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Arts and the Right Wing
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Sorry, I was forced to abandon this thread earlier, unintentionally.

Growing up in NJ, I have been exposed to to the Met, the MOMA, the Cooper, Carnegie Hall, and the Metropolitan Opera, among others, on many occasions.

As Cruz, might say, I am a NY fag

At the same time, my two favorite candidates are Trump and Paul.

I understand why so many /pol/acks deride the arts. Modernism is a plague.

The arts are fundamental to the culture, however. One painting can have more influence than 1,000 pages of rational argument in the general population.

The right wing needs to overcome its hatred of the arts. STEM is of monumental importance, but it is not the end all and be all of life. The right wing needs to reconquer the fine arts.

>we should use tax payer money to prop up niggers and liberals who draw circles with feces because reasons

If you want to support a local artist, go for it. You want to use my money? Over my dead body.
I do support local artists by purchasing their work from time to time. I am not wealthy, but I do my best. That is not my point.

My point is that we need right wing artists in the culture war. The arts are almost completely dominated by the left. The fact is that the arts from paintings, to music, to literature, and cinema sent only left wing messages.

We need talented right wingers to start producing art as a method of cultural transformation.
Agreed. It's incredibly important to produce awe inspiring arts in all of the fields. Art can inspire great people alongside propaganda which is of course necessary. Leftist art is mostly portrayals of victim-hood and perceived injustice. I think clever right wing comedy like MDE is a great step in the right direction, but satire can only go so far I believe. In other artistic fields we need the truly magnificent work that intuitively makes sense and invokes a powerful sense of greater than thou. Something that gives man a glimpse into the possible glory of a society like Wagner did to Hitler. I'm an artsy fellow so I will try to inject this into my endeavors.
I'm a right wing musician, but it kind of sucks because everyone else into music where I live is left-leaning and on the bernie train.
Leftist art is of the deconstructionist bent. It tears down and divides until reality is a meaningless pile of dust. The right wing must show that there is an aesthetic alternative, an optimistic alternative that builds, rather than destroys..an alternative that is optimistic rather than pessimistic...an alternative that provides meaning rather than falling into the pit of hopeless despair.

We need art that inspires.
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this isn't a bad idea. i strongly feel that a large of college students who end up in the left have never been really exposed to right wing thinking and logic. art is a means to that end. if you could fill up the left wing schools with right wing influenced art and literature, you would certainly see a difference in political opinions after a while.
Sorry that I failed to mention music. This may be the most important art form of all with regard to transforming public opinion.
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Also art can literally change people's ideology by playing with emotions and influencing the macro values a person believes. Culture is hugely important as a part of a nations hegemony. ultimately the US has won the globalization culture war, but the future belongs to the ideology who can move people's minds through superior culture. It appeases the nations subjects and inspires others to emigrate or promote the cultural values in their own lands.
>by playing with emotions and influencing the macro values a person believes

A lot of people on the right minimize the importance of this.

Most people are not rational actors...they are emotive and aesthetic.

The arts play a central role in the formation of public opinion,
yes and I think even the robotic logicians are usually more responsive to abstract ideas than real people.
I just hope when the pendulum inevitably swings back, there's a change in the music community.
The Jews control what art is and what should be famous, so art nowadays is shit.
>this isn't a bad idea. i strongly feel that a large of college students who end up in the left have never been really exposed to right wing thinking and logic.

Expose them to right wing art first.

They are exposed to ugly, discordant art as the model.

"The good, the true, and the beautiful" must become the fulcrum of art once again rather than the vice, lies and ugliness.
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I would also add that the artists should avoid stereotypes when possible and try to truly innovate in some regard or reignite some past influence into the modern era. For example, in music I can't really picture an awe-inspiring right wing musician being some ted Nugent country clone. That will not really capture people's hearts and minds for a new movement. It should seem new and exciting in some regard or, perhaps build on some lost tradition.
Don't wait for the pendulum. If you are a talented musician start making it happen. You have a responsibility.

This is not obviously right wing, but it is subtly right wing...it even undermines the left wing 60's culture by using a Simon & Garfunkel rendition against themselves.

Even subverting the left by using their own music against them is a step in the right direction.

See this painting OP?

There actually isn't a single person alive who can paint like this- capturing the light and the life of the subjects. People just don't dedicate their lives to this stuff anymore.

