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So there's been a thread with furry...
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So there's been a thread with furry picture up on /a/ for 13 hours
And the monster musume threads seems to have become den for furrys with seemingly no mod or janitor action against that
So some clarification needed
Is furry allowed on /a/ or what's going on?
Man /a/ sure does suck shit. Probably because anime is fucking garbage.
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>Is furry allowed on /a/ or what's going on?
No, it's not. However, generalfags seem to get a pass to do whatever they want, because the mods are lazy stupid fucks who don't want to clean up after their mess of letting generals grow and don't want to deal with the mini backlash. So they just leave them to their own devices, despite the fact they regularly break pretty much almost every single rule regularly.

If you shitpost them, you wake up the mods and they babysit them. Shitpost them harder and it'll force the mods to make a public post. Remember to shitpost all generals.
I never really understood the hate against generals but I'm starting to see why.
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Without going into essay length, have a small image to describe one of the reasons why they are hated.
So it's okay to break the rules when people aren't doing what you like?
>den for furrys
It's because the mods are getting rid of the people who can't stand that garbage.
Not familiar with /a/ but generals are a good thing.
They keep everything contained in one thread
If you don't like it, you can simply not visit it

The wwe general was one of the more active on /sp/, and sometimes there'd be as many as 4 threads up at the same time, but that was still only 4 off topic threads out of 150.
By moving wwe to /asp/, the board was completely run over and destroyed.
My point is that if people want to shitpost on a general, it affects nobody but them. If you remove the general they'll shitpost all over the rest of the board.
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No, generals are bad. Containment is bad on 4chan and it isn't how its meant to work. You aren't meant to force shit into singular threads. Go back to your fucking traditional forum. Generals are nothing but cancerous cesspools that are worse than /v/ /b/ and /pol/ put together. The website went incredibly well without them for a long time and have served no purpose at all when they came here, except being cancer.

100 threads of the exact same thing is 10x better than 100 generals. At the very least, those 100 threads will be completely different and be actually interesting. Those 100 generals, will not. They will be the same, the same as always, the same shitposts, the same tripfags, the same questions, the same answer. Cancer. The 4chan thread and bumb limit system main features is to prevent stagnation. Generals are stagnation incarnate and don't belong here.

Using wwe as your example is incredibly dishonest. You damn well fucking know that they are ingshitpost /asp/ not because they are no longer in a general, but because they were forcefully removed, so they don't give two fucks.

Kill yourself generalfag.
>And the monster musume threads seems to have become den for furrys with seemingly no mod or janitor action against that
Trust me, as a regular in those threads, we fucking hate furry shit.
>as a regular in those threads
Then why haven't you killed yourself yet then, you stupid fucking generalfag? Go back to >>>/jp/
I agree there comes a point where it's too much. Like /vg/ is an entire board full of generals and it's crazy. I'm not sure what it's like on /a/, but if there aren't that many generals they won't take up that much space.
No, generals don't belong, period. They don't belong on 4chan AT ALL.
nice opinion
they don't affect you in any way
nothing is stopping you from posting other threads about the topic or other topics
why are you so obsessed with what other people are doing?
mind your own business
Nice generic generalfag response. But, you forgot to call me autistic for caring.

Have you ever considered that maybe I want to talk about that general topic? That, just maybe, I want actually discuss that thing without having to sift through a thread of literal cancer, erping, rping, pure pointless image dumping for the sole pupose of dumoing the thread, shitposting, generic responses I've seen a thousand times before, nothing but people talking about them wanting to dick x and anon? No, of course you haven't, because you don't give two fucks about the boards you post on and just want your little circlejerks here that you could get everywhere else on the internet. Lurk the fuck moar. I don't care if you are having 'fun', but your 'fun' lowers the board quality and does nothing but shit it up. For every general that exist on a board, hundreds or thousands see it, and then believe that's the way to post. On 4chan, ignoring something is the same as approving of it. As a result, you quickly shit up the board with a bunch of no brain retards who have no understanding of a boards culture and outright refuse to lurk.

I could write a fucking report on why generals are bad for the site as a whole. They don't belong and your defense and every generalfags defense for them is 'y u care j-just f-filter it' despite every fucking single thing people have said over the years why they are bad and why doing that is bad and why they need to fucking go. Please kill yourself and lurk the fuck moar you cancerous fuck.
just make your post in a new thread
people will post in it anyway
>missing the point
Are generalfags really incapable of giving any fucking original responses and not the same fucking things everytime. You want to know why making another thread is fucking pointless? Because you'll just be redirected to the general or the generalfags will raid the thread and it will just become a general. Congrats! What a fucking waste of time.

How about instead of me fucking wasting time, you guys stop making generals shitting the place up? There is no reason for a thread for a topic to be up 24/7 for literally no reason. You make a thread, you talk about it, and then you fucking move onto the next fucking thing, not remake the god damn thread. You fucking retard.
I've been posting on 4chan for 6 years and I've only ever been a regular poster in one general, on /sp/
I also browse the catalog, and reply to threads related to different topics and the same topic
I've never seen anyone get redirected to the general in those threads.
I browse /sp/, /lit/, /g/, /his/ and /tv/ and I've never seen generals have that bad an impact. People can always start discussions about the same topic as the general in a new thread. That has been my experience on those boards.
>I've been posting on 4chan for 6 years
No you haven't, you wouldn't be saying you have if you did. Post disregarded. No one cares how long you've been here. You also clearly type like a fucking underage.
Alright man fuck off I'm tired to listen to your dumb shit. I'm glad nothing will change and I hope nobody posts in your shit threads you faggot.
Jesus christ, you really are fucking new.
>one general, on /sp/
Are you reffering to those generals that are regarded as being the death of everything good of /sp/? You really aren't helping yourself and only proving that right, you now.
I bet you're some dumb teen who just started browsing.

I didn't browse /sp/ before it changed, so I'm not sure. I feel like a general makes sense for small sports, there's news every day so there's always something to discuss.
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