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/vr/ isn't getting ignored by mods/janitors, just the ones that do anything don't do anything of value.

The mod/janitor deleted some minor BS about some drama happening on other websites within hours of it being posted.
But what about threads that are directly violating the rules?
Three hours later, still up.
Nearly TWO WEEKS later, still up, despite being /a/.
24 hours later, meta thread still exists.
About 48 hours later, still exists.

But the worthless cunt has the time to delete a janitormeme picture!
Yep, doesn't have the time to actually do the fucking job, but will wipe out a picture making fun of him within minutes.

HIRO, for the love of FUCK get some decent mods/janitors and fire the 7 year olds you currently have working for you.

And before anyone says "use reports", I've reported all this shit when it was posted, the mod/janitor on /vr/ just ignores reports and spends his time deleting shit most people don't care about.
learn to cross quote faggot
Funny. I came here to complain about the same issue, but someone already started a thread.

/vr/'s more lax moderation is nice at times, but the blatantly off-topic stuff is started to get out of hand. I also wish someone would move all the generals over to >>>/vg/ where they belong, except maybe CRT general, which belongs in >>>/g/

Just remember that /vr/ was heavily moderated in the past, and it was shitty as fuck. On-topic threads mysteriously vanished left to right, and people kept getting banned for "Quality of Posts" even though they hadn't broken any rules.

So let's be clear that, while /vr/ does need a little more moderation, please *DO NOT* assign the previous mods / janitors to our before that we had in the past. A good number of us were driven off the board altogether. I only recently came back after someone mentioned that the moderation had finally been toned down.
>mod/janitor shows up
>deletes wii thread, ignores rest

You aren't fooling anyone, you are still incompetent.

What's the most autistic board on 4chan, and why is it /vr/?

Lol @ your pathetic whining, kid.
The only overzealous moderation I remember was one old janitor deleting Dreamcast threads on sight despite being explicitly allowed in the sticky. /vr/ could use some more consistent moderation now. There is a new janitor but most of the offending content still gets overlooked. There has been an influx of really low quality content as of late. It's not just a case of someone wandering in and not knowing any better either. It may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things but it's starting to upset the natives.

The board is aimed towards pre-2000 games and consoles and a large chunk of the populace is very defensive of that. Most of the threads people get upset about are ones that revolve around newer consoles. For those threads, the proposed solutions are for the posters to go to /v/ where newer consoles can be discussed, or for Hiro or whoever to create a /vr2/ board specifically for the subset of games that don't belong in /vr/. I have no idea whether or not a /vr2/ would gain enough traction to be worthwhile though.
>/vr2/ gain enough traction to be worthwhile

Have you SEEN some of the boards on 4chan? They have like one post a day... video games are always popular, having a dedicated board for 2000+ gaming would likely have more activity than /vr/ has now.

Fans of most of 6, 7 and some 8th generation console games feel like they're being left out.

You can kill two birds with one stone.
/vr/ is fine.
What we need is for the userbase to step it up and to have consistent moderation.

We have the same threads, over and over again. "Recommend me games for X" "Vidja soundtrack threads" Meta threads discussing the rules, with the occasional actually new and interesting thread.

I think the problem is largely related to the userbase. I'd assume most are in the 20+ age bracket and grew up with NES-GCN and probably later. I'm 26 and it's always the same threads and theres rarely new discussion. Talking about Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger/Cross, seeing the stupid ass discussion of collecting vs. emulation and whatever else just gets fucking tired.

The issue is that most people haven't played the more obscure games so the ones that we all played when we were younger get all the attention.

I'm not opposed to opening up more avenues for discussion, such as PS2, Gamecube and Xbox as well as GBA and maybe even PSP. I think it would do a lot to breathe some new life into the board and stop a lot of the rampant meta-threads.

Like I said, it's just a lot of /vr/ have played all the same games so theres not a lot to discuss.

I'd love to discuss arcade games/hardware, but no one seems interested besides the occasional neo-geo thread.

I'd love to have some more community stuff like the /vr/ gauntlet but again, no one seems interested.

I tried to start a Secret Santa, but no one was interested.

It just seems like most of /vr/ is just recluse neckbeards who want to have a really strict set of rules so they can shitpost and be correct.
Don't listen to this guy, he just wants to push 6th generation on /vr/ for the fuck of it.

