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MAGA thread.
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MAGA thread.
hello dont mind me

Hopefully this thread will serve as an example so mods can ban the faggots who continually shit up /pol/ with anime girls wearing hats.

It's nothing but spam at this point.
This is 4chan you fucking faggot.
Are you fucking triggered over goddamn 2d girls?
Kill yourself and never come back.
>Because they're chinese cartoon girls, that means it's okay to spam them

2d isn't the problem, it's shitposting.
What shitposting, is 2d girls considered shitposting now? Fuck outta here.
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hopefully the mods will ban you anon even /pol/ has finally seen the light and no longer hates anime.
The previous Trump rally and many Trump threads show exactly what I'm referring to. Threads that end up being nothing but a few people spamming the same images repeatedly until the bump limit and then starting all over again.
Question: What are trumps chances of actually winning Iowa? Most people in the US hate him. He seems fairly unelectable.

I mean, bernie wants everyone to have more money, Trump wants to take everyones money. I do not know how you could vote against your self interest.
Because it's a fucking rally thread, do you cry on /v/ when a thread is trying to go as fast as it can for an event that isn't a sticky?

Trump is literally cutting taxes across the board.
Bernie is increasing them.
Uhh, trump is going to let the corporations rape everyone to death. Bernie is going to take from the 1% and give it to the poor.
>not knowing he's literally gutting the taxes, making people who make low income pay NO NADA NONE taxes
Yes? The recent AGDQ threads were the same shit.
Then stop crying you faggot.
yah, but only because everyone is going to paid minimum wage. He is going to let the corporations collude and cut everyones wages to the minimum.
>but only because everyone is going to paid minimum wage.
Are you fucking stupid? No, that is not how shit works. Go back to >>>/r/eddit, or fuck /l/eftypol/ or fucking >>>/his/
>cannot actually argue his point
>tells people to go to reddit

Trumptards everyone.
No, that is not how basic economics work, any of his policies did he state that he is indeed cutting wages? No, he did not. Goddamn you fucking faggot, get out of here.
not that anon but he is going to reinstate tariffs not cut wages.
>on record as being against the heavy regulation on business
>part of the regulations he is against is anti-collusion laws
>implying collusion will not allow corporations to lower all wages and salarys across the board over 4-8 years

Nah son
niggah sometimes you want business to collude to kill outside competition.
>lower all wages
No, that isn't economically viable, you stupid fuck.
>not economically viable

It is with collusion. You are confusing free market. Collusion goes against the free market, that is literally the point of doing it.

Imagine if this was not illegal. Notice the phrase industry wide lowering of salary's.

Because inflation, fuck outta here.
That is not an answer. I have linked you an article that directly says collusion can lead to an entire industry having lower wages.

Explain your position, how does inflation change the PROOF that I have provided?
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I like where this thread is going
Because inflation helps artificially increase wages as the market goes on.
>linking the site and not archive.is
No sir, why should I read it.
>he does not have an extension that cuts all adds and prevents the page view counters from increasing


>hurr durr inflation means collusion does not matter

HOW??? ARGUE YOUR POINT. Inflation does not increase real wages. Look that term up. You are economically illiterate.
>inflation does not increase real wages

Oh you mean earning power.
I like how everyone suddenly became >>>/biz/ experts ITT
No, I am not talking about businesses, I am talking about workers.

Earning power is a term used in investment. The fuck are you talking about? Are you trying to use the term purchasing power?

You are extremely out of your depth.
niggah you need to chill out instead f going full autist it's the cost of living i am referring to if you want to be precise.
>not being wrong is autistic
Sure Sure
>cost of living
How does not have anything to do with lowering of wages through collusion? You have not actually made an argument, you have just thrown out terms.

Listen bro, I am going to let you in a secret, I am super pro-trump. According to this jackass here >>432271 /qa/ is normally full of retards. That should have been a clue.

I followed a link in the /pol/ sticky, was bored, thought I would spice the thread up a bit. You need to not try and support trump in arguments, you are really bad at it.

If you are wondering, the lie I told was >>432220 here. Well not a lie, Trump is in fact against regulations, but everyone should be, monopoly's cannot exist without the government creating barriers to entry.

I just made a jump in logic, and went after a scary boogeyman, the way Bernie supporters normally would. Corporations colluding is a scary thought to retards. The counter is that as long as there are no barriers to entry, the way there currently are in the market, that a startup will poach all the talent and BTFO everyone with a better product.

Do not argue for Trump in the future, let smarter people do it.

Make America great again, Bernie sucks cocks like the dirty kike he is.
Then you are a retard for arguing with OP like you know shit about anything then aren't you. Please keep your mental ejaculations to a minimum and here is a friendly reminder.

You are not the smartest person in this thread.
Smarter than you, you can't even into basic economics. AKA the main platform Trump is running on besides protectionism.

You need to stop embarrassing the God Emperor. You are not a good shill for him.
>he thinks he is replying to one person.

Anon maybe you should head on back to /pol/ IDs make it easier for babbies like you. Thanks for bumping my thread tho.
You are saying there are multiple retards? I gave a total shit argument, that was easily BTFO by anyone who knows anything about economics.

Why could no one do so? I even provided the counter argument, since no one else came up with it.

Multiple Trump supporters are this stupid? I love Trump, you guys are dragging him down, no wonder so many normie faggots hate him, with the terrible pro-Trump vanguards in this thread.

Even now, instead of being a man and saying, oh shit, you got me, good job, you are acting like a nu-male faggot throwing a tantrum.

Pathetic, even your argument about multiple people makes Trump look weaker, as you would think multiple people would do a better job, you are lucky not everyone on /pol/ is retarded as y'all. You are all embarrassments to the God Emperor.
Stop shitposting.
>being mean is shitposting

Nope, grow a thicker skin, and crack open a book.
No, you are shitposting.
Ok, tell me how I am wrong about anything I said in >>432328 or >>432306 and I will consider it. Tell me how it is shitposting, I fully admit it is mean and nasty, but nothing is actually incorrect.
You're acting like a faggot in a thread about a meme.
I am fairly sure acting like a butt-blasted nu-male is how a faggot would act.

I notice that is the way YOU are acting. You may want to check your insults bro.
And you are a nu-male.
Shoo shoo kike.
>you are being the nu-male
>says the one getting anally-annihilated about someone else posting

Kek, you are such a ball gargler.
>waaa you are shitposting
>waaaa you are not sticking to the 2dpd maymay that started the thread
>waaa you are ruining everything

So you admit from being reddit, and that you're shitposting in the thread.
Fuck off cuck.

Yah, I am super nice arent I? I am super in line with reddit values right? Sounds good bro, stay salty.
Thread replies: 50
Thread images: 4
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