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Canadian Immigration
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ITT: We discuss Canada's Immigration policy and why they are so happy to receive new Asian and Muslim friends.
YES, i love immigrants, the world is going to balkanize anyway if you can bring in decent migrants then thats fine. Not the "syrian" ones, but flips are fine
Yeah Toronto and vancouver is. The rest of the country hates them
I would not complain about this immigration.
Why isn't Canada doing more to accept Syrian Refugees? You have the space and you need the manpower.

Do your part Canadians!
Do Emiratis bomb people? And don't most of them have dual citizenship with another first world country?
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i want to kil muslims
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Emiratis are peace loving people who don't really buy into this whole idea of Muslim Fanatism.

And also I'm not an emiratis, I'm an Asian who lives in the UAE to work.
Not all Muslims are bad people.

We are a peace loving religion and most families are just like regular European families. Dad goes to work, mom also works and children go to school.

The Media is just hyping up Islamophobia.
And who happen to finance people that bomb us.
All the mosques that preach to kill us and who are not funded by S.A. is funded by you, and politician let them exist because you give them a lot of money to stay silent.

It's true you do not kill. You are the hand who point a finger at us, not the hand who hold the knife.

Explain to me why we don't invade you and just take the oil we need.
You misunderstand, the UAE government keeps a very strong track of what happens in the mosques and what is being preached. They are so many different Nationalities here, don't you think someone would've uncovered something by now if this was he case.
>We are a peace loving religion

Minorities have no rights, freedom of speech does not exist and your contribution to humanity are in the negative.

Tell me, what does your hardwoking population did before exporting oil?
Man, it's pretty much official at this point.

And no, no one bat an eye. Just because you know things happen does not mean it is wiped away just like that. Look at the American federal reserve. Not a single American ignore this is a scheme to steal their money, but no one do anything.

The UAE operates on the policy that all foreign workers here are guests. It's what they sign up for. They don't get a say in how the government is run. And honestly most of them including me don't mind it.

As far as migrant worker abuse, 99.99% its their own countrymen who trick then into low paying jobs and abuse them.
What do Emirati girls look like?

Post pics from memebook lads
Ho, this slavery like work is not your fault, someone else did it on your own land to build your cities?

How convenient. I will use this argument next time a brown complain about slavery.
It isn't, the emiratis government doesn't endorse slavery or accept it. They do a lot and have changed a lot of rules to discourage practises of immigrants being duped.

But then half these people are illiterate and are too afraid of their bosses to approach the necessary legal channels.

The rest are just thankful that they have some sort of a job which they wouldn't have back home.
>are too afraid of their bosses
I wonder why. Surely, they should go to the police to report the abuses.

I give you that your government don't practice slavery, it pay companies to practice it.
It's the way of your culture, and I don't judge you because it's your country after all.

But please, stop thinking you have anything in common with the west except money. And stop barging about your hardworking local population.
Tbh I just stay at home so if the world burns I will barely notice.
The reason for that is segregation though. Literally every nationality here lives in their own little community.
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no one really cares about canada neither do canadian people. Google map around Canada you'll see why nobody cares. its nothing but a frozen wasteland, people who live here are primitive and don't have much to fight for.

Canada is not a real country its a RESOURCE where foreigners make money off of and then leave.

'They' are so happy to receive asians and muslims because there is no group of people that will oppose the government immigrantion plan. The government makes agreements for foreign projects to profit. All our cities are populated with immigrants and naturalized canadians it wolnd't make sense for them to vote against themselves.
Thread replies: 23
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