He samefags viciously his own threads about wanting /vr/ expanded. I doubt he even cares about talking about newer games.
I'll add to this that everyone who loses their shit when someone mentions even something slightly not-retro like when someone suggests a gamecube player for playing GB, GBC, and GBA games is a fucking huge problem, and mostly likely the source of most of the shitposting.

>go back to >>>>/v/
>emulator vs. collecting shitposting

Should all be a perma-ban from the board. I'm dead serious. I don't want /vr/ to become a hugbox, but these things all do nothing but derail topics and cause rampant shitposting.
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>tfw your janitor deletes trash and keeps your board nice and clean
I semi agree, except with adding 6th gen shit.

The solution for the recommendation threads is to add the recommended games wiki to the sticky, and have a recommendation general. That way people new to a console have a list to start with, and a thread to ask for recs after they've exhausted the list, and recommendation threads aren't 10% of the board like they are now.

Why are you complaining about vgm though? That's always been a part of /vr/, even if you aren't interested in it. It's just as /vr/ as retro game mag threads or retro game commercial threads.

The collector/emulator drama is BS, the solution is for people to stop responding to it.

If you want to see threads about new topics, POST THEM. And not just "X console thread, GO!" lame ass OP's either. I'm currently playing through all the official Sega Master System games, since I plan on making a thread about the great games on that system(with reviews and screenshots) that rarely if ever get talked about. That way instead of just throwing the idea out there and expecting everyone else to make something happen, I can instead generate interest in the subject. You might want to try the same.

/vr/ gauntlet died and won't live because the lists are full of edutainment and shovelware. If it was all games worth playing(not all 10/10's but at least 6/10's) then there would be a lot more interest. The lists never get improved since 1 or 2 autistic's complain about how "shitty games r part of da fun!", and the gauntlet remains dead.

>I tried to start a Secret Santa, but no one was interested.
You ran it for a few days on a slow board, and then shut it down. Two more people expressed interest in signing up the day you shut it down. /vr/ isn't a fast board, and the thread didn't die until after you shut the SS down.

I understand you are used to faster boards, but you need to adapt. If you had no sign-ups after a week, then yeah, no one cares. Four sign-ups in three days? There was interest.
He just hates /vr/ for some reason.

He doesn't want to do /vr2/, that proves he didn't give a shit.
After one week there was no interest, and the thread was in danger of dying constantly getting bumped off the last page.

>I understand you are used to faster boards
Bro. I've been on 4chan since I was 15 and I'm 26 now. I've been on /vr/ since the beginning.

I know how it works, and if there's no interest after a week, it isn't going anywhere. Sure, I could've tried to organize it earlier, but it's clear when people are going "I don't want some guy from 4chan knowing my info LOL" that it's not going to work. The nature of /vr/ makes the Secret Santa a lot harder than something else like toys using exclusively amazon wishlists.

>If you want to see threads about new topics, POST THEM
>I'm going to post about master system

Go ahead, and watch it fail.

No one's played or gives a shit about Master System. Which is the whole problem with /vr/ is that the interests are so heavily focuses on NES, SNES, N64, PS1, and Sega Genesis, CD, Saturn and Dreamcast. It's always been about the successful consoles.

That is what /vr/ is. Those consoles with the occasional thread that gets minimal discussion on anything else.

>Why are you complaining about vgm though?
The whole commercial, music, and avgn/e-celeb threads aren't really related to video games at all. They're video game culture, which isn't videogames.
>Which is the whole problem with /vr/ is that the interests are so heavily focuses on NES, SNES, N64, PS1, and Sega Genesis, CD, Saturn and Dreamcast. It's always been about the successful consoles.
So the problem is people talking about what they like? So your solution is to push 6th gen onto the board. Great, now we have all the same usual topics, only 2-3 new generals about CoD, Halo, and GTA. This doesn't fix anything, and will make it so the less popular topics die off even faster. Your solution makes the problem worse.
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Here is a possible futureproof solution to the "what is and isn't retro" problem:

Get rid of /vg/ and have 3 video game boards:
>/vr/ - Retro Games
For discussing games up to 5th gen.