They are busy being provocative because art is mostly a matter of subculture now, and you don't have to be a good artist to get a lot of attention. There's not really a way to "take it back;" the idea that art can be empirically good will have to come back naturally, after decades of right wing hegemony.
Agreed. Cultural Marxism wants you to abandon the arts in addition to all of the other aspects of your respective culture in order to be controlled by the state. Reject state media and "art", enjoy real art and alternative media (which is easier today thanks to services like Netflix and Amazon Prime)
I don't make political music, and I'm not talking about the music itself as much as the people in the music community. I enjoy jamming with people and collaborating musically, but a lot of people in music are just disgustingly leftist.

I am not even sure that there are any sculptors left with the patience and talent to create, pic related, anymore. Can you just imagine the talent it takes to create the image of a veiled woman out of stone?
I'm a musician, but I'd never let my music represent my politics or anything at all other than the grace of God and the magnificence of his creation.
It does not have to be expressly right wing, just subtly. see:



I am not even sure of what right wing popular music would be. I am not a musician. I leave it up to you.

Even subverting the left with their own music by presenting it differently would be a good start.

I love the arts, but I am not personally creative. I am in a more technical career.

I deeply respect artists, however.
Painting has declined as a medium ever since photography rendered it obsolete.

There is little reason to dedicate years of your life to mastering the nuances of paint and trying to accurately capture light and life. A photograph can be just as moving and requires little technical skill, just a good eye for composition, angle and lighting.

Since technical skill became unnecessary, the focus has shifted towards the concepts behind the art, rather than the physical aspects of it themselves. Art is supposedly a means to evoke emotion, but that is just the pretense/justification. All art is really an egoistic attempt by the artist to prove themselves, to make their mark, to distinguish themselves and to be seen as valuable. Technical mastery is no longer impressive enough to justify the effort it takes, unfortunately.
I don't work within popular music.

There hasn't really been an overtly political influence on art music after WWII. Though I guess we have been plagued just the same by nihilism and anti-human technologist thought.

Our lack of purpose and direction, and the casual dismissal of beauty and embrace of relativism is our biggest problem today, as contemporary idioms and technique hinges on these notions.

This is my great struggle these days as an artist, how to unify my interest in contemporary technique with beauty.
Photography has a place in the fine arts.

Many people think that just because they have a smart phone with a camera and can take 2,000 "exposures" out of which 5 might actually be good photographs (composition, light, shadow, etc.) that they are photographers.

Truly talented photographers are still a rarity even though there is a camera in almost everyone's hand.

I do get your point, to some extent, but a truly talented painter augments reality.
>This is my great struggle these days as an artist, how to unify my interest in contemporary technique with beauty.

That is quite a challenge. As a non-artist, I have no suggestions. I hope that you, or one of your contemporaries can thread this needle.

Without the arts, the right wing has lost the war.
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We have entered an era of darkness, but as long as you have children and raise them right, there will be a way to rediscover the light.
>, but as long as you have children and raise them right, there will be a way to rediscover the light.

Maybe, but look at the corrosive influence that modern art and media has on children.

We need subtly and overtly right wing artists in every field.

Yes I agree photography has a place in the fine arts, despite the fact practically everyone sees themselves as a photographer now. There are still the rare people with talent, but the technology makes it more difficult to tell them apart from the amateurs than if they were painting manually. Also we can now manipulate and augment photographs to be just as expressive as a painting can be, and not be limited to just literal depictions of reality anymore. In any case, the ease of the process has diminished the impressiveness of the static visual mediums.

Another point is that music, film and even video games can have a much more pronounced effect upon the emotions of the audience than painting or sculpture. Sound, movement and direct control allow for far greater immersion, and while the mediums are still young and unrefined I believe they are already starting to live up to their potential.

Appreciation of painting and sculpture is more of an academic exercise, in which you demonstrate your knowledge of technique rather than just viscerally feel or enjoy the piece itself. We've become desensitised and require more stimulation in these times.
Your critique is certainly valid. For better or worse, vidya, so to speak, cinema, and music are the places where right wing artists should probably focus their efforts.

Anyone who spends hours finishing a video game is probably more likely to be impressed by the message that the game is sending.
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America never had culture or arts.
Closest we ever had to art was literature and nature poetry. Maybe even some god tier movies over the past century, but art has never been an american thing.

