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"The Snake" cited recently by Trump
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First, I'll remind you that the Republican Party was first to use negro savages as a weaponized population to weaken a region to bring it under the control of central government. Today, we call it 'multicultural diversity' and 'tolerance'.

Moving along, confirming a suspicion I had about Trump's reading of "The Snake"-

"The Snake" was written by a professional college drop-out and negro (black) "civil rights" activist, Oscar Brown.

Bear this in mind the next time you hear the song, where a 'tender woman' brings a "half-frozen" (half stiff) snake with "pretty colored skin" to her "bosom" and kisses it after offering it "milk and honey" (to a snake)

""The original Hebrew (transliterated) is "e-retz za-vat ha-lav oo–d'vash"; literally, land (e-retz) flowing with (za-vat) milk (ha-lav) and (oo–) honey (d'vash). The word translated as "flowing" comes from the verb "zoov" which means to flow or gush. Key to understanding this word in the biblical context is an appreciation of its human sexual associations, given that variants of it are used elsewhere in the Bible to denote the bodily fluids issued from the genitals of either a woman or a man."



The moral of this story is to pay attention when someone is quoting a negro talking about tender women taking in frozen snakes with colored skin.

When its a civil rights activist talking about the snake inevitably biting the woman, its not irony. Its in your face.

Most recent coal burner who learned this:

Pic related, in case you wondering how Dreamworks (founded by 3 Jews) could dare make a movie about little white viking kids without 'diversity'...

Pro-tip: the dragon in the original book series was simply a green dragon, not black with a serpentine shape.
So are you telling me that Donald Trump is pro coalburning because he used/quoted The Snake?
But Trump's interpretation is that you should be wary of the snake.
Ill bump because this a higher quality thread than the average aussie drivel
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Guiz, guiz.. I am not saying anything about Trump at all. I am pointing out what he was reading and putting it in full context.

Of course I don't think he was aware of the source history, that the author was pro-Mandela and had a daughter named Africa.

I am trying to give you the full scope of the song's source, that it shouldn't surprise you, and to trust your instincts when you hear odd references in lyrics.
I want that tongue wrapped around my cock
So you're telling me Trump was making a subtle allusion to the violence inherent in black interracial relationships?

Quit talking like a goddamn Cardassian
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I'm sure Rule 34 is in effect somewhere.

Vid unrelated. But I'd like to bring your attention to 2:22


This is the character and reasoning of Rafeal Cruz. Notice how he rushes to conflate Israel with Jews, and quickly to indict anyone disagreeing with Israeli government with bigotry.

Much like how the left calls you a racist for tiring of negro crime.
How is that any different than one conflating being nonwhite with being liberal
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No, I would not try to persuade you of anything. You clearly can't reason or interpret information without colored chalk and candy rewards. You have twice read shit into what I am saying that wasn't there out of some pronounced mental challenge.

There is no point in trying to expound further. All I was saying is what was clearly presented in very basic English text.
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I don't. Wtf is this board drinking? In less than a dozen posts I have been indicted for three patently false assumptions based on their interpretations and not my very simple facts.

This is the crap I normally get from jackasses who think I am anti Mexican because I am pro-Trump. You people grasp neither humor, nuance nor precision in language. So you'll assume this webm is somehow proof of 50 other paranoid suspicions.

Fuck. And the tragedy is so far, no one seems to have had the basic mental tools to simply read and retain the bluntly simple observations presented.
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I was simply alluding to the narrative present on /pol/ insinuating that being nonwhite precludes one from being conservative/traditional

then juxtaposing that to Ted Jooz' insinuation that being anti-Israel means you're antisemitic

Why are you getting so emotional and defensive? You clearly can't reason or interpret information without colored chalk and candy rewards. You have to twice read shit into what I am saying that wasn't there out of some pronounced mental challenge

When will Trump go one step beyond and read the scorpion and frog story?
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JEB 01.webm
3 MB, 432x324

Because it appears that three different times people are making an association between Trump bashing and simply pointing out the facts on the song.


I noticed that. I thought that was the actual fable. I never heard of any snake and woman story.
Look, I've had a few drinks and I can't tell wtf you're trying to insinuate. Just fucking say it.
Two of those people were me, I was shitposting on the toilet
You're clearly too dumb to understand what OP was saying, maybe you need some sidewalk chalk and sweetarts to get his message.