>/vmc/ - Modern classics
For discussing 5th to 7th gen games

>/v/ - "Video Games"
For general shitposting, meme of the month and occasional thread about current gen games if there is room for it on page 6

The advantages of this would be the retro game board actually being about retro games and nothing else, there actually being a place to talk about 6th gen games which is something the site lacks ATM and having slower, more on-topic boards would also discourage shitposting.

But IMHO there is one thing that NEEDS a clearly defined stance from mods/janitors ASAP: threads about youtubers and other e-celebrities. Are these /vr/ or not? The problem here is that even if the content of the videos made by e-celebrity may be relevant to the board the discussion in the threads usually isn't about the games they are covering but about bullshit memes and drama about the e-celebrities. Case of point AVGN and the cuck meme. Shit like this may fit in the "/v/ culture" but it IMO it doesn't have a place on /vr/ which still is one of the board that for the most part is mostly on-topic.
>except maybe CRT general, which belongs in >>>/g/
/g/ doesn't possess the technical knowledge or a large enough population of interested anons for that shit anymore, CRT threads on /g/ are just trolls trolling trolls and maybe one or two actual concurrent discussions. there's a reason the retrocomputing general migrated over to you guys as well
In my humble opinion, mods decided just to kill the /vr/ ignoring it entirely.
I wouldn't mind lax moderation if the moments we did get moderation wasn't always filled with bias. Go make a post about Brutal Doom and your post will be deleted within the hour but go make a GBA thread and that shit will stay up for weeks. They should at the very least modify the sticky to let us know of any changes if they keep letting crap against the rules slide by so often.
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I like how a threads started like this will get 404'd in matter of minutes while e-celebrity threads (especially AVGN ones), "Why isn't GBA/PS2/Gamecube allowed on /vr/?" ones or /v/ tier shit like reaction image threads stay up for hours, days or weeks.

I have made few of these, all of them were related to (retro) video games, got replies and on-topic discussion going in them but were quickly 404'd. WHY?
Because as a meta thread, it has no place in /vr/. /qa/ and /b/ and /trash/ are about the only places for a meta thread.

But yeah, obviously not /vr/ threads get ignored by the mods. The PS2 thread in the OP is still there.
This shit is STILL going on.


I report these threads and I know others do but they stay up for insane amount of times.
I reported that crap too, and it's still up. This is why I eventually end up making these shitty threads on /qa/. If the mod team actually listened to reports, I would just report and move on. Seems like making these threads is the only way to get any help.

>this is considered vidya related discussion
metadata :^)
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I didn't mean threads like
I meant starting a thread with image like this. While this isn't my preferred way to start threads it has always produced replies and on-topic discussion. For example I have started a thread on /vr/ by posting this very image and it lead into good, active on-topic discussion but the thread was quickly 404'd while threads about e-celebrities like Game Sack stayed up for days.

threads like these are borderline /vr/ at best in practice they arejust /v/ tier shit in disguise. For example the AVGN threads are just an excuse to talk about things like Mike's dick, James being cuck or James' wife being evil SJW that according to /vr/'s moderation seem to be on-topic discussion about retro games.
Deleting /v/ would improve /vg/ and /vr/ a lot.

>board is known to have issues
>retard pops into thread

every time
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We should just delete all boards but /a/ and /b/. Just reset everything. The quality of the site would go way up.
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Dr. Fail.jpg
95 KB, 750x600
>having the cancerous userbase of /v/ coming to shitpost on /vg/ and /vr/ would improve the boards

I'm not seeing the logic behind this doctor. I think re-enabling dubs on /v/ is a better idea that way the shitposters would stay on /v/ instead of shitting up other boards.
>>418129 here

Here is a perfect example of why I think we should have 3 video game boards for different ages of the games and systems. There really isn't a good place to discuss 6th gen systems but they sure as hell aren't retro.
Hey mods/janitors, wake up! /vr/ has spam issues.


Also, how about a game request/recommendation general, and deleting other request/recommendation threads? We have over 20 on the board right now. It's gotten to the point where it's starting to drown out other topics.
>less than an hour later the mod/janitor wiped all four
YOU! Yes, you! The competent one! Please stay on /vr/, we need you!
>delete obvious shitposting and rest other threads that don't belong to /vr/
Are you fucking kidding?
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Another spamming attack going on now...
I completely agree. Adding 6th gen is just going to kill off slower, but often more interesting or unique, threads.