Have you seen modern art? America took that hook line and sinker trying to prove how artistic it is. (protip: we still suck at art)

If anything, America is still in the infantile war-mongering, STEM circle jerk that will probably not end before economic collapse. Maybe once shit starts collapsing real art will begin emerging as propaganda for the next civil war. Now that would be interesting.
I agree, we need to tread carefully, not expose our children to the bullshit on the radio or the TV, instill in them strong values. As posted previously, there are many subtle things that are extremely traditional and yet mainstream. Lord of the Rings is a masterpiece in that domain. Music wise, we still have classical music etc...
We just need to identify them correctly.
As if my critique was limited to America. Sure, we have never bee a particularly artistic culture. We each have our role in this world.

With that said, I dare you to name another city other than NYC, with more cultural opportunities on a daily basis, from pleb-tier broadway to classical concerts, opera, and art museums.

America is not bereft of culture,
I am not a parent, yet. I cannot imagine a greater responsibility. Shielding your children from destructive cultural influences from the television and internet would probably take up half of your day.
>Lord of the Rings

I read the entire series except for The Silmarillion in grade school. This is one of the few cinematic efforts that I have seen in recent years that sends an implicitly conservative message. For the life of me I do not know how this made it past the Hollywood gate-keepers.
London, Paris, Los Angeles

You are referring to a metropolis and one of the most populated cities in the country. L.A. and N.Y. are not representative of the large majority of artistic values of american citizens. I was targeting the US because it has been a place of conservative values and traditions yet has produced almost nothing of artistic worth imo. At least not yet anyway. In comparison to more liberal areas, which seem to have thriving artistic scenes.

Art is found in emotion from what I've seen. Conservatives are, in many ways, less empathetic by nature than liberals. Thus their artistic values are more controlled and in many ways viewed as weak and inferior. The "right wing" can't capture the arts because it was never concerned with the arts and saw it more as spoils of war or as portraits of their wealth than of actual social and political awareness and beauty.

I agree that art needs to re-find its values in a more aesthetic and toned down place, but saying the "right must take it back" fails to address the real problem: the right doesn't care for the arts. Unless you can make /pol/ stop shitting on art majors, it will always be a liberal pursuit.
I think its almost an impossibility to keep children today from seeing destructive elements. The only hope is to explain and frame the degeneracy in a way that prevents the child from absorbing the wrong values and falling under its influence.

That said, I'm not a parent yet either and I imagine it's easier said than done. I know I questioned and felt the urge to rebel against any obvious attempt to persuade or influence me, and I suspect most /pol/ users were driven here by that very same instinct when faced with the propaganda and pressures from the left.
calm down, brother.

The right does care for the arts, though not as much as it should.

Stop taking /pol/ memes as gospel.

I am /pol/ and I love artfags. I wish that I had your talent.
The arts are awesome, but everything outside of classicism not including architecture is degenerate. Maybe some rock is ok when it's not talking about bullshit.
>but everything outside of classicism not including architecture is degenerate.

Expand your horizons.

There are many based schools of art.
I'm from NJ too. Just finished my undergrad in History. My high school history textbook had a picture of Caspar David Friedrich's Two Men Contemplating the Moon. I went to the MET just to see it in person. It's always bothered me that America never had much in the way of great aetistic tradition. Although, I'll add another element to this discussion: architecture. The best America could do was copy Romans. Art Deco, Empire State Building I suppose. But you'll never find any palaces here, which was kind of the point.
Get the hipster faggots who wear wool hats fashionably out of the art sphere and I might give a fuk.

This world is beyond saving. We need a 21st century renaissance...and unfortunately we'll all be dead for 400years before that comes.

Our generation will not achieve shit. Nothing momentous will happen until this whole Islam bullshit is dealt with once and for all.
I wrote another post,which disappeared, but I cannot bottle the lightning.

You can never find palaces here, even with our national inferiority complex, because we are not a kingdom.

Palaces are for kings, not representatives of the people. As naive or corny as this may sound, our architecture represents the ideals of the founders.
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Nor am I, and I am aware that raising a child is one of the most important tasks in life, and the hardest part would be to still act as a normal parent and not an overprotective nutjob. For now the hardest part is to find a girl that more or less agrees with you on the importance of children and education, but that's another story...
And yes LOTR is a marvel, and I also ask myself how they managed that many movies without a crackdown from the PC police... I saw the movies before I read the books, and I instantly fell in love with it, proof of how important it is to keep trying to pass the message on, though all forms.

