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All of the sudden I keep seeing these normally Neo-progressive news outlets pushing some sort of pedophile acceptance agenda.

I considered myself a progressive until I started to notice this.




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>directly linking to any of those sites

> [Pedophilia] is a social construct. This is just blatant [pedophili]phobia. These people aren't really [pedophiles] because [pedophilia] = Privilege + Power, and [pedophiles] are a marginalized group in society, disproportionately incarcerated when compared to non-[pedophiles].

Basically just insert any thing into the [square brackets], and you've got SJW logic on everything.
But why? Why defend this? They go on and on about rape culture and violence. But then they support pedophiles? To what end?
As a pedophile, these people do nothing for pedophiles. At least the Nazis just want to kill me. These Marxists want to torture me until I'm happy about it, then kill me.
Dat pedo wuz a good boy, he dindu nuffin'. We iz sho dis da white man's fawlt.
It's a babying instinct. They find some token retards who are completely helpless and say "oh you poor thing! Let me pretend to be your mother for a while!".

One of them that was passed around when this started on NPR was from a 16 year old boy affiliated with "Virtuous Pedophiles", which is against molestation. Salon didn't want to be left out and got a Girlchat faggot to write the "I'm a pedophile and not a monster" article. GC is pro-contact and wants to legalize loli touching, and are very against VP.
So it is a media war for attention?
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>tfw we already called this
Meme magic is starting to scare me.

Because all of SJW logic is based on cultural marxism - and Freud was a cultural marxist.

Psychiatry is based on the idea that people do not have agency. Agency is you and your actions affecting the world around you, and you being able to control your thoughts/feelings/behaviours - basically personal responsibility. That it is their Biology (brain chemistry) and Socialization that cause their thoughts/feelings/behaviours. This is still what psychiatry practices.

If you look at the history of the DSM, it is just morally/socially unacceptable behaviours being turned into 'illness'. Homosexuality was an illness, 'Expressive Language Disorder' (Swearing) is still an illness. Rumination Disorder (thinking too much) is also still listed in the DSM.

Psychiatry is basically the business of using invented disorders to excuse people from having to take responsibility for their own behaviour - whether is is homosexuality, rape, pedophilia, murder, laziness, depression, etc. A classic example of how pervasive this is is the 'Affluenza' kid.

It is based on trying to understand the behaviour from the perpetrator's perspective, and then finding a way to make them a victim of their biology/socialization. In other words, 'I shouldn't be jailed for raping kids because I was raped as a child', or 'I was born this way', or 'it's my brain chemistry, I have no control over my feelings or my life'.

Everyone is a victim in their eyes and they use psychiatry and psychoanalysis to try to make sense of the world. That's why you hear 'internalized misogyny' and 'micro-aggressions' a lot, and why they're so focused on 'feelings' over facts.

TL;DR: Psychiatry is a pseudoscience and this is pseudoscience put into action.
Basically. They seem to like the Girlchat crowd. Probably because of how horribly saccharine they are ("Oh, woah is me, I like little girls because they are so lovely and I would cherish her and the world just doesn't understand, it n to despair I have fallen!"), while conveniently ignoring that they are very pro-contact and pro-CP.

I'm surprised they didn't go to Boychat instead. The politics of girl pedos is pretty diverse (there are more Nazis than you may guess, in fact), and vary greatly in how much association with lolies they approve of. But every boy fucker I have ever met has been not only retarded, but pretty far left as well. Though probably even Salon would balk at the amount of faggotry that goes on with that crowd.
I always figured that they were the same. Regardless of which gender their attractions lie
Nope. The boy pedos are much more homogeneous. Girl pedos mostly hate each other, think anyone who isn't exactly like them are vile monsters, and the only ones that cooperate are GC users, and they can barely run one site. BC runs a sizable network of pages, including a suicide hotline. Girl pedos tend to be libertarian and like to appeal to freedom, while boy pedos appeal to MUH GREEKS and MUH FAGS IDS EDUCATIONAL, and are usually very, very liberal.
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All of it is equally disgusting degeneracy.
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Nope! I'm better and less degenerate than the pro-contact girl pedos and all boyfuckers.
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