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You talk too much

Tldr: Women like Merkel and Hillary are fucking stupid for letting in immigrants. Fucking translations and shit.

There's no insinuations whatsoever. There is no implication nor hidden next-level conclusion. It was simply some back story on a a song about women and half stiff snakes getting milk and honey sung by one negro and written by another during the Jewish led 'jazz' boom of the counter culture era that ends with the snake killing the woman.

Any implications are the the song's author's, not mine.
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Let's move on to more pressing things.

Cruz is the enemy of America.

Right wing media is now trying to sell Cruz with a gold star in conservatism, even though he has said or done fuckall about conservative values.

Therefore, 'true conservative' is now code for AIPAC bought and sold.

SImply compare the number of times he has mentioned Israel compared to times he has said fuckall about small government, personal liberty and economic freedom.

I watched him the other day being asked about North Korea. In less than 35 words, he was able to turn a question about North Korea into how bad Iran was for Israel.

I will vote Trump in the primary. If Cruz is on Trumps ticket, I will not vote in the general election. I am not propping up a criminal system again by letting that shill neo-con shit anywhere near the White House.

This country is like China. The current leaders have converted patriotism into adoration of government to legitimize their rule by romanticizing the past merits of former leaders that they themselves exterminated from our system.
And now I bump.
You're a terrible fucking communicator and an idiot with a thesaurus. Jesus christ.
No no no its YOU who has the problem

Youre just so stupid that you need some sidewalk chalk and some tootsie rolls to be able to understand what OP is saying :^)
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And you are much more eloquent than the many niggers who would've just said "I can't understand" to mean the same thing.


Don't you get snarky with me. I own a thesaurus. I can use it too. I can insult you with such abstruse magniloquence that by the time you've figured out that you've been insulted, you be too baffled with bullshit to remember just what the hell we were talking about.

And that's how you win juries.
>Implying civil war Republicans are not modern-day Democrats, and vice versa
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>OP is a shyster

That explains the Cardassian-like bombast.
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I admit I took far too long to figure that out, true.

Which is a creepy realization.



I'm out of touch. I can never tell if people are talking about that coal burner famous for nothing or those aliens in Star Trek.
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Garak Jazz Hands.gif
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>Cardassian-like bombast
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Im comparing you to those aliens from Star Trek

mean what you say and say what you mean, fuck. This is /pol/, not a jury trial.
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>the dragon in the original book series was simply a green dragon, not black with a serpentine shape
And that's enough /pol/ for today.
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Look, buddy- I am the OP. I created this thread. I've been patiently replying to you.

You have many questions, and though reading this thread has expanded your consciousness, you remain irrevocably human. Ergo, some of my answers you will understand, and some of them you will not.

Concordantly, while your first question may be the most pertinent, you may or may not realize it is also the most irrelevant.
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first thing i thought was


Well, its true.

You don't think it's odd that in the age of aggressive multicultural diversity, Hollywood makes a movie about a bunch of Norse children with no negros when they are usually pushing the idea of black men for white women.

And lo and behold, what is changed from the book to the movie. Why, its a common green dragon re-shaped to resemble a long, black snake that the whole village comes to adore, thanks to weakling white boy.

Don't sass me. I know how this crap works. I have a thesaurus.


The unmistakable voice of Dr. William Pierce, thank you.
Bump, yeay that I might enlighten these poor, ignorant and unwashed masses.

So unwashed. I bet you all smell like cigarettes and snack chips, and yet have no idea that you do. So very, very unwashed.

Unfastidious to the point of insalubrity even.
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This just in- Trump kicking even more butt
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Meanwhile on CNN
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I smell like homemade oatmeal soap, thank you very much

>t. high-level memewizard
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CNN is being awful nice to Trump.

MSNBC is currently running a rather interesting mash up of Trump sound bites and Howard Beal from Network, the rant.
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But I like oatmeal.

Now I'm hungry, dammit.

And I promised myself I wouldnt make my microwave lasagne till 8:20 so its ready and cool by the time the debate starts.
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