My greatest fear is to have kids like Michael in GTA 5, they have really captured the essence of the degeneracy in that nutshell.
Do you have control over the education of your own children in your nation? Can you legally homeschool?
What kind of history are they teaching now? genuinely curious. Is it a divisive, destructive history along the lines of Foucault and deconstructionists?
Not really, I don't know desu. But in other countries, private schools are the way to go if you want less exposition to the garbage. (In Croatia they are shit though). Finding one with not too liberal tendencies that still teaches catechism would be my choice.
>I don't know desu.
Never place your children in the hands of the state. It will indoctrinate your children for 8 hours per day while you are at work. You cannot possibly compete.

>Leftist art is of the deconstructionist bent


art-fag here / masters of fine arts (and actually working in field) - "leftists", collectivists, anti-individualists, SJW-aligned, postmodern, Frankfurt school, anti-traditionalists, relativists, Marxists, etc

their key trait is a shared fixation on destroying their own identities (death of the author) and the traditions of their forefathers - they're determined to annihilate their own cultures and creations, chase novelty while simultaneously deriding the concept of originality or genius, they're moral and cultural relativists ....... they're satisfied with tearing everything apart and stomping it to death - and posing questions instead of answering them

right wing art is its complete antithesis - it cherishes, it celebrates ideals and perfection (of either form or concept), it identifies and holds aloft that which should serve as a noble goal, it's humble before the divine, it dares to make moral judgments, it encourages strength and victory... it demands excellence of technical form and assembly

the divide between the two schools is so vast, it's almost an entirely unconnected field -- practitioners of both sides, and their respective fans are completely incompatible / there's zero deliberate overlap (unless it goes unnoticed, and slips through the cracks)

but /pol/ routinely expressed a deep appreciate and veneration for classical / Renaissance, for example ... that's how it should be - because European art and culture is so far superior to any other on earth, the contemporary leftist feels an urge to slay it like a dragon / its superiority is indisputable, so they react with violence

/pol/ recognizes good art - and that's encouraging for those few who share their views, and venture to make a career in a field that's overwrought with enemies - be cool to right wing artists, they're deep behind enemy lines and have no escape plan
Do it, brother.

I wish that I had the talent. I am in a technical career and only tinker with sculpture on a Thomas Kinkade level (i.e. craft, but not art, fun but not talent).

We need actual artists to carry the torch of Western Civilization.
arts reflect culture

you're trying to fix the flower without taking a look at the soil.
Culture is also preserved and influenced by art. It's a complex mutual interaction back and forth.

thank you, my friend - and you'll know my efforts when you see them, for they're very much aligned with the views held here / and elevate the finest ideals of our shared root cultures, and aggressively state the opinions that bind us - and few currently dare utter in public

diplomacy and patience are dead - I predict 2016 through 2018 will see the rise of a powerful and invigorating counterculture - one we haven't really seen in over 100 years... not even Futurism was sustainable, or covered all the right bases (despite being agreeable in its diagnosis)

I'm glad you're enjoying the Thomas Kinkade style sculpturing - keep it alive, brother! great incentive
Fair point.

...but the arts also shape culture.
I'm in complete disagreement with anyone anti-art. Art helps shape character and quality, it's fundamental to all cultures' self-definition. We need it. Culture and place, after all, is very much a question of aesthetics. If you don't appreciate its role I have no respect for you.

Also, there is a misconception among many conservatives that all contemporary art is leftist. Actually, art is largely split between artists who are political-leftist (who actually tend to be 'anti-art' in that they intentionally make a mockery of it, seeing the romantic idea of the artist as elitist)... and then the more aestheticist/mystical type of artist, which still comprises a good chunk of the art world. These artist tend to be apolitical, but if you get to know them, their views are actually more 'natural', even traditional. Much of their art is experimental and abstract (art always has to find ways to refashion the expression of its time - even if the values are eternal rather than 'progressive').

