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city-state traditional thread
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Do you want to build new future?
Free from cultural marxism?
With real equality, not BS about affirmative action and minorities quotes?
With true justice and fairness?

Come here, wise man:

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How it should be done:
[?] - Establish the free fleet.
[0] - At first, we start as ecological institute\organisation\or some corporation. We take some funding from seasteading institutes, various ecological and research organisations.
[1] - Our first hive should be in ocean, therefore, we need floating structures (we should buy old oil rig or something).
For examples:
(Why in ocean? Because 99.999% of land already claimed and that 0.001% is really hard to find).
[2] - We need free stuff to create something. How can we get it? One man's trash is another man's treasure. Literally. We will recycle the waste from rich countries (and they will pay for it). It will provide us glass, metal, electrical and electronical equipment, plastic and organic waste. btw, no one should be forced to do it manually - so, robots, automatisation and computers should take care about it.
How you SHOULD NOT do it:
(to be continued)
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[3] - But we need not only these materials. We also need energy, water, food, fuel. At first, we will use wind turbines (for electricity) and solar thermal power plant (for electricity, water and chemicals, heat). At second, we can load organic waste into bioreactors to get heat, chemicals, fertilizers and methane (fuel and raw material), which after could be burned in gas turbines (electricity and heat). As for food there would be aquaponics, hydroponics and aquaculture. Also floating farms (minipigs, minicows, birds, rabbits, goats, sheeps and some furry animals) and gardens (fruits, vegetables, herbals). It's all also sources for our medical station.
Links for energy:
Links for floating farms and gardens:
Links for plants which can grow in saltwater:
[4] - We need more money, of course. For that, go back to [2]. Everything valuable, which can be repaired - should be repaired and sold. Things, which can't be repaired - should be disassembled into valuable components and materials. It's all can be sold to Africa\Asia\South America. Also, it can be sold to hipsters, ecofags and poorfags in wealthy countries.
(to be continued)
[5] - We need even more money. Therefore, we go further in recycling - we will make something like planes\helicopters\ships\cars graveyard. The logic is same as in [4]. We can't use cars in ocean, but they're still nice source of materials.
How you SHOULD NOT do it:
How you can do it, if plane is impossible to repair:
[6] - Okay, if we made it all - we're pretty big (4u) colony. We should increase the territory - create\buy the new platform or make artifical island for establishing of state.
[7] - Now, we're all into everything. You have a promising start up? Come here, m8, we have resources and specialists. You have a great web idea? Sure, lad, our data center will take care of it. Wanna new VPN? Hosting in our territory, whice have no copyright laws and shit? No problem. But we don't forget about our old business - wanna really cheap and powerful server? Maybe %%our brand production%% (of course we will establish our own brands - we have everything for manufacture)? Maybe generic medicine? Or UAV? Or repaired and improved ship\plane\helicopter? Maybe you wanna taste wine made from grape, that grow in ocean? Or very rare and unique wine made from grape, which grow in underwater basket?
[8] - Army and transportation - no draft in peace time. Some boots for close contacts, navy and airforce from [5]. But mostly, our defence forces are UAVs\USVs. As for transport - repaired and improved from [5], blimps, baloons.
[9] - Establishing the state and new city-ctates around the world. Including Antarctica.
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internet and trade.jpg
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The non-critical platforms, such as gardens, should be made from light and cheap material: plastic\plastic bottles. Little safety required.
The critical platforms, should be made from reliable and durable material: concrete, steel. Safety requirements changes from average (factories, farms) to maximal (living rooms).

>how about the storm
Like we give a fuck.

>Where exacly should we go?
Well, let's take a look. We need internet and trade routes.
And somewhere in free ocean, in international waters.
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hurricanes map.gif
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And don't forget about hurricanes
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depth map.jpg
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And somewhere with not very deep bottom.
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So, what are you thoughts about my Idée fixe?
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bump because land is for plebs
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Someone's been reading The Transhumanist Wager. I approve.
>The Transhumanist Wager

Protagonist Jethro Knights studies philosophy and sails around the world to promote indefinite life extension, desiring to live eternally through medicine, science, and technology. Love-interest and physician Zoe Bach, while sharing Knights' philosophical transhumanism, challenges him with her absolute belief in the afterlife, insisting that death is a part of life. Meanwhile, in America, transhumanists are being targeted and killed by Christian terrorists in cahoots with the popular anti-transhumanist Reverend Belinas.[5]

