landed in Prague there was a driver waiting to take us to our Prague hotel located in the Castle District. I booked the private car service online the night before, taking advantage of the much cheaper rates available for private cars in Prague (for $30 it was a steal!) We used: Prague Airport Transfer.

In around 30 minutes we arrived at our hotel for the weekend, the subtle Aria Hotel Prague; a luxury 5 star hotel that feels much more like a home than ‘just another hotel’. The hotel staff were so welcoming that before long we knew the entire team by name, having had so much interaction with them over our 3 days in Prague.

Concierge was particularly helpful in booking ballet tickets (w/ incredible box seats!), providing free movies from the extensive DVD and book library for us to enjoy during our stay, and directing us to local boutiques and chocolateries to stock up on some local treats.

After checking in we were treated to a delightful lunch in the hotel restaurant, which specialises in local Czech cuisine. Prior to my exquisite three-course meal I had never considered the local cuisine to suit my tastes, but this gastronomic take on Czech cuisine left me completely in awe of the local flavours and textures. Soup was a particular highlight that I would certainly return for!

After lunch nightfall had already settled, and we began to make our way over to the National Theatre for a night at the ballet. Concierge had arranged spectacular seats at the Romeo & Juliet show that evening, which was a delight for my mum who had never been inside a European theatre before.
Day 2: The Essential Sights

Our first full day in Prague was to be spent doing one thing and one thing only: seeing and doing as much as we possibly could. With so much to see and do in Prague, we started first thing in the morning and hit the hot spots first, including:
Charles Bridge

Prague’s most iconic bridge is an essential first stop for any first timer; so I was eager to take my mum here right away! We arrived at dawn, which is of course one of the busiest times on the bridge, but it was so special to show her this as her first introduction to the city. She was in super-tourist mode.
Castle District

The Castle District is of course home to the Prague Castle (go figure!), but also home to the winding cobblestone streets Prague is famous for, and loads of cute antique stores to rummage through.
The Old Town & Prague Astronomical Clock

Over on the other side of the bridge is the Old Town and Prague’s famous Astronomical Clock. Be sure to stop by for some tourist snaps, but beware of the overpriced tourist haunts located in the square that offer far from the best food in Prague. For some of my favourites restaurants, read further below.
St Vitus Cathedral

Another city icon – St Vitus Cathedral is a favourite for many visitors to Prague due to its’ unique baroque architecture. The Cathedral looks particularly lust-worthy in the evenings when it lights the sky.
Day 3: Discovering More of Prague
Prague Dancing House

Another popular modern-day favourite is the Prague Dancing House, which also goes by the name “The Fred & Ginger House”. Located on the Vltava, it’s a short 20 minute walk out of the way but entirely worth it for a pleasant stroll out of the tourist centre.

Prague’s Jewish quarter is one of the best insights into Jewish history you will find in all of Europe. There’s so much to see and experience here, such as the Jewish Cemetery; Old New Synagogue; and Prague Jewish Museum.
Wenceslas Square

If you’re up for a spot of shopping, head straight for Wenceslas Square. Here you will find loads of international brands, ranging from Zara; H&M; Mango; Nike; Adidas; and many more.
Day 4 & 5 (if time allows): Day Trips

If you find yourself with time to spare in Prague, there are some great Czech towns nearby that certainly deserve a visit!
Cesky Krumlov

Just a short 2.5 hour bus ride south of Prague is the incredibly quaint Cesky Krumlov. It is by far the most popular day trip from Prague even though it is furthest away, as it manages to entice travellers from around the globe. In summer the streets are filled with visitors, but in winter it resembles somewhat of an (eery) ghost town. Regardless, it’s always magical!
Kutna Hora

Kutna Hora is just a one hour train ride from Prague and known to travellers as the more ‘spooky’ insight to Czech history. It’s a great look at a different side of Czech Republic and pleasant year-round.
Karlovy Vary

The infamous spa town has become known as a little too touristy for comfort nowadays, but if you’re interested in checking out a spa town in Czech, this is also a great day-trip from Prague. The drive is 2 hours and many companies offer day trips in the warmer months.

Prague Favourites:
Lehka Hlava (vegetarian)

My all-time favourite restaurant in Prague and indeed most loved vegetarian restaurant in the world, Lehka Hlava is my typical go-to whenever I’m in town. In fact, I’ve never been to Prague without eating here at least twice each visit. Location: Borsov St. (not far from the Charles Bridge)
Maitrea (vegetarian)

Sister restaurant to Lehka Hlava and with an even more extensive menu, Maitrea is a great lunch option for vegetarians who find themselves peckish whilst wandering around the Old Town. Location: Týnská ulička (near the Old Town Square)
Steiner & Kovarik

If you want to take some flavours of Prague away with you, Steiner & Kovarik have the most delightful cinnamon covered almond chocolates I have ever tasted in my life. You won’t regret it. Find them at the base of the castle stairs.
Cafe Slavia

thanks m8 I can work with this
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