The Hitleresque hatred for experimental art is pathetically lacking understanding and denies what is actually a deep, fundamental part of the German (Romanticist) legacy. Abstraction in art evolved from German Romantic and esotericist influences... the first vision of an abstract idea of art was hinted in the (essentially Romantic) Balzac's story 'The Accidental Masterpiece', a text that influenced Cezanne and Picasso. The Sorrows of Young Werther, possibly the Romantic ur-text, also hinted at an aesthetic idea of being so overwhelmed by the ideal vision that it permeates life itself and consumes you, which we later see in contemporary art that defies the boundaries of the picture frame.
And abstract / experimental music: if we trace its roots to Vienna, realize these composers were completely shaped by the influence of WAGNER, the ultimate Romantic Germanic idealist, who strove for a total art and was the first to take music into chromaticism (dissonance).
if the culture turns into one of mass production, of outsourcing all real human interactions - even now family ones - to corporations, of over consumption of sugar and lack of real exercise and thought, then the art will turn to that as well. and we see art is now mass produced, lazy, disconnected, self-indulgent, prizes the individual and immediate desires above all else, even society itself.

you aren't going to save germany with beethoven. but maybe beethoven could be saved by germany.
>you aren't going to save germany with beethoven. but maybe beethoven could be saved by germany.

I am not sure what I could add. It would be superfluous.

>The Hitleresque hatred for experimental art is pathetically lacking understanding and denies what is actually a deep, fundamental part of the German (Romanticist) legacy.

No. It is simply a understanding of modern 'art'.

This is about conservatism and liberalism. Conservative do not want NO change, but GRADUAL change; this is biggest misconception of our time.

Liberal, however, want radical change; tear down existing order, and hope for new order to emerge.

Modern art can be former; provided artist work within the confines of tradition. Let precedessor inform you art, honour it; but leave own mark too, such as in style.

Liberal art abandon predecessor completely. Do not let you love of art blind you to reality.
>and you'll know my efforts when you see them,

I sincerely look forward to it.
You are right in your assessment of leftist art as 'deconstructive'. It is, so much so, that it has come to the point of denying art itself, usually conceiving itself more as political praxis or critique.

I strongly disagree however that the alternative to this must always be some kind of silly NeoClassicism. Firstly because it's an insult, say, if you're German, to keep doing bad imitations of the Greeks, while actually misunderstanding what they were about. But also because the affirmative idea of the Genius (which certainly shouldn't be challenged) actually calls on the artist to go attempt to go further than his influences. Invention and experimentation are not essentially leftist at all, the formally/aesthetically inventive side of modern and contemporary art - at least to some sizeable percent - developed from strains of Romanticism, which has German roots. Expressionism was generally identified with spiritual expression. The later 'death of the author' actually brought left-influenced art away from formal experimentation and towards the ordinary, mundane, quotidian, familiar. Leftist art is generally anti-aesthetic now, and has been for a long time (there have been some exceptions, but generally leftist causes lean more towards a kind of 'realism', dryness, anti-aesthetics).

Those of a more visually compelling experimental bent were coming more from an esoteric view, which really, even if many of them don't recognize it as such, is in line with a natural, older, religiose outlook.

I really like your post

I'd add to the artist split (conceptual / political left vs mystical / apolitical) a third class of fine artists, composers, and authors - who strive to uphold the standards of antiquity and create highly considered and charged works, all under the banner of what would be deemed highly political - and in unflinching opposition to the left in general

going so far beyond the YBA vs Stuckists debate, which is anemic and dull - very low energy, masturbatory, and yields no outcome

I mean a revolutionary new art movement that's perfectly aligned with the new views we currently see blossoming across the west - people who are no longer ashamed of their roots, cast out degeneracy, cherish excellence, and demand nothing less than outright victory over these destructive forces tearing our cultures and civilizations apart
>and you'll know my efforts when you see them
Make sure to incorporate the melody of Horst Wessel.


>I strongly disagree however that the alternative to this must always be some kind of silly NeoClassicism

to clarify, I absolutely agree 100% - I'm certainly not proposing we start imitating the aesthetics of previous eras - quite the contrary

I'm speaking directly to anti-aesthetics, as an ideology

it's a matter of paving a new road ahead, charged with the fire of the past - and forging entirely distinct and formally original works / to aim for innovation, just like our predecessors

otherwise everything collapses into fanfic territory, despite higher intentions - mere duplicates or reproductions of the classics leave me feeling very cold
I would actually be very interested to see ideas like 'cultural spirit', 'spirit of place' etc. adopted more by the mystical experimentalists. I doubt that NeoClassicism is likely to produce much good right now - most of them just don't have the education or cultural access to formulate something of enough quality or relevance. Hopefully the best of the trad / reactionary worldview and the mystical-formalist will fuse more and more (but there already is much of this, much more than you might know), so that art for the new emerging idea might actually be done well. An idea that can't find compelling expression in aesthetics is irrelevant, imo (but again, a view defying that of the deconstructive/conceptual school is already in effect, and it is very much aligned with our worldview).