After his sailing trip, Knights suffers a devastating personal tragedy at the hands of Christian fundamentalists. At the same time, the United States Government becomes more theocratic and criminalizes transhumanist research, prompting Knights to build an independent floating city and sovereign state, Transhumania, so research can be continued. Governments around the world eventually grow afraid of the radical science being created on Transhumania, and they attack the seasteading city. Transhumania successfully defends itself, and Knights attempts to establish a transhuman-inspired civilization.[6][7]
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It will never happen as an independent country, because rich people get more benefit on land per dollar than at sea. You can't afford it, they can, but they don't want to when they could go buy half an island to retire on for cheaper.
what you should do is get a government to support it, then rebel and take it over
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Russian bro, are you a bot?

You open these thread about every 2 days, dont you get bored after awhile?
wtf are you talking about, last time I created the thread was at least a week ago..
Yes, a week ago for about 30 years.
Go home, treacherous Italy, you're drunk.
>At first, we will use wind turbines (for electricity) and solar thermal power plant (for electricity, water and chemicals, heat). At second, we can load organic waste into bioreactors to get heat, chemicals, fertilizers and methane (fuel and raw material), which after could be burned in gas turbines (electricity and heat).

>he thinks diffuse energy resources would allow for a market competitive recycling system

Yeah, good luck with that. Go next gen nuclear or go home. You have a massive ocean to reject waste heat to, fucking use it.
Maybe only experimental.
Praise Wendelstein 7-X and ITER, not Chernobyl and Fukushima ok.
Filthy russian with your filthy threads about bullshit.
Stop making these bullshit, What-if city-state threads
Walk out into a forrest and nerve gas yourselves
Fukushima was poorly managed and designed in the 60's
>hurr durr lets put all our post-tsunami generators in the basement what could possibly go wrong.

Chernobyl was a retarded design from the start. It was designed to allow the 'toasting' of fuel, with the objective of creating plutonium for weapons. As such it had absurd safety flaws that even the power reactors of the day didn't share.

Personally I reckon LFTR designs are very likely to pan out if the design was given the funds and research reactors to properly develop. You need a super hot reactor to drive industrial processes directly through the thermal loop and for efficient electricity generation.
File: whitest italians.jpg (27 KB, 518x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
whitest italians.jpg
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fuck off, Muhammad.
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>pic related

Marauder, i honor your death.
still whiter than 99.99% of Italy

Hey my main man! You took advice about friday! Congrats

Prepare to reel'em in
The waves come for the next 4 hours lol
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join the Venetian independence movement to re-establish the Most Serene Republic of Venice
>The waves come for the next 4 hours lol

Why not Carthago?
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>im whiter than u !!!

But your country is a literal shithole, whats up with that?


Do you know what i was talking about?

Are you 10? Dont you have some putin's dick to suck?
>But your country is a literal shithole
Just like Italy.
But whiter.

>Do you know what i was talking about?
About some vidya?
>Are you 10? Dont you have some putin's dick to suck?
It's reserved for italians:
/pol/ and 4 in general are most active each week between the hours of 4 and 10....after that its 50/50 and may empty or mood swing into happening mode until 2 a.m

By waves I meant waves of people
Ah, okay, thank you.
>Just like Italy.



>literally proud of being ruled by a dictator

What could i expect from a faggot that wastes his time making useless threads.
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Well, I must go to sleep.

Don't forgt to visit my forum:
yes go to sleep kid, it is late for you.

I shit on your forum.
>literally proud of being ruled by a dictator
I never said that I like Pooteen, you brainless pasta eater.
But italians pretty ok with him:
It doesnt matter if we are ok or if anyone else is ok, it matter if the russians are ok with it.

And you scum dont even care rofl.

Slavs shit.
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We can grow massive farms using rafts out of plastic bottles (that we get sent to us at a premium to repurpose by the fucking liberal cucks) so we can be fully independent. We will need to desalienate the water so we can drink from the ocean, so we will need many large and small generators. We can get funded by solar panel companies so we can become independent electrically. Set up a huge solar panel network all over and sell our renewable energy at a premium.
Thread replies: 47
Thread images: 23
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