I think this is a completely reasonable solution that would not only help /vr/ but would greatly increase the quality of /v/ as well. I also agree with the youtube/e-celebrity thing which I don't feel should be on /vr/ but in a similar fashion to how modern games can be mentioned in a retro discussion, a link to a video isn't bad as long as it isn't the basis for the whole thread.
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Bumping this because /vr/ fucking needs attention from Hiro/mods/janitors.

Pic related it's my face when all of these threads
are still up when they are /v/ tier shitposting at best and I have to see the daily "Why aren't 6th gen system X allowed on /vr/? It is 16 year old now!" threads.
Here's some more spam.


10% of the board just got wiped out thanks to this spam. Are the mods just not understanding that the spammers won't leave if they get banned?
Also biased on /vg/.
Some generals get attention instantly while shitpost on nintyg is rarely ever removed before the bump limit.
I don't like it.
I want to discuss current gen videogames on a board with at least a hint of 4chan quality.
If they refuse to remove console war garbage, make a board for it.
>Here's some more spam.
youre right
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>I want to discuss current gen videogames on a board with at least a hint of 4chan quality.
The only video games you can discuss on /v/ are the current flavor of the month (Undertale atm) or games that has some bullshit memes going on (Super Mario 64 atm). Any attempt to have an actual discussion on any other games on /v/ has been a lost cause for years now.

Yawn, it the daily thread about how 6th gen systems should be allowed.
with the mods obviously not giving a shit or keeping them for the ad impressions, can we as a community just starve these threads? That one already has over 40 replies. Would be so much nicer to see these threads drop off the board without anybody but these trolls responding
Goddammit. It has barely been an hour and the thread already has 90 replies on one of the slowest boards on the site.

/vr/ and it's non-existent mods: I AM DISAPPOINT.
/vr/ retro video games gen 1-4 discussion about those generations and their games exclusively
/vc/ video game culture aka /v/
/v/ modern video games/video game culture if /vc/ is rejected

/v2k/ games after 1999

I dont know what people make this so hard. I just want to talk about video games, all video games. I play video games and watch shows about video games why do people gotta put their own egos to it? Holy autism.
> Futureproof.
Not exactly.
What will happen is that inevitably there will be a scenario similar to this in the hypothetical /vmc/ board, with people asking if gen8 should get in when gen 13 is out.
All the while, /vr/ will slowly die and the same threads will be repeated until infinity.

I agree, but I don't think 5th gen should be lumped in with 6th and 7th. It would be way too hard to talk about 5th gen games in that environment without being flooded with "it aged like SHIT" and "it looks like garbage therefore it is garbage" style posts. 5th gen would be fine with 1st through 4th. Plus, 6th and 7th will generate a lot of traffic on its own.
This is the quality of posting from people who want 6th gen.

The only reasoning I can come up with is that they're nostalgiafags for 4th and 5th gen, and literally stopped playing games after that for whatever reason. So they want to force this board into the mould of their precious childhood memories, and refuse to acknowledge the fact that that's not what retro actually means. So they sit around shitting up every thread they can find until everything smells like their excrement and every thread has been ruined with /v/ tier shitposting about grindy-ass JRPGs or turned into a waifu thread or become a pissing match between SNES and GEN because they never stopped acting like they did on the playground. They can't handle change without fits of autistic rage like what happened last night.

The same kind of people who browse /v/ and do nothing but insult others and encourage shitflinging rather than actual discussion. Please make 6th and 7th a separate board.
Can someone create a retro message board that users of /vr/ could flock to? We could try to have quality discussion there instead, and it'll be easier to ban the shitposters.
>Nearly TWO WEEKS later, still up, despite being /a/.
>except maybe CRT general, which belongs in >>>/g/
Topics don't work this way, and if they did then how would you handle, say, threads about movies based on video games? Can't put them on /v/ since movies are /tv/, but can't put them on /tv/ since games are /v/. Well I guess there's no choice but to make a new board dedicated to movie adaptations of games. And what about video game music? Can't put it on either /v/ or /mu/.
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