I will say, a lot of the best film directors are on our side. Lars von Trier is a straight up dark Romantic.

hahaha oh man, this childish anti-intellectualism of today is shocking ... I can't believe they pulled the plug on this guy

it's abhorrent that we're now stifling and censoring artistic ambiguity or provocation itself - what the fuck is the point of art if it doesn't illicit thought from the observer?

very low energy
Fully agreed.
I just don't even know anymore.

People do not want to be intellectually, aesthetically, or artistically challenged.

"If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."

No jackboot necessary. People will voluntary seek out their own personal hugbox.

>'cultural spirit', 'spirit of place'

great points, and precisely what I find appealing also - I'm much more drawn to the mechanics of reality than hypothesizing mystical alternatives, since it's not addressing the actual problem directly - and functions more like a security blanket as opposed to initiating solutions

>compelling expression in aesthetics

absolutely, man - that particular debate is a lazy distraction tactic, and I agree that it's irrelevant, especially in the real world outside of art school

>Lars von Trier

he's a lot of fun, I really appreciate his behavior during interviews - I've seen about half a dozen of his films, and enjoy them very much
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low energy.jpg
38 KB, 640x480
>very low energy

Sorry, I could not resist.

haha I appreciate that, buddy - good catch!
Trump is linguistically contagious, isn't he? Fuck, I am a fence Trump supporter and I find myself repeating his shit. He is a master salesman.

yeah, it's irresistible haha! plus normies can't deflect his phrasing - his words are otherworldly
I don't even know anymore. Am I being persuaded by the monosyllabic utterances of Trump? Do I really believe that, he will make "America Great Again"?® ™
Whether he is Caesar or Nero, I guess I have made peace with it.

Save us or destroy us. Either is a good solution.
This is fucking dumb. Scarborough Fair was not written by Simon and Garfunkel. Even the musical arrangement was not unique to them, either.


Anyway, to answer the OP:

It ain't gonna fucking happen. You have to consider who purchases art. Go back a few hundred years, and only the elite are buying into art. That's where you get what I suppose one could call "right wing" art (ex.Jacques Louis David being a Napoleon fanartist part because he liked commission and also because he got PAID).

Nowadays, everyone can buy art. An artist can get paid not by sucking up to some rich dude offering a commission but by making stuff the Average Joe will like.

Who is more likely to give a shit about art? Upper middle class people with artistic affectations. These people are mostly cutesy liberals.

Art isn't some vague abstract that shapes culture in a top-down hierarchy, it is a business that is fed by and feeds its own audience. Simply producing "right wing" art will not change a culture. It may excuse and convert those predisposed to it, but it will not define them.

Anyway, I'm a dirty commie who likes a lot of music, so I'll post some hippie trash I'm fond of, and include some hilarious right-wing nonsense I found.

Have fun, /pol/.

BTW >>61225493 THIS is an example of throwing the left's music back at it. This and Janet Greene, who will probably be /pol/'s new waifu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkGZKOgfOi4
>This is fucking dumb. Scarborough Fair was not written by Simon and Garfunkel.

I know that. That is why I said "rendition" The song is centuries old. Unfortunately the hippies used it to subvert our culture.
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art in terms of paintings are only important for getting ideas across. art has to serve a purpose. we have cameras now so there is absolutely no reason to paint perfect scenery or portraits

but to paint something that exists only in your mind like leonardo davinci did and then to create that thing. that is the epitome of nationalistic art in the year 2015
Hey, dirty commie.

Please hang yourself for the good of mankind.

Thank you in advance.

>bawww I miss the good old days

You sound like those kids on AC/DC videos commenting about how they're the only ones in the fifth grade that like Back in Black.

There are plenty of artists who still paint in a realistic (not using the art world definition of the term here) fashion. You just don't care enough about art to find out about them.

You people bitch about how there isn't art like this anymore, but are you willing to pay for it? Part of the reason why you don't see stuff like this very often is because it takes many years and intense study, which requires funds. If you aren't getting commissions, you can't do shit. Art supplies are expensive, kiddies.

On the other hand, artists can download Painttool Sai, draw some hot yaoi and make 100 bucks an hour.

>no palaces in America

If you're a history major do I really need to fucking explain why this isn't a thing? Spoiler alert: Has nothing to do with America's aesthetic decisions and everything to do with economics and politics.

Yes, and you're still wrong. The "rendition" you're referring to - the music - is still way older than Simon and Garfunkel.

So if it's not the lyrics and not the music, what were these people copying again?

Oh, definitely. Will do.

File: hotdog-50s.jpg (268 KB, 976x642) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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As if this wasn't better.

Congratulations, your comrades destroyed the family and the community.

Do you get a medal, now?
You could easily argue that the perpetual need for new material supports capitalism because it is constantly in flux, competition, chaos. The pursuit of novelty, outcompeting by consuming more hip things, etc. fuels capitalism.

> they're satisfied with tearing everything apart and stomping it to death

This is true, but you make it sound like they're just doing this to be destructive. Keep in mind a lot of these modernistic attempts to disown previous cultures were in response to tremendous cultural failings like WW1.

>The "rendition" you're referring to - the music - is still way older than Simon and Garfunkel.

what part of "centuries old" did you not understand?

> they're satisfied with tearing everything apart and stomping it to death

Well, that defines Marxism.

This. It's a feedback loop.

However, a lot of /pol/ is stuck in hierarchy thinking. Just make art right wing and then people will be right wing! What's a market? How does money work?

>doesn't matter that we live in a culture over saturated in media so any attempt at complete ideological indoctrination will likely fall flat.
I got the Order of Lenin for stabbing a housewife in her tits.

Again, what part of that video was derived if both the lyrics and music were not created by S&G?

>I got the Order of Lenin for stabbing a housewife in her tits.

Well, good for you. Better than being a NEET.
Charades - Hammer and Sickles

Carson Robison - We're Gonna Have To Slap The Dirty Little Jap

Carson Robison-I'm No Communist

Hank Williams - No No Joe

The Kavaliers-Get That Communist, Joe
Joseph McCarthy was right.

Please burn in hell.
Arthur 'Guitar Boogie' Smith and his Crackerjacks - Mr. Stalin, You're Eating Too High on the Hog

Jimmie Driftwood - The Bear Flew over the Ocean

Ray Anderson - Stalin Kicked the Bucket

Actually if you like Cold War era music in general, I highly recommend the collection "Atomic Platters".
>takes the bait right off the hook and swims away

Here's some Korean War stuff:

Jimmie Osborne - God Please Protect America

Wilf Carter (Montana Slim) - Goodbye Maria (I'm Off To Korea)

Jimmie Osborne - Thank God For Victory in Korea

sister rosetta tharpe - there's peace in korea
Elton Britt - Rotation Blues

You can't find it on Youtube, but Red River Dave's "Searching for You, Buddy".
>>takes the bait right off the hook and swims away

Still here commie, motherfucker. Did you want to say something?
Some more Vietnam stuff, since it's a personal obsession to gather primary sources from this era.

Johnny Wright - Hello Vietnam

Johnny Cash - Singing in Vietnam Talking Blues

Barry Sadler - Ballad of the Green Berets

Jan Berry - The Universal Coward

Okay this one ^^^ is really funny because it's Jan from Jan and Dean. These guys did cutesy surf pop and then I guess he went full /pol/.

KEITH EVERETT - Conscientious Objector
Uh, yes. I want to say you're a very scary person on the internet and your swearing frightens me. I'm shaking in my penny loafers.

Ray Holland - Gotta Go to Viet Nam

The Prophets - Fightin' for Sam

Dave Dudley - What We're Fighting For
This is not fun and games to me.

Stay the fuck out of the US.

I am a nice guy.

A few people who I know are not so kind.
File: indy424.jpg (15 KB, 320x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Some general Americana:

Ernest Tubb - It's America (Love it or Leave it)

Pic related.

Stonewall Jackson - The Minute Men (Are Turning in Their Graves)

Merle Haggard - The Fightin' Side Of Me

Billy Carr - What's Come Over This World

Merle Haggard - Okie From Muskogee

I actually dropped acid to this. ^
File: indy424.jpg (116 KB, 662x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116 KB, 662x800
Does this trigger you?

Lonesome Valley Singers - It's All Worth Fighting For

Lonesome Valley Singers - Hello Vietnam

Assorted Christian stuff:

The Stanley Brothers - I Saw The Light

Simon & Garfunkel - Go Tell It on the Mountain

Wesley Tuttle - They Locked God Outside The Iron Curtain
Lowell Blanchard and the Valley Trio - Jesus Hits like the Atom Bomb

The Louvin Brothers - Satan Is Real

The Louvin Brothers - Are You Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb

The Welcome Wagon - Hail to the Lord's Annointed

^ On a tangent, if you're looking for modern music that's sort of /pol/ in the religious sense (and not the racist sense), I guess this would count. The Welcome Wagon is part of Sufjan Stevens' record label. They're a husband and wife duo, and the husband is Stevens preacher.

If you're looking for /pol/ in the .../pol/ sense, have this:

Prussian Blue - Skinhead Boy

>sexualising your children is okay if it attracts followers to the neo-Nazi movement
>stormfags actually believe this

>Hates life this much they miss the whole point of the thread due to blind rage
Here /pol/, some songs by black people about the civil rights movement:

Lead Belly - Scottsboro Boys

Nina Simone - Mississippi Goddamn

John Coltrane - Alabama

Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit

>written by a Jew and sung by a black woman

Josh White - Jim Crow Train
Assorted left wing stuff:

TILT - Die Of Shame

Lunachicks - Fallopian Rhapsody

Bright Eyes - When The President Talks To God

Evan Greer - Love Me, I'm a Liberal

Jello Biafra (Like, the dude from the Dead Kennedys) - Love Me, I'm A Liberal
Pulp - Common People

Propagandhi - Haille Sellasse, Up Your Ass

Flobots - Same Thing

Chumbawamba - Day the Nazi Died

Catch 22 - Permanent Revolution
A concept album about the life and death of Leon Trotsky.

Modern degenerate art is a small subculture residing in galleries and circlejerking. People spontaniously paint stuff on the walls though. Thought about murals?
Country Joe McDonald - I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag

Country Joe Mcdonald - Agent Orange Song

Phil Ochs - Talking Vietnam

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Ohio

Judy Collins - Masters of War

(like this better than the original)
>The right wing needs to reconquer the fine arts.

Many people will be more influenced by the messages they find in celebrities/films/vidya/music/etc.

As disheartening as that can seem for some of you, it's better to be taken advantage of first before it can be changed.
You can always make your neighbourhood have more identity
Simon and Garfunkel - Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream

Actually a cover by a guy named Ed McCurdy who did some country and western stuff that is pretty nice. This was also covered by Johnny Cash.

S&G also did songs about the civil rights movement (He was my brother), atomic warfare (The Sun is Burning) and Vietnam (Silent Night).

Joan Baez - Saigon Bride

Mimi and Richard Farina - Children Of Darkness

Mimi Farina is Joan Baez's sister.

Buffy Sainte Maire - My country 'Tis Of Thy People You're Dying

Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction

pretty cool
Modernism was funded by CIA to counter Soviet Realism.

Liking realism does not make you a socialist, or the other way around. Stop showing down ideology on everything you see. Tastes change. In 50 years leftists can revert back to realism
These are really nice.

Although I'd wager most of them were not impulsive "let's spraypaint some shit" but commissioned works either by individuals or the city.

Coven - One Tin Soldier

>used to watch Legend of Billy Jack as a kid
>this song gives me feels

Pete Seeger - Bring Them Home

Donovan - Ballad of a Crystal Man

Richie Havens - Handsome Johnny

Phil Ochs - What are you fighting for?

Ochs in general has too many great songs to list;
Anyway, I'm going to work now.

Bye, hope some of you found a song you liked. It was cool looking through my music and finding stuff that was relevant.
File: local hero.jpg (53 KB, 620x412) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
local hero.jpg
53 KB, 620x412
>commissioned works either by individuals or the city.

The point is to have activists who get this done. Here it's mostly locals who want to develop the identity of their hood instaed of it being bland gray modern architecture concrete wasteland

>a pleb (probably anglo) canadian
oh wow shocker

One thing I've noticed about successful leftist-arts is that it's subtle (i.e. the villain is a greedy CEO [anti-capitalism], the priest is either a coward/joke/ with a different religion portrayed as honourable [anti-Christendom]), so I think making blatant "GAS THE REDS" songs/paintings/films/books probably would work, since Average Joe probably doesn't want to watch political content.

I think a more effective way would be to start off as apolitical, then take a toe-in-water approach at first to being (subtly) political, then if there's no problem keep going with the subtle messages (i.e. the villain is a corrupt politician that talks up to the poor and minorities, a Priest is actually honourable and wise, etc.).
*would not work right off the bat
>modernism is a plague
>not post modernism
fuck off
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